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Smiling, chihiro laid back down and feel into a deep, but not before whispering

"Good night, haku." And as soon as she had shut her eyes, haku opened his just long enough to whisper back.

"Sweet dreams, chihiro." And he too feels into a deep sleep for the first time in a long time, almost six years.


Opening her eyes chihiro was greeted by sun light streaming through the window that was next to the bed, yawning she sat up and something silver caught her eye, turning her head she saw that the walls were covered with pictures of rivers and dragons, but the one that had caught chihiro's eye hung next to the window that looked out over the ocean covering the fields that lead to the human world gate, the picture its self was simple but breath taking, it was of a silver river surrounded by lush green grass and sitting next to the river was a girl who looked just like chihiro, the girl was dipping her feet in the river and then something amazing happened, the girl stood and ran to hug a dragon who had landed behind her, swiftly he changed into a human form and hugged her back before they kissed. Blushing chihiro looked away from the picture; the two had looked too much like her and haku.

"You know, I put it on this wall for a reason." Haku said from behind her causing chihiro to jump

"r-really?" chihiro asked hoping that he had not seen her blush.

"Yeah, that ocean over there leads to the human world can't tell you how many times I sat here and watched the ocean, praying it would that it would disappear so we could be together. That picture was the closest thing I could get to being with you." Haku said as he sat down on the edge of the bed, motioning for chihiro to do the same.

"Who made it, its so beautiful." chihiro asked as she looked back at the picture.

"I did." Haku smiled, gasping with surprise chihiro quickly turned her head to look at haku in amazement.

"y-you, you made that? How?" chihiro asked causing haku to laugh at her expression. Looking at the picture he smiled and said

"It's easy when you have the right inspiration." Smiling at chihiro as he said the last part.

"You know. I don't think I've ever seen you smile so much haku." Came Lin's voice from the doorway, "be careful so you don't hurt your self. I mean you haven't used those muscles in years!!" Lin said as she walked into the room and plopped down on the bed.

"And just how long have you been there Lin?" haku asked in an irritated tone.

"Oh let's see, only from the 'you know, I put it on this wall for a reason.' how cheesy is that?" Lin finished with a fit of laughter. Glaring at Lin he pointed to the door and said "out"!!

"b-but why?" Lin asked as haku pushed her out of the room. Laughing chihiro waved to Lin before haku came back with a smile on his face and said

"Come with me. I have something to show you." as he pulled her to the door and into the room next to his. "This is your room. I persuaded yubaba to let you stay." Haku said emphasizing the word persuaded. Looking around chihiro gasped at decorations in the room. It was a big room with ocean blue walls and oriental fans hanging all over the walls. There was a huge balcony that chihiro could walk out on that over looked the ocean. Next to the sliding paper doors that lead to the balcony was a bed as big as haku's. The bed was covered with blue silk pillows that had sakura trees on them, and the silk blanket had the same picture as the one that haku had made of her and him at the silver river. There were only a few differences, the picture was not moving and the girl and the boy who looked like her and haku were sitting in each others arms and sitting under a sakura tree as the wind blew soft pink petals around the two.

"Do you like it?" haku asked hopeful.

"Y-yes, Haku I love it! She said as she turned and hugged him, tears of joy rolling down her face.

"There's one more thing I want to show you he said as he pointed out the picture sitting on her bed side table. As chihiro picked it up she cried even more, the picture that she was holding was a family portrait of her and her parents. Haku had gotten it for her from her house. Haku walked her over to the closet and opened it to show her that he had gotten everything from her room and that she could put them anywhere she liked. And on the top shelf were all of here family's photo albums.

"I tired to find more pictures of your family that you could put on your wall but these were the only ones I could find that weren't…well…ruined." Haku finished, looking for the right words so that he didn't give too much away. The scene of her house had been very disturbing; most of the pictures in the house were either burned, soaked in blood, or both.

"Haku…if you've done all this for me…then…that means…my parents...they didn't make it…did they?" chihiro asked watching haku's expression. With a sigh haku sat down on the bed and patted the space next to him.

"Chihiro…no, they didn't…I'm sorry…what happened that night?" haku asked.

"I…I'm not too sure myself… All I really r-remember is coming h-home and finding the door unlocked… m-my parents car keys were on the table…t-they were suppose to be gone… there was t-thrashing and S-Screams." Chihiro cried as haku wrapped strong comforting arms around chihiro's waist and rocked her back and forth. It went on like that until chihiro finally feel asleep. After covering chihiro up and making sure she was still a sleeping, haku left to go speak with Kamaji. He was going to tract down the spirit who had done this to chihiro.


After talking to Kamaji for two hours haku still had nothing to go on, but he was sure there was some thing the old boiler man was keeping from him. Once during there chat Kamaji had mention the 'saver of rivers', but changed the topic after he had caught himself, many times after that Kamaji had almost let something else slip, something haku wasn't allowed to know. Deciding to look for answers in the library, haku was skimming through books when one in particular caught his eye. It was a book entitled 'saver of rivers' pulling the book down off the shelf, haku noticed that someone had book marked several pages, opening up to the first book mark, haku's attention was centered on a drawing of a girl with long brown hair that was flowing in the wind, the girl was dressed in a deep blue kimono that had purple trim. Flying toward her was a dragon. The most disturbing thing of all was that in the background the only thing that was visible was war and destruction, an endless battle field covered with dead bodies. Taking in the entire picture, he now realized that the girl and the dragon were battling. Tearing his eyes from the picture haku read the page next to it. The book seemed to be written in an ancient language that haku knew little of. Tucking the book under his arm haku returned upstairs to see if chihiro was awake, if so, they were about to pay a little visit to zeniba.


Wandering around the bath house chihiro was trying very hard to find Lin and not be recognized by anyone else in the bathhouse. Deciding that she would go ask Kamaji, chihiro made her way to the boiler room. Reaching her destination, chihiro stopped just outside the door, someone had just said her name, listening closely chihiro realized that two people were talking about her. Gingerly she pressed her ear the door so she could hear more of what was being said.

"I didn't think it would be this soon." Said the voice chihiro recognized as kamaji's.

"None of us did." Said the second voice that chihiro knew was none other that granny aka zeniba. "The prophecy had said nothing of this." zeniba continued.

"Should we tell her? This is after all, about her and her family." Kamaji asked "she has a right to know" he stated.

"Yes, I agree, but it's not that simple. We have to be absolutely sure before we drag her into this" zeniba replied, voice full of indecision. Clearly she was debating whether or not they should just rip off the band-aid, as the humans often referred to it. "All I know is that she must be kept safe at all costs. In the end, she might be the key to saving our entire world." Zeniba finished as her voice faded from the room. Sneaking a peak at the room, chihiro saw that Kamaji was sitting in the boiler room alone, holding a small blue orb in his hand. Focusing her gaze chihiro saw the fading image of zeniba inside the orb. So, Kamaji was using some kind of spell to talk to zeniba, but why? And what is it that they were talking about? Quietly chihiro slid away from the boiler room and up to hers. Waiting inside was haku, looking out the window with a far off expression on his face. Under his right arm was a thick light blue book with a worn down spine, the title was badly smudged, chihiro could only just make out what it said.

"Savor of rivers?" chihiro asked eyeing the book.

"Kamaji said something about it." Haku stated coming out of his trance. "We're going to go see if zeniba can tell us anything about it." Haku added gazing down at chihiro.

"Where were you" haku asked. "I was worried." Smiling chihiro told haku where she had been and what she had heard.

"Do you think it has anything to do with that book?" chihiro asked

"I think it might. Either way, we're about to get some answers." Haku said as he handed the book to chihiro and changed into dragon form. With his head haku motioned for chihiro to climb on. As they flew haku could not help but feel that they were getting closer to the answers they needed. If only they knew what they were getting into, what they were a part of since birth, and what would change their lives forever.


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