Chapter 6: A secret in the Inuzuka.

Sakura looked over the village of Konoha from the rooftop of her home. She felt something nudging against her side. She looked down and smiled at the dragon resting his head on her lap. Stroking the dragon gently she turns to look over see Anna walking slowly and silently towards her.

"Hi Anna-sensei" Sakura said.

"Sakura" Anna said.

Hi bitch

"Inner" Anna said.

"I heard that you were looking for Kiba" Sakura said.

"I was" Anna said.

"Did you find him?" Sakura asked.

"No, I was wondering if you know" Anna said.

HA! The great Anna doesn't know where to find Kiba!

"Uh, not quite but I know the training grounds he and the rest of team 8 train on" Sakura said "I think they're still there."

"Hmm" Anna said, observing her.

"Do you want me to take you there?" Sakura asked.

"Are you alright Sakura?" Anna asked.

"I was thinking. Am I…a tool?" Sakura said.

"Depends on how you look on it. You are a tool at the hospital. You are a tool to protect this village. You are a tool to fight the Akatsuki. But you are still you and you are who you chose to be" Anna said. "Are you trying to find yourself?"

"Yes…no…I…Anna-sensei I just…I always thought I was made from love but now knowing that my father is…not him" Sakura said.

"It doesn't matter, what matters is who loves you. You are you." Anna said.

"But it's still confusing" Sakura said.

Anna sighed and looks towards the distance.

"A long time ago I was a servant girl to a clan. I didn't know my parents, all I knew was that they left me in the care of this clan. There was a war amongst all the clans but my parents believed I was safe with this particular clan. They raised me and in return I gave them my service as my parents were in dept for my protection." Anna said "The matriarch never had a daughter but two sons and she treated me like her own. They gave me love and they taught many things despite being a servant. I was loved Sakura." She turns and looks back at the pinkette "It does not matter if they were blood. Love is deeper than that. You will know later in life"

"But I know my dad loves me but what about the forest spirit?" Sakura asked.

Anna's eyes flicked over to the forest as if she could see the Great Spirit spying on them. She sighed again and looked at her student thoughtfully.

"I don't wish to give you hope Sakura, that would be cruel. All I know is that he does not wish to see you harmed" Anna said.

"I guess if he cares for me in some way that is good enough for me" Sakura said giving a small sad smile. "Do you think Sasuke would ever love someone…even if it is one like a sibling's or friends"

Anna stared at the young shinoubi then shrugged.

"I've met many Uchiha's and I found that there are two types of them. Emotional and Non-emotional and from what I gathered Sasuke is as emotional as Drake is boring" Anna said.

Drake chirped and growled happily but Anna rolled her eyes at the little dragon.

"Don't get so full of yourself" Anna drawled.

"But sensei you told me that Sasuke was once a happy carefree child. Couldn't he return to that state?" Sakura asked.

"Not when vengeance is on his mind" Anna said.

Drake snorted to which Anna looked at her dragon with an annoyed raised eyebrow.

"You wish to add something?" Anna asked.

The dragon looked at his master before growling chirps and hisses. Sakura watched the interaction between dragon and master. Anna looked even more annoyed as the dragon progressively told her the 'something' before ending it with a hiss. She wished she could understand what the dragon was saying but when she looked Anna again she thought differently.

"If you want I could skin you for that Drake" Anna growled, her eyes flashing gold.

The dragon however didn't back down he was just as annoyed as she was, his eyes flashing gold too. He growled and hissed a few more words before looking away in disgust. Anna's hand shot out and grabbed the back of his neck, lifted him to eyelevel.

"I understand your concerns since day one and I value your input but please remember that business is placed on hold. I know you cared about her but it has to wait" Anna said, her anger fading with each word she said.

The dragon chirped a few words before looking back at her.

"I promise. Just be patient." Anna said.

The dragon licked her wrist before griping her arm. She lets go of his neck, allowing him to climb up, crawling across her arm before resting onto her shoulders.

"What were you talking about and who was Drake's friend?" Sakura blurted out, announcing that she was still there.

Anna breathed out in annoyance, forgetting her student was still there.

"It's really none of your concern right now I have to find Inuzuka Kiba" Anna said.

"Please sensei, please tell me" Sakura begged. "You never tell me anything about yourself, all I know is that you were an orphan like Naruto and Sasuke" Sakura said.

"No Sakura, I had someone, many people, to take me in. They didn't. I'm not really an orphan if the clan that brought me in considered me family" Anna said.

"But…okay then tell me why Drake wants vengeance over this friend of his and who is this someone he wants dead?" Sakura asked.

Anna gave Sakura a grim smile before looking at Drake. He didn't look too happy about this but nodded.

"You know that Drake and I are bonded, right?" Anna said.

"Hai" Sakura said.

"I can't really tell you much but there are other like us that have different animals. Special and great like Drake and gives us master's their traits, like my eyes for instance they were this dark chocolate colour before I was bonded to him." Anna said.

"What else?" Sakura asked in curiosity.

"I'll leave that to be a secret, can't give everything away. Now Drake was a friend of this particular animal, they were almost the same in some ways" Anna said.

"And the master?" Sakura asked.

"An annoyance, like to experiment with healing people but all the same a nice person though could have just do without the freaky need to clean every hour" Anna scoffed but looked sad at the same time. "Anyway Drake was close to animal, pretty in-separate whenever there was a gathering but the problem with this animal was that it was wanted by another. A powerful shinobi thought he was the rightful master and so master and beast fought against this shinobi and lost both their lives. Drake expressed his wishes to kill him in return."

Drake snarled and growled in agreement.

"Language please, you're in the company of a ladies" Anna said.

The dragon chirped sheepishly.

"Who was this shinobi?" Sakura asked.

"You already know him" Anna said.

"Which is?" Sakura asked.

"I'll tell you when we meet him" Anna said.


"I prefer the term 'mysterious' but okay" Anna said.

"You two will never get along will you" Sakura said.


"Hmm" Anna said.

Sakura sighed before voicing her thoughts.

"So why the need to speak to Kiba?" Sakura asked.

Anna smirked.

Kiba watched his team mates train. He and Akamaru were resting against a tree while Hinata was practicing and refining her blows against the tree in front of him as Shino expelled his bugs into the trees, making them cut the leaves till the trees where bare. Just as he felt the need to get back on his feet three scents drifted across his nose before the presence of their chakra could be felt. One only familiar.

"Hinata, Shino, we've got company" Kiba said.

Shino retracted his bugs while Hinata stopped, panting from her workout. They all look towards the horizon. They spotted them as they appeared out of the vegetation.

"Sa-sakura chan" Hinata smiled.

"Hinata chan, Kiba, Shino" Sakura yelled happily.

"Hey Sakura, where ya been? The Village was worried. Thought you'd left like…er…" Kiba said.

"Like Sasuke? Sorta but it was for him" Sakura said.

"Hmm" her companion said.

"Guys, this is Anna. She was training me while I was away" Sakura said.

They both stopped walking and stood in front team 8.

"It's nice to make your acquaintance" Anna said.

"And you too, Anna-sama" Hinata said.

Anna looked slightly uncomfortable from that but mentally shrugged.

"What was the purpose of teaching Sakura when she was being taught by the Hokage?" Shino asked.

"Hmm. It does not concern you but it was at the upmost importance to help this village. Sakura is unique." Anna said.

There was a chirp to which team 8 watched as a lizard popped his head out from under collar.

"Odd looking lizard you got there" Kiba said.

"Hmm" Anna said.

"Anna-sama will you be staying in Konoha long?" Hinata asked.

"For a while" Anna said.

"Ah, Kiba? Anna wanted a word with you" Sakura said.

Kiba looked peculiar at her then looked Anna.

"A word? About what?" Kiba asked.

"Well…not you in particular" Anna said.

Sakura looked at Anna in confusion.

"But I thought you were looking for him" Sakura said.

"I was" Anna said.

"Then why don't you wish to speak to him?" Sakura said.

"Because it's not him I wish to speak to" Anna said.

"Then who?" Kiba asked.

They all followed Anna's eyes as they rested on the fifth member of team 8 that happen to be sleeping.

"Not to sound rude Anna sama but Akamaru is a dog, no offence Kiba" Shino said.

The lizard on Anna growled and hiss-chirped at Shino.

"My lizard was wondering 'What difference would that make?'" Anna said.

"You…understand that…gibberish?" Kiba said.

"Like you can understand your canine companion." Anna said. "But if you replace the short barks with the hisses you'd understand too."

Kiba frowned in concentration, comparing the hisses with barks then smirked "Easy".

"Just don't give it away" Anna said then looked at the sleeping form of the white dog "Anyway…WAKE UP PUP!"

Akamaru yelped, jumping up into the air before landing onto his feet looking around for danger before spotting Anna. The adolescent dog barked excitedly before launching into her, taking out the lizard from her coat.

"Sheesh, you haven't changed" Anna said.

She pushed the dog down as Kiba looked in curiosity of this.

"How did you know Akamaru?" Kiba asked.

"I knew his parents and their master. He placed your friend in that field for you to find" Anna said "As he did with Akamaru's other sibling in different lands."

Akamaru barked agreement before barking and yapping a few things more.

"I'm sorry that he put you through that Akamaru, your siblings are fine but you know he would never have left you in the care of someone bad" Anna said. "From my observations you and your friend make the perfect team along with rest of his and your friends"

Akamaru wagged his tail in gratification before barking again.

"You really haven't changed" Anna smirked before looking at Kiba "He was the brightest out of them. Even his father master agrees with me."

Kiba grinned at his dog with pride "That my Akamaru."

Anna turned back to Akamaru with a serious face.

"You know what Drake and I are right, so you know what your father and his master was right?" Anna said.

Akamaru barked, nodding.

"Then you would know that you are linked to them" Anna said.

Akamaru barked, nodding again.

"I need to speak to them. I need to get the others here" Anna said.

Akamaru nodded then sat down. Anna smiled and performed a few hand signs before placing finger on Akamaru forehead.

"This won't harm him will it?" Kiba asked in concern, curious to how she was going to contact 'them'.

"No it won't, if anything it'll be a tickle" Anna said then closed her eyes.

Anna appeared in a dark atmosphere with Akamaru by her side and Drake on her shoulder. Anna and Akamaru began to walk forward on an invisible path before they came up to a door. Anna felt the strain of moving towards it while Akamaru and Drake were fine. She grabbed the handle and knocked on the door.

"Chuugi, I need to speak to you" Anna grunted against the door.

There was a growl at door. Akamaru barked excitedly.

"And you Canike" Anna said.

The door slowly opened to reveal one very handsome man that would leave any woman drooling and nosebleeding till they were sent for dehydration and blood transplant. He was head taller than Anna, lean and muscular with soft smooth silver hair with a spiky fringe, wearing nothing but black and grey. His yellow wolf eyes crinkled up in joy smiling in seeing Anna and Drake before looking down Akamaru.

"Shunkashuutou, I see you've brought our star pup" the man said.

"Hmm" Anna said.

A large silver dog, that looked more wolf and could be ridden, appeared by the man side. It barked happily when it spotted Akamaru and began to lick his childe face. Akamaru basked in happiness, it had been a long time since he saw his sire.

"So you've used my animal's blood to contact me. Ingenious" the man said

"I learnt a few things from Jinchi, Chuugi." Anna said.

"I could teach you a few things Shunkashuutou" Chuugi purred.

Drake growled protectively as Anna rolled her eyes at Chuugi.

"As I said before and many times after the first time, not interested" Anna said.

"One day I'll have you" Chuugi said playfully.

"Keep dreaming" Anna smirked.

"Constantly" Chuugi sighed before leaning against the door frame "What can I do for you?"

"I need you to contact as many of the others as soon as possible. They need to be in the hidden Leaf Village, Konoha" Anna said.

"Have you found Eisei's and Cerpens's killer?" Chuugi asked.

"He's on the constant move but it concerns the Great Forest Spirit's child" Anna said.

"So you've been sent to train her" Chuugi said.

"Yes, but it wasn't easy. Her Inner kept on making things a little…difficult" Anna said.

"Hmph, someone should, you've always got stick up your ass" Chuugi said.

"Hmm you're just jealous it's not your penis" Anna smirked.

"Oh I'm hurt" Chuugi faking a mournful sigh "A true dragon, going hot to cold in seconds before going hot again"

"Hmm. As I was saying I've been training the Forest Child and she's grown quite powerful now, it won't be long till she'll take down the Akatsuki with the Kyuubi vessel and the Uchiha boy" Anna said. "Have you found out what the Akatsuki will be using with tail demons chakra?"

"No but Nozomi and Lepus has made a quick run around and has found that Jinchi and Nezumi are residing in secret country of Whirlpool" Chuugi said.

"And?" Anna asked.

"Jinchi and Nezumi are going to head into Sand. They're going to watch over the Shukaku Vessel" Chuugi said.

"Is he insane?" Anna bluntly said.

"Probably, the old coot always thought that sleep deprived pyscho's were the best people to talk to" Chuugi said. "But at least you know where to find him in two months time"

"Wonderful" Anna said sarcastically.

"Shunkashuutou, you need to go now. You're chakra is straining through this connection" Chuugi said with concern.

"I know, I can start to feel the effects already" Anna said.

There was strong bark from Canike, still being nuzzeled by Akamaru.

"I know but I need to find out where the kousei spot is." Anna said.

"Nozomi and Lepus informed Kigakiku and Bora, they are on it so you don't have to worry" Chuugi said.

"And the replacement?" Anna asked.

"We have no idea, but she'll decide who it should be like Canike and Drake had with us" Chuugi said.

"Yeah but they never gave it to us easily" Anna sighed, she faltered a bit.

"Shunkashuutou?" Chuugi asked, holding her steadily.

"I'm fine, getting a bit wozzy." Anna said.

"Go" Chuugi said.

Anna nods and turns but Chuugi pulls her back and kisses her on the cheek and smirks at her dumbfounded look.

"One for the road" Chuugi said.

"How thoughtful" Anna smirks back. "Let's go Akamaru"

Akamaru licks his father one more time before Canike padded back behind Chuugi. Chuugi gives Anna a dazzling smile before closing the door shut. Drake growled and grumbled.

"Hmm, arrogant, I wouldn't have guessed" Anna said sarcastically before they ally returned to the same spot.

Sakura sat next to Hinata by a tree as Shino and Kiba watched Anna, Drake and Akamaru. Hinata watched in curiosity before her eyes flicked onto Sakura.

"Sakura chan, wh-what did you l-learn from Anna sama?" Hinata asked.

"A tone of things Hinata, most of them to do with me" Sakura said "I wish I can tell you but Anna has told me not to say anything until Naruto is back"

Hinata smiled happily at the thought but sighed.

"It will be a long time till Naruto-kun will b-be back" Hinata said.

"Only for another year" Sakura said and looked at Hinata's appearance "I see you've grown your hair out."

Hinata grinned softly at her.

"I feel more at ease with it, my father says I look pretty with long hair. I look like a Hyuuga. I feel proud" Hinata said. "He acknowledges me and he wants me to grow stronger."

Sakura smiled back.

"I guess that will be a way for Naruto to acknowledge you too" Sakura said.

Hinata blushed and looked away.

"I-I don't kn-know what-t-t you-you-you are ta-talking about!" Hinata stuttered.

"It's obvious you like him Hinata" Sakura said.

"How obvious?" Hinata asked, looking back at the pinkette.

"Obvious for Ino to notice" Sakura said.

"Oh Kami!" Hinata moan, placing her hands over her face.

"Hina, don't worry. Ino isn't going to tell Naruto. They barely stand each other and you know how the rest of rookie 9 are. You're secret is pretty safe with us." Sakura said.

"I guess but I still wish to get stronger. I want to be brave like Naruto" Hinata said.

"His bravery is bit on the stupid side but I guess over the time I've known him he has matured to a degree" Sakura said then an idea came to her "Hey! I know why not ask Anna-sensei to teach you?! I mean sure she can be a real meany with the training but she has gotten me stronger. I'm sure she'll help you out"

"Yeah that could help me out. But what if she says no?" Hinata asked.

"Chibify your face and I'll do the rest" Sakura said.

"You sure?" Hinata asked.

"Positive!" Sakura beamed.

"Well okay, Kurenai-sensei has become really busy lately so this will be great. Do you think she'll teach Shino and Kiba too?" Hinata asked.

"She might teach you but I'm not quite sure with the boys so extra chibify your face" Sakura said.

"Okay" Hinata grinned.

A grunt could be heard before Anna stood up rubbing her head. It was slightly painful from all the mind walking she had done. She turns and smiled at Kiba.

"See, he's fine" Anna said.

Akamaru barked happily.

"You met your dad, you're going to have to tell me everything Akamaru" Kiba grinned.

"And you'll have to translate. I wish to know what has been going on too" Shino said.

"Hmm" Anna said.

"Hey Anna-sensei, would it be okay if you taught Hinata a few things along with the rest of team 8? Apparently their sensei has gotten busy" Sakura said.

"Yeah with Asuma" Kiba snickered.

Anna narrowed her eyes at Sakura.

"And why would I be teaching them? I'm a pretty busy woman" Anna said.

"Please Anna sama?" Hinata said, giving her the best chibi eyes look ever.

Anna could feel her resolve began to melt from one glance at Hyuuga heiress "Crap". Who can resist Hinata's sad puppy eye look?

"So that mean you'll teach them?" Sakura asked.

"Pain. A real big pain, you know that?" Anna grunted at Sakura.

Sakura just grinned smugly.

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