This story won't be funny unless you play World of Warcraft or watch the commercials for it. If you haven't heard about them, Blizzard Entertainment made these commercials where famous people (Mr. T, William Shatner and Verne Troyer) talk about their characters in the game. So I though, what would the DP characters play. Danny's up first!

Danny walked up to the screen; there was nothing behind at all. He was literally standing in front of white nothingness.

"I'm Danny Phantom, and I'm priest."

Danny is shown in World of Warcraft looking all heroic. His character is a pale human with black hair and pony tail thingy (It fits him).

"But I'm no healer! I'm a shadow priest."

Danny character then became engulfed in shadows.

"Instead of healing… I MELT FACES!"

Inside the Mechanar, a dwarf was being attacked by four massive demons.

"Heal me!" He yelled to Danny on the verge of death.

"I'm not that kind of priest!" The halfa replied while doing /no.

"I'm Danny Phantom, and I'm a priest. What's your game?"

World of Warcraft, the world's number one online game: try if for free at Warcraft (dot) com. Rated T for teen.

"Wait no! Let's do that again. I'm Danny Phantom, and I'm a shadow priest. Who melts faces!"

Next up is Sam.