My Unknown Love

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Chapter 5: First Kiss

Renji woke up with a groan and rolled to his side. … too… many… pies…uh…

The annoying alarm clock went off right next to his ear. He rolled back over and tried to focus on the clock: 7:00He glared at it for a minute, then picked it up and threw it across the room where it hit the wall with a loud 'clank' and then crashed down to the floor. This pleased him.

He got up quickly and went over to the closet, soon finding his small bag of random junk and clothes. His room had a single window, a tiny walk in closet, simple bed, and a wooden stand next to it where a small lamp sat and an empty spot where a battery operated alarm clock used to be before it was destroyed. The room was small, but he was too grateful for Urahara's random kindness to complain about size or anything else. This was the closest place to a real home he's ever had, not including the shacks, streets, and even trees he remembered both he and Rukia had to live in growing up.

His resolve to see Ichigo soon over flooded him with so much energy he could barely keep himself still. He smiled uncontrollably at the thought. This is great. I'll go to school, see Strawberry again, and then go over to his house! Hell, I don't think I can even wait that long!

In minutes, he was dressed into his regular clothes, carrying the bag with his uniform stuffed inside, and set out to go find Rukia. The little midget was probably already complaining about him for something.

He opened the door and was hit dead on with delicious fumes. "What… is… that… smell?!" He said drooling.

Practically floating, he made his way to the kitchen where Tessai stood over the stove tossing a pancake in the air and back in the frying pan over and over again. He was about to wonder over to the slices of fried meat stacked high on a plate --which he soon found out was the wonderful "bacon"-- when Rukia popped up right beside him.

"Good morning sleeping beauty. Did you have 'pleasant' dreams?" She said with a nudge.

Renji reddened but just smirked and nudged her out of the way, putting all his attention on the bacon. "That… smells unbelievable Tessai…" He said peering over the mouth-watering breakfast

Tessai chuckled. "I'm surprised you have enough room in that belly of yours from all the stew and pies you two devoured last night."

He kept eying the bacon, eggs, and toast. He'd never seen such strange food, but it was wonderful food none-the-less."Yea, well this looks too good to pass up, hungry or not."

"Yea, I think we could take down a whole factory of your food Tessai." Rukia said just as fixated on the breakfast as Renji. More glowing from Tessai before he returned to his pancake flipping, which he mastered.

"Yep. Tessai's food is irresistible, isn't it?" Came Urahara, who was sitting at the table stuffing his face with grits, eggs, bacon, and pancakes. Soon, Renji and Rukia were stuffing their faces as well. Not fifteen minutes later, the huge breakfast was completely devoured, not a hint of bacon left – Renji's new favorite food.

Urahara began to fan himself absent-mindedly again. "Ok." Getting Renji and Rukia's attention. "The only rule I guess I should point out before you go out is to carry around your Zanpakutō with you at all times, right?"

They could only nod guiltily, neither one had thought of a way to sneak their Zanpakutō into the school properly yet, but they were working on it constantly. They hid their Zanpakutō in the toy store and put a hiding spell on them until they got back, it was the least they could do. "Right. Ok, other than that, I'm sure both of you will be running around the city a lot and I have no way of contacting you. SO…" he said pulling two objects out of his robes. "I'd like you to carry these with you at all times as well."

Rukia looked at them thoughtfully. They were almost identical to cell phones only simpler. "But aren't those just Hollow Detectors?"

"Yes they are BUT…" He pulled out a pair of electronic chips from his pockets. "Add these custom chips, and I can reach either of you at any time and you can reach me, I can't promise that I'll answer though. Anyway, although it's rare, you'll both also know if there's a hollow anywhere to take care of. It's like a bonus point huh?"

They simply took the detectors, added the chips, and then looked back at him. He started fanning once again and smiled. Renji was growing more impatient by the second. "… Ok. That's all. You can go now." Without another word, they both waved their good-byes and headed for the doors.

As much as Renji tried to think of any other way – and he really, really tried – they had to carry their uniforms with them in their bags and change in the dreaded pink toy store to and from Urahara's now. Since the store was conveniently in the middle of the school and his shop anyway, there really wasn't anything else Renji could do other than hate the evil store.

When they reached the store Renji frowned, knowing that if this building was alive it would be laughing in his face right about now. Rukia went in through the boarded doorway first. Renji sighed and reluctantly followed. They left when they were changed. Renji was walking as quickly as he could to the school. Rukia couldn't help but grin at his persistence. I've never seen him so excited before… I don't think anything could stop that eagerness.

Renji was in front of Rukia now and she didn't bother to catch up. Renji turned to look back at her, but didn't slow down. "Hey, come on! You're going too slow, we're gunna be late." He complained, his voice full of excitement.

"Hold your damn horses, geez. I'm not going too slow, you're going too fast. We're not going to be late crazy." She laughed.

Renji sighed and slowed his frantic pace, seeing that Rukia was making no effort to speed up any time soon. "Fine. But if we are, I'm kicking your ass later."

"Uh huh, you just keep telling yourself that." He glared as she just strolled along.

They reached the school in minutes and Renji felt more eager than ever. Immediately he began searching for Ichigo. Ok… Ichigo said he hung out with Chad a lot and that the guy was a giant. That shouldn't be too hard if he's here. And then there was Tatsuki and her girlfriend Orihime, and some guy named Mizuriu … and … what was the last one? Ichigo said the guy wouldn't shut up…hmm… oh well.

He searched for them in hopes of finding Ichigo somewhere tagging along. While Renji searched, he made no effort in looking calm or collective, no in fact he looked down right ridiculous jumping around so hyper.

Rukia put her hand up to her forehead and sighed, but smiled at his determination none the less. "Renji…" She'd try to say, but he was too lost in his own search to hear her.

"…Renji…" She tried again a little louder, but again no success.

Finally she huffed in a deep breath, stood on her toes, and shouted right in his ear. "RENJI!!"

If he hadn't been so strictly trained to withstand such a surprise, or if he hadn't been so used to Rukia's random shouts, then he would've fell backwards landing on his ass at that yell. "What?!" He shouted accusingly.

She laughed at him once again. "I'm telling you to calm down. He'll be here soon enough." She calmed herself as well and leaned against a nearby tree. "Besides, it's easier to find something once you stop looking for it, you know."

He sighed and relaxed as much as his body and patience would let him. "…Ok. I'll calm down." He went right beside her and leaned nonchalantly against the same tree crossing his arms. "See? I'm calm. Totally… calm." He lied and she knew it, and he knew she knew it, but he still acted calm. His foot was tapping the ground unconsciously, his eyes moved from group to group.

Rukia had to suppress a laugh every time Renji would stiffen when he thought he saw something bright orange and slump back in a pout when it wasn't Ichigo. You really have it bad for this guy, don't you Renji?

She smiled and turned her back, helping as much as she could by beginning to search from her side of the tree.


Ichigo rushed out his front door and was running down the streets in seconds. I can't believe I overslept! Today of all days! "DAMNIT!!"Since the school bell rings fifteen minutes early, even the latest of late students will show up at 7:40 … and it was 7:35.

The one morning my crazy dad goes to work even earlier, had to be the same day my alarm clock decides to stop working! Damnit!! I can't be late! Ichigo took every short cut he knew. He hopped over old-man Raley's fence, cut through a ton of buildings, jumped many hedges, and ran as fast as he could all the way, trying not to slip and fall throughout the frantic sprint. He slid around a sharp corner back out into the open streets. The school wasn't far from here, but he doubted he'd make it in time. Quickly dashing up the street, he soon arrived at the school's entrance yard. The bell hadn't rung yet. Ichigo immediately began searching for Renji.

Ichigo, believe it or not, was not the most patient boy in the world. He easily lost what little he had when the search for Renji was getting no where fast.

He tried to find Tatsuki in case she knew where he was when an intense chill was sent rushing up his spine. He turned his head and felt his heart skip a beat. Leaning against one of the school's nearby trees, powerful arms crossed, with a single leg propped up against the base of the tree, stood Renji. He turned his head to his left exposing a delicious looking neck making Ichigo drop his lip and blush even more.

Renji felt the same chill run wildly up his spine and turned slowly to find Ichigo standing yards away from him, staring back at him.


As Renji looked into those brown radiant eyes, even at the distance, he felt Ichigo's fire and soul burn in them and ease when they looked into his own burning red ones. Ichigo…

Seconds slowly passed in that one hypnotic moment as they stood across the schoolyard, captivating each other once again. It wasn't until Ichigo finally took the first step towards Renji that reality seemed to come back in a blurry focus. Renji eased out from under the tree, unaware that he had done it.

Rukia looked from face to face. By now, Renji made no attempt to hide any of his emotions from Ichigo, the sight of it was still different to Rukia. For as long as she's known him, Renji was determined not to reveal his true feelings to anyone, say for her and a few others, and even then only on rare occasions. Seeing him so lost in happiness was shocking to say the least.

She summarized what little information she could gather from Ichigo the morning before. He was just as expressionless as Renji was, except for smirks and smug looks every now and then. Even in those moments, he failed to show any true happiness. Though she had only known him for a single class, seeing such overwhelming bliss radiate off of him shocked her just as much as Renji had.

At first, Rukia had doubts about what would happen with them. She knew Renji was dead struck on this guy and seeing him so happy and eager warmed her heart. She was hoping for the best just as much as Renji was, but not knowing Ichigo's own feelings for Renji made hope seem so much more out of reach.

But when she looked from one passionate face to the other, where once two solemn faces were held, all her doubts vanished. There's no way Ichigo would widen his eyes at Renji and not have stronger feelings for him. There's just no way. Renji might not recognize it in his ' happily dazed' state or mind, but the way they look at each other is so pure… Ichigo has to feel the same.

Renji stood directly in front of Ichigo now, their eyes never leaving one another's. Before a single word could be passed between them, guess who decided to pop up.

"Hey Ichigo! Who's the new guy? He looks kinda tough like you. Why is your hair red?… Are those tattoos?! No way!!" They both jumped a little at the sudden interrupting Keigo. I don't know who the hell this guy is, but he's so gunna – Ichigo had already beat him to it when he slammed his open palm into the guy's face and sent him flying backwards.

He finally rolled to a halt after ramming into Chad's strong legs, though Chad didn't seem like he felt a thing. He leant down and grabbed the collar of Keigo's jacket, pulling him off the ground and saying in a kind monotone voice, "Are you alright Keigo?"

Keigo was too freaked out at the moment, so Mizuiru stepped away from behind Chad and just laughed. "What, this guy? Of course he's all right. You should know that by now Chad." In minutes, the two were arguing and laughing.

Renji could only blink with surprise. That's funny, these guys goof off with each other just as much as we did with Izuru and Momo sometimes. A small pang of pain hit his heart from missing his few friends, but quickly shook it off when he glanced back over at Ichigo regaining his relaxed attitude. "So, this must be the guy you said never shut up."

Ichigo hesitated at the sound of his voice, but only for a moment. "Yea, he's a real pain in the ass sometimes, but he's ok." Though right now, I think I could kill him. "And the big guy picking him up is Chad, the one throwing random shit at Keigo is Mizuiru."

Soon Tatsuki and Orihime showed up. Orihime saw Ichigo and her eyes widened. "Oh! Good morning Ichigo!" Then she got even more excited when she saw Renji next to him. "You finally found him! See, I knew you two would make good friends." She smiled.

Ichigo looked confused and Renji just laughed and scratched the back of his head nervously. Tatsuki soon went over to mess around with Keigo too and Orihime left as well, just incase they were too mean to poor Keigo.

They were left alone once again, but Rukia soon was standing next to Renji in seconds. "Who… is that?" She said gawking at Orihime. Ichigo looked at her curiously but answered just the same. "Who Orihime?"

"Orihime…" Rukia said still gawking. This time it was Renji who gave a nudge to the side and Rukia just looked up at him as if to say: 'What? Well I mean, come on, I can't help it'. Renji told her before hand about Tatsuki and Orihime, and how Tatsuki was beyond protective.

Rukia honestly thought that she wouldn't freak out so much, but was proven wrong. Though she wasn't really her type, Orihime was amazingly beautiful. Long flowing hair, a perfect body, huge eyes, and lets not forget her very large chest. Even with such beautiful qualities and an obviously sparkling personality, she didn't want to cause trouble for her and Tatsuki or cause any more attention.

Still, she couldn't resist going over and talking with them. Ichigo and Renji were sneaking quick glances at each other the entire time of course. Eventually they looked up at each other and just shrugged, then joined the rest of them.

Renji had to admit these guys seemed pretty fun. Random things, anything, it didn't even matter what any one said, there'd always be a comment from some one. No one noticed them looking at each other on and off, Ichigo's blush, or Renji's constant sweating. It was so obvious it was scary, but no one noticed… or n no one except Rukia, who was having a really hard time controlling herself. She wanted to laugh at Renji's red face so bad, it wasn't even funny, but she also felt happy for him. Orihime also caught Ichigo's quick glances at Renji and pondered on it for a little while, then continued laughing with the rest of them.

The bell rang in minutes and soon everyone rushed for the building, it was the same total chaos as yesterday. Renji tried to keep up with Ichigo, Ichigo tried to do the same, but soon they were both dragged apart from each other in the huge waves of people, and just like before, Renji ended up in his first class. …Damnit! How the hell does that even happen?!


Renji got out of Mr. Riddle's class 'early' again, and apparently so did Rukia, just five minutes before the bell would ring though. She left for Urahara's not moments ago, leaving Renji to wait outside the school again.

Finally the last bell rang. He kept both eyes on the doors as tons of students piled out of the building. The whole schoolyard was full of students in seconds. He sighed with relief when he caught sight of Strawberry's bright orange hair and saw the boy walk out. He looked like he was out of breath.

Renji grinned at the thought. … Is he out of breath looking for me too? … I hope so. Ichigo saw Renji's violet red hair and eyes. Since both were so eager to get home, that moment passed by quicker, but they still savored it just the same.

Ichigo walked up to Renji and Renji stiffened, realizing he had a little red on his face, then tried to relax as much as his excited mind would let him. "Ready to go?"

Ichigo froze, yet again, at his voice then caught himself from stopping completely, hopefully before Renji noticed. Damn… I really gotta stop doing that. Renji saw the hesitation, curious again, but Ichigo cut into his thoughts. "Yea. Let's go."

Just like before, they were walking on their way home once again. It was just as wonderful as before, but this time it was even better knowing that they wouldn't have to leave each other so soon. Every move Ichigo made was like a heavenly heart attack for Renji. When he lifted his hands to scratch his head, the bottom of his uniform shirt would lift just a little to show a thin crack of smooth milky skin, which made it oh so much harder on poor Renji to resist.

Throughout their entire walk, Ichigo tried to calm the wild blushes that kept hitting his face. Every time he'd look at Renji's bear, tan arms, he'd blush. When Renji's elbow brushed against his, he had to bite his lips and still blushed. Every step Renji took or move he made, made Ichigo blush and want to touch him even more.

Once they reached his house, Ichigo opened the door only a crack then peeked inside. More curious, Renji tried to ask. "…What're you--"

"I'm trying to see if my dad's home." He whispered.

Damn he looks so good bending over like that --

"Ok. Coast is clear." Ichigo said, then opened the door.

Renji looked around the tidy clinic with interest. "Wow. I like your house." Which was completely true, but to Renji, it was like a palace.

Ichigo was smiling when Renji looked back at him, curiosity leaking out of him again. "Thanks. Not many people tell me that." Renji was a little confused, but was too busy gazing at that beautiful smile to notice.

"My sisters stayed after school to rehearse for their play and my idiot dad went to cheer for them. I think they said they'd be back around 9:00."

"Do you not like your father?" For a minute, silence. Then Ichigo started laughing, purely laughing and loudly too. Renji blinked and a smile spread across his lips. I've never heard him laugh before … I like it. I wish I could hear him laugh more…

Ichigo wiped a few tears out of his eyes from laughing so hard and looked back up at him. "No, no. I love my dad, but he can be a little … strange, sometimes. Actually, just down right crazy. One time I came home, and he had a rubber chicken stuffed in a pot of water on the stove."

Renji lifted a tattooed eyebrow at him. Ichigo closed his eyes. "He told me that the chicken was possessed, so he was trying to boil it away. He said that he saw someone on TV do it once."


Then this time Renji was the one rolling on the floor laughing. He clutched his belly he was laughing so hard. Ichigo started laughing just as crazily too. Before either one knew it, they were both laughing so loud the neighbors looked at the clinic oddly, then ignored it.

After a full twenty minutes of none stop, crazy laughing, the two finally regained their balance. "Ok… I think we'd better start studying now, or we'll never get to it." Ichigo said, ending with a light laugh.

"Ha, yea. We probably sound fucking retarded." Ichigo turned to go up the stairs and Renji followed. Every time he looked up he saw Ichigo's perfect ass right there and it was killing him.

Once they got to his room, Ichigo grabbed a few books out of his book bag and threw it on the floor. Damn this is gunna be so hard. How the hell will I concentrate, he'll be right next to me? … Like I even care if I concentrate, but still, what will I do if he asks me what I learned or something? … Damnit.

Renji was having the same problems. How can I teach him if I'm not even gunna be looking at the damn book? I mean he's right there! Fuck this is gunna be hard... Renji grabbed his books and spread them out on the bed, which he knew would make concentrating that much more impossible.

Ichigo took off his school shirt and revealed a dark purple tank top underneath. Renji glanced up and his jaw dropped even deeper at the mouth-watering sight. Ichigo's arms were very muscular, not bulky but strong. His tight shirt outlined fine abbs, his whole form was strong and athletic and small. In the light, he looked a thousand times better than the first time Renji saw him, and that image had been stuck in his head for the past few days to top it off.

A few -impossible to look away from each other- moments later, they were both on the bed, flipping through pages, talking often but hoarsely from such close contact, and trying to at least look like they were studying. Ichigo sat at the head of the bed and Renji sat with one leg propped up at the end. Renji began to sweat from being so close to him and Ichigo was having the same problem only he had to keep hiding a blush with every moment that passed.

Renji moved his solid arm to grab a calculator behind Ichigo and accidentally brushed up against his smooth arm. That light contact made Ichigo moan ever so slightly, but it was too late to silence it. Blushing even more, his eyes widened. Oh shit, I just… oh shit…

Renji's ears perked up at the delightful noise. He looked at Ichigo and Ichigo slowly turned to look up at him, his blush so adorably obvious. It was all too cute for Renji. Their eyes met instantly, melting in moments. Renji couldn't take it any more, he quickly leaned down and kissed those slightly parted pink lips.

Time froze at that breath taking moment. Unimaginable passion ignited in Ichigo by that kiss. Beyond joy, beyond happiness, it was so much more than that. Finally, that terrible feeling of emptiness and loss was filled, and it was Renji who filled it.

Renji felt like his heart was going to explode from so many waves of emotions running through him. He held onto Ichigo's sweet lips with his own like it was his very life. He felt more whole than he had ever been before and it was all because of Ichigo.

Just then Renji opened his eyes to remember that this wasn't a dream and tried to pull away, knowing, just knowing that he had made a terrible mistake. But then Ichigo lightly bit on his bottom lip to keep him in place, silently begging him not to leave. Renji eyes eased and grinned lightly into their kiss. He doesn't want it to end either. He closed his eyes again and put his arms around Ichigo's small waist and held on tightly to kiss him deeper.

Ichigo put his arms around Renji's shoulders, one hand going through the spikes of Renji's soft, dark crimson hair. Just then, they both pulled out of the kiss and looked at each other. Renji held Ichigo's small figure close to him and Ichigo smiled at the gesture then tugged on Renji's hair.

"Ow. What was that fo--"

"You deserved it."

"For what?"

"For not telling me sooner."

"Well how was I supposed to know?"

"You could've just told me."

"So could you have."

"Yea but--"

"Besides, I kissed you first, so technically I did."

"What makes you think you're so dominate all of a sudden?" He smirked.

"Shut up, you know you like it." Renji grinned deviously.

Before Ichigo could pout back, Renji locked their lips in another passionate kiss. Playfully fighting for dominance, Renji won. He pulled Ichigo closer into him earning a moan from Ichigo and he scraped his nails into Renji's scalp lightly. He slid his tongue into Ichigo's hot mouth, over perfect teeth, sweet gums, and a pulsing tongue.

Renji laid Ichigo down on the mattress, kissing him every second. He straddled Ichigo's hips and slid a hand under his dark shirt, running over the warm smooth skin on Ichigo's sides and pulling off his shirt. Ichigo moaned at the wonderful contact and wrapped his arms around Renji's back, slipping his own hands up his shirt then pulled it off too. Ichigo traced the outlines of the black tattooed patterns on Renji's back, loving the habit already.

The feel of Ichigo's hands and fingertips play across his skin made Renji moan lightly into Ichigo's mouth, making Ichigo wrap his legs around Renji's. He drew away from Ichigo's soft lips onto his curved pulsing neck. He tastes so sweet. He really is like a strawberry… He bit down on his neck tenderly and ran his tongue over the soft skin experimentally. Ichigo panted and moaned at the small nicks.

Renji moved his hands softly over Ichigo's sides to the soft nipples. He left a trail of kisses from Ichigo's neck to his chest while Ichigo ran his fingers deeper into Renji's back then laced his fingers through his hair, holding on tighter and pulling the band holding it up off.

Renji licked lightly at one pink nub with his tongue as his hand fingered the other, hardening them and making Ichigo fill over with pleasurable moans. Then Ichigo bucked his hips into Renji's, brushing their very hard arousal's against each other. A burst of pleasure was sent coursing through Renji's body. …Fuck… He moaned deeply. Ichigo squirmed at the same wonderful sensation, bucking up into Renji with more vigor.

"Sh-shit…"Renji panted heavily as Ichigo's moans became irresistibly louder. Damn... I ... God, do I want him. To make him scream with lust ... but... damnit, I can't rush this... Ichigo bucked harder and moaned louder making Renji sweat and lose his line of thought yet again. He placed his hands on Ichigo's hips and bucked back into them. Ichigo grabbed Renji's tight ass and they began to move their hips rhythmically, the friction of their hard members pressing and moving together created a mixture of pleasure and passion raging out of control in their bodies.

With a final thrust, Renji rolled over to Ichigo's side. Ichigo turned and they were once again face to face. Renji slowly leaned in and kissed him passionately. Ichigo blushed and closed his eyes then pushed his head deeper into the kiss making Renji give a muffled laugh.

Wow… Renji smiled. I can't believe it… we, ha, didn't even do anything. I mean, we did something hell yea, but… damn. That was just … damn...

Ichigo wiped the sweat from Renji's forehead and brushed his wild hair behind his ears. Renji smiled and wrapped his arms around him in a deep embrace then kissed Ichigo's forehead. "I love you." Ichigo blushed then smiled back. "I love you too." Minutes later, the feiry red heads were already asleep in each other's arms.


Waking up to a very sticky groan, Renji opened his eyes. He heard loud chattering coming from outside, it sounded like two or three people. Before he could even be curious, Ichigo leaned up quickly. "Shit, they're home."

Renji looked over at the alarm clock not expecting the bright green words to show 8:30. "…So--."

Ichigo started pushing Renji out of the bed. "Start getting your stuff ready! … And find your shirt!"

Renji stumbled a little then blinked at him. "So you're not going to tell your family about us?" He didn't mind at all, if Ichigo was still shy about it he didn't care, even though he was convinced that Ichigo wasn't the type to really care either, but still.

Ichigo relaxed when he noticed how frantic he must've looked and grinned. "Yea, I'm going to tell them. I told my sisters, but I was hoping to find a better time to tell my dad. If he sees you in my bed this late… I don't think this would be the best time to tell him." He sweat dropped.

Renji smiled, partly because he was right, Ichigo really didn't mind saying his love for him either, but mainly for finding out that Ichigo had been talking about him too. "Ok, I'll get out of here." They gathered up many tossed books around the bed and found Renji's shirt among it all.

Renji slipped the dark blue tank top over his bare chest then saw Ichigo stop fumbling with the books to stare at him, his lips parted and a small blush graced his face. "You know," Ichigo looked up at him blushing even more. He walked over to Ichigo and wrapped his arms around his small waist, leaning his head down into the crook of his neck until his lips were next to his ear, tickling them with warm breath. "Next time we'll have a lot more fun…" Ichigo bit his lips to keep from moaning at those irresistibly seductive words. Renji nibbled on the edge of Ichigo's ear and this time Ichigo did moan and leaned into Renji. Just to get even, he bit Renji's neck earning a similar huff and they both grinned.

They heard the front door to the clinic slam open. "ICHIGOOO! We're back!!" Normally his dad didn't give away the element of surprise, in any case, it was still a blessing to Ichigo and Renji. Renji leapt over the bed and to the window opening it silently. He leaned over slightly to see if the coast was clear, when it was, he stepped onto the windowsill and turned to see Ichigo sitting on the bed right next to him. "How the hell am I supposed to sleep now?" Ichigo snickered.

"I was thinking the same thing." Smirking back. Just like the many times before, their eyes locked onto each other's and they leaned in quickly to share another desiring kiss. The sound of heavy footsteps coming up the stairs made them unwillingly let ago of each other's lips and Renji leapt across to a nearby branch. "Love you…" Was their final whisper, then Renji jumped down to the ground and behind the tree. Ichigo turned just in time to grab his book and sit back on the edge of his bed, controlling himself enough to look like he was studying, as the door flew open hitting the wall violently. "ICHIGO!! Your sisters were amazing in the rehearsal son! You should've seen them!!" His way too loud father shouted with pride.

Ichigo looked up, not surprised, but happy. "That's great." He said grinning.

His dad looked at him, and was actually speechless for more than two minutes. "…You're…. You're happy? And you're smiling??" His dad blinked in shock.

Ichigo tried to bring back the smug look he perfected just to be a smart-ass, but couldn't hold it long. "What? I'm only human, can't I smile every once in a while without my family freaking out?"

His dad freaked out. "N-no! That's not what I meant! I just haven't seen you smile in so long…" He sniffled, "It makes me happy to know you care so much about your family, you really are my greatest heir."

Ichigo sighed. "Right. Whatever you say dad." Yuzu cocked her head to the side from behind her dumbstruck dad. "Ichigo!" She yelped excitedly from her play rehearsal, even more excited when she saw his joyful grin. "I get to be the maiden after all! I'm so excited!!" she jumped around clutching her fists merely.

He smiled again, stunning his already overly shocked father, then Karin appeared from behind the doorway. Even her eyes widened at his incredibly happy aura. "Ichigo…" She murmured to herself, no one heard her. She spoke more loudly. "Dad, Ichigo's still trying to study, let's go downstairs--"

"But Karin! Look at that face!" He started.

"…House comes on in 20 minutes."

Isshin gaped and his eyes twinkled. "Well, good luck with your studies son!" Then dashed out the doorway and down the stairs. Yuzu and Karin both stood in his doorway. "Well…?" Karin asked grinning.

"How did it go Ichigo?" Yuzu said still excited.

Ichigo leaned his elbows on his knees and looked at the ground smiling, his finger tips brushed over his lips, still feeling the touch of Renji's against his and loving it."… I love him."

This time they were both shocked and excited. "What happened? Did you tell him? Did he tell you? Oh please tell me what happened?" Yuzu buzzed around too hyper to stay still. Karin chimed in. "No way! Did you tell him?"

Ichigo looked back up at them and they nearly fell over in disbelief at his huge smile and soul burning eyes. "Yea … and he loves me too."


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Keigo: Why is everyone so mean to me?! I mean, what'd I do??

R-Tiki: …well Keigo, you know, you really do need to work on your stop-talking skills, if you have any

Keigo: What?! I do NOT talk too much! I'll have you know, I haven't talked nearly as much this year as I did last year, what with all the hot girls that kept coming onto me last year and everything I--

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Keigo: -Bent over in defeat again-