Larry stands by the bridge his arms resting heavily on the railing, shoulders slumped and his head hanging down limply as though it weighs a million pounds. He stares vacantly at the dark water below his eyes red from crying, dark circles making the puffiness even more evident. The night is dark and foreboding with not so much a star to be seen for miles around even the moon seems to have hidden itself away. With nothing but silence around him Ray Ray's cold words continue to assault him.


"Damn, Fleinhardt, for a so called genius you really are dumb." Ray Ray laughs cruelly as he continues. "She's not in love with you, heck she doesn't even like you! She probably goes home and pukes after being with you!"

Larry stands firm.

"That is the woman I love who's honor you are calling into question and I'll have you know right now I will not tolerate it!"

Ray Ray laughs.

"Oh give me a break! Wake up fool it's a joke! She is pretending to date you as a joke! She laughs at you, puts you down, and makes fun of you behind your back! Not only that but she happens to be in a REAL relationship with one of the agents she works with, a real man! You know that Colby Granger? Yeah, well they've been together for ages.

Larry's anger is at a boiling point.

"These are nothing but lies made up by a jealous babbling idiot! And I will not stand for them, now remove yourself from my vicinity at once!

"Hey, come on, Larry. I may not be your biggest fan but I wouldn't do that. Look, I'm just trying to help you. I mean, do you really want to continue to be the butt of a big joke?"

Larry folds his arms and looks at Ray Ray skeptically.

"What you are accusing Megan of is absurd and with out a shred of real evidence I have no reason to even continue listening."

"Oh I got evidence. I just thought I'd spare you that evidence but if you really want to see it fine, be my guest."

He hands Larry a manila envelope. Larry looks at Ray Ray accusingly.

"You've been invading Megan's privacy!"

"Hey how about some gratitude here? You know I could've just let her continue playing you for a fool, but I thought you'd appreciate knowing the truth. So after I caught her and Colby kissing in the break room I started fallowing them"

"Why were you even in the break room?"

"Well, someone had to help the FBI while you were off talking to yourself."

"Meditating isn't talking to myself, and had they been that open about this then Charles, Alan, or Don would've found out and told me, not you!"

"Oh give me a break! Alan's not around them enough to notice, Don's loyalty is to his team not you and he thinks you're a freak anyway, and as for Charlie, well news flash he loves his brother more then you, so all Don had to do is tell him not to tell."

"Don believes in justice and if…"

"Oh come on, you honestly believe he'd risk wrecking his teams trust in him just to spare you're feelings? Give me a break! Look, I did a lot of digging and the proof is all there. Now if you want to continue being a walking joke go right ahead, but I thought you'd want to know."

"This is complete rubbish, I can't imagine what so called evidence you could possibly have."

He opens the envelope and is stunned by what he sees. Picture upon picture of Colby and Megan kissing, holding hands, cuddling. Some are of them at work, in some they are at restaurants, others they are in a park or walking along a street, a couple appear to be in a movie theater.

"No…this…this can't. These…these must be fake!"

"Oh they are real all right. So are those e-mails I dug up."

Larry sees the emails but chooses not to look at them.

"And just how did you get these? You do realize hacking into a federal agents…"

"Oh spare me! I didn't hack into anything. They were lying on Megan's desk. I happened to glance down and see them. While she was off at lunch with lover boy I made copies then left the originals where I found them. Pretty steamy stuff."

Larry looks at them his heart screaming in denial of what his eyes can't dispute. His hands start to tremble.

"So, you believe me now?"

"Get out."

"What no thank you?"

Larry looks up his face full of emotion.

"I said get out! Remove yourself from my presence this instant!"

Ray Ray shrugs.

"Fine just thought you should know."

In the hall Ray Ray peeks through the door and silently watches Larry sitting down looking through the pictures and letters with a look of descending heart ache clouding his features. Ray Ray grins wickedly then moves off.

"That'll teach that bitch to turn down old Ray Ray."

End of Flashback

Larry continues staring down at the water a single tear runs down his cheek.

"Why, Megan? Why?"