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Well, here we go again. We decided after finishing our Christmas story that we would try and do a Valentine's Day one next. However as you can tell from the summary its not going to be easy getting there. Enjoy our newest endeavor. This chapter was written by willabeth0906.

It had only been three years since his death but it already seemed an eternity and he had an eternity to go. There was no rest, no peace. They never let him be – they were forever tormenting him. He knew he deserved it but he would never accept his fate. The only thing that kept him going was vengeance. He would have revenge – he had all of eternity to get it now all he needed to get out of here. Out of this infernal hell in which he was cursed. The only things here were the cries of those he had failed. But if he could escape,

"No," he thought, "When I escape. I'll have my revenge on Will Turner."

Davy Jones remembered the face of his killer- it was Sparrow that helped him, he saved Turner from death but Will Turner had been the one. He had stolen the key to the Dead Man's Chest. He escaped and vowed to save his father. He had been in love and now the small comfort that Davy Jones could find in the situation was that he knew Turner was now separated from his love just as he had been all those years before. Will Turner had placed him in this Locker only to be tormented by the souls that he, Davy Jones, had not ferried.

However, if she was still alive...

She'd know what had happened; she would know how to help him escape. She would help him in his vengeance. She was still alive, she had to be.

Lord Henry Beckett; he needed to know. He had to find out everything for himself. He couldn't let some servant find this for him because it was just too important. He had traveled to Caribbean and vowed to get his revenge. He was getting old but since he had regained his strength, he had a new outlook on life – vengeance against those who killed his son, his only son.

He remembered being so proud of Cutler when he made his way up the East India Trading Company's ladder. Men feared him and those who didn't respected him. Cutler had left while Henry had faced his illness. Henry hadn't wanted his son to just sit around and watch him die. So he had told Cutler to make the best of it and enjoy his position with E.I.T.C. Cutler had been a little hesitant about leaving his father but Henry had insisted. Henry shook his head at the memories – he was supposed to die not be suddenly cured. And instead his son was killed by pirates; blood thirsty, cheating pirates.

A father shouldn't out live his son. No, he would get back at these pirates, whoever they were.

He had gotten information in Port Royal that Tortuga would be the place to get the information he desired. He arrived in Tortuga only to discover how much he loathed this so called "town". Loose women and drunken pirates, that's all it seemed to offer but being here was a necessary evil. This town contained the information he needed to help him plan his revenge. Henry changed into clothes hardly matching his station in life. He then went into the taverns hoping to somewhat fit in. He would then look for drunken pirates and offer to buy them a drink – hardly a single one refused. He would bite his tongue as he inquired about the heroes of the battle between the pirates and the E.I.T.C. All those that he spoke to knew of the battle and were more than happy to give their version of the story. While the stories varied, the main characters stayed the same – Will Turner, Captain of the Flying Dutchman and Jack Sparrow, Captain of the Black Pearl. All stated that if it had not been for Turner, Beckett would have destroyed the Pearl and the rest of the Armada would have destroyed the rest of the pirates. Once the last drunk had left, Henry frowned. A decision was made - he would destroy Will Turner at all cost and then move on to one Captain Jack Sparrow.

Henry Beckett's inquiries did not go unnoticed. A quiet man who sat near Beckett just waited his opportunity. Once Beckett was alone, he made his way over to the table. "Buy you a drink stranger?"

"What," Henry asked caught off guard because he was deep in thought.

"Buy you a drink?"

"No. Thank you anyway."

"I would think you'd be wanting one from me – I'm going to help you get what you want."

"Excuse me? How would you know what I want?"

The stranger talked in a very hushed tone, "Because we want the same thing."

Henry looked at him confused, "How is that possible?"

"You see I know who you really are. I have seen some of your features in your late son."

Henry's eyes grew wide, "my son? You knew my son?"

The man shook his head, "I was under his command."

"Then I believe I owe you a drink stranger. What is your name?"

"Thomas Waite. I was one of the last to be rescued from the sea. I was probably one of the last to see your son alive."

"Then it is true what I have found out? This Turner was his final undoing?"

"Yes. While both the Pearl and the Dutchman both attacked, it was the shock of seeing Will Turner at the helm of the Dutchman that was too much to take. The ship was to be our ally instead it became our death."

Henry lowered his head in disgust. Thomas looked over at him, "let us leave this so called establishment. There is something I'd like to discuss with you in private."

Henry invited the man to his cabin on the ship that he had purchased for his travels. When inside the two men began to talk more freely, "I take it you want more than just information about your son."

"What of it?"

"I came here to see if there were any cut-throat men who would be willing to help me but unfortunately as you have well found out Turner and Sparrow are heroes here among these so called men. But I have managed to find another way."

"Another way for what? You speak in riddles."

"Then I'll be more direct Mr. Beckett, I too want revenge. I lost everything when your son was killed. He was going to promote me and give me my own command but after such a loss, the leaders in the E.I.T.C. looked at all of those in charge, including me, as incompetent. I lost my job and my future life and those who caused it will pay. Do you want to help or just accept your son's death as something that he deserved?"

"I'm in. They should pay. All of them should pay. Cutler was a sweet boy who grew up to be a powerful but compassionate man. He didn't deserve to die at the hands of filthy pirates."

"Very well. We need to sail to Haiti. I've been told that there is an old woman there that can help us. Actually she'll be more than willing to help us. She'd like nothing better than to see both Turner and Sparrow rot in hell."

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