A New Crystal

I had this idea so i decided to make it about the Storm Hawks, because I LOVE THEM, but i don't own them...sadly enough...well anyway ENJOY!

The Beach

Piper lied down on her towel on the beach, smiling, happy to get away from maps, her room, and her frustrating crystals for a while. The sun's rays sinking into her cold, dark skin. The warmth melting her, Piper's room was really cold lately. She hadn't bothered to tell anybody yet though, because she liked snuggling up in a blanket. Piper put her head down and closed her eyes letting herself sink into some long needed relaxation. She listened to the playful yells coming from her team as they ran around in the sand chasing each other, practising fighting moves, as Aerrow would call it.

She smiled. Aerrow. Their team leader, he was brave, always cheery, always around when you needed him, not to mention his red hair and his eyes made him the most handsome guy... Piper stopped there. Handsome? What was she getting a crush on him? Well they had known each other practically all their lives. Her smile faded however. He probably didn't feel the same way about her. Hopefully her little crush would just leave soon. She didn't want it to grow, and end up in disappointment.

Aerrow tried to jump onto Junko's back but the Wallop turned and caught him around the waist, hurling him a few meters with ease. He landed on his feet gracefully, making a mental note to be more careful when he attacked an enemy. Radarr was chasing Finn around the beach growling at him for stepping on his tail. Finn just ran away screaming like a little girl. Aerrow smiled, he loved this form of training.

Piper sat up, she was getting too hot. Lazily getting up, she walked to the water's edge. She heard Finn screaming in his usual tone: girlish. Chuckling to herself she looked around. They were at a beach, it wasn't recorded on any map, and no body was here. It was the perfect getaway place. She stood at the top of a small cliff, overhanging the water. Piper jumped as high as she could and plummeted into the water, she didn't fall that far because the cliff was only about a body length long. The cold water rushed over her, Piper quickly came up for air.

Aerrow watched Piper from the corner of his eye as she got up and gracefully jumped into the water. Her bathing suit glittering in the sun, t was a stunning sight. He suddenly wanted to go for a swim too, turning; he began to walk to the water's edge as well.

"AER-" He heard Finn yell from across the beach, but it was too late. The Frisbee he had thrown had already collided with the redhead's head knocking him to the ground. Finn's yell to his friend soon turned into hysterical laughter as Aerrow spit out some sand out of his mouth.

"FINN!" Aerrow yelled, as he began to get up, but before he started to chase the blonde he heard Piper scream. His blood turned to ice.

OOOHHHH cliff-hanger! Lol, well I want at least a few responses before I right the next part. I'll make it longer. Give suggestions too! I'll put more of he team in there too don't worry. :D