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Payback's a Bitch...

Sasuke removed his hand from the item on the table in front of him and eyed it up and down, feeling a little bit... well... disappointed.

It didn't look very different.

He carefully picked the item up and looked at it from the back as well, but there was no indication that something would have happened to it.

Gnawing on his bottom lip in thought he went over the procedure in his head once again, but he was absolutely sure that he had executed the steps correctly.

Perhaps it needed some kind of other activation?

Testing his theory, he jabbed a finger into the object and immediately there was a loud ruckus heard from the kitchen, accompanied by the sound of porcelain shattering.

A wicked smile crept over the Uchiha's lips.

"Naruto, you alright in there?" he called out, not letting as much as a scrap of his amusement be heard in his voice.

"Yeah, I'm fine, I just... dropped something."

Had Sasuke not been the kind of man he was, he would have doubled over with laughter, but as an Uchiha he remained his cool and simply slid the object silently into his pocket.

It seemed to be working fine. The only thing he would have been happy to change were the rather ridiculously looking details that he had been forced to create, but for the sake of the purpose they had to be there.

"Dobe, we're running late. You can take care of the dishes later."

He had barely finished his sentence before the blonde ray of sunshine poked his head into the bedroom and fired off a blinding smile.

"Already done. That plate was the last."

Sasuke rolled his eyes at the ceiling. Of course Naruto would be the one person to find something positive in a busted piece of table wear.

"How lucky. Let's get going then before someone else gets our spot."

It had been five days since Naruto had come home with his green jounin vest after successfully passing the jounin exam. Normally you had to be a chuunin to take the exam, but after considering Naruto's powers and after having a long talk with the council, Tsunade had given him the go-ahead to take it despite his genin-rank. He had pulled through with two cracked ribs, a blue eye –not counting the two he already had lodged into his skull- and a couple of bruises, which turned out to be quite few injuries if you looked at the ones who failed.

Needless to say, he blonde had been quite exhausted and had spent the following twenty-four hours sleeping to regain his energy. Thanks to the Kyuubi his physical injuries healed in an incredible speed and now, finally, he was completely restored and they were going out to celebrate.

Sasuke had made reservations on a restaurant that Naruto had never been to and he had promised to buy Naruto whatever he wanted there. And they did serve ramen which meant that Sasuke was going to receive one hell of a tab when they were done.

But hey, a promise's a promise, right?

Naruto had been teasing his boyfriend about this being their first 'real date', but they both knew that once in public they would behave like they always did – bickering, arguing... possibly fighting – since none of them felt exactly ready to come out to everyone about their intimate relationship quite yet. Moving in together could be given a thousand excuses that sounded at least somewhere near reasonable - snogging each other in a public restaurant could not!



On the way through town Sasuke didn't say much. Not that he usually did, but Naruto thought that there was something different about this silence...less broody somehow, as if the raven was actually looking forward to take Naruto to dinner.

The thought made him both happy and maybe just a tiny bit suspicious, but he quickly forgot all about Sasuke's lack of conversation skills and weird aura as soon as they arrived at the restaurant and went inside.

Say what you wanted about Sasuke's attitude, but the guy had class!

The restaurant that the raven had picked out was very discreet with dim lightings and a dark oak interior. There was a high-polished, curved bar counter on the far side of the room overlooking the spacious saloon where small, round tables with white table-linens and glass candle holders had been placed. One of the three remaining walls had small, rounded windows that were placed high enough to prevent insight from by passers, while the other two walls were occupied by open booths for guests who wanted a bit more privacy and it was in such a booth Naruto and Sasuke were seated when they arrived.

When the waitress disappeared to fetch them their menus Naruto looked across the table and gave the raven a flirtatious smile.

"Wow, bastard, if I didn't know any better I'd say you were trying to get into my pants. First date and everything."

Sasuke leaned back against the tall seat and crossed his arms with a confident smirk.

"I don't need candlelight and a cheesy setting to do that, Dobe. As you know."

"I could tell you the same. What was it you said last night again? That thing about you being able to bend your legs-..."

"Finish that sentence and I'll make you eat nothing but sallad, smartass."

"I just wanted to remind you of who gets and who gives in this relationship."

Grinning like an idiot Naruto straightened up and leaned back in his seat as well, spreading both arms and legs out in a lewd pose that made sure of showing every single one of Sasuke's favourite parts of his body.

Sasuke shot him a lazy glance and then snorted silently, holding back a smirk.

Big words, Naruto... You're going to regret ever letting them leave your big mouth.

He was awoken from his musings when the waitress came back with the menus and after that Naruto seemed to forget everything about showing off, or even sex for that matter as he buried his head in the thin, leather clothed book.

"Oh, you can design your own dish at this place! I'm gonna get the coolest ramen bowl ever made!" he exclaimed happily, quickly flipping the pages.

Sasuke smiled a little behind his own menu, but quickly shook it off.

It was time.

Slowly he uncurled his legs from underneath his seat and stretched one of them out and lightly rubbed his foot against Naruto's leg.

On the other side of the table Naruto jerked a bit out of surprise, but after a quick glance under the table top he looked up and caught Sasuke's eye. A hint of a smile later the blonde was once again hiding behind pages and Sasuke's foot got met by Naruto's in a quick flirt.

Due to the table linens all activities that took place underneath the table were hidden from view, which of course, Sasuke had already made sure of. He had taste, sure, but he didn't exactly pick this place by accident.

Slowly, he let his foot run up along the orange clad leg to the knee and then down again, then he switched and went over to the other one before returning to the staring point. Naruto made no attempts of answering his actions, something that for once suited the Uchiha's intentions perfectly.

Leaning on the table with his chin propped up in the palm of his left hand he slowly let his right one slide into his pocket and pulled out the object which he had spent the entire week working at.

It was small, size chosen so that he would be able to hide it in his pocket without it being seen. Luckily, Naruto had already proven that the quite large accessories needed to perform the jutsu were of no use once the seals had been performed which made the whole hiding-thing easier.

He had basically followed Naruto's example and used an old plushie toy with blonde hair, complete with three lines that adorned each cheek which had been made by a black marker.

However, the first thing one would notice about this doll wasn't the hair or the facial scars. No, it was much more direct and eye-catching than that. The first thing one would notice about this doll was the fact that it was butt-naked.

The second thing you'd notice would be that this doll should definitely come with a NC-17 label, since it had quite a prominent... well... penis.

To be honest he had almost felt a little bit embarrassed when fixing that part, but then he thought about all the fun one could have with it later and the embarrassment went bye-bye.

And this... was later.

While hiding the doll underneath the fabric of the table cloth he removed his actual foot from Naruto's leg and immediately replaced it with his fingertip, stroking the doll's leg up and down in the same, slow pace.

All the while he pretended to read the menu, turning the pages with his other hand as he slowly let his finger travel up and down, up and down, up, up and down, up, up and up, up.

Naruto lowered his menu and raised a brow at him.

"This is not the right place you know." He pointed out in a low voice.

Sasuke smirked in return and simply pressed his fingertips harder against the doll's private area, circling it slowly.

Naruto made a startled jump and glared at him.

"Sasuke!" he hissed and Sasuke quickly removed his finger when Naruto reached down to thwack his 'foot' away.

Thinking he had missed the other Naruto fired off a reprimanding glare and then went back to the menu.

Seriously, what was the bastard thinking, in a public place like this?

It didn't take long before Sasuke's foot returned however, and even though Naruto couldn't understand how anyone could perform such toe-movements with their shoes still on, he had to admit that it actually didn't feel that bad...

Judging by Sasuke's behaviour the Uchiha seemed to have more things planned for him tonight than just dinner.

A chill went down his spine at the thought about what such things could be, but then he snapped back to reality again when he noticed that he was getting a little bit more excited than he should be getting at the time. He didn't want to spend half his meal trying to will down a boner or risk sitting through the whole dinner in pain if he didn't succeed.

"Sasuke, can we just eat for now?" he suggested, reaching down to swat at his partner again.

He missed of course, but the movement seized and Naruto sighed with relief and continued reading.

He was going to have extra pork in his ramen, that was absolutely certain and perhaps some extra fish cakes too...

He almost groaned out loud with annoyance when the pressure on his groin and inner thigh returned and he resolutely brought his knees together to close the offending limb out and perhaps even catch Sasuke's foot in the process.

Not that he did, and not that it helped since the feeling of something slowly massaging his crotch didn't weaver the slightest and he scowled. Waving his own leg around a bit underneath the table he tried to locate the one causing the rapidly increasing problem below his waistline, but alas, there was nothing to be located.

He tried to hide his confused scowl and sent Sasuke a quick glance. The other was busy reading and didn't seem to pay any attention to him so Naruto slowly lowered his hand from the table and sneaked it down into his lap where the pressure was directed and groped around for something to catch.

He found nothing.

A particularly sensitive stroke made shivers travel through his body and... wait a minute - a stroke?

He quickly lifted the table cloth and looked down into his lap where his boner could be seen clearly through his pants and realised that whatever it was that he felt it sure as hell didn't come from Sasuke's foot!

"Hey, what the-fmuhpf?!"

His outburst was silenced when Sasuke pressed the pad of his thumb against the doll's mouth, looking extremely amused about the fact that Naruto had realised that something out of the ordinary was going on.

"Now, don't make a scene." He drawled. "I'm your boyfriend, remember?"


"Don't be like that, Naruto." He scraped a nail down the front of the doll's chest and abs, smirking evilly as the blonde on the opposite side of the table made an undignified noise and squirmed in his seat.

"You seem a bit tense, need help relaxing?" he asked sweetly before gracing the tip of the doll's nipple with his nail.


The blonde quickly clamped his teeth shut when the pressure suddenly disappeared around his mouth and allowed an embarrassingly loud moan to slip out from between his lips. He dared a stealthy look at the other guests to see if anyone had heard him before he turned back to the still smirking Uchiha.

"Sasuke!" he gritted out between his teeth. "Knock it o-ohh-... off!"



"I'm sorry, but I don't think I can accept that as a legitimate answer."

"Teme...! I'll k-kill you!"

"Somehow I find that very hard to believe." As to prove a point he grabbed both of the dolls arms, unceremoniously causing Naruto's own to slam down and lock against the table top.

"You're going to do exactly what I want you to do, free will or not. And right now, I want you to be still and relax."

Naruto glared at him.

"You're an asshole!"

"Uh-huh." Sasuke didn't pay his insult much attention. He lazily kept up the stroking of the doll, skimming his fingers over the plush body, but this time always avoiding the area between the legs.

"You can't hold me forever." Naruto did his best in holding his voice steady as the ghostly sensation swept over his skin.

"Wanna bet?" Sasuke deadpanned.

"Sasuke, let go."

"You're not relaxing yet."

"Of course I'm not relaxing! You're pissing me off, what did you expect!?"

Sasuke tilted his head and pretended to ponder that question for a moment.

"True... But you're sexier when mad anyways, so I don't care."

"Stop talking shit, Uchiha!"

"Oh, so you're reverting to surnames now?"

Naruto bit back a groan when the pressure dug into his shoulder blades and stared moving down, causing shudders to run down his spine.

"Sasuke... stop it...!"

"You might as well stop struggling; you'll end up doing what I want anyway."

"Oh yeah? And...ng... why would I-ah... I do that?"

The feeling moved down and around his body, slowly drawing nearer to his crotch, which by now was sporting a tent so tightly stretched it was almost painful. He tried to ignore the smugness radiating from off his boyfriend, but it was extremely difficult.

"Because..." the raven drawled. "Unlike that little improvised rape tool you had, mine does not lack... 'parts'."

He let the last word roll of his tongue in a sensual whisper before he ran the tip of his finger along the length of the doll's penis, circling the head shallowly.


Naruto almost bit his tongue off in pure shock and he could feel his eyes roll back into his head out of the unexpected stimulus. As that single, wicked finger kept swirling around the head of 'his' member, his breath began growing ragged and uneven.

He couldn't believe it, the bastard made a frickin sex-doll!

"You're... ha...ah.... s-sick!"

Sasuke quirked an eyebrow at him and the movement stopped.

"Why so upset, Dobe?" he asked mockingly. "I told you long ago, you had this coming."

Naruto wanted to punch that superior smirk off his face in that exact moment.

"You can't be serious! This is revenge?!"

"Of course not, don't be ridiculous."

Naruto looked at him in confusion, but his questioning expression quickly turned into one of complete horror when Sasuke raised his hand into the air and smirked at him.

"But this is. Excuse me, miss?"

Like a dog responding to a dog whistle, the waitress on the other side of the room perked her head up and fired off a blinding smile before beginning to make her way between the tables like an incoming train. Sasuke might be an x-con, but the fan girls were as rabid as ever. And the bastard knew this.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Naruto squeaked in a low whisper. Sasuke just kept smirking.

"We're going to play a little game you and me. It's called 'Find-Naruto's-Hotspots-And-Make-Him-Cum-In-His-Pants-In-Front-Of-The-Entire-Restaurant-And-Embarrass-Himself-Game'."

Naruto's jaw dropped.

"That is..." Sasuke continued with an evil glint in his dark eyes. "Unless Naruto can keep quiet."

"Perverted son of a bitch!"

Actually, Naruto would have liked to call the raven far worse things than that, but he quickly shut his mouth when the waitress arrived at the table and once again sent one of those radiating smiles that made the sun look like a mediocre ceiling lamp in Sasuke's direction.

"Yes sir, what can I do for you?" she chirped in a voice that she surely thought was very flirtatious, but which to Sasuke sounded like the voice of a five-year old. They way she just stood there; smiling like an air head and batting her eyelashes at him, it honestly made him want to stand up and leave, but despite her desperate attempt of seduction he managed to return the smile – pouring every inch of his Uchiha-Lone-Avenger-Bad-Boy charm into it – and almost puked when the girl started to dote and fawn over him as if she would have been ready to strip and jump him right then and there.

"Hi, sorry to bother you," he said graciously "but would you mind reading us the specials?"

"Of course not, sir." Came the twittering answer and then she started talking.

Naruto's defences instantly went up but it wasn't fast enough. A loud gasp fell from his lips before he could stop it when the teasingly smooth movement picked up inside his pants and he quickly snapped his mouth shut, hoping that the girl didn't notice. Of course, she hadn't, she was still too busy trying to overwhelm Sasuke with her feminine charms.

It was with difficulties he managed to even his breath again, trying to concentrate on the voice of the waitress instead of the tingles in his groin. How silly she looked when twirling her hair in between her fingers, how she deliberately pressed her upper arms together to give her boobs a push-up effect, the annoying sound of her giggles and the deep velvet of Sasuke's voice when he interrupted her to ask some unnecessary question, how the sound of it dripped of warm honey causing electricity to burst through his entire body and oh what the hell was he thinking!?

He barely managed to suppress a groan when said electricity clenched his lungs together with arousal and his stiff member twitched inside his boxers. His arms were still locked tightly against the table so he couldn't even muffle his harsh breathing with his hand so instead he was forced to sit and stare down into the table top while trying to keep his mouth shut.

Sasuke sent him a fleeting, yet evaluating glance from the other side of the table.

That's right, let the moron think he'll be able to keep himself under control; in the end it was only going to make his own victory so much sweeter.

His index finger kept working slowly against the doll that was still hidden underneath the table and even if Naruto was actually hiding his reactions pretty well, Sasuke could still see the shudders run through the tense body when he got in contact with one of the blonde's sweet spots. A little lower, a little faster...

"... and then we have a new dish; the chef introduced it himself just this season; it's a barbequed beef with soy glace, rice and..."


She stopped and glanced at Naruto who was still staring into the table with his expression hidden behind golden bangs, but she quickly lost interest in the stiff boy and returned to Sasuke who smiled politely to make her continue.

"... soy glace, rise and steamed vegetables with..."

Naruto was trying his best not to pant or gasp but it was like catching smoke with your bare hands. He could suppress them, scatter them lightly but he couldn't stop them. Oh please, please, please make this chick as stupid as she looked!

Sasuke watched in amusement how the indirect object of his ministrations was faring and decided that it was time to proceed to step two.

"Excuse me, but could you repeat that third dish again?"

As the girl started to go over what had to be the most complicated and probably most unappetizing dish the raven had ever heard of, Sasuke reached out and grabbed a pair of chopsticks from a tall jar that stood at the far end of the table in acted absent-mindedness and snapped it in two, putting one of the sticks into his mouth and chewing on it thoughtfully, as if contemplating on which food to pick.

He heard how the lame excuse of a woman in front of him began to stutter at what he knew was a very sexy pose – he had used it on Naruto more than once – and he finished the task of moistening the stick as quickly a he could so that she wouldn't go into epileptic shock or something and ruin his plan completely...

Holding the girl's gaze to make sure she was focusing on his face only and making sure Naruto wasn't looking his way, he then sneaked the chopstick underneath the table to join the voodoo doll in the next step of his get-back-on-Naruto-plan.

He and Naruto had been together since that day when the moron had come barging into his house and - more or less - forced him to beat the crap out of him, and once they had - more or less - made up and the raven realised that there was nothing standing between him and his Dobe anymore, he had, quite understandably, used every opportunity he got to initiate sex with said moron.

However, he had held himself back on a very, very tough topic - he had never topped.

He had always allowed Naruto to do that, urged him on even to make him believe that's what he wanted while the facts remained; Sasuke was an Uchiha, and as an Uchiha it wasn't in his nature to become anybody's bitch, boyfriend or no boyfriend, without this person paying a price.

Still, Naruto was pretty new to this whole gay-sex-thing. That night when he, in lack of a better word, kidnapped Sasuke he had been nervous as hell, god knows it hadn't shown, but he had benn, and the voodoo doll had acted as a lifeline for him, giving him opportunities to do certain things differently if he felt his nerves giving out on him. And since he had always topped and Sasuke hadn't made any attempts to make him do otherwise, Naruto was still unfamiliar to the feeling of having something long and hard inside of him.

Sasuke would have wanted to give him that experience in person, but for the sake of his revenge he would gladly give that up and by doing it this way he would be able to watch and revel in Naruto's reactions on an entirely different level...

Flipping the doll over underneath the table, he slowly dragged the chopstick down it's back and down to it's buttocks where the second of those ridiculously looking details were located – a hole. Of course it was much bigger than it would have been in real life, but the important thing was that it was there.

He didn't even glance in the blonde's direction when he began to ease the stick inside, moving very slowly, mostly because he didn't want to injure what a more soppy soul would have called the love of his life, but also because he wanted Naruto to become perfectly aware of what was about to happen.

He could feel the blonde's twitch reverb through the wood of the table and he was more than certain that he had heard a gasp just now.

Pulling the stick almost the whole way out again he then pushed it back in, a little deeper but still in the same slow pace.

Was he trembling? Oh yeah, Sasuke was absolutely sure that Naruto was trembling.

Pull, push, pull, push...

The blonde was biting his lip, like he always did that when he didn't want Sasuke to hear that he was reacting to something. Oh Naruto, how foolish... It was just a matter of time until he found that spot and then the dobe would be in real trouble.

Push, pull, change angle, push, pull, change angle...

"And then of course we have the desserts – today's special is chocolate cake topped with strawberry liqueur and..."

The girl sent Naruto a questioning look when the blonde suddenly moaned loudly, thus missing out on the sight of the triumphant smirk appearing on Sasuke's face.


"Sir, are you feeling alright?" she asked, sounded anything but interested in knowing or caring about the answer.

"I-I'm fine... just fine..."

Naruto fired of the widest fake smile Sasuke had ever seen at the same time as he managed to give Sasuke a hard kick underneath the table. Sasuke pretended that he didn't notice, but he stopped the stick's movement long enough for Naruto to perform an answer.

"I... I just hate strawberries, hehe...he..."

The waitress looked at Naruto as if he was a complete retard and then she returned her attention to Sasuke with an offended snort and continued reciting the menu with the same passion as if it had been the story of her life.

Naruto glared at his boyfriend, his cock straining against the confinement of his trousers.

That jerk just shoved something up his ass, damn it!

He shoved something up his ass in public!!

He pulled his leg back to give the raven another kick, but then the bastard did it again!

"Haah..." he breathed out a new moan, forcing himself to keep as quiet as possible and barely managed to avoid a new glare from the waitress.

The thing Sasuke was using on him was stretching him, pulling in and out so slowly, grazing a spot inside him that made his lungs clench every time. He was starting to sweat and he was fisting his hands so hard his knuckles were turning pale enough to match the white table cloth and his lips were pressed tightly together to form a single, thin line.

That smug bastard, that motherfucking assho-oooh God!

A hissed out "shit...!" slipped through his teeth and he did his best trying to focus on the tabletop as if he could will it to save him from this horrible situation he was in. What he assumed to be Sasuke's hands kept moving over his body in fleeting strokes and god knows how he did it, but the bastard had actually found a way to tweak his nipples! That was just not fair! This was not fair!

He can't do this to me; he just can't do this to me!

Damn his traitorous tongue, damn his traitorous body and damn that traitorous, smug, self-centred sex-on-legs Uchiha on the other side of the table!

He knew that he was watching him; he could feel those dark eyes on him almost as clearly as he could feel the touches on his skin and it made his blood run hot in his veins. He dared himself a quick look at his boyfriend and felt that insane clench in his abs once again. Sasuke was basically eating him up with his eyes and there was a faint flicker of crimson that indicated that he was using his Sharingan to make sure he wouldn't miss out on anything.

He was using his Sharingan...

Naruto's mouth went dry and the spark igniting throughout his body almost caused him to toss his head back and release a clenched, but throaty moan.

Could it be... that Sasuke was actually enjoying this... in a different way than just for revenge? He had always been a sadistic person, watching Naruto being sexually tortured probably turned him on tremendously. Maybe... maybe Sasuke was sitting right in front of him with a tent of his own... and... maybe that voodoo doll wasn't the only thing he was working underneath that table...

The thought made him shudder violently and caused his breath to hitch. Oh, couldn't that girl just leave, he wasn't sure if he would be able to take this much longer! But oh no, she was just standing there, going on about meet and vegetables and flambé and rice that had been steamed in five different ways, etc, etc, etc. How many dishes could a restaurant have anyway?!

And that's when the horrifying truth dawned on him.

She wasn't leaving.

Sasuke,that ass, knew that she was going to stand there as long as she could, in other words - until they had ordered their food!

How the hell was Naruto going to be able to order food in a state like this?! He couldn't even breathe properly!

And now the bastard was speeding up, oh god, oh shit, oh fuck!

The bundle of nerves inside him was suddenly getting pounded in such a ruthless pace that it made his head throb with each hit and he knew that Sasuke was tired of him managing to keep his mouth shut and had decided to play dirty. The hard object was ramming into him deeper than before and the slight sting of pain he felt was drenched in the overwhelming sparks of pleasure that spread it's tingling through every nerve of his body.

By now he was leaking through his boxers and his dick was so sensitized that he barely dared to shift his body in fear of cuming when it rubbed against the moistened fabric, biting his bottom lip so hard it actually started to bleed.

Naruto was a very vocal person, he had been called the number one loudest ninja in Konoha throughout his entire life and that went for all aspects of it, something that he hadn't bothered trying to hide from the Uchiha in the first place and had this been at a different, more private place, he would be tossing and turning while moaning his heart out by now.

But this wasn't a private place, in fact it was a very much public place and Naruto couldn't' toss or turn as much as a centimetre due to his arms being locked on top of the table and even though he could moan his heart out if he wanted to, he sure as hell wasn't going to unless the restaurant suddenly and mysteriously got cleared on all it's people.

His muscles were quivering and twitching, his shoulders were trembling and his pulse was rushing his blood like a wildfire through his veins, but he had to keep quiet, so quiet, oh god he wouldn't be able to, god damn it, Sasukeee...!

He felt the sounds bubble up his throat and he knew he wasn't going to be able to stop it this time, it was all too much, too fast, too rough and oohh!

Naruto was loud, Naruto was energetic, Naruto was impulsive... he might not be a complete genius, but he was the number one surprising ninja in Konoha so he did the only thing his pleasure-hazed brain could think of – he slammed his head into the tabletop, moaning out his pent up frustration into the wooden surface.

The waitress made a startled jump into the air and almost dropped her notepad.

"Oh my, are you all right?" This time she actually managed to sound concerned.

"I'm fine... I'm – Oh god! – just f-fi...aah!"

"Are you sure?" she gave him a worried look, mistaking his groans for ones made in pain.

"Yeah, I-ah... I just... ha... remembered something I forgot to... t-to do-ohh!"

At that, her confused and shocked expression instantly changed and went back to the condescending and slightly disgusted face she had shown towards him earlier, now thinking that the guy must be some kind of mental case and that he obviously wasn't worthy of her concern.

She glanced at Sasuke, as if seeking his support, only to find him looking at the blonde with a weird smile on his lips.

"Sir?" she asked, trying to regain his attention, but Sasuke had grown tired of her presence and it was with a light hint of annoyance that he returned her gaze.

"I think we need some more time. We'll call for you when we're done deciding."

Not even a deaf person could have avoided hearing the definitive tone in that sentence and the girl quickly backed away from the table with a light bow and then disappeared into the back of the restaurant, ignoring the calls for attention from the other guests.

Her disappointment didn't bother Sasuke the slightest. She would be off flirting with at least three more people within the next thirty minutes and knowing that girl's reputation he felt sorry for any guy who would come close enough to even touch her with a four feet tong...

Besides, he had more interesting matters to take care of.

His smirk grew wider as he looked over at Naruto, who was still trying to muffle his moans, this time by burying his face into the sleeve of his shirt, squeezing his eyes shut and breathing harshly through his nose.

"Nice move, Dobe. You almost had me going there for a while. But you didn't have to slam your head down that hard, you know."

Naruto opened a heavy eyelid and glared at him, his focus being ruined by the lusty fog clouding his vision and even if he didn't say anything, Sasuke could still hear the words as clearly as if they had been spoken inside his very head.

Fuck. You.

Sasuke's face momentarily clouded over – the Dobe was so stubborn! – but then the smile returned to his face and he slowly, and deliberately visibly, brought his second hand down and underneath the table as well.

He could se Naruto's eyes widen and had to force back a chuckle. He allowed himself to slowly caress one of the doll's whiskered cheeks and noticed how the blonde twitched a little from the unexpected, yet gentle, touch.

"So, what do you say?" he asked, almost tenderly. "How about we finish this?"

A small glimmer of relief flickered in blue eyes, but died just as fast when the pace of thrusts suddenly changed from teasingly quick jabs to slow, firm blows of heat against his prostate.

The force of each hit forced him to slump down over the table and actually claw at the surface to keep from moving back and forth. His breath caught in his throat and he gasped for air.

"You like that?" he heard Sasuke's whipsered voice ask from just in front of him and looked up, coming face to face with hungry, crimson eyes.

"Sasuke, for fuck sakes... ah!"

A whimper flew across his lips and he dug his mouth into the soft and by now slightly moist fabric of his sweater once again to muffle it, but this time Sasuke wouldn't allow that.

Flicking the doll's arm gently, he caused the arm that for the moment served as Naruto's sweet salvation to jerk violently and slide further away from his mouth, out of reach.

"Don't hold back on me, Naruto." He scolded. "I want to hear every word."





"...I can't... take...ng!"

Oh, how he loved it.

Taking no heed to the poor boy's whimpers he began moving his second hand over the voodoo doll's body, pinching and rolling miniature nipples beneath the pad of his fingers, fondling ever pleasure point he knew of on their way down to their final destination. Naruto was shuddering and panting helplessly against the table-top, silenced fragments of broken words that despite their vocal harshness begged him to keep going faster, harder and to never, ever stop. Small beads of sweat had formed by his temples and as Sasuke watched, one of them rolled down and hit the white linen beneath, spreading a pale blossom of moist on the spotless surface that probably would have gone him by unnoticed if he hadn't been using his Sharingan.

The raw beauty of the blonde's pleasured agony was nothing but maddening and it was only the resolve of his Uchiha blood that kept him from moaning out himself.

He saw Naruto tilt his head up and gasp for air once more, his nails digging into the white fabric as he tried to repress his need for release.

"Sasuke... I..."

He tried to form a second word, but it got drowned out by a new whimper and his eyes momentarily closed before opening again. Rosy lips were moving, trying to remember which shape that created which sound and finally they managed to perform the right combination.


Blue eyes flickered desperately towards the small stand containing napkins that stood on the far end of the table, his left hand twisting in an almost unnatural angle to reach it.

He was so close, but he couldn't allow himself to just spill inside his pants, no matter how pressing his situation might be!

Sasuke looked at his hand, then glanced over at the napkin holder and back to the hand again, amusement shining through in his eyes.

"What?" he asked mockingly. "You're saying you want this?" he raised his hand, placing it on the small container and slowly slid it across the table, only to stop just out of reach for Naruto's grappling fingers.


"You sure? Because it would be so much more fun to simply do this."

Without warning Naruto's body was slammed up against the seat and his head tilted back, forcing him to reveal his face to his smirking tablemate His hands were temporarily released from the table, only to get locked tightly along the sides of his body the second after.

"This way I get to see everything..." the raven mused, also leaning back against the wall behind him, eyeing the other up and down while he let the second hand slowly slide underneath the table once more.

Naruto's pathetic cry of protest died on his lips when the object moving inside him speeded up and caused his eyes to roll back in his head. Pulsating heat rushed through and drowned him in flames, efficiently destroying every reasonable thought that was left in his head before it finally turned his self-control into ash.

"Ah..! Sah-... N-no...oh...!"

He wasn't aware of the fact that he had closed his eyes, or the fact that he was squirming in his seat, he wasn't aware of anything else but the feel of Sasuke's phantom hands roaming his body and the horrible heat that was devouring him in such a heartbreaking speed.

"Sasuke... please...I...! Ah...ah!"

Too late!

"Oh, whatever."

With a nonchalant gesture Sasuke reached over and flicked the napkin stand with his hand, sending it sliding across the table and down into Naruto's lap at the same time as he released the grip around the doll's arms.

Grappling desperately, Naruto got hold of a fistful of white sheets and somehow managed to shove them down his pants a split second before orgasm hit and he came hard into the bundle of papers while biting down on his lower lip to hold back the feral groan fighting its way up his throat.


His body tensed and shook violently as he rode out his high and then his muscles slowly began to relaxe and allowed him to slump down against the seat like a limp, panting pile of mushy satisfaction, the buzz of his orgasm still wrecking through his system in time with the erratic beat of his racing pulse.

It took him a while to realise that he had his eyes closed and when he opened them he was met with a very smug and, for an Uchiha, very wide grin.

"My, that looked like fun."

Naruto blinked twice, still a bit dazed and then the realisation that he was sitting in the middle of a restaurant with his hand still shoved down his boxers dawned on him and he quickly straightened up, ripping his hand back out of his pants so hard he actually cracked a seam.

"You asshole!" he snarled.


Bolting up and lashing out over the table he reached out his fist, ready to grab the other boy's collar and yank him out of that cool smugness of his before he pummelled him into the nearest wall he could find.

"I'm going to fucking kill you!"

"Lower your voice and sit down, moron."

A stirring movement in his lower region alerted Naruto on the fact that Sasuke still had the voodoo doll in his other hand and he abruptly halted in his movement and then slowly dropped down onto his seat once more, glaring flaming daggers at his tormentor.

"Ass..." he mumbled, though most of his previous hostility had somehow miraculously disappeared. Sure, he still wanted to hurt the bastard, but he wasn't stupid enough to try it while he still had the doll. He kept glaring at Sasuke who had gone back to flipping pages in the menu, seemingly forgotten all about his pissed off boyfriend.

Seconds passed, slowly turning into minutes and Sasuke still hadn't uttered a word.

After what felt like an eternity Naruto couldn't hold it in any longer.

"So what happens now?" He snapped, crossing his arms over his chest defensively.

Sasuke glanced up at him and raised a brow.

"What do you mean? We eat of course."

Naruto's jaw almost hit the tabletop.

Was he serious?! He just fucking voodoo-raped him and now he wants food?!

He couldn't even come up with a proper answer, the only sound coming out of his mouth being some kind of disbelieved squawk.

Sasuke turned another page.

"Listen, I told you I'd take you to dinner and I'm going to. If you still want to fight after that, fine, be my guest, but right now, I'm hungry."

Again with the squawking.

"Besides, this place is known to be Ichiraku's biggest competitor when it comes to ramen. I thought you'd like to try it out."

"There's no one better than Ichiraku's!" Naruto immediately snapped back.

"Not what I've heard."

"Oh yeah? Well they better prove it to me first!"

Sasuke didn't even bother to hide his smirk as Naruto swallowed the bait; hook, line and sinker. If there was anything that triggered the blonde's competitive streak faster than an insult, it was questioning the quality of his favourite ramen.

Naruto didn't seem to realise that he had been manipulated to momentarily forgett how mad he was and was now busy outdoing Sasuke in flipping the pages of the menu.

The raven watched him for a little while before he carefully reached over and shut the book in the blonde's face.

"Don't be a pig, Dobe. Go wash your hands off."

Naruto was one the verge of mouthing back, but knowing that the bastard was right he decided not to. He gave the raven a long evaluating look and after deeming it safe to get up from the table he then set his course towards the sign labelled "men's room".

Sasuke followed him with his eyes as he disappeared around a corner and then waited until he heard the door open and close on the other side before he slowly shook his head and chuckled silently to himself.

This was almost too easy...



Naruto turned the water faucet off and was just about to reach down and re-zip his pants when he suddenly got grabbed from behind and shoved into the nearest bathroom stall, clinging to the toilette seat to break his fall.

He heard the door slam shut behind him, but before he had the chance to get up or even less turn around he got roughly pushed up against the wall, face-first with a hand covering his mouth and his arm wringed up against his back in an iron grip.

Of course he knew who it was from the very moment those hands landed on his body, but that didn't exactly keep him from getting pissed off.

He heard a sharp hiss from behind him when he bit down on intruding the finger that was prodding at his mouth, but his victory was short-lived when a knee was harshly brought up and in-between his legs.

"How feisty."

He felt Sasuke press his body closer and how a low, husky breath ghosted against his ear.

"You should learn some manners."

Naruto had been right about the fact that Sasuke was a sadist alright, at least if the hardness pressing against his backside was of any indication.

Teeth suddenly bit down loosely on the lobe of his ear and he gasped involuntarily, feeling the lips of his assaulter widen in a smirk. The knee between his legs began moving in slow circles against his groin at the same time as the hand covering his mouth released its grip.

"Get off, bastard!" he spat out, tossing his head to the side to create some distance between his ear and Sasuke's mouth.

"I intend to."

The hand that had been pressed against his mouth only a second ago suddenly dove down inside his still unzipped pants and griped him possessively. Naruto gasped for air when a thumb began rubbing against the head of his still sensitised cock and bucked his hips, hearing Sasuke moan silently when his erection rubbed against the other' ass through their clothes.

"That eager are you?" Sasuke whispered, lips brushing against Naruto's neck and up behind his ear.

"That's not what I was-ah!"

Naruto's eyes clamped shut when an electric current shot up through his body and he groaned.

"Fucking...ha... perv!" he panted out, gritting his teeth against the new wave of heat caused by the firm strokes over his now hard member.

"Am I now?"

Naruto shuddered, his eyes closing momentarily.

How come this situation felt so awfully familiar?

The hand that had been squeezing his member suddenly released him only to yank down his trousers and boxers in one swift movement.

"If I'm such a pervert, then how come you still haven't made any attempts to get away with that free arm of yours?"

So familiar... When...?

Naruto's breath hitched at the feeling of a cold hand against his naked buttocks, but he didn't move. He couldn't say that he was very happy with the turn this visit to the restaurant had taken, but on the other hand...

A new hiss broke out from between his lips when a dry finger slipped inside the already loosened ring of muscles in his ass and began moving slowly in and out in rough thrusts that had him leaning and panting against the wall in a matter of seconds.

He felt the lips against his neck widen into a smug grin.

"Hn. That's what I thought..."

Naruto's breath started to grow ragged and shallow as the finger working him got joined by a second one while speeding up and soon he was bracing himself against the wall with his free hand, pressing his forehead against the cooling surface of the tile wall in front of him.

Sasuke nuzzled his nose against his neck and the combination of hot breath, butterfly kisses and the tickle of black hair made him quiver. A tongue lapped against his pulse, sending out a dull throb that went straight to his groin and he heard Sasuke whisper something into the curve of his neck. The smooth sound of the raven's voice, the loving kisses against his skin – it was the complete opposite of the eager movements of the fingers still probing him.

"I'm going to let go of your arm now, Naruto. Will you behave yourself?"

Naruto swallowed hard and tried not to moan.

His brain was screaming for him to not give in, to turn around and give the bastard a punch in the face as soon as he got the chance, but his body was urging him on to just go with it, to enjoy the pleasure he knew would come if he gave the raven free access to his body.

Was he really going to do this?

He knew he had more or less deserved that thing out in the restaurant, he had been quite an ass to Sasuke before, even if he personally thought that the bastard had taken his revenge a litte too far. And now to have his lover halfnaked and desperate for sex right on top of him... well let's just say his punishment could have been a whole lot worse.

After all, he could always punch the smartass in the face when they got home, just to prove a point...

A sudden wave of heat rippled through him and he gasped loudly, but when he bucked his hips to make the digits hit his prostate again the fingers inside him cruelly seized their movement. He tried to push back, but at that both fingers abruptly left his body.

"Well?" Sasuke inquired.

Naruto groaned, his shoulder slumping down in defeat.

"You're awful..." he muttered, if not a little less irritable.

"So they say."

Naruto's body trembled when the two digits were re-placed by his entrance and slowly eased inside anew and the grip around his twisted arm loosened, but before he released it Sasuke leaned in and whispered in his ear;

"But you've got to admit that it ain't always that bad..."

The fingers inside his ass suddenly curled upwards and jabbed his prostate dead on, making him cry out loudly in shock. The movement was repeated again and again, over and over until his knees felt like they were about to give away on him.

The white sparks of lightning that were flying through his body were so distracting that he didn't hear the rustle of clothes behind him when Sasuke used his now unoccupied hand to rid himself of his own trousers before he spat in the palm and used the saliva to moisten his own throbbing erection.

The sight of Naruto panting and moaning in front of him and the feel of the muscles clenching down on his fingers was absolutely euphoric and it was with a predatorial look in his eyes that he pulled the digits out and positioned himself behind the blonde.

"Ready?" he asked hoarsely.

A light shiver was all he got in return, but the anticipated moan the other made when he placed his cock against the puckered entrance was all he needed to hear before he slowly began to ease himself inside.

The constricting heat was overwhelming. Flames of desire flared up and pooled in the pit of his stomach as he sank deeper, inch by inch and he bit down on his lower lip to keep himself from moaning out as he watched himself disappear into the blissful body before him


The throaty name that was breathed into Naruto's ear sizzled and burned its way down to the pit of his stomach like a bolt of lightning, turning the task of drawing breath into the most difficult action on earth.

The hand that had been used to remove Sasuke's pants was removed and instead wrapped around the blonde's torso, pulling him back againts the Uchiha's chest, allowing the raven to bury his face against the tan skin of his shoulder and neck.

The Uchiha's rough breaths tickled the small strands of hair on his neck and he shuddered, closing his eyes to allow himself to drift away in the feel of Sasuke's bodyheat that pressed so tightly against him.

The needy pace of Sasuke's fingers was gone, now replaced with the slow, drawn-out thrusts of hips that pushed forward, enlighting sparks of desire in the pit of their stomachs that then was allowed to die out before new where sent flaring up.

Everything went so slow, to the sound of their joined breaths to the dripping of water from the faucet outside the stall door. Naruto leaned back and placed his one hand on top of Sasuke's arm, feeling the raven's grip around his body harden and lips press against his right shoulderblade and then a low, hoarse whisper came floating throught the air and tentatively caressed his ear.

"I hated you..."

Blue eyes opened slightly, but Naruto didn't say antything.

"I hated you... so much..."

Whispered words, leaving an eletrical surge in the air. Sasuke's lips moved against his skin, sharing the same languid pace as their bodies, but the words felt rushed, as if keeping them in his mouth too long was painful somehow.

"You broke me, you moron. You just barged into my life and you broke me... You made me depend. I promised myself I would never let that happen again, but you... you just..."

He took a shuddering breath and gritted his teeth.

"I really hated you."

The corner of Naruto's lip curled upward. Love confessions had never been Sasuke's strong side.

"I hated you too."

He heard Sasuke let out something that he defined as a snorted laugh and then his hands loosened around Naruto's torso.

"Turn around."


"Turn around."

Naruto felt his boyfriend slip out of him and how a new grip on his shoulder gently but firmly forced him to turn his back towards the wall and come face to face with a pair of needy, crimson eyes.

"I want to see you..."

Sasuke's low words wound themselves underneath Naruto's skin and made his heart clench with a surging desire that caused a low moan to erupt from his lips and tilt his head back. Immediately he felt Sasuke's lips latch on to the curve of his neck and suckle slowly on his pulse, his tounge lavishing the golden skin and trailing up to his ear and teasing the lobe with gentle nips of his teeth.

"Ah... Sasuke..."

"Raise your leg and lean back."

Obidiently, Naruto did as he was told and felt Sasuke's hand reach down and grab his thigh, lifting it up and then immediately do the same with the other leg, leaving Naruto grapling in the air for support in order not to fall down.

He managed to grab hold of the top of the seperating wall of the bathroom stall with one hand and the other he quickly wrapped around Sasuke's neck. There was a loud, slightly alarming creak from the wall behind him, but he soon forgot all about it when Sasuke lowered him down and eased into him again, this time with a bit more force than before.

Pleasure racked through his body and had Sasuke not been holding on to him he would have fallen down out of pure exctasy.

He heard Sasuke groan into his chest and he felt the raven's body quiver against his own as he began moving faster, sending blazing sensations of hot, white fire throughout his system.

Naruto was desperatley looking for some kind of support for his body and somehow he managed to find footing on top of the toiletseat with one of his feet, allowing him to releave Sasuke of some of his bodyweight.

The thought that someone else might hear them if they were to walk into the bathroom never even occured to niether of them, and even if it would have, they wouldn't have been able to stop themselves. Suddenly the thought about what people would say if they found out didn't matter anymore, in fact, as far as the couple was concerned that part of the world had ceased to exist. The booth they were in was their entire universe now, filled with the sound of rough breathing, the intoxicating feel of heated skin, while everything outside the four walls was just a grey, undefined matter without substance.

What started out with a slow rocking soon turned into a steady pounding and slapping of skin against skin, hands fisting hair and needy fingers digging into flesh. Sasuke was leaning his head against Naruto's neck and his ragged breath heated and cooled the blonde's skin in time with the thrusts.

Naruto was loosing his ability to speak. The insane pressure of Sasuke's abdomen against his member was driving him crazy and his body was preventing him to think straight. He could feel his coherence melt away faster and faster as his flushed body rapidly approached it's climax.

"Sasuke… I'm... I'm gonna… oh god...!"

That's all the warning he managed to get out before his mind exploded into a burst of sizzling, white stars and through the haze he heard Sasuke let out a loud groan and felt teeth bury themselves into his shoulder to muffle a pleasured cry.

Sasuke's entire body was trembling and it was with pure luck alone that he managed to turn around and let Naruto down on the toiletseat before he slumped down against the wall himself.

For what felt like forever the only sounds being heard were their own heaving breaths and the still slow dripping from the faucet outside the door and Naruto almost thought Sasuke had fallen asleep when he noticed that the raven was actually looking at him through half lidded eyes.

"What?" he asked, straightening up into a somewhat half-lying position.

Sasuke shook his head and closed his eyes again.

"Nothing. Just checking to see if you're mad."

Naruto frowned.

"Well... I was mad..."

Black eyes turned to him anew.

"But not anymore?"

Naruto shrugged, glancing down at the floor.

"Guess not. I mean... It was kinda... justified... But just barely, you know." He added hurriedly when he saw the smirk on his boyfriend's lips, "So we're even now, okay. No need for any more hokus pokus on eachother, agreed?"

The nervous tone in the blonde's voice made him snort out a laugh.


"So you'll get rid of the doll?"

Sasuke studiously slow stood up from the floor and pulled on his trousers.

"I'll think about it."

Immediately Naruto shot up from his lazy position and stared at him in disbelief.

"You can't do that! You said "agreed", bastard!"

"Oh, get your panties unbunched, idiot, I'm just playin you. The doll has already been deactivated and thrown away. Now get dressed, I'm hungry."

Naruto huffed, but bent down to find his own garments that had somehow found their way halfway into the next booth.

"I can't believe I just let you fuck me in a public bathroom." He muttered and started to pull on his trousers as Sasuke unlocked the door to the booth.

"Get used to it, I've got a list of places far more public than this."

Naruto almost tripped on the hem of his pants in his hurry to follow the raven out into the room.

"You've got a what?!"

Sasuke walked up to one of the sinks and turned on the water, washing his hands.

"A list. You know, a paper, usually with numbers and columbs."

"I know what a list is, asshole!"

"Then what's with the stupid question?"

"Stupid question?! You're talking about having a live sexshow in... in, I don't know, a park?!"

"The park's on the list, yes."


Turning the water off Sasuke turned around, grabbed a papertowel from the holder, dried of his hands and tossed the towel in the trashbin.

"I'm going back out, you hurry up so we can eat."

And with that Uchiha Sasuke strolled out of the bathroom, leaving his to say the least, worried boyfriend behind, standing in the middle of the room with his trousers pooling around his ankles in pure chock.

The End