Collective Memory once again 2 stories in 1 day gasp yea I'm on a roll :P yea this is Sasuke centric and yaoi Itachi/Sasuke/Naruto yes hehe yea im maki'n capters 2 k ps I SWEAR wilted flower will b up either 2morrow or the next day sorry I'm slow

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"You belong to me, mine to hold and mine to break, do you understand me Sasuke?" the scarlet eyed man whispered dangerously to the broken boy beneath him, "H-Hai ni-sama" he whimpred to his lover "Good" Itachi cruelly yanked Sasuke up to eye level by his ebony hair, suffocating him in a smearing kiss, Itachi bit his brother's tongue, sucking all the blood greedily, "You taste delicious Sasuke" Itachi purred, the younger Uchiha couldn't help but moan, the elder Uchiha pushed Sasuke against the wall roughly straddling his back side and untied the draw string of his black pants "You're going to scream my name little brother."

Sasuke choked back sobs as the tears streamed down his porcelain face crashing around him, he bit his swollen lip until blood seeped out shutting his eyes, then everything went black… Sasuke awoke up 2 hours later and filthy no change here "He's gone" the younger Uchiha slowly got up to limp over to the glass shower the steaming water made him wince in pain but not before locking the door behind him, Sasuke rested his forehead on the cool tile. For 2 years this has been going on, for 2 goddamn years! He slammed his fist in anger, but all he felt was hopelessness. "What if I drowned myself?" the ebony haired boy thought forlornly "Then I'd be free from this nightmare…"

Sasuke held his breath, and then exhaled deeply "Who am I kidding? Che" he smiled bitterly "I'll never be free… even in death my soul still belongs to my brother." The younger Uchiha turned the handle and stepped outside the safety of his shower and fogged off the mirror, in what seemed like eternity Uchiha Sasuke had finally looked at himself, same black hair same black eyes same pale face nothing was different but the teenage boy peered deeper into the window he saw himself differently- permenant tear stains down his face, eyes full of sorrow and sickly skin… this mirror reflected his soul… coal eyes narrowed in anger he saw weakness and Sasuke hated weakness

"Damnit!" he punched the mirror in rage shattering it to pieces, he didn't even flinch as the glass shards pierced into his hand making blood gush out. The younger Uchiha gazed at his hand blankly and sighed "I'm going to bed…" he walked to his room quickly and locked the door behind him crawling into bed and looked at his bleeding hand again "hopefully I'll bleed to death…." Sasuke closed his eyes and went to sleep, praying to some God that he never wakes up.

To be Continued

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