A/N: I've been Office deprived for far too long. I really need new episodes. Anyway, I've been into poetry recently and I felt the need to write a Dwangela poem that describes their secret romance. It's set before all the season four drama between them, although it doesn't really have a specific time frame. It's in first person, Angela point of view.

Disclaimer: I don't own The Office or related characters, you should really know that by now...

Rules Of Secrecy

We live under rules of secrecy

And I hide feelings I dare not show

For although I love him deeply

I don't want the world to know

I don't want to be a couple

That people talk about

Because God knows that all the gossip

Is something that I can do without

I will not let him kiss me

While in the public eye

And I will not let him hold me

With people standing anywhere nearby

Sometimes I feel like letting go

I want to reveal my one true love

And set my spirit free to soar

Up to the heaven high above

But then I know I cannot bear to hear

The things that everyone will say

And I'm afraid that the distress on me

Would make our love just fade away

Our happiness is all I want

And for now, it's shining bright

He is my source of comfort

He is my source of light

I know that living love in secret

Puts him under some amount of strain

But he cares enough about my feelings

To never once complain

He loves me with all of his heart

That much I can see

His smile and the sparkle in his eyes

Is meant solely just for me

Yes, we live under rules of secrecy

He knows it means a lot

And he lets me have my way

Without a second thought

Evening and night is when the truth comes out

It's when I let our fingers intertwine

I let him hold me, let him kiss me

Just to feel his lips on mine

By day, we're little more than strangers

Who try to stay very far apart

And we'll keep living under the rules of secrecy

That tame our unruly, loving hearts

A/N: So, what do you think? This is the first time I've posted poetry, and I really want feedback. Reviews are appreciated. ;)