I hear by declare Monday, January 28, 2008 to be Super Duper Update Day! You will see several amazing updates. Isn't that neat-o? And now Sam…

Sam walked up to the same white room of whitey whiteness. "Hello, I'm Sam Manson. And I play a Night Elf druid."

Deep within a rainforest we see Sam's character, who has the same hairstyle as Sam and blueish black hair.

"I'm protector of nature. And I turn into animals!"

Sam's druid turns into a bear, then a cat, the cheetah, then a sea lion, and finally a raven for emphasis, all of them have the same long purple ears of a Night Elf.

"Now, when I fell like kicking some global warming butt, I can really do it!"

A large number of goblins are deforesting a mountain range; Sam sneaks up on one of them. The Goblin is stopped in mid chop as several roots burst from the ground and engulf him. Sam then runs up to the poor deforester and changes into a bear…

"I could kill loggers in real life… but this way I don't get arrested. And Danny certainly seems to like my character."

Sam's Night Elf is dancing in front of Danny's priest, who cheers. (Night Elves do a very suggestive dance for those who do not play Hehe)

"HEY! YOU WE'RENT SUPPOSED TO SHOW THAT!" Sam yelled while blushing madly.

"My name is Sam Manson, and I'm a druid. What's you're game?"

World of Warcraft: the world's number one online game. Try it for free at Warcraft(dot)com. Rated T for teen.

A druid fits Sam perfectly and Night Elves, well, there's no doubt she would be one for one reason: one of the Night Elf hairstyles is exactly the same as Sam's hair! I was so presently surprised to find that out. Next time Tucker tells you all about his… you'll have to wait to find out.