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Tomorrow - The Brave Teen's Fragrance

"Aniki!" a voice calls out to the only Osiris Red of Duel Academia. Judai looks to the side to spot his friend for over three years Sho running up to him. "Aniki, ready for another day at Duel Academia?"

"Of course!" he says with a smile, showing he still holds a bit of his previous self in him. He then turns to his left to his wife, Asuka, who is latched onto his arm. "Na, Asuka?"

"Un," she replies with a nod, blushing the closer she inches towards him. She's become a lot more closer to Judai after their prematurely short honeymoon and wedding. Her confidence in their relationship back, she feels ready to let the others know no matter what. "There's one more year of school before we graduate... Then there's Trueman."

"Don't worry, I'll get him. He won't get away with what he's done," Judai says as he looks out to sea. He got a bit scared when Trueman showed up on the boat that one time, and now he knows that Asuka is perfect leverage against him, but that won't stop him. He promised her that he would never jeopardize their relationship despite the dangers they were put in, and he confirmed that through their marriage. He will never let anything happen to Asuka as long as he's still drawing breath.

"I won't either," Yubel says in his mind, giving a faint smile. She's still a little upset that Judai has to share his heart with the two of them, but regardless she couldn't make him ignore Asuka no matter what, and there's no way she could bring herself to hate Judai. After what the two of them have gone through, Yubel could never bring himself to hate him. 'Still, I won't forgive her if his heart is broken.'

"Where's Fubuki-san?" Sho asks them.

"Nii-san is inside with a girl he hooked up with during the break. He never changes," she says, closing her eyes and smiling.

"What time until we reach Duel Academia?" Judai asks them.

"About a few hours." Asuka states, answering his question.

Eventually time is up and they reach the island. After stepping off everyone heads for their dorms. Judai goes straight to the Osiris dorm, wandering along the deck as he sucks in the air around him and exhales in relief. He glances at the room where Manjyoume used to live in, remodeled for his living pleasure. His eyes flash their supernatural glow once before returning to normal.

"You know, it is kind of quiet here without the others. I had spent so much time with Asuka lately I'm not used to being alone anymore..." Judai says to himself as he wanders into the empty rooms. He then comes by his own room, where his television set and Wii sits. He picks up Metroid Prime 3 and sighs. "I never got to finish this."

"Not so much fun being alone, is it?" Daitokuji says, appearing behind Judai as a ball of light. Pharaoh can be seen stalking him from behind. "I keep telling you, move up to Ra Yellow or Obelisk Blue. That way you can still be with your girlfriend."

"She's my wife now, but I can't just leave this place. It holds so many memories. It's where I first noticed Asuka as a woman instead of just a friend," Judai says to him, remembering the time Asuka moved in because of Chrono's idea to make her a duel idol.

"Don't you want to be closer to her?" he asks him, right before Pharaoh eats him. "Dang it, Pharaoh!"

Judai chuckles a bit, seeing how nothing's changed between them, and plops on his bed. He then looks over the card he received from Asuka, Elemental Hero Terra Firma. 'The nature set, huh? I hear they're stronger than even my own. I guess I could try it.'

Walking out to the grassy plain and enjoying the daylight, Judai spends the next hour checking his PDA for sets relating to the E-HERO series. Since it's saved in his search, he can look them up right away. He finds 4 other fusion HEROs he doesn't own in his deck; Absolute Zero, Nova Master, Great Tornado, and The Shining. 'These look much easier to summon than my other fusions, and they have great effects.'

Before long there's a russling in the grass, and he sees it's Asuka. On her hands nothing but her blue gloves. "Hey, Judai."

"Asuka," he says, lifting his head up from his PDA to spot his wife. His eyes look down to her hands and he notices she took off the ring. Slightly worried, he asks, "Where's the ring?"

"I took it off so I wouldn't get a mark... Don't worry, I still love you," she says, averting his worries. She then sits beside him, folding her legs up so her panties wouldn't be exposed. "It's been quite a fun ride, hasn't it?"

"Yeah. Three years of rollercoaster fun..." Judai says out of sarcasm with a chuckle. "First the Seven Stars, next that brainwashing society of light, and that time in the world of darkness where I... I don't wanna talk about it."

"Yeah. I still feel Yubel might have some animosity towards me," Asuka says, thinking about the hermaphroditic dragon spirit. Yubel sits on Judai's other side, invisible to her eyes, before returning to his body. "I never thought to ask, but is she okay with us being married?"

"Yubel was okay with you dating me. Besides, she gave me the courage to do it in the first place," he replies.

"So, she gave you the ring?" Asuka asks, now curious.

"Nope. It doesn't really matter," he says. Asuka sighs and leans on his shoulder, scooting closer to him.

"I guess it doesn't; we're married, and we'll always come back to eachother no matter what... Neh?" Asuka looks up to her husband, who nods with a smile. What they don't realize is Momoe and Junko heading towards them with Kenzan, Sho, Rei and Manjyoume.

"Yeah." With his answer, Asuka leans towards his face and kisses him on the lips. This shocks all but Sho and Manjyoume, who didn't see this coming at all; Rei especially. They part from eachother soon after, and stare deep into eachother's eyes.

Rei finally snaps out of her shock and shouts, "WHAT THE HELL?"

This brings everyone else out of their shock and Judai and Asuka out of looking at eachother. Sweat comically falls down Asuka's head the moment she notices their friends. Rubbing the back of her head she sheepishly asks, "How much did you hear?"

"We came by right when you were kissing. So Judai is your boyfriend then!" Momoe says with a squeal, her romantic sense going off. "It's perfect; the strongest male student hooks up with the strongest female student!"

"So this is what you were hiding, Aniki-saurus?" Kenzan says with a grin. "Can't believe we didn't notice earlier!"

"I knew all along." Manjyoume states.

"WHAT?" Rei shouts.

"I did too," Sho adds, adding to Rei's anger. He then crosses his arms over his chest and sighs, saying, "I felt it was about time Aniki noticed Asuka-san's feelings. I was just about ready to tell him to talk to Asuka and stop hogging her feelings if he doesn't plan to return them."

"YOU LITTLE BASTARD!" Rei grabs Sho and lifts him up into the air, scaring the shit out of him. No, seriously; he pees himself looking into her evil eyes. "YOU KNEW AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME ANYTHING! I COULD HAVE STOPPED THIS!"

"I'M SORRY!" He cries out in screams.

"Rei, put Sho down," Judai says, standing up as he does. "No one could have stopped this. I plan on staying in this relationship, forever."

"Judai..." Asuka whispers, happy he said that, while Junko and Momoe go 'aw'. Rei on the other hand drops Sho out of shock, dropping to her knees and bawling.

Manjyoume steps beside Rei and says, "Quit complaining. You act like a little child like you has a chance in the first place."

"Shut up!" She grabs him by his coat collar and tosses him into the air. He lands into sea flat, causing the others to cringe in pain.

"Anyway," says Asuka as she walks towards her husband. "I'll come see you tonight. I have some things to do."

"Sure thing," he replies, watching her walk towards the Obelisk Girls Dorm.

"Asuka, wait! We've got so much to talk about!" Momoe shouts, chasing after her female friend.

Junko sighs and follows them, knowing how unbearable that dark haired woman would be. Judai turns back to the ocean, sitting down like before. He watches Manjyoume return back to shore, out of breath from swimming. Kenzan takes this moment to join Judai's side and say, "So Aniki, you mind telling us how long this has been going-don?"

"After the Tag Team Tournament," he answers him, shocking the dinosaur duelist. "Remember that time I was without that shirt? I spent the night at her place and forgot to bring a shirt."

"Aniki, that's dangerous! You know those types of relationships are discouraged here! That's why boys aren't allowed near there!" Sho says to the brown haired duelist.

"I know, but that can only backfire if someone told on us," he explains. His eyes turn to Rei, who has finished crying at this point. "Rei, what will you do now?"

She remains silent, thinking of what she should do now. She could tell and make Asuka's life horrible, but that would hurt Judai. She could never bring herself to do that, no matter what, because deep inside she still cares for him. With nothing else to say, she tells him, "I'll keep quiet too. But there is something I(atashi) have to say, Judai-sama."

"What is it?" he asks her.

"She used atashi again..." Sho comments, causing her to glare evilly at the short duelist.

"In the off chance that she breaks your heart, I will sweep you up for myself and never let you go!" Rei states proudly, walking away to be alone.

"Say, how about a good ol' duel-saurus! It'll be the only one until tomorrow when classes start up again," Kenzan says as he takes out his duel disk.

Judai raises his duel disk and straps it on, placing his desk inside as he stands back up. "Let's do it!"


That Night...

"Where did that sister of mine go?" Fubuki asks himself as he wanders towards the red dorm. It's really just a wild guess, since he can't think of anywhere else she could be.

He approaches the dorm and comes before Judai's room, where he hears her voice. "Judai, I was hoping to do this for you soon."

"It's no problem at all. It's not like no one will object," he replies to her. Fubuki's mind goes to dirty thoughts when he realizes their voices make it sound like they're out of breath, and his blood boils a bit.

"Okay, but remember to go from behind for the best results," Asuka says, adding to his perverted thoughts even more.

Fubuki has half a mind to bust down the door and stop whatever it is they're doing, but before he does he remembers something similar to this situation. He has done this twice already, believing they were having sex with eachother and that Judai was taking advantage of her, but then it turned out each time they were just playing video games. He couldn't do it three times and save face. He walks off and sighs, thinking, 'Almost got me that time. I should know by now Judai wouldn't do anything like that.'

What he didn't know is that Judai and Asuka really are in such a situation. Naked, both duelists are lying side by side in covers, snuggling together after their round of marital intercourse. Judai, his head resting on Asuka's bare chest, sighs in content. Asuka rubs her legs up his own, her body tingling at the touch. "I missed this so much..."

"I did too..." he says, relishing in the aftermath of their intercourse. His mind then goes back to their early Academy years, where Judai began to realize certain instances where Asuka was being closer to him. "Well, if you wouldn't mind me asking, but were there times where you've flirted with me?"

Asuka lifts her head and looks down at her husband. She then thinks for a moment, and says, "Well, there were times where I've thrown subtle hints towards you, but I got so frustrated I ended up given up. After that I've been hiding my feelings, but after we came back from the world of darkness I couldn't hold them down anymore... I couldn't help but love you."

Judai smiles a little at her response, and mentally kicks himself for not noticing her earlier. He's real glad he did though before it was too late. That's when another thought entered his head. "Asuka, what do you think about having a real wedding? One where all of our friends can be there to watch?"

Asuka smiles and replies, "Of course," before she leans down and kisses him. "Anything for you, Judai."

Time slips by for them, and the rest of the Academy. By the time school has ended, Trueman has been defeated, Nightshroud eliminated, and peace finally restored. With all the threats gone, Judai has time to relax with Asuka until their graduation. Thankfully he's gotten his school work done with, so he can graduate with his peers; Manjyoume, Fubuki, Sho, and Asuka.

Before The Party...

Judai wraps his gear away and exits his room, leaving the red dorm for what he believes to be the last time. He stares up into the sky and spots all the stars. His heart heaves with joy as he imagines what the future will bring. "There's still the Light of Destruction. It might still be out there..."

He spots Asuka walking towards his dorm, adorning a beautiful dress she got for the graduation party. He couldn't help but stare and blush at her gorgeous appearance, eventually snapping out of it. "You look beautiful."

"Judai," she whispers, blushing furiously. She holds it down to approach him, giving the HERO duelist a hug. "I'm so glad this is finally over. Our lives begin tomorrow."

"I'm glad too." He grins, taking this moment to hold her hands and kiss her. The passionate feelings erupting inside of her causes the woman to moan slightly, her knees turning weak for that moment. They part, and he asks, "So what will you be doing now?"

"I'll be going to another university and become a teacher. That way I can come to here and back whenever I please, teaching students to become better duelists," she answers, smiling as she continues hugging him. "Judai, what about you?"

"I'll be traveling the world. I want to aid anyone else who might have suffered from the Light of Destruction," Judai replies. She sighs with a slight hint of depression, becoming upset that he doesn't want to be there with her when she becomes a teacher. "Afterwards I'll work on my professional dueling... Is that okay?"

"...I won't be around for that, will I?" she asks, looking up into his eyes. She could see guilt inside of them.

"I promise that I'll come back. Your love-" She kisses him once more on the lips, giving a quick peck, to interrupt him.

"That's okay... As long as I know you will return to me..." Asuka says, resting her head on his shoulder.

"I love you." His words cause her heart to leap once again, and she begins to tear up.

"I love you too." Her reply causes him to smile as well.

Afterwards Judai and Asuka part from one another, one going to the party and the other heading for the ship heading for the mainland. But on his way the spirit of Hane Kuriboh escapes the card and flies towards the main building. He follows his card through the halls of Duel Academia, where he comes before a room that holds a deck proudly displayed on a case. His eyes widen in shock when he sees Yugi standing there with Hane Kuriboh.

Yugi takes Judai back in time to duel his previous self in his prime, right after the Battle City tournament, and the ending is inconclusive. At the end he winds up in the middle of a desert, somehow, without anyone else around. Looking to the sky he says, "Thank you, Yugi. I can finally enjoy dueling now."

His bag begins to shuffle a bit, and out scuttles the cat Pharaoh. Looking at his backpack he places it down and asks, "Pharaoh? ...Daitokuji-sensei!"

The spirit of his teacher appears before him, having finally left the cat's mouth. "Hello Judai-kun."

"What are you doing here? When did you sneak in my bag?" he asks him.

"We're traveling with you. It'll be much more fun going along with you than staying on that island. But don't worry; I plan on leaving long before your return to Asuka-san," he replies, smiling as he adjusts his glasses. "Also, there's a letter for you."

Daitokuji points at Pharaoh's collar, which contains a folded up piece of paper at a marble necklace. He removes it and opens the letter, shocked when he sees it's from all his friends, with their faces colored in and a note from each of them. "Asuka, Sho, Manjyoume, Fubuki, Shephard, Cronos-sensei, Rei, and Kenzan; they all left a last minute note for me."

"Come whenever you want and let's duel!" Manjyoume's note says, giving him a short chuckle.

"I'll leave Asuka to you." Fubuki's note gives him a content sigh of sorts.

Seeing Rei's note he tilts his head to the side. He laughs upon reading Kenzan's note, and cringes in disgust seeing Cronos leaving that kiss mark. Sho's note causes him to sigh, and the Chancellor's brings the dark justice duelist to say, "Of course he would say that."

He then sees Asuka's note, which reads, "There's an envelope in your bag. Read it when no one's around."

"They've really grown fond of you, Judai-kun," Daitokuji says before turning into a ball of light. "So, where are you off to now?"

"Well, I could follow the wind," he says, holding his left index finger up to the flow of the wind. "But I think I'll leave it to Yubel."

"Sure thing," he says, right when Pharaoh eats him again. Laughing again, Judai takes this time to take the letter Asuka personally left for him, and read it.

"Judai, if you're reading this then you left earlier like we all expected. It also means you've begun your adventure around the world. Well, I really want to be close to you, so I'll leave this for you. Hopefully, whenever you get the time you can visit me at this location in America, and here's something for your enjoyment only. Remember, I will always love you.

"Your wife, Asuka." As he finishes the letter, he doesn't notice two photos falling out from the rest of the envelope. He takes the first and looks at it, seeing his friends together with him showing off their ace cards. He switches to the second photo, and his face turns redder than the clothes he's wearing getting an eyeful of Asuka completely naked in a seductive pose on her bed.

"Whoa! This is a side of my wife I've never seen before..." he says before pausing for a moment. He then pockets both his photos and the letter before heading off. The duelist has memorized the address Asuka has left for him. "First thing's first, find out what day it is. Then, I'm heading straight for there..."

And so Judai heads off into the distance, ready to start the next adventure in his life.


At Industrial Illusions Hayato Maedo is busy at work designing new cards. One such card is an E-Hero card called Parallel World Fusion. He then stops for a moment and looks at a photo of himself and his friends, looking at Judai. "I wonder if he made his move yet... That ring Pegasus-san got for him will definitely get Asuka to say yes."

Two Months Later...

"Okay, class dismissed! Remember to finish your homework for tomorrow!" Asuka says to everyone in her classroom, watching as they gather their stuff and leave. After graduating from Duel Academia and earning her teacher's degree she's accepted as a substitute teacher at a university. It's not as great as being a real teacher, but you gotta start somewhere.

Once the class is empty Asuka gathers her notes and clears the board. She then heads out of the classroom, walking down the halls while checking otu her watch. Her eyes glance at the ring on her left hand, and her mind goes back to Judai. "I wonder if he's coming back today."

She continues down the hall among the crowd of high school students, and pauses. Her eyes widen in shock upon seeing someone standing by the doorway. As everyone else exists the building this person and herself stay, constantly looking at one another. Tears well up in her eyes as she slowly approaches him.

"I've missed you so much... I was afraid you would never come back..." she says to him, trying to hold back her tears. He smiles and walks towards her, given that same smile he makes that stirs feelings of happiness inside of her.

"Of course. I've finished my traveling," he replies, stepping forward before letting his bag drop to the ground. The two then hug, Asuka's tears falling down like a waterfall. "Besides, what husband doesn't want to see his wife?"

"I love you, Judai," she says before giving him a kiss on the lips.

He kisses back and replies, "I love you too, Asuka," before walking out the door. He grabs his bag along the way, and they continue towards her car. "That reminds me, why did your letter lead me here? It could have been your house, or even Duel Academia."

"Because this place is perfect for us to spend our honeymoon. We never got one, remember?" she says, smiling as he enters her car. Judai sits in the passenger's side and before long they take off. She smiles as they hit the road, her eyes glancing at Judai for a moment. "We have the rest of our lives together now."

"Yeah. Let's continue going forward!" He states with a grin, showing how he's back to his old self again. He places a hand on her right leg, asking, "You don't mind, do you? I just wish to feel a little more close to you."

She smiles warmfully, glad that he has regained his cheeriness, the part of him that made her fall in love. To answer Judai, Asuka simply says, "Anything for you, Judai."

And so that begins their new adventure, as cliche as it sounds. Judai and Asuka's lives wouldn't be filled with sadness anymore and their hearts would be free of any drama that comes their way. No more villains trying to take over the world, no more monsters from another world hoping to make humans into monsters, and no more darkness to control their lives.

The End