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The Dance

"Dark Ace?" Aerrow's voice barely came out as a whisper.

"What do you think?" The guy replied tiredly.

"What?" He questioned getting confused.

"Open the closet." The stranger said pointing towards the closet. Aerrow didn't move he stood there shocked.

"I'm not the Dark Ace. I'm Fiera's brother. The Dark Ace is like thirty…do I really look that old?" He pointed out.

Aerrow observed the man, he was about the same height and build as the Dark Ace but he looked like a twenty-year-old version of him. His face was different from Aerrow's enemy and now that he could take a better look at the guy he realized that he actually had many different features, but his eyes were still red. He was cursed with the black hair and red eyes that the Dark Ace was known and feared for.

"My name's Toryke." He smiled holding out his hand.

"Hi, I'm Aerrow of the Storm Hawks." Aerrow returned shaking the man's hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise. Now open the bloody closet, Fiera was at my throat to get you this. It was a pain in the ass to get too. You definitely owe me one." Toryke sat on his bed as Aerrow turned back to the closet.

He grasped the little knob and was about to give it a pull when a sound came out of the closet. It sounded like a growl. Suddenly he didn't want to open it any more.

"Hurry up the suspense is killing me." Toryke laughed from his seat.

As much as Aerrow didn't want to he gave the door a pull and it opened with ease.

There was a cage on the floor of the closet, so the redhead simply slipped onto his knees and looked into the silver cage.

His brain stopped working. It was impossible. An animal stared back at him, it gave out a little chirp. Aerrow blinked and rubbed his eyes wondering if he was just imagining things. When he looked back up to Toryke the guy was beaming.

"H-How did you?" Aerrow stuttered.

"Fiera told you I enhance crystals didn't she? She may have lied about how many of those life crystal pieces she had. When she said she didn't have any pieces left it was because I had the last one. When she heard Radarr was dead she phoned me up, told me to go get him and fix him up. I had to fix the life crystal too, it didn't work on animals before but I found a way. Once the little bugger was alive there were problems, he didn't like me much. Almost took one of my fingers." Toryke chuckled rubbing a slightly crooked middle finger.

Aerrow opened the cage and within seconds Radarr was out of the cage giving Aerrow a huge hug. Tears stung the redhead's eyes as he hugged his co-pilot.

After a moment he stood up and Radarr scurried up his body onto his shoulder just like old times.

"I-I don't know how to repay you." Aerrow smiled, scratching behind Radarr's ear causing him to let out a purr. Aerrow was happier than he had felt in months.

"Nah, you took care of my little sister, this gift is from her too." He smiled.

There was a brief moment of silence before Toryke spoke again.

"You're going to the celebration tonight right? Going to ask any girls to dance?"

"I dunno, I don't really know anyone."

"What about that girl you came in with. Piper, I think her name is."

" I don't think she would want to."

"Why not?"

"We aren't…like that."

"Oh, okay. Mind if I ask her then?"

"What?" Aerrow coughed out accidentally.

"Is it alright if I ask her to dance?"

"Ya, sure, go ahead." Aerrow tried to smile.

"Okay great." Toryke returned the smile as he got off his bed and walked out. "See you later." He called behind him.

"Uhuh." He muttered in response.

"Radarr, I screwed up." Aerrow breathed out as he smacked his forehead. "I couldn't have just said 'no' could I?"

Radarr just returned a confused shrug.

The rest of the day was filled with the happy reunion of Radarr back in the group and preparing for the celebration happening later that night. Before anyone knew it the night arrived. Piper had been in Fiera's room for the last hour getting ready, Finn and Junko in their own room preparing, Stork was no where in sight and Aerrow was heading up to Toryke's room when he caught up with him.

"Hey Aerrow, you're not wearing that are you?" He asked pointing towards Aerrow's Storm Hawk outfit.

"Well, it's kind of all I've got." Aerrow smirked.

"We'll just have to fix that now won't we? You can borrow some of my clothes."

Aerrow followed the guy to his room and watched as the black-haired man quickly opened one of his drawers and pulled out some clothes.

"Now I don't have much in your size since you're a little smaller than me but I think that these will do fine." Toryke said as he tossed some clothes to Aerrow.

"You can change in the bathroom, I've gotta change in here." And with that Aerrow was off to the bathroom to get changed.

"I don't know I haven't worn make-up in a long time." Piper protested as Fiera tried to put a brush on her face.

"Aw come on, I took a cosmetology class back in school I promise you won't look like a drag queen!" Fiera argued trying to inch the brush a little closer to a retreating Piper.

"That makes me feel so much better!" Piper laughed sarcastically, "It was enough to let you do my hair, and I don't even know what it looks like yet."

"And you won't until you let me finish you up! Now hold still." Fiera hissed.

"How could you get our suits mixed up?" Finn screeched.

"I-a I'm sorry Finn, I didn't mean to." Junko replied looking down at the ripped up outfit that he had just tried to put on. Finding it too small he tried harder and eventually the fabric couldn't hold together anymore and… rip.

"You could wear mine." Junko said hopefully as he held up a suit at least five sizes too big for the blonde.

"It's okay I probably have another suit in my bag." Finn sighed as he began searching as he muttered something about it being his favourite suit.

Aerrow glanced in the mirror before he left he actually looked…respectable. Toryke had lent him a pair of dark blue jeans and a black shirt. The pants surprisingly fit him perfectly and the shirt's collar came down a little too far for his taste but it was definitely better than what he was going to wear before. The only thing out of place was his cast but he couldn't fix that so he left the room.

"Don't you think this dress is a little…dressy?" Piper smiled. She really liked the dress but she wasn't a big dress person.

"Dude, it's gonna look awesome on you now try it on for I can see it. Once you try it on I'll let you see the finished result!" Fiera gave her a push into the bathroom and shut the door waiting patiently for Piper to change.

Aerrow ran into Toryke on his way back to his way.

"Great it looks like the cloths fit well, pretty snazzy. If you're bored you can watch TV in my room until the celebration starts." Toryke stated, "Oh, I can fix that." He said pointing towards Aerrow's cast. "Come with me, I've got some healing crystals that'll fix it up fine."

Aerrow followed Toryke back to his room. Toryke was wearing some lighter colour jeans and a white shirt that had a similar collar to Aerrow's. The shirt had a cool design on it, red dragons criss-crossed across the front and their tales swirled in the back. When they reached his room he casually pulled a crystal out of a drawer, pointed towards Aerrow's arm, and gave it a flick. His arm felt hot for a moment and then it felt good as new. Then Toryke threw it back into the drawer grabbed another one and pressed it against the cast. Immediately the cast split apart revealing Aerrow's unbroken arm.

"Wow. Thanks, again. I owe you one again." Aerrow stared in awe at his arm.

"No problem, I'm gonna go eat something, the TV is on the counter." Toryke commented as he left.

"Oh my god. You are positively the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my entire life!" Fiera screeched as Piper walked out of the bathroom. Fiera ran up to the navigator and pulled her to a full-length mirror. Piper's eyes widened as she looked into the mirror, she reached up to touch her face to make sure it really was her. Sure enough she felt her fingers caress her face.

Her hair was down and Fiera had taken the time to curl it. The loose curls bounced with every head movement Piper made. Fiera had put a little light orange make-up onto her eyes that brought out her eyes perfectly. A classy orange dress completed the outfit; the halter around the top surrounded a little orange pendant that had been Piper's mothers. Piper looked at the mirror stunned, she never knew she could be pretty.

"Alright everyone! Time to go we are already late for the celebration!" Fiera's mother yelled from downstairs. Fiera scrambled up grabbing her high-heels.

"Let's go Piper." She smiled. Fiera had already gotten ready, her hair straightened, and her blue make-up matched her dress almost as if they had been made together.

"Time to impress the guys." Fiera laughed leaving her room, Piper trailing behind.

Aerrow stepped out of Toryke's room and hurried down the stairs, Radarr on his shoulder. Fiera's parents, Finn, Junko, and Toryke were already waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Finn and Junko wore tuxedos, Aerrow thought they were a little overdressed, or that maybe he was underdressed. He approached Finn and was about to say hello when he heard a noise from the stairs. Turning he was almost knocked off his feet, Piper was coming down the stairs. She was absolutely gorgeous; Aerrow couldn't take his eyes off her. He tried, especially when she looked at him but he just couldn't.

Piper came down the stairs and tried not to smile as she felt Aerrow stare at her. She looked up at him and tried hard to suppress a blush. He looked extremely handsome, she had never really seen him in jeans and the shirt he was wearing cut down his chest just enough to show off some of his muscles. Piper turned to mush inside looking at him and had to focus on not falling down the stairs.

Fiera followed Piper and the two walked past everyone else out to the Condor. Fiera tried not to laugh at the expression on Finn's face as he watched her walk by. She had no idea a guy's jaw could hang open that wide.

By the time they got to the celebration the dance had already started. The celebration was outside, in the middle of a large prairie. A DJ was currently playing a slow song and once the Storm Hawk group was out on the floor there was a moment of awkwardness.

Suddenly Finn leaned over to Fiera and popped a question.

"Wanna dance?" He smiled holding out his hand.

Fiera let out a little giggle before taking his hand and swirling into the mass of dancing people. Junko had grabbed Radarr and ran over to the babysitter department. A few nannies were caring for lots of little babies when their parents were dancing. Junko happily began to help and Radarr actually liked all the attention he was getting from the kids.

Fiera's parents had started dancing, and Aerrow was trying to gather up the courage to ask Piper to dance. Finn was dancing with Fiera so why couldn't he dance with her? He gathered a breath and took a step towards her.

"P-" He began.

"Would you like to dance?" Another man interrupted him. A man with black hair and red eyes. Toryke.

"Oh, yes thank you." She responded taking his hand.

Aerrow watched as the beautiful girl started to slow dance with the guy that he had so stupidly given permission to. He stood there alone for a moment gathering his thoughts. Suddenly he didn't care anymore. He didn't care if she danced with him. He didn't care if she liked him. He didn't care what she would say when he asked her to dance tonight. He was going to work every second of his life to make her fall in love with him. He loved her and that was that. He couldn't change it no matter how hard he tried.

After the dance ended another slow one started up. He searched the room finding other girls gazing at him but none of them mattered. Only one mattered. He finally found her talking to Toryke.

Aerrow hurried over but when he was meters away they started dancing again. He didn't stop. Instead he walked right up to them, tapped on Toryke's shoulder and smiled.

"Mind if I cut in?" He asked trying to not to snap on the guy.

"Oh, of course not." Toryke politely stepped aside and allowed the two to dance. Toryke walked calmly off to the side to join his sister.

"Our plan is working perfectly." Fiera smiled nodding towards the dancing couple. "It took long enough to get the two love birds together."

"Who knew jealousy would do that?" Toryke sighed happily.

Piper smiled as Aerrow took her hand and started dancing with her.

"Your arm!" She gasped.

"Toryke fixed it before we came." He smiled becoming a little less nervous. They slowly glided across the floor, both secretly happy to be in the other's arms.

"You look beautiful." Aerrow muttered for only her to hear. She brought her eyes up to his. The green looked deep into the gold for a moment before she blinked away. Trying to hide her blush she looked down.

"Thank you." She whispered. The two drew closer and closer to each other as the song continued. Then the song began to end and the last note drew close.

Aerrow decided that he was going to tell her how he felt; he was determined to say it.

He tensed his muscles and swung her around.

Piper's heart flipped when he suddenly dipped her low, close to the ground. His strong arms held her tightly and she had never felt so safe or so nervous in her whole life. Aerrow's face was inches from hers.

"I don't know. I don't know how you feel about me. I don't know if you will love me but I have to say this. I love you Piper. I always have and always will." He revealed gazing into her eyes.

Piper was speechless, every nerve in her body tingled. Her heart felt like it was about to explode, she wanted him so bad and he wanted her too. It was like a dream. He slowly started to inch closer to her face and she stared into his eyes. The familiar sparkle shone brighter than it had in years.

"I love you too." She spoke before closing the distance between their lips and sinking into pure bliss.


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