AU: Just sick of wait for the next episode so decided to write a short story to try to explain what I think Zuko feels about his family. Hope you enjoy!!!!

Wondering Where You Are

Zuko was happy helping the Avatar, it was his destiny after all. His uncle had showed that to him and that Avatar Roku was his great grandfather on his mothers' side. Since being with the Avatar his anger he relied on for fire bending was gone causing him to lose his fire bending.

He had relearned Fire bending with Aang when they visited the sun warriors and was taught fire bending by the masters of all fire bending, the dragons.

He knew his father had to be stopped and the Avatar was the only one who could do that, his journey now wasn't hunting the Avatar to get his honor back with his father, but joining him to get him own honor for himself.

He thought about his uncle, he missed him, his advice even though he did understand what he was talking about most of the time and his tea, since he was the best tea maker in the Earth Kingdome. Zuko knew that he hurt his uncle and betrayed him at the crystal caves in many ways.

He thought about the time when his uncle said he was like a son to him after he lost his own son. Uncle Iroh had been more of a father to him then his own and was always there for him, since his banishment he was the only one he really had. But he foolishly thought that being back home would make him happy but he was wrong.

Zuko wondered where his uncle was now. He was a smart and clever old man and being the dragon of the West meant that he never gave up, but he wondered where he was. There are so many different places he could look but didn't know where to start.

How did he break out of the jail? Was he okay and would he ever see him again? So many questions were swimming in his head, but none of them he could answer and he was afraid that they would never be answered.

Then his mother found her way into his head. She had been gone for such a long time, since he was young, but he never forgot what she looked like or the sound of her voice. She was kind and gentle and would always protect him.

Now he knew she was still alive. His father had said she was banished to protected him but never told him where. He wanted so badly to have his mother back. He wished the night she said goodbye, she would've just taken him with her. He would have never received the mark from his father, the mark of the banished Prince.

It had been so long, would she remember him? The last thing she said was for him not to forget who he is and for a while he did. He lost track of who he was in his quest to try to regain his honor with his father that was hopeless. She would be so disappointed that he lost himself so easily.

Now he was changed. He felt stronger and wasn't filled with the rage that would just put fuel on the fire. He knew where he belonged and what his journey was now. Hopefully along the way he would find the only family he had left.