Chapter 9

The African sun shined heavy on the African planes. The league stood silently next to Allan's grave as a witch doctor in the distant chanted.

They had buried Allan right next to his son. Layla stood at the end of both graves, looking down upon the two most important men of her life.

"You remember he swore Africa wouldn't let him die?" said Skinner. "I wish the old boy had been right."

Layla heaved a big sigh as she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked over to see Henry giving her a small smile, as if telling her everything would be fine.

She returned a small smile of her own, and turned back towards her father's grave.

"What's next?" asked Sawyer.

"I have long hidden away from the world. Now I wish to see it anew as the century turns." said Nemo. "You're all welcome to join me."

"We've all been hiding in one form or another." said Mina.

Sawyer looked towards the witch doctor in the distance, and then turned his attentions towards Layla.

She stood quietly, hair blowing in the wind, tears threatening to fall from her brown eyes. She glanced up at Sawyer and met his eyes. She could see just as much pain in his eyes that she felt in her heart, and knew they would have to heal together.

"The Nautilus awaits." said Nemo.

"So, who's coming?" asked Skinner.

Nemo bowed and took his leave.

"So long, old chap." said Skinner, as he too left.

"Good-bye, Allan." said Henry.

"Good-bye." said Mina, as she took Henry's arm and walked away.

Sawyer cocked the rifle he had been holding and placed it on top of Allan's grave.

"Thanks." he said.

He stood and went to Layla as she still stood at the bottom of his grave.

"Good-bye dad." she said. "I'll come visit."

And with that she turned, allowing Sawyer to wrap his arm around her, as they followed the others.

The End!