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The Sun's Demon Assassin

Chapter 1-Retrieval and Recovery

Finish date: 1/27/08

"Chidori!" (1)

"Rasengan!" (2)

The two attacks hit their intended targets. Sasuke's Chidori hit Naruto (3) in the chest, just missing her lungs. The rasengan hit Sasuke in the stomach. Almost exactly like the battle at the Valley of the End the first time around. That was the original place for their battles to try and convince the other to let go or some with.

This time, however Sasuke had been the one unable to move. Despite numerous broken bones, puncture wounds and lacerations covering her own body Naruto picked up the Uchiha and carried him back to Konoha. Her own life was close to fading.

Naruto walked through the gates of Konoha and received many gasps from the surrounding people. The Uchiha was finally back. Now if only that stupid demon brat wasn't…. the Jinchurikii continued to drag herself through Konoha. When she had finally reached the hokage's office she whispered three things before passing out. "Please…. Help… Baa-Chan…(4)" her body fell to the floor with a thud. She was unconscious before he hit the deck.

"Naruto?! UCHIHA?! Gaki (5)… You finally did it huh... You finally brought back the Uchiha." Tsunade whispered the last part though. She finally took note of the severity of their wounds and rushed for help. Upon closer inspection, Sasuke was fairing much better than Naruto. Sasuke, although unconscious had only a few major wounds, they would heal soon enough, perhaps a week or so. He has several broken and/or cracked ribs, some internal injuries, a broken arm, collar bone and some minor lacerations on his body, as well as a few stab wounds from a couple dozen kunai and shuriken. Never the less he would survive.

Naruto however... It was a bit more dangerous. Actually quite a bit more dangerous. She had managed to shatter a rib, broke or at least cracked the rest, cracked several bones in her right leg, fractured her pelvis and spine, broke her collar bone, as well as most of the bones in her right arm. She also had a pretty bad concussion. She was bleeding like mad, her body was covered in deep lacerations, many burns on her skin, puncture wounds (looked like a snake bite or something), stab wounds (from a sword, kunai and shuriken), what looked like several holes from chidori, on top of that she had some sort of poison in her system, was bleeding like mad internally, and several of her organs were pretty banged up. In other words, she looked like she shouldn't have even been alive let alone dragging someone back to Konoha. Tsunade was going to need to get to work fast if she wanted her favorite blonde brat to stay alive.

Several hours later

Naruto and Sasuke were finally out of danger. Tsunade was exhausted and wanted a nice cup of hot sake right about then. She made a call out for some Anbu to post outside of there teens rooms though, Naruto needing the extra protection in case some villager went postal and tried to kill her… again. Sasuke needing the Anbu incase he decided he didn't want to be here. Not that he could do much if he wanted to… Tsunade had taken the liberty of temporarily sealing his chakra, as well as restraining him to the bed. On top of that she had drugged him so that he couldn't use his muscles… Other than speech, and crap like that… Until she administered the antidote to him. She had also taken to sedating him. The Uchiha was gonna be one angry camper when he woke up.

Naruto... Really wasn't looking that great, still, she was doing way better. She at least had a few less holes in her and the internal bleeding had gone down a lot, but still… She had taken quite a bit of injury. Most people who injure themselves (or are injured like that by others) like that can hardly move, if they're even alive and conscious. But hell! She'd not only walked back to Konoha on her own (not counting Sasuke, he was dead weight) the blonde had carried a male teen back. It came as no surprise when looking at it like this that she really wasn't fairing too well. The rest off the rookie nine as well as Gai's team, Kakashi, Iruka, the Konohamaru corps, The sand siblings, and Jiraiya had been informed of the Kyubii holder's state and who she'd dragged back. Ah yes…. It was good that she had good friends like this.

Now came the next problem. Sasuke's punishment. She couldn't kill or exile the teen. That would only serve to make a) Naruto livid, and b) make what Naruto had been working for pointless as well as what she had gone through to drag this guy back a waste. At the very least he would be put on probation have a few guards, have a few… Limiters on him. That kind of stuff, for a few years, if not life.

Tsunade had returned to the hokage's office. She finally got that hot cup of sake she wanted. A meeting with the council was to happen soon. To discuss this "little problem with a troubled teen" Troubled teen Tsunade's ass. Try corrupt. Shizune walked into the office then. " Sasuke's Awake. Naruto is about to" She stated.

"Already?! I sedated Uchiha enough to put out someone twice his weight for three days!"

"Well, he is an Uchiha. What do you expect….? And Naruto…. She's in a bit of pain it seems."

"Argh! Whatever! I'm going to re-sedate him then. Personally, just to be sure. I'll check up on Naruto afterwards."

"Hai, Tsunade-sama."

And with that they left for the hospital… Again.

Back at the hospital

Let's just say Sasuke was less than happy when Tsunade walked into the room. He growled and glared at her with intense killer intent. No effect. He gave up at it. "I see you're awake." She stated.

"Where's Naruto" He demanded.

Tsunade pulled out a syringe. She walked over to the counter and picked up a cleaning pad. Walking back over to the Uchiha she replied "In the hospital. Dangerously injured. Not that it's any of your business."

"Let me see her." He demanded again.

Tsunade sighed "Uchiha, you're in no condition to be making demands. You're lucky I didn't kill you on the spot. I think it's time you went back to sleep." She did the thing where you release a bit of the medicine in the syringe so that you don't inject air into the receiving person's blood stream.

"No! Damn it! Just let me see her! And freaking release me!" he yelled.

"No. Damn disrespectful kids… Sleep well Uchiha." She said the last bit with venom dripping from each word. She cleansed a small area on his arm with the pad and then injected the syringe's contents into him.

"Ngh…." Sasuke muttered as sleep claimed him again. He was powerless against the drug, and powerless against Tsunade or anyone in this state. He couldn't move, he couldn't use chakra, he was helpless (and as dangerous) as a bag of newborn bunnies.

Tsunade left the room once he was asleep again. She told the guards not to allow anyone in unless they were her, Shizune and/or had her signature, and if it was Shizune or herself then to make sure it wasn't a henge. They nodded in response.

She walked off to find Naruto.

When she arrived at the younger blonde's room she opened the door to see Naruto still on the bed asleep, and most of the rookie nine and Gai's team in her room. As well as Kakashi and Jiraiya and Iruka. "Sakura's off treating another patient, Chouji got sick from eating too much, Tenten's off on a mission, and Ino had to work in her families shop." Shikamaru replied monotonously. "Naruto's been showing signs of waking up for the past 15 minutes."

"Thank you. Shikamaru."

Just then the Blonde decided to move a bit. She released a soft groan. As her eye's opened the crowd gathered around her bed.

"Itai…." She muttered. She looked around at her surroundings. A few friends, her sensei(s) and Tsunade surrounded her. "water" she rasped a little.

A bottle of water was given to the blonde. "drink it slowly." Tsunade told her. The girl did just that.

"Minna…(6)" She attempted to sit up. "Ahh!" The unfortunate blonde cried out. 'that hurt like hell.' She thought.

"I don't suggest moving just yet Naruto. You managed to injure the majority of the bones in your body, including your spine. Your muscles got pretty well screwed with too. I'll give you what I can for the pain, but it'll just take time.


"So you finally got Uchiha back Naruto." Kiba said, "Congrats"

"Ah. Hai. Arigatou."

"You sound so un-youthful sounding my dear friend!"

"Goumen (7) Lee. I'm really tired I hurt pretty badly too…"

"You did it again Naruto" Jiraiya said.

"I did what again?"

"You pushed yourself to the point of near death for those who you care about."

"Ah…. Well. I did what I needed to do."

"You may not follow the rules, Naruto. But you are anything but scum." Kakashi said, "You care greatly for your comrades"

"Ah… Hai…." She replied softly again. She remembered what he had said at the real genin exam. "Those who don't follow the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends or comrades are worse than scum. That's what you said to us."

"I suppose I did."

"I guess" she coughed a little "Sasuke's worse than scum then. We'll have to punish him later for that.." at this she smiled and laughed weakly at what she had said. Other's joined in. Her laugh quickly turned into a cough. A little bit of blood went flying onto her hand.

"Naruto!" Tsunade said. She rushed up to heal the blonde a bit more. Placing a hand lightly on the blonde's chest she gently searched (using a bit of chakra) for the problem. It was an injury on her lung. A healing technique was used.

"Heh… Guess that chidori must have grazed past my lung.

Kakashi immediately looked away in shame.

"Ne, don't berate yourself Kakashi-sensei, how where you supposed to know he was going to go postal on us" she gave a small smile to Kakashi. "You taught him that because you thought it would help him, what he doesn't know is that he's merely hurting himself" 'and those that care about him' " with the way he uses that technique. I'll survive."

Kakashi retuned the small smile. "Thanks. I needed that."

Tsunade spoke up now. "Okay, everyone out. I need to check up a bit more on her, and she needs rest. Come back tomorrow"

"Fine" they replied. They left the room after wishing Naruto luck on healing.

"What am I going to do with you Naruto?" Tsunade said to herself as she checked over Naruto's wounds. "So what happened?"

" I was coming back from that mission to escort the Fire Daimyo to Suna (8). An on my way back I had this nagging voice in the back of my head screaming at me to go to the Valley of the End, and that if I didn't I would regret it. So I did." She coughed again "And I saw Sasuke there on top of the Uchiha Madara statue. Well, I wasn't about to let him go so I fought him, got his sword pushed into me several times, got hit with several Chidori, basically I got pwned. "She coughed again here "But, I was holding back, because I didn't want to kill him by accident. So I did the best I could to incapacitate him, the battle was remarkably" cough "like the one at the Valley of the end the first time around. Eventually the finale was there he used a chidori I used rasengan, I hit him in the stomach he hit me by my lung, I dragged him back here" cough "And here we are now." She replied once again softly and at the end it was not much more than a whisper.

"Okay… Just to let you know we have Uchiha pretty well unable to move… Or really do anything…. At the moment. When his punishment is decided it may change and It may not."

"Ah. Okay then Tsunade-baa-chan. I really… hurt…. Please don't be too harsh on him."

"We'll see. And stop calling me that brat. I'll give you something for the pain though it will likely knock you out. Okay?"

"Okay then…"

Tsunade pulled out another syringe and filled it with another medicine. She added it to the IV line. "Sleep well Gaki." She said softly as Naruto's eye's drooped a bit.

Tsunade looked at the clock. Time for the meeting with the Village council. What 'fun'.

OWARI Chapter 1 Fin

Yusin's Chapter talk: (This is really long. Sorry! Almost 1000 words)

(1) Chidori- (or Raikiri (or something like that. Correct me if I'm wrong please. Means lighting's blade (or is it edge? I don't remember goumen)) 1000 chirping birds (or something along those lines) Kakashi taught Sasuke this move before the second part of the chunin exams. You really should know this by now though. They've even showed Sasuke using this in America. . This thing chirps like a 1000 birds and flashes like lighting.

(2) Rasengan- Naruto's move that is similar to chidori. It is a swirling ball of compressed Chakra and causes major damage. Can you say ow? This move is overused in the filler episodes of the anime though…. Anyway, Naruto learns this while fetching Tsunade, huh? You didn't know this? Watch the god-blamned anime. O.o;; This happens around episode 95 (when he master's it that is). It cause major internal mess-up-ing as well as minor (or major possibly I suppose) external damage. Bad stuff.

(3) Yeah…. I know it's a pretty lame name if I'm having Naruto be a girl…. I'm sorry…. But if you see it typed in as Natsumi or something sorry about that! I'm (well I was at least… I'm sorta giving attention but nit the kind it needs) handwriting another story with Naruto under the name of Natsumi.

(4) Baa-chan- he (well she) is basically calling Tsunade an old woman.

(5) Gaki- Kid or brat. Not sure which.

(6) Minna- Pretty much means everyone

(7) Goumen- Sorry

(8) Suna- the sand village ( I think it just means sand though)

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