Silence is Golden…



Disclaimer: Don't own Bleach…or the phrase "Silence is Golden" because that is the dumbest phrase ever created and Yama's really bad with monopolizing conversations.

This has no point.

"That's a very interesting point, Yamamoto-taichou," Ukitake nodded as he listened to his ancient teacher. "Which is just what I--"

"Quiet," snarled Yamamoto, waving his cane, a look of arrogance on his crumpled face. "I wasn't finished!"

"Now, now, Yama-jii," Shunsui chuckled, patting Jyuushirou's shoulder. "No need to be so mean about it."

"What are you blabbering on about?" Yama grunted, narrowed eyes shifting to Shunsui. He lifted a finger to point at the rowdier of his two students. "I told you to shut up!" Both hands rested on his cane as he sat in quiet contemplation. "Now, where was I?" Yamamoto paused, trying to remember what he had been talk about before the white-haired captain interrupted him. "Ah, yes, so then I tell the waitress 'Put it on my zanpakuto!'"

Jyuushirou and Shunsui exchanged glances as their sensei burst into laughter.

"Clever, clever," the old man was saying to himself, wiping away a tear.

"I didn't get it," Ukitake whispered. "Did you?"

"No," Shunsui shook his head.

"Be quiet, you rascals!"

Ukitake's and Kyoraku's heads snapped to attention.

"I swear," Yamamoto was going on, tapping his cane in annoyance. "You kids are so loud these days; never giving an old man time to tell a story."

"My apologies, Soutaichou, please continue." Jyuushirou bowed his head in penitence.

"Well, learn from your mistakes," Yama chuckled, cuffing Shunsui on the chin. "You too, Kyoraku."

Ukitake looked apathetic toward his friend.

"Yes, Yama-jii," Shunsui sighed.

"Where was I again?"

"Learning from mistakes," Ukitake prompted.

"Thank you," Yama tapped his cane again. "Learning from your mistakes is an excellent way to make new friends. Take for instance you two and me. We're friends aren't we?"

"Sure," both captains replied tensely.

"Well, I hated you with a passion when I first met you whippersnappers. Now you're like my children…" Yama paused as the door creaked open. He glared as Saskibe walked into the room with a tray of tea. "Sit down and be quiet! I was talking!"