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These are thoughts and dreams .these are flash backs. and xxxxxxxxx means time skip)


It was near midnight when a young girl about age sixteen entered the spirit world. One by one she ascended the steps that she had taken six years before. As she did, drops of crimson liquid dropped to the ground mixing with rain and forming puddles behind the wounded girl. She was hurt badly and out of breath. She had multiple stab wounds to the chest and in the legs, she had cuts and burses on her face, and a slash from her left shoulder to her right hip.

Damn! This is bad! This is really bad!! I'm losing too much blood! She was too worried about her wounds to notice that she was being fallowed by someone. As she got closer and closer to her destination her vision began to blur. Finally she came in sight of the place she was after. Yubaba's bath house! The one place in the world that would seem safe at the present moment. But it was too late. She had lost too much blood. As she took her first stepped onto the bridge everything went black.


"Is it her?" said a woman's voice that chihiro thought seemed very familiar.

"I…I don't know. We'll just have to find out when she wakes up." This time the voice she heard was very gruff, but it seemed familiar to her, but she couldn't tell where she knew them from. Slowly she opened her eyes to find herself in a boiler room with a girl in a pink uniform kneeling next to her, and an old man with six arms sitting on a platform that was raised up off the ground. And out of the corner of her eyes tiny little soot balls came into view, and started jumped all over her face and chest causing her to hiss with pain, witch got the attention of the man and woman in the room.

"Oh my god! Get off her!! I'm soooooo sorry about that!!" the girl was gently brushing the soot balls off of her while the man was yelling at them to get back to work.

"L-Lin…is that you?" chihiro asked weakly. For a moment they just stared at her, causing chihiro to worry. Finally chihiro spoke again.

"L-Lin…Kamaji?" at first she wondered if they had even heard her at all, but then before chihiro even knew what had happened Lin had her crushed in a hug that could break bones.

"Sen! Sen, oh my god! I knew it was you!! What are you doing here? What happened to you? Who hurt you? And" but before Lin could finish her sentence Kamaji's voice boomed through the small room.

"Lin! Let go of her! Can't you see that you're hurting her!?!" yes it was true. No matter how much she enjoyed being hugged by Lin, her wounds were hurting her very badly. Lin realized that and released her.

"I'm sorry sen. I didn't mean to hurt you!! I'm just so happy that your okay, you're here, and most of all I want to find out who did this to you so I can kill them!" lin continued to rant about how many different ways she was going to kill that person till Kamaji finally got fed up with lin and stuffed one of the poor defenseless soot balls into her mouth to shut her up.

"What Lin is trying to say is, welcome back." Kamaji explained with a warm smile on his face. "But, what are you doing here anyway, that much I would like to know."

"Well…I…I was attacked." Chihiro said her eyes full of pain.

"Yes, we can see that. But I mean what are you doing in the spirit world?"

"Well…he …he attacked me and…and I had no were else to go. I was really just running blindly through the forest when I came upon the gate. I didn't think you guys would mind." chihiro finished waiting for Kamaji to answer.

"MIND, OF COURSE WE DON'T MIND!!" shouted Lin earning another soot ball in the mouth from Kamaji.

"Muphf phew don't do that!!" at this point Lin was fuming at Kamaji for his soot ball antics.

"Oh hush. Here chihiro. Drink this, it will help you heal faster." Kamaji handed her a cup of a warm bubbling purple/greenish liquid. For a few minuets chihiro just sat there and stared at it with a look of horror. Slowly chihiro brought the cup up to her mouth and took in the disgusting stench. Finally one of kamaji's arms came over and tilted the cup so that chihiro was forced to drink it. It tasted bitter and it was hard to swallow, but just as soon as she had finished drinking it her pain was reduced to a slight soreness. Lin looked at chihiro for a moment as an evil glint entered her eyes and her mouth stretched into a mischievous grin that could only mean one thing. Lin had an evil plan.

"Hey! Kamaji, when is Haku getting back? I'll bet you money that the first thing he'll do when he gets back is tear this place apart till he finds you chihiro. I want to get to him first and have a little fun with him. I'm going to tell him you died. Let's see what happens," Lin had an evil tone in her voice now and the more she plotted the more chihiro blushed. This did not go unnoticed by Lin or Kamaji.

"Lin. If you do that he'll eventually find out that you lied and then he'll kill you" Kamaji stated in a mater.of.fact.tone of voice.

"Yeah, one problem with that old man, I'M ALREADY DEAD! I'm a spirit, duh!" Lin yelled, a little too loud. This time Lin ducked before Kamaji could stuff the poor little soot ball back into her mouth.

"Lin, if you don't shut up yubaba will come down hear and discover sen and you know as well as I do that yubaba will not permit sen in the bath house unless under contract, and right now she is not in proper condition to be working as one of Yubaba's slaves." At this chihiro stiffened. She had not thought of yubaba, in fact she had not thought of anything except getting somewhere safe. But know that Kamaji mentioned it this would be a problem. She couldn't stay down here in the boiler room forever, could she?

"Well after haku gets back we won't have to worry will we?" Lin said in a teasing tone. "If yubaba even thinks about putting sen under contract haku will kill her more than likely."

"Yes, well we don't want haku to murder yubaba now do we?" Kamaji asked in a tone that dared Lin to even try and back talk him on this one. As chihiro sat and listened to her friends bicker back an forth her eyes lids grew heavy and she felt herself being gently push back so that she was laying on a pallet ounce again, and a wave of warmth washed over her as her dreams over took her.



It was a cold dark night, and as the rain poured down around her, chihiro made her way up to the deserted house on the top of the hill. Her parents were supposed to be out late tonight so it was no surprise that no lights were on inside. Making her way up to the front door chihiro reached under the side of the porch and popped open the secret compartment that her dad had put in to hold the spare key. As she went to unlock the door she found that it was already unlocked .quietly she opened the door, hoping that her parents had just forgot to lock it before they left. Slowly she made her way inside, it seemed that the house was empty but chihiro was still couscous. After closing the door she went to the kitchen to sit her bag down on the table. As she did she noticed that her mother and father's car keys were still on the table. Suppressing a gasp chihiro darted to the phone and found that the lines had been cut. Terrified chihiro ran to the front door but stopped when she heard aloud thump upstairs. Slowly chihiro forced herself to let go of the door knob and to see if her parents were in the house and ok. Running up the stairs chihiro heard some more thrashing sounds coming from her parent's room. Twisting the knob chihiro threw open the door and…

Screaming chihiro shot out up off the pallet she was on, causing server pain from her wounds, as her small form shook with suppressed sobs kamaji's comforting arms wrapped around her and gently laid her back down on the pallet she had been laying on.

"Chihiro, what's wrong?" Came kamaji's worried voice, through the dark room.

"I-I, h-he, m-my parents" chihiro's voice broke with a sob.

"Is it about what happened to you?" Kamaji asked keeping his voice quiet. Chihiro only gave a slight nod as tears cascaded down her face in an endless stream. "Shhh, sleep now, and you can talk in the morning." Kamaji said deciding that chihiro would be in better shape to answer after a good nights sleep. And with that chihiro feel into a deep sleep were her dreams were centered around a certain river spirit. And as she slept that same river spirit was flying just outside the bath house with no clue of who awaited inside.



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