I just re watched Atlantis Season 2 and it hit me. How did Ford fly the jumper at the end when he didn't have the ATA gene and it got me thinking. This is it. If you have any other ideas how he did it then please feel free to suggest it or makeup a story about it.

I don't own Stargate Atlantis but I am happy that they are willing to share. The mistakes I do I own and take full responsibility for and I will not change them so live with it. Please RR


Colonel Sheppard turned from Doctor Elizabeth Weir and stalked over to where Doctor Rodney McKay was fiddling on the computer. Sheppard grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him up and around.

"How the hell did Ford steal the Jumper, McKay? He doesn't have the gene so how did he fly it?"

"How would I know?"

"Well you claim to be a genius so genius away and explain it"

"Oh yes, sure, on top of building bombs, making shields for this city and other one million things I had to do to defend you and everyone else, I had time to do a Discussion paper on 'How Lieutenant Ford was able to fly a Jumper while hocked up on enzymes'. You and your stupid hair..."

"Gentlemen" interrupted Elizabeth "Now is not the time to argue. Rodney do you know how Aiden was able to fly the Jumper and will it compromise us if the Wraith are able to fly them"

"I am afraid Elizabeth that it is my fault" said Doctor Carson Beckett "I thought that if I were to give Aiden the Gene it might suppress the enzyme"

"I thought that Ford was able to receive the gene?" said McKay

"Aye, but I used a strong ATA carrier"

"Whose?" said McKay and Sheppard together

"Colonel Sheppard, I didn't think that it would hurt Aiden but help him. It is temporary and will disappear within 12 hours"

"So on top of having the Wraith enzymes in him, ford now has Ancient DNA. Won't they war with each other?" asked McKay

"Don't be stupid Rodney" said Carson "It will have no adverse effect, just it seems to make Aiden able to fly a Jumper"

"Maybe that was why he was able to out manoeuvre me" said Sheppard "He thought like me so with the help of the enzymes and ATA gene out-think me"

McKay opened his mouth and went to say something but Teyla covered it with her hand.

"Will he return to us when the Gene wears off?" she asked

"No, he is too hooked up to the enzymes, he wants that much more than he wants to be with us" said Carson

"We will find Ford and bring him home to matter how or what" ordered Sheppard

"Yeah, sure, fine" snarked McKay

"Hope you are never hooked on the Wraith enzyme Rodney" said Carson

"It wouldn't be pretty" said Sheppard "He will probably ask for his blankie"

"What is a Blankie?" asked Teyla

"Never mind" interrupted Elizabeth "we will keep a lookout for Lieutenant Ford and bring him home when we find him. Carson don't give anymore DNA to people. Colonel Sheppard, I need a list of all the casualties, we need to start composing letters for their families. Rodney, I want you and Doctor Zelenka to secure the Jumpers from anyone else stealing them and everyone get some rest"

"You too, Elizabeth" ordered Carson

"When I can" said Elizabeth

"When we all can" said McKay

They all tuned to continue their work except for Colonel Sheppard and Teyla.

"Do not worry, John, We will get Aiden returned to us and back to normal"

"I hope so Teyla, it is hard out there, I don't know if Ford will survive"

"He will, he learned from the best" placing her hand on his arm then she too turned away, leaving Sheppard to stare at the gate, thinking and remembering Lieutenant Aiden Ford. Hoping that someday he will return to Atlantis.