Author's note!

Oh shit! I still have stories here! Okay so, I was on hiatus… But now I'm going to be back and editing all the shit that I used to claim as my own. It's been a year on this site, and I truly, truly adore being on it… Though, my writing style as made a dramatic twist and I cringe every time I read over some of my older pieces of writing. So here's the deal, seeing that it's close to New Year's, I'm going to be editing all of my stories and going to finish this one and the others that I have left unfinished. I think I'm going to retire from Fanfiction in a bit, but the night is still young and I have more to accomplish so cheers to my early New Year's revolution!

I'm truly sorry for those who thought that this was a chapter and thank you for reading this note because my story is average compared to all those around me on this site! P.S I'm going to change my name! How exciting is that? Lol. So if you see an 'Avenging Angel' posting, it's me!