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Hermione sat, staring at the lifeless body lying on the bathroom floor. She was in too much shock to hear the screams of the other girls around her.

"Luna, Luna, please answer me," she pleaded, shaking her.

The bathroom door burst open.

"Ladies, what is all this screaming about?" Professor McGonagall questioned. She looked around and saw Hermione crying and shaking Luna Lovegood.

McGonagall clutched at her chest, "oh my dear, what has happened?"

Hermione paid her no attention and kept shaking Luna and hoping for her response. McGonagall looked and saw the blood that had gushed out Luna's wrist.

The bathroom door burst open again, then in rushed Dumbledore, Snape, Harry, and Ron. "Minerva, what is going on?" Dumbledore asked as he rushed over to Luna.

"I have no idea, I just walked in here and found them" McGonagall bellowed. "Hermione, what happened?"

She didn't answer. Dumbledore grabbed Hermione and made her face him. "What happened".

"She, She.." then Hermione started bawling. She was trying to speak but no one could understand what she was saying. Ron and Harry were now hovering over Luna.

"She did this to herself?" Ron said, looking at Harry.

"Potter, Weasley, get Granger and take her out of here, NOW!, Snape said intensely. "Boys, take her to my office and wait for us there." Dumbledore added.

Harry and Ron got on both sides of Hermione and escorted her up to Dumbledore's office. They all sat down on the couch that was off to the side. "Hermione, calm down and tell us what happened", Harry said while rubbing her shoulder.

"Harry, she cut her wrists, and when I walked into the bathroom, there was blood everywhere."

"But why, why would she do something like that", Ron said while turning as pale as his skin would allow.

"Her father died last week, and she said she had no one left in this world that loved her as much as he did. She said earlier today that she didn't belong in this world anymore and wanted to leave, but I didn't think she meant anything by it," Hermione started to cry again.

"Maybe they were able to help her", Harry said desperately.

Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Snape walked into the office. McGonagall was in tears, with Dumbledore's arm around her. Dumbledore left McGonagall's side and bent down in front of Hermione. He touched her face then pulled her into a hug. "Hermione, we need to know what happened", he said while rubbing her back. Hermione was still sobbing into Dumbledore's chest.

Harry and Ron told them what Hermione had managed to get out.

"Er, um, did Luna, um,…make it?, Ron said awkwardly.

"My dear boy, I'm sorry, but she did what she intended to do, and there was nothing we could do to help her" Dumbledore said as gently as possible. The room fell silent, except for the sobs coming from Hermione and the sniffles from the others.

"Maybe it would be best if you two went to your rooms", Snape said, looking at Ron and Harry.

Dumbledore nodded, "I believe he is right. Minerva, would you please escort them to their rooms, then meet me back here?"

"As you wish, sir." She started walking to the door.

"What about Hermione?" Harry asked while getting up.

"I believe she will need further assistance tonight, and with sleeping, so you may speak with her tomorrow." Dumbledore said. "If you boys need anything, you have permission to leave your rooms tonight to come find one of us." The boys nodded and left the office with McGonagall.

Hermione was still sobbing in Dumbledore's arms. "Hermione, I need you to calm down," Dumbledore said while pulling her face out of his chest. Her face was blotched red and wet from tears. "I know you've been through a lot tonight, but you need to calm your nerves". Hermione was now shaking. Snape walked across the room and handed Dumbledore a glass of fire whiskey, which he then had Hermione drink.

"Perhaps, we should give her some dreamless sleep potion?" Snape said, glancing at the two of them.

"That sounds like a good idea". Dumbledore got up then Snape helped him walk Hermione down to the dungeons.

In the dungeons, Dumbledore helped Hermione sit down while Snape got the dreamless sleep potion. Snape handed Hermione the potion, "drink this, it will help." Hermione attempted to drink it, spilling some because her hand was shaking badly.

Snape looked over at Dumbledore, "I added a few extra ingredients, to allow her to go right to sleep". Dumbledore nodded and they both watch Hermione drift into a deep sleep.

"What shall we do with her?" Snape questioned.

"Well, you do have an extra bedroom in your chambers, correct? Snape glared at Dumbledore. "That seems to be the most suitable place at the moment" Dumbledore said calmly.

Snape stood there for a moment glaring at the floor. "I'm only agreeing to this because she's been through so much, I do not wish for this to become public news", Snape said harshly.

Dumbledore smiled at Snape then left the Dungeons to go meet McGonagall. Snape walked over, picked up Hermione, and headed to his chambers.