"Commissioner, somebody just climbed out. Behind the sign," a police officer told the police commissioner, handing them their binoculars. They watched as someone climbed out and appeared behind the sign of the hotel.

"One of the hostages?" the commissioner questioned, looking through the binoculars.

"They're all in black wearing a mask," another officer added looking through their own pair of binoculars.

"It's one of the perps," the commissioner said. He put down the binoculars and pulled out his gun, pointing it at the person. The other officers followed suit.

"I don't see a weapon, commissioner," the first officer replied.

"Be ready to shoot if he pulls a gun or makes a threatening move," the commissioner ordered. They all stared at the person, waiting for their next move.


"Ladies and gentlemen," the terrifying man addressed the people looking at him in fear, "It's been emotional." He held the detonator up in his hand.


The person jumped down from the ledge of the hotel, and landed on a police car. All of the police officers were poised to shoot. The person climbed off the car and pulled off their mask. "It's lightning girl, Jessica Mastriani! Hold your fire, hold your fire!" the commissioner yelled.

"The lobby's wired to explode! Get everyone out!" Jess shouted and ran up to the police. "You got to get everyone out now," she insisted.


Before the man was able to push the button on the detonator, a masked person ran up to him and punched him. The detonator fell to the floor, and the man and his attacker began to fight. Everybody looked on, terrified.


"Hit them with the tear gas. Go on my command," the commissioner ordered, trying to hold Jess at bay. Jesse moved forward, his hands in his pockets and looked worriedly at the lobby.


The tear gas shot through the glass doors, setting off the alarm. "Push the button now!" the man screamed at one of his men, still fighting with his attacker. The gas was quickly filling up the room.


"They're going to know we're coming," a police officer said as he put on his gas mask, getting ready to go in.

"At least they won't be able to see us," another one replied, also getting ready.

Jess stared at the lobby, wanting to do something since she couldn't take just standing here. Jesse leaned forward on the police car, worry written clearly all over his face. Screams and gunfire came from inside the lobby. "Do something!" he yelled at the commissioner.

"We got to get them out of there!" the first police officer said.

"Go. Go!" the commissioner shouted to his men. The SWAT team moved toward the lobby, gas masks on and guns poised. Everybody else looked on.


The tear gas filled the entire room that none of the hostages knew which way to run for the exit. The ring leader was still struggling in the fight. Most hostages just clung to each other, too afraid to even move. The SWAT team made their way in, but nobody could pick them out.

Douglas picked his unconscious wife up off the couch, and ran to where he pictured the doors would be. Suze looked around the room for a familiar face. CeeCee...Paul, anybody. She couldn't see anybody, just shadows.


Jesse ran around the police car, closer to the hotel, with Jess on his heels. He looked for his querida to come out. Jess couldn't take it anymore, she ran for the lobby. A police officer grabbed her before she made it that far.

"No. No!" Jess screamed, struggling to get out of the officer's grip.

Jesse searched desperately for Susannah. "Come on, querida," he whispered.

"Rob!" Jess screamed. Suddenly, the lobby exploded. A white light engulfed everything, and both Jess and Jesse were pitched backward onto the asphalt.


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