The plane was landing. Finally! It had been such a long plane ride from Arizona to London. I was stoked to be in a new country! I had to get away from my mom and Phil, weddings, school. I had to be free from the nagging and the gossiping. I looked out of my window to find a wonderful place underneath me. Yes, I was here. I shook Jessica, who was sitting next to me or I should say sleeping.

"Jess! We are here." I said while shaking her almost violently.

"Jess…Wake up" I was getting loud and my shaking was becoming now homicidal.

"Extra cheese and no pepperoni" Jess mumbled then swatted me away.

She was dead asleep. I don't blame her; we talked the entire way there about what we were looking forward to on this trip. Meeting guys or maybe not. Seeing sites or maybe not. Shopping, oh defiantly.

The wheels were bouncing to the ground. Once we stopped our landing, I let out a big sigh of relief. I was here and I was not going back until my three weeks were spent doing something I would never forget.

Jess finally woke up to the famous ding. It's that ding on an airplane that wakes everyone up. When it goes off, everyone automatically stands up and gets their bags out of the overheads.

Once we got our bags from the baggage claim, we sat down on a bench outside the main building where all the cars were picking people up.

"Okay Jess, we are staying at the Abbey Inn. It is right outside of London." I said while handing her the brochure.

"You really planned this didn't you, Bella. Not a inn out of place." She chuckled to herself and shook her head while looking at my brochure.

"I didn't want to be stranded once we got here, and plus being prepared is good." Oh my God, I sounded like Renee.

"Well umm, you go the Inn first, without me. I have some relatives out here that wanted me to 'pop' by once I was here. I'll meet you there." She emphasized, "pop" with a British accent.

I was a little scared to go to the inn by myself. I have never been out of the states. Heck, I've never been out of Arizona. Except, that one time with my Uncle Jim and Aunt Susan.

"Oh uh…sure no problem" I gave her the closest to real smile I could. She didn't buy it.

"Oh come on…I'll be only and hour or two. Unless Great Grandma Patty makes me rub her bunions again" She shivered.

"You'll be fine. Promise!" She rubbed my arm to comfort me.

"Yeah, I will"

Jess called us for separate cabs. They arrived at the same time. I looked at mine in fear. Only thirty minutes from the airport, the brochure had told me. I reassured myself with that information multiple times. Jess hurried in her cab. She rolled the window down and said "I'll see you there at around seven. Enough time to hit a pub or something. Love you, Bella".

I didn't answer in time, before she was gone. I grabbed my suitcase and headed in the cab.

My driver turned back and looked at me. His right eye had a huge scar down the middle of it. He was not attractive at all, he was creepy. I cold rush of fear ran down my back. Only thirty minutes from the airport, I thought to myself.

It was thirty-eight minutes from the airport. How do I know? I counted, every minute I was in that cab with Luke. That was my cab drivers name. We pulled up to the Abbey Inn.

It was so beautiful, something from a fairytale. It was covered in mystical vines and flowers. It fragranced something magical. I was breathless as I starred out my window. Then something blocked my vision. It was Luke.

"Miss Swan, we are here." He eyed me up and down.

"Thank you, Luke"

Once I made it to mine and Jessica's room, I sighed in relief. I was away from Luke. And I had a wonderful room. It had a walk in closet and a beautiful bathroom. Our room had this old feel to it that I loved.

I finished unpacking, and lay down on the bed. It was going to be a while until Jess came back. I slowly drifted to sleep.

I woke to my ringtone. I rushed to my phone laying on the nightstand.

"Hello?" I asked into the phone.

"Hey Bells. It's Jess. I am on my way back to the Abbey but I think we should just meet at this pub I know." She answered back.

"Umm…. whoa what time is it?" I was baffled. How long was I asleep.

"It's six-forty three. Now listen…" She gave me the address and told me to get out my shiny silver mini dress and my hot red shoes. I totally didn't fell like getting dressed up, but I agreed. I had forty-five minutes until I had to meet Jess, so I called for a cab then went to get ready.

I put my hair into a loose mysterious bun and went heavy on my eye makeup. It was my first night out. Why not go out in style? Wait, What was getting into me?

I headed downstairs with my purse on my shoulder. I went to the cab and my heart turned upside down.

Waiting outside the cab was…. Luke.

Great! Out of all the cabs in the whole city. I had Luke again.

"Hello Again, Miss Swan." He eyed me up and down again. "Nice to see you again"

He opened the door for me and closed the door.

It took us fifteen minutes to get into town and to the club, I mean pub. We went around tot he back of the pub and parked. I went to open the door, but it was locked.

"Oh Luke, we are here." I called. He didn't answer.

"Luke! Excuse me. We are here! This is it. My friend will be here in ten minutes" I scooted closer to the partition.

"Luke...we are" I started "I know where we are!" He yelled back at me. I was scared, was he going to kidnap me or even worse kill me.

"Shut your trap, you hear! Or it will be much worse" He didn't look back at me he reached into his pocket and grabbed his cell.

"Eh, I got one." He told the person on the phone

"Thin, brunette, all dolled up, the usual" then he listened to the reply on the phone. What was going on? I was to scared to say anything. I was frozen.

"Okay, Okay, How long until Marty comes? " he asked the person on the phone.

Then, I don't know what happen. Someone knocked on, Luke's window. Luke rolled down his window.

"Hey are you empty?" the guy asked Luke.

Luke put his phone down.

"No I have a customer right now, sorry catch another cab," Luke snarled at him.

The guy looked in the back at me. I think I was crying. I didn't know what to do so I mouthed. Help Me. The guy immediately shook his head and busted my window open. Luke was startled and started the car up.

"Grab my hand!" the attractive guy outside my window called to me.

I did and he pulled my out of the cab. Luke grabbed a gun and pointed out of his window. The guy pushed me to the ground. I heard three loud bangs and the car drove away.

I was in shock. What happened? I couldn't breath. The guy, who has thrown himself on top of me, got up.

"Are you okay Miss Swan?" he asked me pulling me up.

"How, How do you know my name? " I asked him.

"I am Agent Cullen from the BNS." He said and pulled a badge from his jacket pocket.

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