Collective Memory here, Defective Tragedy ch

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Coal eyes trembled at the devils incarnate before him. The tall man closed the door behind him click Sasuke cursed under his uneven breath- he was locked inside a limited space ALONE with his insane brother-Fuck me, the hospital patient studied his brothers hard eyes flickering with silent rage and thin lined mouth on his stoic face- he wasn't happy at all-Fuck me sideways.

"I don't like your methods of trying to flee from me little brother." His words where as cold as ever but behind them lurked danger, Itachi walked gracefully to Sasuke's bedside click click his formal shoes tapped a rhythm of death and sat on the white hospital bed his younger brother was bound to.

A pale finger traced up Sasuke's leg agonizingly slow through the sheets "I fail to understand why you would blemish such a flawless body" stopping at his flushed cheek the younger Uchiha shut his eyes and embraced a world of darkness "Open your eyes when I speak to you" his words hid a treat but Sasuke refused.

Itachi's slender hand stroked his little brothers cheek and without warning snatched a fist full of Sasuke's raven hair and forced his face inches from contact- coal met crimson- Sasuke trembled "That's better" his cool breath tickled Sasuke's chap lip, he shuddered everything about his brother was cold.

"Why do you do this to yourself Sauske?" Itachi's iron grip relaxed and his words where soft but his eyes never changed, the raven haired boy lowered his head, his face down casted in his lap, the older Uchiha gently lifted the younger Uchiha's chin and rested their foreheads together.

Sasuke unconsciously rested his eyes in false comfort, "Foolish little brother, I love you beyond the tainted blood that binds us." He barely whispered, Sasuke's eyes flickered a furious crimson and spat in Itachi's, the older raven didn't even flinch, "You lack the ability for such a thing, Love Ha! You're too fucking heartless." Itachi smiled and whipped the spit off of his face with the back of his hand, it was gone, Flawless as usual no trace of imperfection, it made Sasuke sick.

"Heartless you say…" the man in black chuckled then quicker than the eye could see slammed Sasuke against the wall, pinning him by his bandaged hand which he was crushing with his weight. The younger Uchiha screamed in agony which was muffled by Itachi's lips, coal eyes widened in disgust a kiss like poison, he was suffocating him, Sasuke gave up and Itachi separated but didn't release him from his position.

The older Uchiha whispered in the younger Uchiha's ear "If I was heartless you would be in hell with our disgusting family." Something invisibly pierced Sasuke's broken heart at his brother's unspeakably cruel words, "I hate you." He breathed painfully, Itachi smiled "Foolish little brother you don't hate me enough, no admit it..." A pale finger brushed against his quivering lip "You love me Sasuke." Something inside him snapped, Sasuke trashed violently against the older male kicking, hitting and biting like a savage animal.

A wild fist connected with Itachi's face, a tight hand coiled around Sasuke's neck like a hungry snake; crushing the life out of him a knee connected with his stomach, he gasped in pain, the hand rung tighter, there crimson eyes met one scared one cruel.

Knock knock instantly Itachi released Sasuke's neck and he collided to the bed painfully gasping for air, as if he was drowning, drowning in his brother. "Come in" a shaky voice responded, Itachi glanced at his brother daring him to say something, once again Sasuke wanted to die.

The hospital door opened and revealed a blonde woman with a huge bust and a clip board in her hand "Hello may I help you?" the older raven bowed respectfully to the older woman, "Tsunade-sama it is an honor to finally met you, I am Uchiha Itachi the older brother of Uchiha Sasuke, thank you for looking after him."

The blonde haired woman dubbed Tsunade nodded warily and looked over to the uneven breathing teen on the hospital bed studying his form "Of course" the large busted woman walked over to Sasuke and put a cool palm on his sweaty forehead and felt the pulse on his neck, her lip thinned. "What happened to your hand, Sasuke?" coal eyes darted away from her sharp hazel ones "I punched a mirror." He answered truthfully.

Tsunade was quiet for a few seconds "I see" she turned around to face the legal guardian "Mr.Uchiha may I ask how you got in this room." Cold eyes met hers "I let my self in, Tsunade-sama" her eyes narrowed "Are you aware you have broken the law, visiting hours begin at 9 it is 7 you are 2 hours too early I'm going to half to ask you to leave, policy." Itachi's eyes darkened threateningly but bowed lowly "Forgive me, Tsunade-sama I was just concerned about my little brother's well being he is the only family I have left since the tragedy excuse my actions."

Sasuke almost threw up in disgust, Tsunade didn't even blink "I am truly sorry but as you can see he's alive and breathing and rest assure we will only give him the utmost care, you may leave now Mr.Uchiha." Itachi stayed silent registering her words; he smiled "Yes, of course." He brushed past her and placed a single red rose in the vase next to Sasuke's hospital bed and faced him "Forgive me Sasuke, I wont be able to visit you this evening due to my late business hours as you know." His hand rested on Sasuke's bandaged one, he flinched "Farewell Little brother, recover so you can come home soon."

The older Uchiha bowed a final time then exited the room click click until it faded out. Sasuke exhaled a held breath "thank you" Tsunade nodded "You should thank the brat not me." The raven haired boy blinked "Who Naruto?" she smiled "yes, well I have other business to take care of later kid." The woman walked out the room but halted "Oh and no more punching mirrors you do and I'm strapping you up and therapy got it."

Sasuke gulped "Yes ma'm" the door closed, and he smiled to himself "That dobe, I'll have to thank him tomorrow." And for the first time in Sasuke's life since the "tragedy" he couldn't wait for tomorrow to come.

To be continued

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