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Chapter One

One morning while Seto was reading the paper, he read an article and nearly fell off his chair. He couldn't believe what he was reading.

"Entrepreneur Maximillion Pegasus was bringing to Domino one of the most renowned artists in the world, a J.W. Wheeler was coming to Domino to open an Art Gallery and Mr. Pegasus was financing the whole thing. Mr. Wheeler was a childhood progeny whose parents were friend of Mr. Pegasus so when his parents passed away Mr. Wheeler decided to leave America and move to Domino."

As he was reading the article, Seto looked at the picture of Mr. Wheeler and he was getting excited so excited that when his younger brother Mokuba came into the room he couldn't move he had to just sit still and pray that Mokuba didn't see the condition he was in.

Fat chance, Mokuba noticed right away, because he had already read the article in fact he was at The Game Shop when Solomon had "mentioned to Yugi this J. W, Wheeler was coming here to open an Art Gallery."

When both Yugi and Mokuba saw the picture of this artist they looked at each other and Mokuba said "Wonder what Seto will do when he sees the picture?" They both started laughing so hard that they had tears running down their faces.

Roland came into the dining room and he asked Seto "What's on the agenda today?" He too noticed poor Seto's condition and being a gentleman he didn't say anything about it, but Mokuba couldn't help but tease his brother. "Hey Seto, could you please pass me the sports section?"

Seto lowered the paper and stared at his brother and if looks could kill well lets just say that Mokuba would be gone for good. Seto carefully reached for the sports section and as he moved he accidentally moved the wrong way and as he kind of crushed his erection he let out a groan and well both Roland and Mokuba completely lost it.

"You know that if I could move both of you would be dead, you know that don't you?" Seto said through clenched teeth. Mokuba then innocently asked "Well what condition could you mean dear brother."

Roland then said "Come on Mokuba let's go and leave your brother to regain his composure before we both get sent to our rooms without any dinner."

As they left Seto started laughing and then he stopped because it caused him such distress. He closed his eyes and soon he was able to get up and go to upstairs to his room and well let's say that he took care of his problem, took a shower and got ready for a whole day at Kaiba Corp., but he would really like to be at the opening of the newest Art Gallery in town.

As Joey's plane was landing in Domino he thought about how he missed his mom and dad and tears filled his eyes. As the Pilot announced that they were landing he buckled his seat belt and looked out the window and he thought to himself, well this looks like a good place to rebuild his life in.

As he walked off the plane he saw Max and he smiled and walked over and as they shook hands Max said "Sorry to hear about Greg and Molly, how's Serenity doing?"

Joey said "She's coping, she'll be arriving here tomorrow and I really need to find a nice three bedroom home as soon as possible."

Max said "Way ahead of you, found a perfect house it's close to a really good school and not far from the Gallery why don't we go and see it?"

Joey fell in love with it as soon as they pulled into the driveway. It was a really beautiful house with lots of shade trees and a huge bay window in the living room. As they walked inside well it was just what he had been looking for. Joey then said "How much are they asking for it?"

Max then reached into his pocket and said "Here are the keys; lets just say it's a gift for two of my favorite people in the world." Joey stood there holding the keys as tears ran down his face and that's when Max held him in his arms and for the first time Joey was really able to let go and grieve for his loss. When he finally composed himself he said "Looks like we need a little furniture doesn't it?" They laughed and then Croquet drove them to a place where Joey picked out every piece of furniture that they would need and they promised to have everything delivered by tomorrow morning.

Croquet then drove to a very nice place and the three of them had lunch and Max mentioned to Joey "For tonight why don't you come to stay with us." Joey smiled and he said "Has it changed since we were there last?" Max smiled and said "You know me to damn well and the answer is no." They all laughed and after they ate Croquet drove to the pier and they got on the launch and went to the Island.

As Seto sat through yet another boring damn meeting, he kept thinking about that picture in the paper and he decided right then and there that he would definitely be at the opening of the Art Gallery and to hell with anything else. When he blinked he knew that he missed something and he was so glad that Ms. Wilcox was taking notes so that he could find out what he missed.

When the meeting was over, Rose came into his Office and said "Well what was it this time that caused you to leave the meeting?"

She had that damn smile on her face again and he knew that she knew and then they both started laughing and she said "Well at least he's one hell of a good looking piece of man, isn't he?"

She then handed him a copy of what was said and as she left she said "Oh by the way, the tickets to the opening will be on your desk tomorrow."

When Seto got home that evening it scared the hell not only the staff but Roland and especially Mokuba. "What's wrong are you sick?" Mokuba asked.

Seto stood there and then he chuckled and he said "I'm fine, I just decided that I deserved a break from those boring damn meeting and so here I am."

Mokuba ran and grabbed hold of his brother and as Seto looked down into those beautiful steel blue eyes he held him close to his body and then he said "I love you so much little bro."

Mokuba smiled through his tears and he said "I love you too big brother." Then together they walked to the dining room and all of them had dinner together for the first but not the last time.

Out on the Island, Joey stood on the balcony of his room and stared into the night sky and wondered if he would ever meet anyone who was like he was. Joey was gay and was terrified to let anyone know. Sure his mom, dad and sister knew and it never bothered them and well so did Max but no one else knew. Maybe being here would be different he thought. He then went back inside and went to bed.

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