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Bright green eyes met sleepy green ones. One belonging to a pink haired girl who had just walked into her room while the other belonged to a tiny lizard. No scratch that, lizards didn't have four legs and pair of wings on its shoulders. Nor did they have scales that looked as shiny and flat as fish scales or tuffs of fur behind its head and on it's tail or while yawning slightly smoke came out or looked EXTREMELY CUTE. It was a tiny dragon that had scales that showed its moods sitting on the open window sill.

That was what greeted Sakura the moment she walked through the door of her room. She blinked at the little intruder. Who would have thought on the day Naruto left with Jiraiya that a dragon would be sitting on her window sill. It lifted its head up slightly. Looking at her with interest before jumping to the floor on all fours and swiftly trotted up to her quietly, very much like a cat. Wearily of each other it stretched out its neck to sniff her feet before letting out a happy squeal. Bouncing around happily. Sakura giggled at the little dragon, knowing it was very friendly now.

"Aren't you playfull?" Sakura grinned.

Cool! A real dragon! Just wait till Ino-pig sees this!

She crouched down and began stroke the silky fur on its head. The watched in amazement as the wings began to enter its body till they were no longer visible. She was stunned for a moment before the playful dragon began licking her fingers. She inwardly cringed at her saliva coated fingers before nuzzled it's head against her knee's like a dog. Abruptly it moved back to the windowsill. Sakura got up only to find it jumped away.

"WAIT!" Sakura cried.

She rushed to the window and found it on opposite build sitting in catlike position, flicking its tail patiently. She stared at it amazedly. There was such a huge gap for the little dragon to have jumped across. Sakura had sneaky suspicion that the dragon didn't even use its wings to help it along the way.

"Why is it just sitting there?" Sakura asked itself.

Can't you guess? It's waiting for you!

Wait, I thought I got rid of you!!

Can't get rid of something you can't touch honey

No fair!!

Oh quit your whining! It's better this way!

Sighing she looked back at the dragon which was now trying to get her attention. She frown watching its movements. It continuously made the gestures with its head till she understood. It was pointing towards the forest and wanting her to come.

Told ya its waiting for us!

Wait, it could be leading us to a bigger dragon that could eat us!

Wouldn't said dragon be there instead of tiny dragon? Besides its friendly and…wait why the heck was it sniffing us and bouncing about happily in the first place?

How should I know?

Geez, should I being doing everything around here? Look you are ninja! If anything goes wrong you can break the little sucker down!


With a determined looked she jumped out of the window to the dragon which gurgled happily before running off with Sakura hot on its heels. It all started out slow till the dragon began to pick up speed across Konoha. It was getting faster and faster and Sakura had a hard time keeping up with it even with her chakra pumping into her legs to strengthen her speed. Eventually she lost the dragon at the edge of the forest. It was too fast for her to keep up, even when she tried sensing its chakra it was gone.


She waited for it to return but it never did. Only the next night when she came back from Tsunade training did she see the dragon by the windowsill waiting for her. It beckoned her to follow and she did. Again she lost the dragon at the edge of the forest only now she just a little further in. Every night the dragon would appear at the window and she would follow it. Every night she went deeper and deeper into the forest and would eventually lose it. Every night her speed grew as her sensing of chakra would do too. Even Tsunade and Kakashi began noticing it with every training session.

She began to wonder what the little dragon was trying to show her. Even when she refused it was still persistent and gave her very cute puppy eyes to entice her to come and she would, but never hurt her at all. During one training session with her sensei Tsunade asked what was wrong.

"Tsunade-sama if you ever met a dragon what would you do?" Sakura asked.

The blonde looked at her student peculiarly.

"Depends on what the dragon is going to do, if it's going to crisp my butt I'll summon Katsuyu" she replied. "Why? Have you met one?"

Sakura hesitated for a moment before answering "I believe I have seen one but it was only a fleeting glance."

"Where was it?" Tsunade asked.

"In the forest" Sakura said.

"It could have been a lizard or a trickery of the light or a prankster's jitsu, however if you so much as seen it as a fleeting glance then as the old saying's goes you'll be lucky for a year" Tsunade said then a spark hit behind her eyes "In fact let's test this out! Let's go gambling!"

"But I'm just 13 Tsunade-sama!" Sakura said in shock.

"Beh! I'm the Hokage! I won't punish you! Come on!" Tsunade said and began dragging her away from the training area.

"But but but Tsunade-sama what if the dragon I meet was tiny! Wouldn't that give us just a little luck?" Sakura said.

Tsunade paused at that and rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

"Hmm your right" Tsnuade said.

There was a moment of silence between student and teacher.

"Tsunade-sama, what would you do if the dragon wanted you to follow it?" Sakura asked. "Like it wanted to show you something?"

Tsnuade looked at Sakura and shrugged.

"I'd follow it"

So with that Sakura became more persistent in following the dragon. Deeper and deeper she would go into the forest to follow it every night, every time. Even when she lost it she would continuously run but could never find it. It was she realised why it was starting to move in different directions, like it was testing her. These 'tests' became erratic but still she kept up until she no longer could keep up. Each night she'd follow and fail only to be closer to the dragon's goal.

Until one night, under a clear starry sky of the fullest moon did Sakura see that dragon had jumped through a very dense vegetation, she having been past beyond tired burst through the bush and landed into a clearing. She fell to the floor exhausted, panting hard. She looked up and followed the dragon with her eyesight to a woman sitting on a tree stump. The little dragon climbed up the woman till it wrapped its body upon her shoulders. She was tall and lean, with red and black hair in strips, matching the outfit she was wearing that was definitely meant for the outdoors, tanned skin and the same green eyes as the dragon's.

"Finally you have arrived child, I was beginning to think Drake was being lazy" the woman drawled.

The dragon began growling, whining and chirruping at its master in annoyance. The woman looked at dragon before replying in the same fashion, warning it by the look on her face. Sighing the woman slid off the tree stump and walked over to Sakura who was still out of breath. She pulled the girl off the ground easily till she was on her feet again.

"Drake feels very proud that you have managed to have come this far in hopes of keeping up with him. Personally I'd thought you'd be here in the next two months" the woman drawled.

That's not fair, the dragon is really hard to keep up!


The woman raised an eyebrow.

"You have an interesting inner there Sakura" the woman drawled.

She can…she…you can hear me?

"I didn't earn Drake for nothing" the woman sighed boredly.

Damn and I just thought it was only going to be you outer!

"So you can hear my thoughts and my inner's" Sakura said.

"Hmm" the woman drawled.

"Why did you send Drake for me?" Sakura asked. "Why didn't you come yourself?"

"You're speed lacks where you have immense strength. Drake was just training you, to prepare you." the woman said.

"Prepare me for what?" Sakura asked.

"Your training" the woman said simply.

Training? But we're already training with kick ass Tsunade!!

"I know that!" the woman frowned.

"So you know that I will not abandon her or the village" Sakura said, crossing her arms.

The dragon whined, upset by that trying to give her the puppy eyes but from her look it wouldn't work this time. Sakura turned abruptly and started to go.

"Have you ever wondered why your mother only ever had one child?"

Sakura stopped and looked over to the woman, frowning.

"Your parents could never conceive a child before. No matter how much they tried, your mother had this accident when she was 15 that hindered her from ever having one and then puff there you were, a miracle" the woman said "Have you ever wondered why that was the way? Your parents are quite wealthy, mother is nearly always home, parents always happy with one another. Good environment to live in. It isn't impossible for another child to come about but yet you're an only child, have you ever thought about it? Or were you too hung up on that brat Uchiha to even to notice"

Sakura snarled.

"Don't ever talk about Sasuke that way!" Sakura barked.


"I can talk about anyone I like. I couldn't care less but the point is Sakura why is it you are the only girl in your village with Pink hair?"

Sakura remained quiet, even her inner stayed quiet.

"Ask yourself, why is it that the blossom always blooms on your birthday? Why is it that your strength is above everyone else's? Why is it that you feel greater emotion than anyone else? Why you have an Inner? Why is it that your healing abilities far exceeds Tsunade's when she was your age? Your Chakra control surpasses everyone in your village. Ask yourself why! I mean c'mon have you even asked your parents?"

Of course she had but they never really held an answer except that she was special.

"Do you want to know why Sakura?" the woman asked.

Slowly Sakura nodded.

"If you let me train you for a whole year I will tell you, do we have a deal?" the woman asked.

Sakura hesitated for a moment, she didn't want to abandon the village like Sasuke did. But she wanted to know why all these special things were given to her, even though she could do without the Inner.

"All I am asking for is a year Sakura after that you can go back to Konoha to complete your training with Tsnuade, you will have a greater supply of chakra and be ten times more powerful than before and even have that speed of yours to match your strength. Just one year" the woman said.

She thought for a moment before she finally up with an answer. It would just be a year. Naruto won't be back till I'm fifteen and she would just as powerful to find Sasuke and bring him back home.

"Okay" Sukura said

The woman smirked, showing something other than an emotionless mask.

"Roughly a year before you were born a man had predicted that a powerful group would take the power of strongest demons in world to rule it. You would know them as the Akatsuki." Sakura nodded in acknowledgement "This seer tried to tell others but unfortunately he was what you would call a hobo and so no one would listen. Eventually he was chucked out of his village but he did not stop. He would shout to anyone that was near by through his travels but one day during his journey he came across this very clearing. Seeing a man meditating on that very tree stump.

"The seer out of instinct told this man about the Akatsuki and for the first time the seer was listened to. The man asked many questions to which the seer replied at the best he could. The man thanked him and took the seer to Konoha with some gold for a nice inn for him to stay in. Along the way this man saw a woman departing with her husband, who so badly wanted a child despite not been able to conceive one. He had an idea. So he followed her to her home and waited for night fall and transformed into her husband."

Sukura took a step back, clearly not liking were this story went.

"Believing it was her husband she welcomed him in, although confused since her husband was suppose to be in another village by then, and that night they made love. The next day the man returned to his forest and the woman was pregnant. Your mother"


"My dad is not my dad!" Sakura said in bewilderment.

The woman continued to smirk.

"You see Sukura, your real father couldn't intervene with the Akatsuki so instead he needed someone almost as powerful as he was. He needed you to be born. Why else were you teamed up with the Kuyubi vessel? You were to guard him like the Uchiha brat"

"B-but why couldn't he do it?" Sakura asked.

"You are forgetting Sakura the seer had met your father in this forest and your father transformed into you 'dad'. Your father is not human Sakura. He's amongst the earth and water. He is the great Forest Spirit."


The woman rolled her eyes at the unconscious girl as the little dragon tried to wake her up.

"That went well"

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