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"Brother, please?" a brunette coughed out blood. Her pale face was beaded in cold sweat as she laid in an uncomfortable position. Her left arm was twisted painfully behind her back with her right arm searching for a good place to rest on, without hurting the rest of her injured body. Her light brown hair was sprawled around her head and had splotches of blood.

"You think I'm going to let you stay here and get hurt?" a masked man in all black asked sarcastically. He was kneeling down to examine the damage done to his sister. It wasn't very hard to pick out the critical injuries.

"Thank you…" Mikan gasped as she violently coughed off more blood.

"Hn," Persona looked away, not wanting to let his sister watch the crystal like tears run down his face.

'Damn it! I can NEVER save her from being hurt!' he angrily thought to himself. He scooped up his sister and began to make his way to the hospital.

"Stupid bitches," Mikan mumbled as she fell into a state of unconsciousness.


"Class settle down!" a gay blonde man yelled. He's usual amused violet eyes shone of worry and distress. It has been a long time since Narumi had been at this level of sadness. 15 years to be exact… The day his sempai left him.

As the class halted to a quiet period, seeing their teacher's unusual solemn mood. The gay man in a bright pink suit announced, "Mikan Sakura is now going to study at America from this day forth, right after she recovers from her unconscious state…"

Everyone in the class looked upset except for the school bitches: Luna and Surmire who just smirked. Anna and Nonoko fell into loud sobs of tears.

'Mikan…' a girl with violet eyes and a boy with crimson eyes thought uneasily at the same time.

Hotaru stalked out of the class with her boyfriend, the bunny boy, trailing behind her as Natsume jumped out of the window. No sound filled the room, except the two sobbing ladies while the rest of them were filled with utter dismay/shock. Yes, class B is going to miss their cheerful Miss Mikan, more than she could ever imagine. They can't even thank her enough for all the kind and wondrous things she had done in the past and present.


"No, Mikan, NO! You baka!" a once school renown Ice Queen, but now a frail crying young lady wailed. Her hands clutched on Mikan's pale slender fingers as if it was her life force.

The 15 year old with long shimmering hazel hair, fluttered her eyelids that held such long eyelashes as she spoke slowly as if it was hard for her to even breathe, "Hotaru… Smile… For me… When I'm gone… Promise me… You'll watch… Yourself… Ne?"

"Mikan! You baka!" Hotaru cried again as she griped her best friend's hand.

"Hotaru, promise me one more thing?" Mikan's eyelashes brimmed with overflowing tears.

"Hn," Hotaru said.

"Don't tell Natsume… Don't tell him whatever you do… Promise me?" Mikan's petite body shook with uncontrolled sobs that she muffled out with hard and painful effort.

"Baka! He's the reason for all this!! Why shouldn't I tell him?!" Hotaru lost it as she screamed as her hands gripped on Mikan's fingers tighter.

"He doesn't know, nor NEEDS to know…" Mikan said patiently as she watched her best friend cry.

"Fine… But I'll kill them," Hotaru spoke with a murderous tone in her voice.

Mikan smiled as she dozed off.


"Hotaru," a blonde said tenderly as he held onto his Ice Queen. His aqua blue eyes gazed down at the girl that was sobbing into his muscular chest. The two stayed like this in the lobby of the hospital.

"Why?! Why does she need to leave for America?!" she asked, hyperventilating. Her eyes were bright red.

"It's for the best…" Ruka trailed off.

"All that flame caster's fault!" she grunted in return.

"Don't blame it on my best friend," Ruka spoke as he looked at his girlfriend in the eye, even though it was a half hearted attempt. Everyone except the flame caster knew about Luna and Surmire's bitchy cold fronts. Well he knew that, but he didn't know what they plotted and did to harm one and let's put it at "unique" student.

"Ruka…," Hotaru trailed off as she spoke again with a harsh tone, "You know it was his fault, so stop denying it!"

"Hotaru," the boy stared at his girlfriend as he kissed her passionately.


"Polka Dots," the boy with raven locks greeted his friend. Well, technically speaking, he's greeting his old crush.

"Hello," Mikan struggled to smile. She lifted her upper body, so she could sit and talk to Natsume-- She wanted to appear as normal as possible.

"Baka, you got yourself hurt, again," he spoke.

Mikan looked away so she didn't have to show him her pain.

"Leaving Japan, huh?" he straddled his chair as she turned to glance at him.



"Say, Natsume…"


"You're happy right? I mean you got your sister back and all…"

"Is the unconsciousness affecting your brain?"

"Answer the question."

"I guess…"

"Okay, good… Now leave… I need my rest," Mikan shooed Natsume out of her hospital room with a little white lie. She gazed as he got up and left the room she was occupying without making a fuss or noise. He is the Black Cat after all…

'If only he knew,' Mikan thought sadly as she went dozing off.


"Everyone, this is Mikan Sakura… She's going to a special star and in the dangerous ability," the teacher in America announced. She had medium blonde hair and a medium height. All in all, she was average looking.

"Hello," I looked at everyone with my eyes narrowed down to slits… I'm going to start out differently at this school. I'll be tough and stay to myself. It's too much of an effort to act cheerful and happy all the time.

"Sit next to Masao in the back row," the teacher spoke as I grinned at the boy that I saw.

He had black hair and chocolate brown eyes, he resembled Natsume and Persona in numerous physical ways if you asked me.

"It's been long… Mikan," he whispered to me.

"I know…" I whispered back as we gave each other a high five. Boy, this is going to be good.


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