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Also...I basically got this story from kissss-meeee's "Note Passing With The Cullens". Just putting that out there. It's 100 times better than mine...so go check it out. [x

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There was also another chapter before this, but it's built too much on inside jokes with friends, so...

they're passing notes. that's all ya need to know. (:

AUTHORS NOTE DONE. sorry. i'm completely incapable of making anything short and sweet.

Edward Bella [Cullen Residence!

Eddy, what is it that I'm holding?

A pen.

And what writing implement are YOU using?

A sharpie.

Do you see the inequality!

No, I do not.

Sharpies are 100 times cooler than pens.

But your pen has a tassle on it.


Bella, it smells like a permanent marker. Also described as disgusting.


Would you like to trade?


The pen and sharpie were swapped as Bella plotted her next move, grinning maliciously.

"AH! What the—"

Three seconds later Edward had a black heart drawn in the center of his forehead.


She clapped gleefully.

Damn you.