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A/N okay this is a songfic based on hilary fuffs song stranger I hope u enjoy this chapter I know this chapter is sorta boring but this chapter is like a introduction chapter so u could learn about Troy and Gabriella's marriage enjoy!!!!

Hi my name is Gabriella Bolton im married to Troy Bolton. He plays for the lakers and well me im a teacher at a high school I teach math and chemistry. Me and Troy got married two years ago a month after we graduated college we used to have a happy Marriage that is until a year ago we kept fighting he's the one who starts a fight every time we have a fight. But the thing I really don't get is that he always treats me like a queen in public but at home lets just say he treats me like dirt. Oh did I mention he always checks out girls even when im in the room. well This marriage with him isn't what I excepted It to be.

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