i See the Future

Chapter 1: Spencer's Invention

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"Hey! Hey, wake up dork!" Freddie opened his eyes and saw one of his "best friends", Sam. "Freddie, we've got to go! iCarly starts in ten minutes!" Sam ran upstairs and left him confused. It took Freddie a couple minutes to wake up and comprehend the situation. He, Sam and Carly had fallen asleep on Carly's couch (again) while watching video clips sent in from iCarly viewers. They were supposed to do a special show at 10:00 this morning on Spencer's new invention…

Freddie first thought he should run over to his apartment and change, but his mother would no doubt hold him up. She always over-mothered him. Last night, for example, she nearly called the police to tell them he was missing when he arrived home 4 minutes later than when he said he would.

Freddie ran upstairs to the set of iCarly and began the technical preparation for their web show.

"Finally, what took you so long, Freddie?" Carly asked.

"Someone," Freddie paused and glared at Sam, "Didn't wake me up until five minutes ago."

"Oh Sam! I told you to get him up, like, twenty minutes ago! What were you doing?"

"I was hungry, I wanted some waffles, and I figured we could always run the show without him…"

"Thanks for making me feel needed!" Freddie exclaimed. "It's very complicated equipment! Maybe I should just leave and let you do the show by yourselves!" He lowered his voice, "Unfortunately for you, Carly."

"Yeah well if you left, it would be fortunately for me!" Sam yelled at Freddie.

"Do I need to spray you two with water again! Please behave!" Carly interjected. "How much longer until we start, Freddie?" Freddie went on to look at his laptop. "One minute." Carly and Sam scrambled into their places. Freddie yelled for Spencer to get in the elevator. (He was downstairs) "In five…four…three…two…one!" Freddie motioned to the girls that they were on.

"Well hey there, viewers of iCarly!" Sam waved to the camera, "I know it's early, for us anyway, but we have something very special to show you!"

"That's right," Carly confirmed "My brother, Spencer, claims that he built a time machine! And we are going to test it right here, on iCarly!" Sam pushed the button on her remote control that sounded like people cheering.

Freddie turned the camera to the elevator, which had opened while Carly and Sam were talking. Spencer was pulling out an interesting contraption, one that looked similar to the invention he built that had the most parts. But this one was slightly different. It had a small booth-like room built into the side of it, just big enough for one person.

"OMG Spence! It looks so cool!" Carly exclaimed.

"But does it work?" Sam added.

"It most definitely does work and I will prove it." Spencer stated in a matter-of-fact voice. Spencer rolled the contraption over (it had wheels at the bottom) in front of the camera. "Do I have a volunteer?" Spencer asked.

"I volunteer Freddie!"

"Not funny, Sam." Freddie glared.

"No, no not a human volunteer. They might not come back." Spencer clarified.

"That hasn't changed my mind. I still think Freddie should go." Sam chuckled.

"If only…" muttered Freddie.

"If only what?" Teased Sam. "If only you had enough smarts to think of a decent come-back? If only you had enough guts to throw a decent punch at me? If only you had enough strength to throw a decent punch at me?"

"Sam, ouch!" Carly reminded her best friend. "Look at what Spencer is doing."

Sam watched as Spencer pushed some buttons and pulled some levers. He had put a stuffed bear (it had been lying around the set) in the booth.

It was hard for Freddie to pay attention. He was still hurt from Sam's words. Her words hadn't really bothered him so much in the past as they did now. He wondered why that was. Well, she didn't think he was smart or strong…but that didn't hurt as much as the look of hate she gave him. "After all," he thought "That's why Carly won't go out with me. Everyday she is reminded of what a loser I am by Sam…"

"Freddie, zoom in on Mr. Bear-bear's last moments in the present." Spencer requested. Freddie zoomed in on "Mr. Bear-bear." "He will go to the future in 10 seconds!" Spencer screamed. Carly, Sam and Freddie counted down to 10 while Spencer screamed and wildly jumped in the air.

"3…2…1…NOW!" they screamed. A big puff of smoke covered the booth. No one could see inside.

"Let's see if it worked!" Carly smiled at the camera. Freddie thought she was smiling at him, not the camera/audience. He gave her a big, lovesick smile from behind the camera while the smoke was clearing. However, she had turned away from him just as Sam turned to face him. It looked like he had given his lovesick smile to Sam. Sam looked confused for a couple seconds, really confused. Then she just turned to face Carly.

"That couldn't have gone any worse." Freddie thought to himself. "But why was Sam so confused? She knows I don't like her. Or at least as much as Carly. What! Where did that thought come from!"

"Good thing it's a special smoke!" Spencer said, "Otherwise, it would have set off the fire alarm. I already did that once, and I do NOT want to upset Lewbert again!" The "special" smoke was clearing.

"Okay, iCarly viewers, let's see if we can see Mr. Bear-bear, now that the smoke is thinning." Carly told the viewers. They all looked inside the booth and gasped.

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