Hey this next little part is for when the characters see this and their reactions. Alrighty then,

L: Light, come here did you see this list on Fanfiction about why I can't die? I think it's pretty cool!!!!!!!

Light: Ryuzaki, have you been drinking way too much caffeine again?

L: Maybe… why do you ask?

Light: Because, you're hyper as hell and are getting excited over this. Let me see it if it's all that.

-Light looks at the computer screen and reads the reasons-

Light: There are so many things wrong with that; it's not even funny.

L: Like what exactly, Light?

Light: Like the fact that you work at Hot-Topic and that I killed JFK. And no matter how much you wish you were, you are not made of cotton candy.

L: Aww, but I love cotton candy. And I do work at Hot-Topic but they know when to let me time off when I have a case I'm working on. And the fact that you killed JFK is not so unbelievable. I mean c'mon.

Light: I keep telling you, I am not KIRA!!!!! I thought you of all people would trust me Ryuzaki. sorms out of the room-

L: Weeell, So Misa, what did you think about it?

Misa: I thought it was very creative, it really made me want to go get an L-POD!!!

L: Really, well you would have to talk to ashleyfanficwriter1993 and her friends about that but I did like that idea and why would they have L shirts? It's just a white shirt. That won't sell at all. Now a shirt with my face on it that would make millions.

Misa: I think that's what they meant about the L shirt.

L: Why would I own a shirt with my face on it? And who gave them permission to use my face without paying me? I'm fear for my life.

Watari: Ryuzaki, there is a guy on the phone asking if you want to renew your subscription to sugar addicts monthly.

L: I told him not to call me unless he had a bigger emergency. Alright, I'll talk to him. –takes the phone- What is it this time, Matsuda?

Matsuda: I was just looking up things on the Internet to find out more about Light and his background and found this story about how you don't die and it was so funny.

L: Yes, Matsuda. That's very interesting. Now if that's all you had to say then I'll go. I'm very busy.

Matsuda: All right, but if you get the chance, look it up on fanfiction ok. It's hilarious!!!

L: I'll be sure to get right on that. Now goodbye, Matsuda. –hangs up the phone on him-

Whew, that was a close one.

Now that wasn't so bad, was it? I will be doing these throughout the rest of the list so please bear in mind that I'm not trying to break any rules here. –Ashleyfanficwriter1993-