A/N. A little one shot about Salvatore reflecting on his love life. Review if you'd like.

Salvatore's POV

Sometimes I wonder why Maria married me. We never get along, and don't even live in the same house. She uses me for my money, and cheats on me with biker bums. I was always good to her and she repaid me by treating me like shit.

I'm way past my prime years, and lost my shiny brown hair, but it doesn't make sense. We seemed to click back at that hotel. Our personalities seemed to go together. She was the only female I knew that had the guts to stand up to me.

Maria visits me a few times a month and demands millions of dollars. I fork it over without a fight. Still she hates me.

Sure I hit her a few times, but that was because she insulted me to no end. It ripped me apart when she screamed swears at the top of her lungs. I really do love her, but she doesn't love me back. She just wanted the millions of dollars.

I appear strong, and yell back. But on the inside I'm dying. Dons are people too, and we have feelings. We want love in our lives. The problem is that there are very few people that can see us for the good men we are. Most cringe in fear, or look down on us as if we were scum.

My original wife, Carmella understood me. She was the love of my life. That all ended when the Sindaccos killed her. They wanted to ruin me, and it worked.

I was hesitant to find someone else after that, but Maria seemed to be able to handle all of that. Of course strong people had to have that arrogant personality.

Maria will probably try to file for divorce so she can get half my money. I'll object and we'll get into a screaming match.

So I'll rule my family, loveless, paranoid and alone. I'll pretend nothing's wrong and take out my anger on the opposing gangs. After all, that's all I've got.