Chronicles of the Dusk

When we last left off Felix and Joseph had finally managed to create material for Stacy's new costume. In the meantime Felix had been helping Sheena get caught up in chemistry, learning a bit more about her. He even had the bad fortune of meeting her boyfriend Shane. It is now the next day.

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I'll be there for you…

"…" Stacy was sitting quietly through a boring lecture her World History teacher was giving the class. Stacy didn't particularly like World History, she didn't really do too well in the class and Myra was in a computer class during this period. Even so she wasn't really paying too much attention to the class anyways.

"It's going to be awesome…" Stacy had been drawing in her notebook; in particular she was drawing possibilities for her new costume. She was ecstatic last night when she heard that Felix and Joseph had nearly finished the material. She was really looking forward to getting the material and getting started on the outfit.

"Miss Nox?"

"Hm?" Stacy suddenly looked up.

"Would you care to answer the question please?" The teacher asked her.

"Ummmmm…" Stacy knew she was in trouble.


"You'd think after a night of pounding on thugs and so many science classes I'd feel better." Felix thought to himself. But he wasn't feeling any better.

"Hey you see that light post outside?" Felix could hear two girls going down the hallway.

"Yeah, you think a car hit it?"

"Maybe but I would think that the car would've taken more damage than the pole."

Felix knew exactly which light post they were talking about, after all, he is the one who put that dent in it. After hearing Shane yelling like the idiot he makes himself out to be he got really ticked off. He wasn't sure what made him angrier about that moment though. Was it because Shane was so outright disrespectful? Or was it because he was such an awful person and still Sheena's boyfriend?

"Sheena… how did she feel about all of that… and why am I even asking myself…"

"Hey teach…"

"Nathan? What are you doing here?" Felix turned to the door to see Nathan standing there. "This is my planning period, do you need something?"

"Yeah I was wondering if I could just… chill here until class lets in." Nathan said, walking towards his seat.

"What about your class?"

"I have a free period at this time." Nathan said.

"Alright." Felix agreed before turning his attention back to his computer. "Is there a particular reason?"

"Just… trying to get away from my ex…" Nathan said.

"Your ex? You have a girlfriend?"

"Had a girlfriend." Nathan corrected. "We've been fighting for a little while and we broke up yesterday… but knowing her she's not going to let me get rid of her that easily."

"You know, I'm not going to kick you out of this room but you really should talk to her." Felix said.


"Hear me out…" Felix said. "For better or for worse if you just leave things as they are and keep avoiding her, you're going to end up having broken off without saying anything…" Felix started.

"Fine by me…" Nathan muttered.

"Someone told me that when you get older, you don't regret the things that you did… you regret the things you didn't do." Felix told Nathan.

"…" Nathan didn't respond verbally. But Felix guessed from his slight pulse change and frozen posture that Nathan heard him. Felix turned back to his computer and continued organizing grades.

"Although… I really wonder if I'm one to be preaching that." Felix wondered. To be honest he felt like talking with Elaine might have been a bit of a mistake, or at the very least he felt the direction he and Elaine carried the conversation might have been a mistake. "Forget about it… just forget about all of it…" Felix tried telling himself. "There's less than an hour until chemistry, then you can focus on that."


"Ugh…" Stacy was in the girl's restroom. The first thing she did was go for the sink and wash her hands. "Why does that teacher have to make a fool of me like that?"

"…" Stacy was a little startled by some sniffling she heard from one of the bathroom stalls.

"Hm?" Stacy walked towards the farthest bathroom stall. "Who's there?" Stacy asked concerned.


"Hang on…" Stacy wasn't positive, but she was sure she recognized that voice. "Wait… Sheena?" Stacy asked. She and Sheena weren't friends. Sheena was a senior and Stacy was a junior, and Sheena hardly talked to anybody. In fact she didn't really say anything in class except for the last few days when she answered a question for class.

"Yeah… what's it to you?" Sheena asked through the stall door. She wasn't about to walk out of the stall door, her eye-shadow was running down her face a bit from the tears that trickled down her cheeks.

"Hey is something wrong?" Stacy asked. Sure she didn't really know Sheena, but she wasn't about to just ignore her when she was crying.

"Oh what do you care?" Sheena asked, still sniffling a bit.

"Look I promise not to tell anyone, I can keep a secret." Stacy insisted.

"…" Sheena paused for a breath. "Oh it's just my boyfriend…" Sheena confessed.

"Your boyfriend?" Stacy had to stop herself from asking 'You have a boyfriend?'. She was surprised that the anti-social Sheena even had a boyfriend.

"Yeah…" Sheena said. "Look it's… it's nothing. He just made himself look like such an idiot in front of… someone. And in front of me too…" Sheena said. "Happy? Now… just leave me alone okay?"

"…" Stacy doubted that it was 'nothing' as Sheena said. She was crying in there after all. But Stacy knew better than to keep prying against Sheena's will. "Okay."

"…" Sheena listened as Stacy's footsteps made for the bathroom door. "Hey you're in my chemistry class aren't you?"

"Yeah." Stacy responded.

"Tell teach that… that I'll be a bit late." Sheena said before a few more tears trickled from her eyes and more eye-shadow ran down her cheeks.

"Okay…" Stacy sighed, walking out of the bathroom. "I hope she's okay… now I want to know what happened."

Sheena just leaned against the wall of that bathroom stall trying and failing to stop crying. Her relationship with Shane had been in decline for some time now. And that sure as hell wasn't the first time he made himself out to be a big ass in front of someone before. But this time, why did it matter this time?

"Shane used to be there… he used to help me even when I didn't want it… just like teach." Sheena thought. She took some toilet paper tried to wipe her face off with it. "Screw this… I'm better off forgetting about this."


Lisa was at home vacuuming. Everyone else was out and about so she decided she'd clean up while they were out. She was listening to her iPod while she was vacuuming, not that she needed it to be that loud thanks to her super-human hearing. A large portion of her songs were from Joseph's albums, however she had a few others songs.

"I love this song…" Lisa thought. The next song that started playing on her iPod was "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls. As the song played she couldn't help but wonder. "Is there someone out there who could accept me?" Lisa felt her fangs with her tongue. Lisa shook her head as if trying to shake the thoughts out of her head. She then sang along to the chorus. "…when everything's made to broken… I just want you to know who I am…"


"Well done Myra and Stacy…" Felix said. Felix had everyone at the small lab stations. Everyone cut off the tops of eye-droppers and put small chunks of dry ice in and then they had to fold and close the droppers. After Stacy folded their dropper closed the dry ice inside the dropper suddenly melted.


"Ah!" Stacy gasped when their dropper suddenly popped.

"Whoooooaaa…" Some of the guys said in amazement.

"You see class, pressure plays a large part in whether objects are solid, liquid, or gas as well. The pressure in the eye-dropper was so great that the carbon dioxide melted rapidly before the dropper burst." Felix explained.




"…" Felix chuckled a bit as a few more droppers popped from the pressure the students were creating. But despite this Felix still felt uneasy. Felix and Sheena passed each other a glance every now and then.


"Oh time to go already? Okay everyone! Pack up and have a good weekend!" Felix said. Felix watched as the students walked out, returning a nod Nathan gave him as he walked out and also giving a nod to Stacy and Myra.

"Hey… teach."

"Yes Sheena?" Felix asked. Sheena didn't walk out with the other students and stopped close to Felix's desk. Felix couldn't help but wonder what she was going to say.

"Um… look sorry about yesterday." Sheena said.

"Yesterday? If you're talking about… Shane was it? Well don't worry about it you aren't responsible." Felix said, turning to erase the board, yet still he looked at Sheena out of the corner of his eyes.

"No I mean… augh." Sheena paused for a minute. "Look I'm just sorry about him okay. He's just been… having a tough go of it lately." Sheena said.

"…" Felix heard Sheena's heart-rate jump a bit. He knew she was lying, that and something else was probably bothering her. "Hey we all fall on tough times…" Felix said. "Did you talk to him afterwards?"

"Yeah I did…" Sheena said. "Just over the phone, though that was hardly any different from the parking lot." Sheena shrugged.

"I…" Felix stopped. He wanted to say that he hoped that things got better between the two of them, but something stopped him from saying it. "Well… I'll see you next Monday." Felix said hastily.

"Yeah." Sheena nodded as she walked out, sounding somewhat disappointed.

"What did I just do?" Felix asked himself. Why didn't he just say what he was going to say? "Why didn't I just say… 'I hope things get better for you two.'? Why?"

Felix pondered more and more on the subject. After thinking for a few minutes he knew why. Because he genuinely didn't hope things improved between them. He felt that Sheena should just dump Shane and actually find someone who'll do better for her than come over to her school and start a scene. He felt she could have, should have, someone so much better.

"…" Felix pulled out his phone and dialed a number on it. "Hey Stacy… I'll be by tonight to drop off the material you'll need to make your new costume." Felix said. "Felix… there's nothing you can do… just focus on your life…" He told himself.


"What the hell did I want him to say!?" Sheena was in her car caught in traffic. "Ugh… why did I bring Shane up with him again? He probably forgot all about it anyways…" Sheena thought angrily, berating herself for even talking to Felix about Shane again.

What did she want him to say? She just didn't know. Sheena just angrily reached for the radio and turned it up as loud as possible, listening to the heavy metal blaring through her car. She then pulled out the phone and typed down a text message.

"D u wnt 2 mt tnght?"

That night…

"So basically it's just going to be me and the pussycat tonight?" Simon asked, securing his belt that was carrying his weapons. He then picked up his mask and held it.

"Yeah, Lisa wanted to go to the concert with me tonight and after all the soloing she's been doing the last few nights I figured she could use a break." Joseph said.

"Great… and not to mention the pussycat will be arriving late." Simon grumbled before slipping his mask on over his head.

"He went to drop off Stacy's things for her suit." Lisa said, putting a blonde wig over her head and a little jewelry on. "And Louis can help you." Lisa's eyes faded from blue to purple as Louis' silhouette crawled out of her shadow.

"Yeah… thanks…" Nukenin said. "Oh, and I'll bet you that the pussycat forgot his costume and will have to come back and get it." Nukenin grumbled, walking downstairs towards the sewer tram.

Stacy's house…

"…" Stacy was laying down on her bed while Myra was booting up her computer. They both stayed quiet as Myra began opening up Joseph's programs for patrol nights. Soon a map of the city appeared on her screen and Nukenin's signal pinged on.

"Come in Nukenin, respond if you're receiving this." Myra said in to the headset microphone.

"Affirmative Support." Nukenin responded. "So what's the first order of business?"

"There was a bank robbery a few hours ago. But that would be more of Night-Princess' or Night-Claw's expertise." Myra said.

"Yeah… Night-Princess left me the overgrown mutt." Nukenin said. "Whoa hey! Chill!"

"Okay then just have him sniff them out." Myra said.

"I hope he gets here soon with my suit material." Stacy said. "It'll be good to be out and about again…"

"And with a costume that won't burn." Myra said.

"Yeah… and one that won't be thoroughly soaked when I change to water…" Stacy sighed. She looked at her right arm. "You know… hard to believe that this isn't the arm I was born with…"

"That's right…" Myra sighed. "You had to make a completely new arm."

"Yeah…" Stacy responded.


"Hello?" Stacy picked up her phone.

"Well at least Night-Princess can't claim the title of being the only one who's lost limbs." Felix's voice said in to the phone.

"Felix…? Wait how did you know I…" Stacy then turned to the window in between hers and Myra's bed. She got up and looked out the window to see Felix beside the house holding two gym bags.

"Catch." Felix said.

"Okay." Stacy changed to diamond just to be safe and when Felix tossed both bags up she easily caught them and pulled them in.

"Hang on." Felix took a step back, and then jumped up towards the window as if diving. He sailed through the window perfectly and rolled to a land on Stacy and Myra's floor.

"Whoa!" Myra was a little startled. "That was a little daring wasn't it?"

"Maybe." Felix said. "Anyways just a few things to tell you regarding the cloth." Felix said.

"Okay…" Stacy held some of the cloth that was inside the bag, gripped it tightly, and then changed in to the rug material, the cloth changed in to the same rug material with her. "Cool!"

"Shhhhh…" Felix said. "But anyways, for the cloth to work when you wear it the outfit has to be skintight on some part of your body." Felix said.

"So if I had lose pants and tight waste?" Stacy asked.

"That would work." Felix said. "And it can be dyed any color you want to dye it. Though, for all intents and purposes, it would be best if you made it some kind of dark color." Felix told her.

"Okay I can do that…" Stacy said. "Hmmmmm… now what to make it…"

"Well I need to get back to Joseph's." Felix said.

"Why can't you just start patrol from here?" Myra asked.

"I… forgot my costume." Felix sighed. "That and I need a walk."


"…" Sheena was leaning against the wall of a Starbucks building. Her face showed she was clearly impatient with something. "Damn it Shane… I asked if you wanted to meet for a date, you said here at this time… and you aren't here."

Sheena's gaze averted to the rooftops across the street where she saw Nukenin leaping across the rooftops. Sheena couldn't help but smile when she saw him. "Cool…" She said with a low voice. She then turned to look down the street. "Oh there he is…" She thought when she saw Shane down the street. "Ugh… I didn't want him to bring his stupid friends…" She thought annoyed when she saw two other people talking with him. She then saw Shane go down an alley with his friends. "Hey where's he going!?"

"Yo you sure you want to do this now?" One of them asked.

"Yeah I've got a bit o' time before I meet up with Sheena." Shane responded.

"You're still with her? I thought you broke up already."

"You sayin' something about Sheena?" Shane growled threateningly, pulling out a crowbar.

"Whoa whoa man! Jus' save dat fo' later." His friend said defensively. "Hey dere he is."

"Hm?" The three were following some middle-aged guy with five o'clock shadow. He saw Shane carrying a crowbar and immediately sensed trouble. "W-what do you want from me?"

"Hand over your money if you know what's good for you." One of Shane's friends threatened.

"H-here just don't hurt me." The man threw his wallet to the ground.

"Hold him while I check it out." Shane said. The other two ran and grabbed the man before he could get away while Shane looked at the wallet. "It's empty." Shane said threateningly.

"L-look I'm just r-running short." The man struggled to try and get out of the grip of Shane's friends.

"Don't you lie to me! This wallet ain't got nothin'! No license, no credit cards, nothin'! You tried to pull that old trick!" Shane accused. "You're gonna deserve this for tryin' to pull a fast one on me…" Shane growled. He raised the crowbar was about to hit the man.


"Wha-?" Shane turned around to see Sheena staring at him in disbelief. "Sheena? What the hell are you doin' here!?" Shane shouted angrily.

"I WAS waiting on you for a date you were late for!" Sheena said angrily. "But I see you'd rather mug someone than actually spend time with me." She pulled out her cell-phone.

"What are you doin'?"

"I'm calling the police." Sheena said. Shane immediately walked up to her and smacked the phone out of her hand. "What are you…"

"YOU want to call the police on ME!?" Shane yelled.

"Oh this ain't gonna be pretty." One of Shane's friends said. The man they were holding was barely struggling at this point, as if wanting to see the drama unfold.

"Yes I do!" Sheena hissed in Shane's face. "This is the last straw Shane we are through!" Sheena yelled. "I can't believe this is how you were still supporting yourself without your job you…" Sheena stomped over to pick up her phone when Shane came up behind her, grabbed her by the neck and threw her against the wall. "AH!"

"YOU ain't through here!!" Shane shouted as he raised his crowbar.

"AH!" Sheena couldn't do anything as Shane struck her with the crowbar. She tried raising her arm, as if to put up a wall between herself and the crowbar, but it was no use, her arm soon fell to the ground and Shane moved on to beat Sheena wherever he could with the crowbar.

"Show her who da boss is!"

"You got this Shane!"

"Stop that!" The captive man shouted desperately.

"You are not breakin' up with me!!" Shane shouted rabidly as he raised the crowbar for one more blow. But suddenly he felt a hand grab his wrist.

"Stop… this… instant…" Felix hissed at Shawn acidly. Felix loosened his grip and let Shawn back away from him.

"I… I know you! You're that teacher that's been puttin' garbage in her head!"

"T-teach…" Sheena said weakly, she was bleeding from her arm and her head a bit, she could barely even see right now.

"…" Felix said nothing to Shane and just glared at him.

"This is all your fault!" Shane shouted like a madman. He swung the crowbar at Felix. Felix grabbed it with his left hand and easily pulled it out of Shane's grip. "AH!" Shane threw a punch at Felix. But Felix caught it with his free hand and squeezed.


"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!" Shane pulled his hand away, bleeding and red in a few spots. "Y-you broke my ha…"

"MATCHEs YOUR JAW!!" Felix slugged Shane across the jaw and knocked him out. Felix dropped the crowbar and glared at Shane's two friends.

"Get 'im!" They released their hostage and charged Felix. Felix grabbed the first one to reach him by his foot and flipped him on to his back. He then spun around and elbowed the second guy in the gut.

"Gah! UMPH!!" Felix then immediately hit him under the chin and knocked him out.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!" The guy he flipped earlier tried to rush Felix from behind. But Felix simply wheeled around and kicked him across the face, knocking him out.

"Sheena." Felix quickly regained his composure and ran to Sheena. Sheena was now completely unconscious. "I need to get her out of here…"

"Hello police! These guys tried to mug me but then they started beating this girl and some guy…" He turned around only to find three unconscious figures. "Hey where'd the other guy go?"

"Just hang in there Sheena." Felix thought. He was holding Sheena close to him as he leaped across roof-tops, still in his civilian clothing, not really caring if anyone took special note of him or not.

"…" Sheena was silent the whole time, her eyes drifted open for a moment. She thought she saw the rooftops going underneath her. Who was holding her? She felt warm. Soon she drifted back in to complete unconsciousness.


The hospital reception area had the usual commotion going about it. Some people asking where to go and what to do. Felix soon ran in carrying Sheena in his arms. "Oh god!"

"Someone help her!" Felix shouted. Soon nurses were clambering around Felix as a stretcher was wheeled in. Sheena was set gently on to the stretcher as a doctor tried asking Felix what happened. But even his super-human hearing couldn't hear what he was saying, all he paid attention to was Sheena being carted off on a stretcher.

A couple of hours passed as Felix waited outside of Sheena's room. A doctor walked up to him with a clipboard. "How is she?" Felix asked him nervously.

"Well… she has lost a bit of blood, but nothing severe. While she has been hit in the head there isn't any serious damage. The main problem is her arm. Her right arm has been fractured in a few places." The doctor told Felix.

"Is she going to have to stay here long?" Felix asked.

"Just for a little time tomorrow, possibly a little in to Sunday to see if she'll be fine." The doctor told him.

"…" Felix looked at the door with a look of worry.

"I know you want to see her… but I'm afraid visitor hours are up. You can come and visit her tomorrow." The doctor reassured Felix.

"Yeah…" Felix said sadly as he walked down the hallway.

When Felix walked out of the hospital he soon caught a familiar scent. He walked down the street and turned down the nearest alley.

"You sure are taking your sweet time." Nukenin told him from the shadows.

"Can you blame me?" Felix asked. "…"

"You know that girl you were carrying?" Nukenin asked.

"She's… one of my students." Felix answered. There was a bit of a pause. "Nukenin you think you'll be fine alone tonight?"

"Peh… better than you would be pussycat." Nukenin said.

"Yeah… thanks poser." Felix responded as he passed a gaze back at the hospital.

Felix soon found himself climbing up the side of the building. He soon caught Sheena's scent and jumped towards a particular window. He wedged his nails in to the little space between the window and the window sill and opened the window.

After he climbed in he saw Sheena lying in her bed, a hose going to her nose, and her arm in a cast hanging from a sling. She seemed somewhat peaceful if not for the fact that equipment was hooked up to her. Felix took his gloved hand and stroked her hair slowly as a tear trickled down his cheek. "I'm sorry." He whispered.

"Uhhhnnn…" Sheena slowly stirred in to consciousness. Felix took his hand away and waited for Sheena to notice him. "Teach…? Where am I…?" Sheena asked weakly.

"The hospital… I… got a taxi to bring you here after Shane…" Felix stopped there.

"Where is he now?"

"Jail." Felix answered, not that he knew for sure, but he did hear that man from earlier talk in to his cell-phone. "Oh… you dropped this." Felix set Sheena's cell-phone on the small table in the room.

"Good riddance…" Sheena said, still weak. Felix watched Sheena as a few tears leaked from her eyes. "You know… he wasn't always like that…"


"Even if I was so cold to him he'd always say nice things to me and encourage me…" Sheena said, more tears welling up as she went on. "He did all that when no one else gave a damn for me… my mom walked out on us… and dad just stopped caring… and now even Shane… even Shane just…" Before she could continue to sob some more, Felix grabbed her left hand and held it gently.

"Shhhhhhh… shhhhh…" Felix whispered. Sheena's breathing slowed down some more. "I'm sorry Sheena… I'm sorry…"

"…" Sheena looked at Felix. Felix let his shades down and returned her gaze. "Y-you know teach… you got some freaky eyes…" Sheena said between her last few sobs. "Teach… what will I do now?"

"Don't say anything…" Felix whispered. "I'll be there for you."

"…" Sheena looked at him some more as she drifted off in to sleep some more.

"I'll be there for you." Felix repeated quietly.

Monday afternoon…

"Whoa what happened to you?" Stacy asked. Sheena came in dressed in her black clothes and make-up, but this time she came in with a black cast around her arm.

"Accident." Sheena said with a shrug.

"Dude, first teach and now you?" Nathan asked. "Who's next!?" Nathan asked.

"Hysterical Nathan…" Felix said as he came in. "Have a seat everyone and let's begin class." Sheena made for her desk while Felix sat at his, they looked at each other and gave each other a smile before sitting down.

Later on after class let out Sheena was in the bathroom. She reached in to her purse and pulled out a pen with a black-light on it. She then pulled out a piece of paper that was partially tucked in to her cast. She shined the black light on it and words became visible.

I'll be there for you.


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