Asuka's Duel For Judai

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Kenshin: After watching the better subbed version of episode 162, I came up with this idea. Here's the story, care to explain Haou?
Haou: Sure: The night Judai and Asuka have their little heart to heart after the tag team duel tournament, Asuka begins to imagine how to tell her love to Judai. Of course within his mind, Yubel saw the whole heart to heart they had, and wishes to test how much she actually cares about him. Entering into her dreams that night they-no wait. Don't wanna ruin the story for you!

Kenshin: Yeah, that was too much. Let's begin the duel.

Chapter 1: Asuka vs. Yubel! A Love Forged Through Dueling Souls

"Oh by the way..." Judai said to his female friend Asuka. He and her were both standing outside of Osiris Red, right by the cliff, after their first experience as tag team partners earlier this morning. Just as she returned her attention to him he made his favorite signature pose and shouted, "Gotcha! What an interesting duel!" And with that he ran off to his lonely dorm.

Watching him leave Asuka couldn't help but smile, wiping a lone tear from her eyes with her left hand. 'Thank you, for your smile Judai. Your cheeriness, is what I love about you.' As these thoughts entered her mind, she wandered back home, thinking of what to do.

Judai entered inside of the red dorm, not surprise to see that nobody was there. Ever since the year started everyone's graduated to Ra or Obelisk. He's gotten use to it, after all he can always leave out and see the others at their dorms. Though with no power supplied he's practically living in darkness. Extracting all clothes until he's donned in boxers he enters his bed and stares into the ceiling.

"You, it's kinda lonely in here after all." He said to himself, then saw a glowing sprite coming his way.

"I told you Judai-kun. It's best that you move up atleast, nya." Daitokuji said, floating over Judai's head. The Neos duelist only smiled, looking around to see if the cat Pharoah was around. "I saw you blush when running from Asuka-san, nya."

"Oh that?" This was surprising: Judai didn't really know he was there at the time, of course being a spirit one could never know when he would be anywhere. "You saw that?"

"Yes. I also saw her run away with the same redness across her face." Daitokuji stated, not noticing something crawling up on him.

"Sensei, you're acting like she's in love with me or something. Besides, I doubt she would let me love anyone else." Judai announced, looking to the side at the person closing in on the floating orb.

"Judai-kun, this is something you have to confront her with. Regardless of what Yubel will think, it's your choice to love Asuka-san. Besides, I know full well that-" Before he could finish his words, Pharoah came leaping into the air and gulped him down in one bite. Judai sighed, then went to sleep with thoughts of Asuka in mind.

But just as soon as he went to sleep, his eyes opened up, with his right light brown and the other aqua green. Almost zombielike he put the pants he put away on and walked out the door.

Obelisk Blue Dorm Female Minutes Later...

Asuka walked through her room, stepping inside the bedroom of her place. She sits on her bed, dressed in her white nightgown. Looking at her nightstand she sees a picture of her and the others: There was Sho, Kenzan, Manjyoume, Fubuki, Rei, herself and Judai, all standing together showing their ace monsters. Her and Judai seemed to have one of their arms wrapped around the other.

Thinking of what happened earlier she plopped onto the bed, ready to dream of her and the brown haired boy. But before she could fully dream away, there was a tap on the lattice. Getting up she walked to it, and saw Judai standing there outside the window. She quickly covers herself before opening the window.

"Judai! Why are you here?!" She asked, utterly surprised over him being here. That's when she noticed his eyes were different.

"Tenjoin Asuka-san, you wish to share in the love Judai has reserved for me." He said in a practically feminine voice. Totally shocked she backs away, before he steps inside. Soon his eyes began to flash, causing hers to go pale. She soon fell unconscious onto her bed, as Judai walked over to it. "Za, time to see if you are worthy." He then passes out, plopping onto the bed a little next to her.


"Where am I?" Asuka was now wandering around some brightly lit place. There was nothing but white around her. She was now dressed in her usual Obelisk Blue attire, with the Obelisk Blue Duel Disk on her left arm. "Where did this come from?"

"The woman who wishes to steal my beloved Judai from me. Za, come here for our duel." A female voice spoke. Asuka looked to her left and saw Yubel floating down a few feet near her.

"Omoi...Yubel! Why are you here?!" Asuka asked, her shock no where near describable levels. Yubel only chuckled that same laugh of hers, but this time it didn't have that hint of evil. "I heard of what happened to you: Judai fused you together with him. How you're here now is totally unexplainable!"

"Make no mistake, woman. I did join with my beloved Judai, but that didn't mean my powers were the only thing that stayed. I remained within his conscious as well, hidden away until he needs me." Yubel explained, landing onto the ground which Asuka stood on. "As for we're here, it's all part of a little test."

"Test? What do you mean?" She asked, looking at the hermaphrodite Duel Monster.

"I've seen the way you look at him...It's the same way I look at him. You love him." At this revelation, Asuka held her mouth with her right hand, keeping it from gasping open. Seeing this a smile came across her lips. "I see I'm right. That's why..." At the end of the first part of the sentence she was beginning, a duel disk stretched out of her left arm. "...I want to make sure you actually deserve his love."

"Deserve?! I don't have to ask your permission! Judai is a grown man now!" Asuka yelled back, obviously refusing to duel. "If he decides to love me back, then that's his decision, not yours!!"

"Normally that wouldn't be a problem, if he didn't feel the same way." Yubel then turned her head to the right, almost reminising about something. Asuka had pale eyes this time, knowing exactly what she heard.

"The same way? You mean-"

"He promised...his undying love for me, no matter what anyone else says years before your ancestors were even born. He make amends for sending me into space and actually apologizing for my actions that you would know about...I don't want him to feel the suffering I felt when I thought he abandoned me." As she spoke Yubel had held her right hand onto her face, letting the tears flow down her face. She soon removed her hand, to look at Asuka. "That's why, I want to see how much you love him."

'Is all this...true? Is Judai that important to her?' Asuka thought, finding herself crying as well. Just as she wiped away these tears, she activated her duel disk, preparing herself for the duel with a look of confidence evident in all her duels. "I love Judai, more than you think. I may not know the whole story behind you and Judai, but I know that he cannot be loved by you the way I do by you. This is best for all three of us."

"...You seem to have some confidence within your skills. Za, let's start the duel." Yubel said, as she pulled five cards from the pile. Asuka did the same, as both shouted:


Asuka: 4000
Yubel: 4000

Yubel's Turn...

"Boku no turn. Draw." Yubel drew a card from the pile, looking over the six she now has. Placing a card in the Spell/Trap Zone she activates a spell.

"I activate Magic Chronicle. To activate it I first have to pick five cards from my deck and remove them from play." She pulls out five cards and without looking at them they vanish into thin air. Asuka didn't have a chance to look at them.

"I'll explain what it does later, but first I play Sacrifice Lotus in attack mode, and set one card." She plays a tiny little flower girl onto the field, with zero atk and def, then a facedown card appeared behind it.

"Turn end." Yubel stated, ending her turn with what's been played. Asuka held her hand over her pile.

Asuka's Turn...

"Watashi no turn! Draw!" Asuka draws her card, and looks over her cards.

"I play Advance Ritual Arts!" At the activation of her spell the field turned into some ancient ritual ground. Two cards came out of her deck.

"With this card I can ritual summon any ritual monster in my hand by sacrificing normal monsters in my deck. So I choose Dunames Dark Witch and Beautiful Headhuntress." Those two monsters were shown on the field, then were turned into smoke as a figure appeared from the sky.

"I ritual summon Cyber Angel Benten!" The monster yelled out came before them onto her side of the field, with 1800 attack and 1600 defense. At the end of the ceremony a symbol on the Magic Chronicle scroll glowed, making her feel shocked.

"For each magic card my opponent activates, Magic Chronicle gains a counter." Yubel explains, only giving off that much.

"I play Banner of Courage. This gives my monster 200 attack points whenever it attacks." At this a banner appeared before Engle Benten, as her points went up. But because it was a spell the scroll had another glow on it.

"Battle! Destroy her monster!" Her six armed warrior struck the tiny lilypad monster, exploding the creature to pieces. But as the smoke dispersed, a trap card appeared behind it, as well as two more plants.

"I activated Demon Blossom Seed. This cards activates when I receive battle damage. For any points that reach 1000 it creates a Demon Blossom Token for each amount. If it doesn't, I'll lose what's left as damage to my lifepoints." And just as she said, the two flowers were tokens, with 1000 points.

"I set a facedown, and end my turn." Asuka then finishes her turn, as a facedown card appeared behind her monster. 'What does that scroll does? Does it have anything to do with those cards she removed from before?'

Yubel's Turn...

"Draw." Yubel pulls a card from the pile, and smiles.

"By sacrificing each token..." Both her flowers went away. " summon Spirit Demon Rose in attack position." Another plant type monster appeared before her, with 0 atk and 1500 def. 'Another monster with no attack. It must be powerful...'


"Hold it! You're monster is too weak to kill mine." Asuka reasoned, knowing full well how something bad will happen. At this Yubel smiled.

"When Spirit Demon Rose strikes an opposing monster, it gains attack equal to its foe's." At this, Asuka paled, realizing that somehow her monster would be destroyed and her monster would still be around somehow. But just when things felt worse, she played another spell.

"Quick-play magic: Rush Recklessly! Increases Spirit Demon Rose's atk by 700." As her quick play magic activated, it shot out thornlike vines, piercing through her monster. "And now the rest goes to you as damage."

The vines then struck Asuka, as her lifepoints went down to 3300. As the vines retracted, blood dripped out of her mouth. 'This pain...why did I feel it?'

"I'm sure you don't realize this, but for each point you lose, you shall feel a bit of pain within yourself. But then again, that's what love is about, right?" Yubel said, giving off a creepy little smile. "Now that you feel the intense pain will you continue, for the heart of Judai?"

Asuka felt a little shaky, almost as if she was about to fall down. But just as her body was about to collapse she stood her ground, stomping her foot onto the ground. She looked at Asuka, who gave back a fierce look of yuuki. "No pain is too great for him."

"Sure. You have a point about that. But because you made two spell counters appear on my scroll, I can activate it's ability: The five cards I removed from play will be shown." Soon the five cards mentioned appeared: Beginning of the End, Lightning Vortex, Judgment of Anubis, Hand Murder, and Super Fusion. Looking at the last card Asuka gasped, remembering that card being mentioned by O'Brien and Jim as a terrible card which made Judai evil. "And now, you must choose a card. Said item will be added to my hand."

"...Hand Murder." She said, as the said card was placed into his hand. "I now play one card facedown. Turn end."

Asuka's turn...

"Watashi no...turn." She faintly says, picking her card from the pile. "I...will never lose to you."

"At this moment during the Standby Phase, I play Enemy Controller, to switch your monster to defense mode." She then reveals her facedown spell to do so, as Spirit demon Rose switched to defense. But as she did this another spell counter appeared on the Magic Chronicle.

"Spirit Demon Rose doesn't gain defense points equal to my card's attack, so I can still win this." Asuka then pulls a card from her hand, then activates a card.

"Yugo hasu do!(Fusion activate!) I fuse Blade Skater and Etoile Cyber..." Her two monsters fused together, then formed into a single card.

" form Cyber Blader!" Her female ace appeared before them all, with 2100 atk and 800 def.

"With only one monster on your side of the field, my monster cannot be destroyed in battle. And now, battle!" Her monster spins around in a rapid hurricane, ready to destroy her monster. It soon does, reducing it to particles. As the smoke of the destruction cleared, two flowers appeared before her, each with twelve atk and def. "Nani ga?"

"When Spirit Demon Rose is destroyed, two Spirit Demon Rose Tokens take its place. Is your turn over yet?" After Yubel speaks, Asuka felt a bit discouraged, feeling another tribute summoning coming.

"Well with two monsters on your field Cyber Blader increases its points to twice." Asuka says, as her monster grows more powerful. She then places a card facedown.

"Turn end."

Yubel's Turn...

"Boku no turn. Draw." Yubel pulls a card from her deck. As her Main Phase appears, the other four cards appear.

"Za, time to choose the next card." Asuka looks over what was left, and didn't like what the choices left her with.

"I choose, Beginning of the End." As Asuka makes her decision, the card chosen disperses into particles and gets added to Yubel's hand.

"Arigatou yo.(Thank you.) Za, it's time for my ace to appear." She says, pulling a card from her hand.

"Ace?" Asuka asked, wondering what she meant by that.

"With the tribute of my two tokens, I summon Yubel." As her two tokens disappeared, Asuka's face paled slightly, surprise to hear she's a card. As the field somehow whipped up a tornado, she appeared on the field, almost splitting off from the real her.

"As a card I cannot be destroyed in battle. I take no damage, and whenever I fight my opponent loses lifepoints." Yubel explained, telling her abilities to Asuka before hand. 'What a dangerous card. And with zero atk and def I'll take the full bulk of Cyber Blader's attack points.' Asuka figured in her mind, now thankful for the facedown she played.

"Before I continue, you should know of the wager placed on the two of us." Yubel said, as Asuka blinked before looking at her.

"Wager? You mean the stakes placed between us?" Asuka asked, gritting her teeth.

"Hai. If you win you get to do whatever you desire with Judai, and I never see him again." Yubel stated, as Asuka blinked with suspicion.

"And what if you win?"

"You get to choose one of two punishments: Either you never tell Judai of how much you care for him, or..." Yubel seemed hesitant to say the last part, but it wasn't for her sake.

"You give up on your dueling career, promising as his lover to never pick up a card again." Those words stuck to her like glue on wood.

'Give up...dueling?!'

"Battle. Now, Cyber Blader, attack me." Yubel said, as her card's third eye glowed. Soon Cyber Blader's eyes glowed as well through the specs, then felt like it was being forced to move. She leaped into the air to mound an assault on Yubel. Asuka came out of her shock after hearing she would have to give up dueling to activate her card.

"Not so fast! Trap card open!! Holy Barrier: Mirror Force!" Asuka revealed her facedown card, showing it to be one of the most powerful trap cards in history. Soon Cyber Blader made a sky-dive kick to Yubel. "This card can only be activated when my opponent strikes my monsters, and destroys them all."

"Oh?" Yubel said, no fear in her voice what-so-ever. As Cyber Blader struck the card Yubel, the said monster started to crack up, as lines appeared all around her. But as she dispersed into nothingness, she had a certain smile on her face which was covered in smoke.

"That was risky. It's a good thing I got rid of that card. Now I can win this duel...huh?" Asuka then peered through the smog, looking up to see something strange towering above them.

"Das..." A dark booming voice began, as the smog became a little better to see.

"Abscheulich..." The voice continued, as the smog almost completely cleared up. What Asuka soon saw next scared her like a black girl in a Ku Klux Klan convention, as she saw five glowing eyes through the smoke.

"Ritter." The voice finished, as the fog cleared completely, revealing a two headed dragon, with yellow horns, black fur, and a single yellow eye in between the necks, standing before her. On top of it was Yubel, and what looks like another card on her monster card zone.

"What the...What is this thing?!" Asuka wondered, as the dragon heads made a vicious roar. As it continued to growl she was wondering if she would ever let Judai know of her feelings.

End Chapter...

Kenshin: Heh. Didn't think we'd do this good. Now all we have to do if finish this soon.
Haou: Why? I don't want to go back inside the other fic, with the shotgun-wielding zombie waiting for us!'re too into this. Anyway, there should be one more chapter after this, but first the translations for japanese words.

Za: Now
Boku: A way of saying I or my, used mostly by males.
Watashi: A certain way of saying I, used mostly by females.
no: a possessive word, like saying of.
Hai: yes

Card of the Chapter:

Cyber Blader:

Atk: 2100
Def: 800
Level: 6
Effect: Etoile Cyber Blade Skater

A fusion summon of this card can only be made by the above cards. When your opponent has a number of monsters in control, this card gains only one of each ability: 1; This monster cannot be destroyed in battle.
2; This monster's atk doubles.
3; Negate the effects of all effect monsters, spells and traps.