No one knows, that's why I'm writing this down.

What was special, turned out not to be.

Clumsy fumbling.

You pecked me on the cheek, not quiet sure if it was wrong or right.

If you just slowed down, then we could take our time.

Gently place your hand upon mine, and go a little slower.

What's provoked by love, was not this time.

But let's still make it special, something to remember.

Lips upon mine are warm and moist, and I wonder if mine are the same on his.

You looked me in the eyes, and I saw something I'd never see again.

You decided to take your time, and enjoy the moment.

Once it was all over, you held me in an embrace.

The rush was slowing down.

I could hear your heart beat.

I looked you in the eyes to find them closed, and I realized it was something special.

To have seen that look in your eyes, that I prayed was only for me.

This belongs to me people for I have written it. I was inspired when listening to Sara Bareilles song Gravity. I hope you enjoyed it and got what it was about. This is in my mind a SBxRL poem or whatever you'd like to call it.