Chapter Four


"So what am I like in the future?" Harry's eyes went wide with shock as deep onyx colored ones stared into his own, he normally wouldn't have reacted the way he had to seeing Sirius…only he was in bed, and he'd only just woken up to see those wide eyes staring into his own.

"…Morning, Mr.-"

"Sirius, you're my godson, call me Sirius."

Harry was uncertain as to whether the man had lost his mind in the short span of time that he'd taken for sleep. But he gave a nod of his head anyway, "Er…Right…Sirius. But you know I can't tell you…"

"Don't be a dope, I'm good ole Sirius, you can tell me anything. I won't tattle," Harry knew he shouldn't be shocked about this, but he couldn't help it. This was totally against the rules, but he couldn't resist the urge to tell Sirius everything.

This was the one man he'd had as a father, Harry trusted Sirius more than anyone in the entire world, how could he not tell him? And he was acting so nice, so different from earlier, he was acting like the Sirius Harry had known, and it somehow proved to loosen Harry up.

"Well you see…" Harry started as he sat up, Sirius himself popped right off the floor and sat beside Harry on the bed.

"Yea? Yea?" he said eagerly.

"You're an old pestering bugger. A lot like you are now actually," Harry said grinning cheekily up at Sirius. Sirius's mouth fell open and he practically gaped at Harry, but the boy only continued grinning at the man who he knew as his godfather.

"Yes, definitely my son," the two on the bed both immediately looked up to see James Potter standing in the doorway leaning against the frame with his arms crossed over his chest.

"A little scrawny, but he does resemble you quite a lot," Remus Lupin said as he came around the corner with a smile of his own stretched across his young face.

"Come on you two, breakfast is on the table," James said with a small grin, that was almost exactly the same as Harry's. The messy haired boy and Sirius stood up from the bed and moved over to the door.

"Might want your pants, kid," Harry turned to see his jeans flying at his face, he caught them before they actually hit him and he noticed a pouting Sirius.

"Kids these days," Sirius huffed, "What kind of vitamins do you feed him, that was bloody quick," Harry grinned and put his pants on, he couldn't help the building feeling of elation at the thought that they were all here and speaking to him. They were actually here, for the first time last night, he'd allowed himself to really believe as he laid in his bed. And he'd had to cover his face with a pillow to block out the urge to squeal like an eight year old.

"Don't feel bad, Sirius, I'm the youngest seeker in a century after all," Harry said as he passed the man and walked out the door.

"Yes, definitely James' son…already bragging about bloody stinking Quidditch," Sirius said pouting, as the adult in question just grinned an even wider grin than before and he walked to catch up with his son.

The conversation to the breakfast table was nice for Harry, he was actually speaking with his father, and about his playing Quidditch, what harm could come from talking about something as small as Quidditch?

"Lily, did you know that our boy is the greatest Seeker to ever hit Hogwarts?" Harry couldn't hear anymore of the conversation taking place around him suddenly. Our boy. Our boy, was the only thing Harry seemed to think as he sat down at the table next to his father and Sirius with a broad smile on his face.

Harry was torn from his thoughts as he caught sight of someone he definitely had not expected to see. The happiness that he'd felt only moments before busted as if they had been a little bubble. But he felt stupid, how had he not expected this? He was after all apart of the family, he was friends with Harry's parents and friends. Peter Pettigrew.

"Peter, would you like any eggs?" Harry didn't hear what the man said in reply to his in anticipation of an attack, he wanted to take out his wand and curse this bastard to hell and back so that he could do it all over again. The pain of restraint made the muscles in his body practically ache, how could this man be here? Sitting and chatting with his family like he was apart of it, when really he was nothing but a sick and cowardly rat.

"Harry?" Harry looked up into the worried and soft eyes of his mother, he tried to shake off the haze of anger clouding his mind but it was so hard.

"Darling, are you alright?" she tried again, Harry shook his head a little and forced a small smile for her sake.

"Sorry, just got lost in my thoughts for a moment," Lily didn't look to have totally bought it but she kept it to herself and she offered Harry some of the breakfast she had made.

When everyone sat down at the table, Harry was introduced to Peter, he tried to act like he didn't already hate this man, but it was so hard. Only his mother seemed to pick up on the hostility he had, and thank goodness for it too, he didn't want to have to explain his hate for the other man.

He tried though to talk as little to him as possible, he was afraid that if he spent to much time speaking with him, he'd jump over the table and stab him with one sharp object or another, or with all of them.

"Harry?" Harry looked up and gave his father a small smile, "You'll be meeting little Harry today, he's been over at his grandparent's house these past couple of days," James smiled as he said this, just thinking about the small baby that was the Harry he'd know the longest, made him smile.

"And we're going to play Quidditch today," Sirius added, though it was mostly muffled by the large amount of food that was stuffed in his mouth. The sandy haired man sitting beside him rolled his eyes and mumbled something about dogs and their bad eating habits. Harry couldn't help but truly grin this time.

"You play?" he asked with a smile.

"Played chaser with James-ey here, fourth year and on," Sirius grinned as he gulped down what was left of his food.

"Good, that means I'll feel a little less guilty about beating you later," Sirius' eyes went a little wide at that comment and he dropped his fork on his plate with a clatter. The roomed seemed to go comically silent.

"What was that, kid?"

"You heard me, you old geezer," Remus practically choked on the small piece of bacon that he'd been eating as that little bomb was dropped. Harry laughed as Sirius jumped up from the chair and picked Harry up off the table and threw him over his shoulder.

"You little squirt, call me old will you? I'll teach you!" Harry laughed louder than he had in his entire life as he was tossed around by the strong animagus. He didn't resist being lifted out of his chair, or being walked around the room as if he were a sack of clothes.

James hopped right up after the two of them, and with a peck on Lily's cheek he went after his son and his best friend to the back yard. "I'll get the brooms!" he shouted laughing.

"Breakfast was lovely, Lily. Thank you," Remus said trying to be polite in his haste to follow after the rest of them. "I'm not on Sirius' team!"

"Well I call Harry!" James shouted as he ran out towards the now wrestling pair on the ground.

"Damn," Remus cursed as he too disappeared to the side of the house, going where ever James had run off to, to get the brooms.

"You make sure they don't kill themselves will you, Peter?" the pudgy blonde smiled over at Lily, took his last gulp of juice and he went after the rest. He'd referee, it was after all what he was best at in this game.


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