Chapter One:

One moment, one chance. That's all I had. So why couldn't I just go? My body wouldn't move at all. All I could do was stand and stare. I could have helped. Instead, I let the life of the one I loved drain out of her in the form of a crimson liquid. When the fire hit I thought that maybe I could help, but I didn't. Now what? Then he came. He was there when she was killed. His face- He came up to me with this glare. His taunting voice… "She could still be alive." "No." "She could still be with you." "No…" "You killed her." "NO!"

Katara shot up and screamed-

Katara: No!

Her face was wet with sweat and was hot. She stayed sitting on her bed and looked around. The doorknob turned. The waterbender's eyes widened. Her heart pounded. The door started to open. She shut her eyes tightly. A soft voice…

Aang: Katara?

She opened her eyes to see Aang standing next to her bed. Next to him was Sokka.

He was there, too. He was there…but where? Where did he go? Where was he? I remember… "Sokka!!" No one came. "Sokka! (pause) SOKKA HELP ME!!!" He came, finally. "Why are you scream- oh, no." I cried. The tears rushed out like they've been trying to escape for hours. Sokka was there.

Aang: Are you okay?

Katara just sat there staring at the wall in front of her.

Sokka: Did you have a nightmare?

I get it. It's that same look. She has that same look…

"Why are you scream- oh, no." I saw her lying there. Blood…lots of blood. Katara's eyes were wide open and she was staring at her lying there. "Katara, we need to get help." "He left." "Who left?" "That kid." "What kid?" "I KILLED HER!" "What?" Who did she kill? Did she kill the kid she's talking about? Who was it?"

Sokka: Aang, you should go.

Aang: Why?

Sokka: You can't be here right now.

Aang: Again…why?

Sokka: I'll tell you later.

Aang left.

What's going on? Why can't I be in there? Is it about me? Did I do something? Why is she sitting there with that ghostly look on her face? Why…?

Sokka sat down on the bed next to his sister. He put one hand on her shoulder.

Sokka: Katara? Is it about-

Katara: I killed her.

Sokka: What?

Katara: I killed her.

Sokka: No. Katara, you didn't-

Katara: Yes I did! I could have gotten help! But I didn't! I just stood there!

Sokka: Don't blame yourself. You didn't do anything wrong. You were young. You couldn't do anything.

Katara: I was twelve!

Sokka: Yeah, you were only a little kid.

Katara: I was the same age as Aang and Toph are now.

Sokka: But those were different circumstances.

Katara: No they weren't! They're the same! It's the same war! Aang was still the Avatar! Toph was still a blind earthbender! Nothing has changed!

Sokka: You couldn't have done anything.

Katara: I could have stood in the way.

Sokka: No. That would have killed you.

Katara: But you would still have a mother.

Sokka: Yeah, but I wouldn't have a sister. I wouldn't have you. Katara, I-

Katara got out of bed. She opened the door. What now? She ran.

Where am I going? What am I doing? I'm not brave. I've never been brave. I'll never be brave when it comes to this. I always have to run.

Her feet stopped. She was still at the temple, but she was away from the others. She needed to be alone. To cry.

Sokka left the room and out with the others.

Aang: Is she okay?

Sokka: She left.

Aang: What do you mean she left?

Sokka: I mean she left. She ran away. She left.

Haru: She probably didn't go too far. What happened?

Sokka: She had a dream about what happened to our mother.

Teo: What happened to her?

Sokka: The Fire Nation killed her in a raid. The look Katara had when she was sitting in her room was the same she had when she was staring down at our mom.

Teo: So she died right in front of Katara?

Sokka: She was killed right in front of Katara.

Toph: I can understand why she left. She probably wanted to go somewhere where no one else is around to bother her.

Sokka: Probably. But when Mom died, Katara said that there was this kid there. And then she said "I killed her, I killed her." I'm not sure if she was talking about the kid or our mom at the time. Now I know she was talking about Mom but I'm still not sure who the kid was.

I said those words to her.

The Duke: Should anyone go find her?

Haru: No. I think it's better to let her be for now.

Zuko got up and left.

Katara sat on the ground and wiped the tears off of her face. Her eyes stared at the ground. The time that passed seemed like it had been hours. She wondered what the others were doing. Suddenly there were feet in her view. Her eyes looked up and focused on the scared face above her.

Katara: What?

Zuko: We're worried about you.

Katara: And…

Zuko: Are you alright?

Katara glared at the Fire Nation prince. He sat down in front of her.

Zuko: I know I've told you this before, but the Fire Nation hurt my mother, too. Well I thought they did but-

Katara: Don't even go there. I don't want to be sorry for you so don't even try. Your pity trip won't work. And what makes you think that I'm here because of my mom?

Zuko: Your brother-

Katara: Oh. Well, it doesn't matter. She's dead and that's it. The Fire Nation killed my mother right in front of me.

Zuko: I want to apologize.

Katara: For…?

Zuko: For-

I can't tell her why. She'd kill me.

Zuko: For…coming. I'm sorry I disrupted you.

Katara: I- it's okay. I'm sorry, too. You know, for giving you a hard time. You're doing well.

Zuko: Huh?

Katara: In training Aang. He's showed me a lot of his firebending. He says you're a great teacher. So thanks, I guess, for teaching him.

Zuko: Yeah. No- no problem.

Katara started to head back and then stopped.

Katara: So what did they do to her? You said you thought they killed her. What did they do to her?

Zuko: She was banished. Like me. I'm not sure where she is, though. I hope to maybe find her again.

Katara: Maybe one day you could. And maybe one day you could return home.

Zuko's eyes moved to look down.

Katara: I don't mean that as to be rude. I mean that as in maybe you could be a family again.

Katara left. Zuko followed shortly after.