No, your eyes are not deceiving you; I have indeed posted the new version of Ex Sanguis up on my author profile. As some of you may have noticed, this story has now been renamed to "Ex Sanguis OLD VERSION" (Yes, I'm oh so inventive) and has been officially discontinued.

Let us all have a moment of silence to mourn.

Right. Moving on.

As most of you no doubt inferred, the results of the pole were pretty unanimous. 80 percent wanted a new story, so new story you have received. For those that didn't, sorry, but majority vote rules.

Chapter 1, new and improved, is up at this very moment. Within the next few days chapter 2 will go up, and hopefully not long after that, chapter 3.

For those of you muttering darkly and glaring at me through cyberspace and wondering why dear god WHY have I taken so long to do this? BLAME MY SISTER!

(For anyone additionally wondering what my sister has to do with anything, she not only is my sounding board, but has had a large hand in the re-writing of this fic, the new and improved plot outline, and serves as my beta as her compulsion to correct people's grammar is unprecedented. Observe:

Mum: I wouldn't do that if I was yo…u…

Sister, interrupting: Were!

Mum, pauses: Yes, yes, if I WERE you. It's too long and has gotten all-

Sister, interrupting again: Got! Not gotten, GOT.

Mum, pauses again: It's GOT all tangled up and blah blah blah…

Conversion continues in a similar vein)

So, I've just shucked all the blame on her poor, innocent head. HA! Well, to be fair, the poor girl had college exams all the way up until the 21st of December, and after that it was practically Christmas…and then after that we took a 'family' trip to Disneyland (aka, Hell on Earth)…

…and then she was 'busy' and only returned my new chapters to me like the day before I left the country.

So then I had a day of plane flights, a day of recovery, a day of exams, another day of travel via train…and now, NOW, at the end of this exhaustive journey, I sit here at the kitchen table eating cakes and chocolate to console myself and lessen the guilt of making you all wait so long (yeah, you wish…I'm just hungry) and dutifully present to you all what you've all been anxiously waiting for.

I hope.

Feel free to curse at me some more, although I recommend you do it on the new version seeing as this AN has replaced the old one and some of you won't be able to double review. Muhaha!

The end.


p.s. I love how I said I would take down that previous AN and never did. Well, this time, in order to keep with fanfiction's silly regulations about AN chapters, I'll take it down after a few weeks, so you all might want to put the new ES on alert as soon as you read this…just to be on the safe side.

Assuming it's showed up on my profile yet. Sure hope so.