"Summon, demon and Kyuubi speaking"

'Kyuubi Thought'

Flashback legend:



"Summon, demon and Kyuubi speaking"

'Kyuubi Thought'

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A gray haired man sighed, his wrinkled, wizened face reflecting the problem that he was facing. This man stood before many men and women, all ninja. He missed the times when his job was easy. Facing him was a buxom looking blond haired woman with a small diamond shaped mark on her forehead. She was, of course, the Godaime Hokage, and for once, she was not wearing her normal clothing, but her formal Hokage robes. This alone surprised the man, for it had only happened once: during her coronation.

"Homura-san, this is unnecessary. You are one of the most respected Elders on this council. You are wise enough to know that Naruto is not the Kyuubi."

Mitokado Homura sighed once again. "Yes, Hokage-sama, I do not believe that Uzumaki Naruto is the beast that attacked us almost thirteen years ago; however, I, along with all others in this village, have no understanding of the way the seal works. I fear that he is a ticking time-bomb, and once his emotions get out of control, the Kyuubi will once again roam the earth. I pity the boy and that is why this council is not calling for his death, but I cannot let a threat to Konoha remain here."

The Godaime slammed her fist on the table, effectively obliterating it. "You let your fears cloud your reason, is a boy's life that-"

"As you cannot let your blind faith in the boy destroy this village. It is not my intent to harm Naruto, but this is necessary." Homura knew that calling Naruto a demon or it would get them nowhere but backwards, he didn't hate the kid but no one knows what can happen. "I know your relation with the boy, and am not so cruel as to have him labeled a missing nin. He will be banished and effectively freed from all duties to Konoha except for his banishment."

This caused discontent inside the council members whom were waiting for a chance to execute the boy…

"Silence!" shouted Tsunade, her anger evident in her voice, and in the moderate amount of killing intent. "If you are so set against this matter, tell me something," Tsunade continued, "Why now?"

Homura felt insulted that the female Hokage thought of him as low as Naruto's foolish haters. "I felt that Naruto has always had control of the beast; there was no need for any sort of safeguard against the Kyuubi. But lately his uses of the demon's chakra have turned more and more frequent, first in the wave, then in the chunnin exams and now against the traitor Uchiha" the last comment brought anger to the meeting by part of the Uchiha supporters

"That isn't fair, my teammate, Jiraiya, taught him how to use the Kyuubi's chakra. He has the best chance of understanding the seal, being both a seal master and the Yondaime's sensei. If you cannot put your faith in the strongest ninja in Konoha, other than myself, who can you put your trust in?"

"That is true, but even experts make mistakes. I am sorry, Tsunade-sama, but this decision in final. As of now, Uzumaki Naruto is banished from Konoha, and not allowed to set foot on it again." Seeing the anger and sorrow on his Hokage's face, Homura's own facial expression softened.

"However, he cannot be marked missing-nin, nor hunted by any Konoha ninja unless he has committed a crime against us or has set foot in our boundaries."

His last words shocked both the council and the Hokage, and open anger were being displayed. "Silence!" This time, it was not the Hokage, but Homura himself who was currently scowling at the council. "I am disappointed that I speak for a council filled by ignorant and blind that don't know the difference between a monster fox and an innocent boy." Homura hated what he had to do, but it the safety of Konoha must be placed before the comfort of one boy.


Uzumaki Naruto was currently lying in a hospital bed, his right hand stretched up at the ceiling. The other was in a cast at his chest. His face was droopy, his once sparkling blue eyes heavy with sadness. He had failed; he failed Sasuke, he failed Sakura, and hell, he failed all of Konoha. All of this because he wasn't strong enough; all because he thought he was as good as the prodigy, but clearly, that idea was wrong.

Naruto also felt another emotion: fear. He was afraid for many reasons, one: he had almost lost control of the Kyuubi, lost control of its power; two: he could hear a voice in his head, a small one, but it was there. It was telling him to kill Sasuke, maim him, and show him who was powerful; show him what happened to traitors. What really terrified Naruto, though, was much worse than the other two combined…

He wanted to. Uzumaki Naruto, the number one most surprising shinobi, actually wanted to give into the voice in his head. Obviously that was just a small part of him, but a part none the less. The preteen held no delusions that it was the Kyuubi influencing him; it was pure Naruto, pure knuckle-headed stubborn-ass ninja.

These feelings were so foreign to him, so different, so strange. Even when the villagers had screamed slurs at him, even when they taunted and jeered, and even threw rocks at him, Naruto had never felt the desire for revenge. After nearly an hour of contemplating and thinking, Naruto had realized it was because they had never taken anything from him. He had never had love, he had never had their respect, or their praise, and so it didn't hurt as much. As much as it burned Naruto up inside, Sasuke was right. The pain of loss was more painful than not having anything to begin with.

Sasuke was his friend, his rival, his brother. Nothing and no one could replace him, for he had had the biggest impact on Naruto's life, rivaling even Iruka. Naruto squeezed his eyes shut; he had not imagined that it would hurt so much to be betrayed. Once he opened his eyes, Naruto sighed. Not only was he reeling from the loss of Sasuke, from his failure, but he had also done the one thing that Uzumaki Naruto never, ever, did: he broke a promise.

No, he didn't break a promise; he broke the promise, the promise of a lifetime. Naruto would never be able to look Sakura in the eye again.

The door opened and a nurse walked in, her eyes full of scorn. Naruto lowered his eyes from her gaze; he couldn't handle it right now. She walked and checked his arm quickly, as if disgusted that she had to touch the demon. After a second, she spoke, tight and cold.

"Your arm is fine; the cast will be removed."

The doctor did not perform his usual demonstration showing that the object would not cut. He would press it against his skin, and show the patient that there was nothing to worry about; it only cut casts. Still, Naruto's cast was removed swiftly and with no lacerations, to Naruto's surprise.

The unnamed doctor walked out, flashing a glare at the Jinchuriki on his way out. The door opened once again, and to Naruto's delight, Tsunade walked in. Not only that, but she had a huge bowl of ramen in her hands! "Ramen!!!" Naruto jumped up and tried to grab the bowl, but the Hokage held it out of his reach.

"Nuh-uh, what do you say?"

"Thanks baa-chan!" Naruto exclaimed.

Tsunade watched Naruto eat, while remaining silent. Tears were running down her face as she watched her adoptive little brother –who was more like a son- inhale ramen. This would probably be the last time that she saw him do this. She was so stupid. How could she ever see this as obnoxious, how could she ever be exasperated at his eating habits? The tears flowed down her cheeks more freely now.

Naruto looked up, noticing the older woman's tears. "Hey, what's wrong baa-chan?"

Tsunade looked up at Naruto, tears streaking down her face. "I- I'm sorry Naruto, I did everything I could, but I couldn't stop them. The council has banished you from Konoha."

The bowl shattered in the ground.


Naruto was walking in road to his new life, a life out of Konoha, dreams destroyed by the word of a few men and women, how could he ever believe that he could be Hokage, they hated him it was obvious, they shunned him clearly they won't accept him as leader, the worst part he couldn't face his friends…

"I am a coward" Naruto said to himself


Naruto walked through the streets of Konoha, heading to his apartment. After Tsunade told him of his banishment, all he felt was emptiness. The Hokage had held him for a while, before leaving and telling him that the council had given him only a day to pack up and leave. Heart broken, Naruto cried for a little bit, before running home and packing up all of his belongings worth saving. This, of course, only included a picture of Team 7, his entire supply of instant ramen, and all of the money he could get out of his apartment and his bank account, which wasn't much.

Annoyingly enough, some council member 'accidentally' let it 'slip' that Naruto was being banished, which, of course, led to all of the rookie nine and team Gai hunting him down. Naruto had to use every ounce of stealth that he had earned from his prankster days to escape them without incident. Of course, Naruto remembered that Chouji and Neji were still recovering from their injuries, and Shikamaru would find it too troublesome. Kiba might still be recovering too, if he was lucky. Lee would be training too hard to hear rumors, Tenten didn't know him, and Shino didn't listen to rumors and by the time that he had figured out whether it was logical or not, he would be gone.

That left Ino, Sakura, and Hinata. Ino would have told Sakura one hundred different variations of the rumor by now, and Hinata… she was always kinda weird. Naruto felt sad that only two, maybe three people would be looking for him, but he knew that he should be thanking Kami. Naruto kept running faster and faster until the gates were in sight, but something else was too. And that something had pink hair, and tears running down her face.

"Naruto… This is the route that I knew you'd have to take to get out of the village… and I just said those words to Sasuke only a week ago. Naruto… I just lost a teammate, I can't loose another one!" Sakura was shouting by the end.


"Please," Sakura begged, "I can loose you too. I can never love you like I do Sasuke, but I've realized that you've always been there for me, and that you've always cared for me. I was stupid to ignore you; you're like a brother to me. Please, I love you nii-san, don't leave me!"

Naruto's mouth was open but he couldn't hold his tears back. "Please, Sakura" Naruto whispered hoarsely causing Sakura to flinch by the lack of the suffix -chan. "You weren't the only one who lost Sasuke. He was like my brother and you. You're the one I love the most. Don't make this any harder than it already is." Naruto then turn his face to the gate and sprint leaving the sobbing heap that was Sakura.

Meanwhile, a dark haired girl with pale lavender eyes thought: 'Oh Naruto-kun, why can't I be brave enough to tell you how I feel?'


Naruto stopped to rest by the shadow of a tree, his sorrow changed by anger, right now he have to decide where to go…

"I could go with Gaara, but Suna and Konoha are allies, the council would never allow me to stay, then we have Oto but I would be executed at sight. Kiri is in war then we have Iwa and Kumo. To Iwa I am a reminder of the Yondaime who is now a common foe between them and me and Kumo…" Naruto stopped

"Is perfect, they aren't allies with Konoha and not in good terms with them after the Byakugan incident, now what can I offer…" Naruto said recalling all his knowledge

'I am a demon container but it would means more a counter, Kage Bunshin, well not much, Rasengan and oh yeah, my summoning contract is null now, so I have nothing…' Naruto thought now worried…

'What is what Kumo needs, what they want, of course the Byakugan but why, they want, a… a… a KEKKAI GENKAI' Naruto snapped from his daze if he could get a bloodline limit he would have access to Kumo and their ranks… the question is how…

Then the answer to his problem was the very best source of his dilemma, the cause of his banishment, Kyuubi…

'Fox… hey fox…. fuzz-ball…' Naruto thought trying to contact his tenant but nothing… after an hour… 'COME ON YOU STUPID MUTT' he berated when the world vanished for him


"Uh, at last fox" Naruto said recognizing the sewer jail of the Kyuubi no kitsune and by the killing intent that the fox sent he was pissed

"WHAT YOU STUPID MEATBAG, YOU HAVE BEEN CALLING FOR HOURS" the beast yelled sending more KI (Killer Intent)

"Don't scream you fuzz-ball, I need your help here so" the blonde was cut by his tenant

To say the least Kyuubi was impressed, there was only one mortal who didn't fear the creature, the one who defeated him by sealing him, and ironically both seem so alike, in fact this may be interest…

"Fearless I see, I may begin to like you kit, now what is what you want with a bloodline" Kyuubi asked

"Uh, well I want a… wait how did you?" Naruto said to the fox who smirked

"I hear all what you think, now what abilities you want?" Kyuubi said not losing his smirk

"Ok, what to ask, what to ask…mmmmmm… oh yeah I KNOW" Naruto mumbled and the fox narrowed his eyes to Naruto's display

"I want what you did to heal me when Sasuke stabbed me with his Chidori, I want to heal like that" Naruto said grinning

"That is good but impossible, you see I can change body parts, like eyes or limbs to make things better, but you ask for a DNA change and it may turn you into a half-demon what is better, more power than you ask for but what about your fear that people reject you" Kyuubi said grinning to the blond he knew Naruto's fears and he expected him to overcome that fear and turn into a fine warrior or die as a coward…

"I tried to be accepted as myself and it failed, do what you must" Naruto said eyes filled by determination

Kyuubi smirked, he liked the kit, he has potential unlimited potential and he would use it to raise a name to be feared and worshiped a legend…

"This is going to hurt, and learn now my name is…" Kyuubi said but Naruto lost track of time everything was dark, his ears hurt his blood boiled and his nose itched once again he felt pain like nothing more, this time he chose


When Naruto awoke it was night, his body felt funny, like different, his clothes were tight and his hair fall to his eyes and was white?...

"What tha heck?, what did the fox did to my hair?" Naruto asked

"It is a reminiscent of my old self, part of my DNA to create your new one" the fox said smirking to Naruto's dumbfounded face

"Kyuubi, where are you?" Naruto yelled looking for the demon and taking defensive stance

"In the same place where I have been the last 12 years, this is an effect of our partial merge" Kyuubi's voice sounded cold and monotone

"Oh, I see and why is my hair white shouldn't it be red" Naruto asked now completely curious

"No, now is not the time to explain my origins first stop talking loud, just think and I will hear, second your changes are minimum, you are now a half-demon, mean human appearance, the white hair is mine, I took the liberty of take your whiskers mark, but they will appear darker in your devil form, now the pros, your are higher (insert Naruto's joy dance), oookkkayyy, stronger as that woman of yours, the buxom…" Kyuubi said and Naruto stopped in there

'Seriously, so I can destroy the ground with a kick?' Naruto asked grinning madly

"Yes, not at the same extent but mostly, your speed grew and your reflexes, instincts and senses, in battle you will found moments in which you will see things in slow motion, your healing rate is the best part, the only way to kill you now is cutting your head of…" Kyuubi said while Naruto fell to the ground amazed, the changes were amazing, no one could ever defeat him

"Not so fast, you have all that capabilities but you are mortal, your body is weakest now, you need training, your chakra and mine are still different, mine would be your devil form, but I don't think you will need it soon, you have as much chakra as two or three kages, now train your techniques the clones and the chakra ball, one last advice the clones are extensions of you, if they learn anything you will remember it, train with lot of them, NOW" Kyuubi said and Naruto began his training session looking toward a better future…


"A week, it took me a week, I can't believe it" Naruto mumbled in his way to Kumo, the result of his training have been wonderful, a one handed Rasengan and two at the time, and five hundred kage bunshins, the problem was that Naruto needed just one week to re-learn the Kinjutsu and few hours to re-match his skills

"I told you, your skills were dulled by your new power" Kyuubi said with his cold tone he found amusing that the ex-blond could regain his skills so quickly… 'Maybe train him is a good idea'

"Yeah Kumo is there, maybe they have ramen, YEAH" Naruto yelled taking a sprint toward the village

'But I will have to change that' Kyuubi sweat dropped while the drooling figure of Naruto ran non stop


"You there stop" was Naruto's welcome at the village gates… "State your reason to come by" one chunnin said looking at the white haired kid

"I am Uzumaki Naruto, I am here to join Kumo ranks" Naruto said with proud in his voice

"Sorry kid, but we can be letting everyone join us" a brown haired chunnin said

"Well, may I speak to your Kage?" Naruto asked… 'Wait since when can I talk like that?' he asked himself

'Yep that would be a beginning' the fox thought smirking his little personality project was working good

"Fine, come with me" the brown haired chunnin said walking toward the high tower in the other side of the village…


Naruto was in awe walking in the village, the place was great, colder than Konoha but with a great see to the mountain, the people greeted him kindly, others with curious, but no hate or indifference, this was for sure the best place to start his new life… once Naruto arrive to the tower he was flabbergasted, the place was well designed, perfect for defense and counter-attacks, two waterfalls that allowed the defenders pull the bridge and fill the like with electricity, purely clever…

Naruto passed by the ANBU in the door like nothing he was used to be stopped but they knew of his visit so there was no problem, thing that is completely new for him, the door closed behind Naruto and he was in front of the Raikage, to his surprise the person in front of him wasn't old like the Sandaime, he was in his thirty or mid thirty, with jet-black hair, and blue eyes, he was tall and wore the Kage robes, yellow and with the kanji for Lightning…

"Well is normal to stare at me the first time, not many people know that a new Raikage was chose after the Byakugan incident" Naruto blushed sheepishly… "So what do you need kid?" the man asked looking to his newcomer a white haired gaki, with orange pants and black shirt, no weapons and blue eyes a sky blue warm but a bit cold too, a rarity

"I want to join Kumo as a shinobi" Naruto said in calm voice

"So what do you offer" the Raikage asked causing Naruto to flinch, he didn't ask for rank or origins just skills

"I posses formal info about Defense and Attack patterns in Konoha, the info about the principal Jounin, a Kinjutsu Kage Bunshin, and the Rasengan" Naruto said trying not to miss anything

The Raikage was interested non the less, but the truth that info were basic and useless in long term a thought that Naruto catch before start talking again…

"And I posses a Bloodline Limit" six magic words…

"Could you please tell me where you came from?" the young man said

"I come from Konohagakure no Sato, Gennin rank" Naruto said a bit sad by the memories

"And pry to tell, why would Konoha let a Bloodline limit go, they love and worship them" the Raikage said not hiding his suspicion

"I was banished before let my skills being know, I have a condition why people won't accept me, even if I was the last Uchiha there" Naruto said bitterly

"I see, Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, Uzumaki Naruto, I can't believe what Konoha did" he smirked to Naruto who was surprised

"Last time I heard about you, you were blond and with whiskers marks, can you tell me what happened" the black haired man asked

"I asked my tenant for a bloodline, that way I could get free pass here, he told me that the process was a DNA change, so I got white hair, no whiskers and a devil form, but if you want me out I accept" Naruto said turning his head toward the door to his amuse the man laughed

"You do really think that I would banish you, come on, I can see that you are a kid with a burden, we have our own Jinchuuriki here, and it saddens me that people treat her like Konoha did to you"

"Sigh…I welcome you to the Ranks of Kumo as gennin Uzumaki Naruto, first swear loyalty to Kumo, and promise me never do anything against it" the man said with a sudden seriousness

"I promise to protect Kumo, be loyal, me and my clan, I will never go back my word, that is my nindo" Naruto said with equal seriousness

"Good, now let's train, my name is Risa Tsubasa, I will be your sensei for the time being" Tsubasa said causing Naruto to faint… "Maybe it were many emotions for the day" he said smiling