Summary: This is AU, and following Iason's release of Riki after three years. Instead of Riki being released for a year, Iason totally set him free, but after a year the Blondie has realized his mistake and is now attempting to locate Riki and have his pet forced back home. Jupiter having found out this information has located the ex-pet and is now curious of what draws her son, Iason, to have the mongrel back. So Jupiter takes an innovated approach to the problem and offers Riki a place under her rule, as her pet. I will also be introducing Jupiter as a female as it has the form of one in the Anime.

Disclaimer: This is owned by its author Rieko Yoshihara, and I'm only borrowing. You may notice many key points were also borrowed from Kira Takenouchi, who has written the 'The Taming Riki' Series.

This is their story:

Jupiter's Pet

Riki sat back into the often used hard pallet and pulled a leg up nosily as his boot scraped across the pale stone to fix his foot firmly on the edge. It was utilized as a bed for overnight guests in the cell for the enforcement division of Tanagura. He'd been caught in the outskirts of the city of Tanagura. He'd been trying to steal from a hover-car, Riki had been scoping out the car for hours, and hoped to find something to sell on the black market, and now having been caught and detained, he was awaiting his sentence.

What Riki didn't know was that his actions had been seen by a rival gang member and he'd snitched on him.

It has been a little over a year since Iason had released him, and he'd found his reception of being welcomed back on the streets of the slums non-existent. The long ago title of being the Prince of Ceres was only a memory now, and a vague one at that.

Things were different to him, and not in a good way. Like the first time he ordered soup and it came to his table, but without a spoon. When he'd demanded one, the owner and a few customers laughed. "Where do you think you are, Mongrel? Tanagura?" Then Riki remembered he'd never used a spoon before living with his Blondie Master. Lifting the bowl and blowing gently across the hot surface he looked around surreptitiously and noticed a lot of other things missing here that he'd only learned in the three years with Iason.

The people of Ceres didn't use utensils because they were expensive, and when they did manage to find them, they had more use into making them into weapons and other things. They didn't use napkins, paper or otherwise. The costs exceeded the need. There was also no 'free' water like in Eos. That was unheard of here because fresh water was a commodity not freely given to Mongrels.

Also the apartment he'd first rented for two weeks had also been an eye opener, so when he first entered Riki was shocked. He had picked it because his old apartment had been in the building and he'd been satisfied before.

It had been dirty and dark, and in the shadowed corners he spied running rodents. The sour odor made his eyes squint. The walls were bare brick and cement, and chipped at that. What walls that did have some sort of decoration had brown stains on some of the wallpaper. He'd lived in places like this before and had been so used to the dingy filth that he hadn't been bothered by it. The one bedroom apartment came furnished, and moving towards the bed he yanked the blankets back to cringe as his eyes fell on the sheets. The permanent stains from sweat, filth and more then probably semen, if not also blood spotted the otherwise thin, faded, white sheets. They had been washed, but the stains remained as a reminder of what they had been used for.

Horror lit his eyes. He could remember living this way, and for years, and without any thought that accepting this level of existence was wrong. That was because he hadn't known anything else. It had taken living with Iason to learn things could be better and cleaner.

Riki quickly checked out the bathroom and small kitchen. The dark stains of mold in the bathroom shower were disgusting. Running the water only managed to supply semi-warm water. In the kitchen it looked as if someone had attempted to keep it clean, but the rodent droppings only told a story that this place had been empty for a while.

"So are you going to take it, or not?" The manager stood at the door of the apartment, the spiral of smoke lifting into the air as a cigarette dangled from thin lips.

Not like Riki had a lot of choice, so he handed over his credit chip and allowed the manager to deduct two weeks in advance. When he'd retrieved the chip card and receipt back he looked at the balance and sighed. There wasn't much left, so he needed to find a job or score something big, and soon.

At first he tried to locate his old gang only to find rumors. Riki was told the old gang had split up and parted ways a few years ago. Riki had been told that once he'd vanished, the gang sort of faded away, much like his old title. A few like Luke and his long time buddy, Sal, had been caught just last month, and been terminated when they had been caught transferring pets illegally. Guy, from what a few could remember, had left the planet and begun a new life elsewhere.

The young mongrel was saddened to hear the deaths of some of his old gang, but it was fleeting, as it happened to a great many mongrels that lived in the slums of Ceres. As for Guy, Riki wished him luck.

Later he would find that the new gangs of Ceres didn't want him around. He had been lifting some expensive computer products when a gang of twelve caught him. They had not only pinched the stuff he'd stolen, but beat the hell out of him. Riki had managed to hurt more than a few of them, but the odds were totally against him. Once he was down, the leader had coldly informed him that he wasn't wanted in Ceres anymore, and he'd better return to where he came from, or he would be hurt worse next time.

Of course Riki hadn't listened; after all he had to make a living. And he wasn't going to Katze for a job when he knew full well that the male furniture was owned by Iason. So that left him few options.

The two weeks had passed quickly, and without any more credits to offer, he'd left his apartment. For the past weeks he'd been living in alleys, and under doorways. He'd found an empty building to finally stay for a longer period of time, at least six months before Riki had been chased out. But it seemed his luck was turning for the worse. The new gang in Ceres had a grudge against him and left Riki little room to operate. Each time he would score some merchandise, somehow they would find out about it and steal it from him. He'd been lucky so far as to not get caught again, but he was getting tired of running and hiding from them. They outnumbered him greatly.

There were times he wished he was back in Eos as a pet, but those thoughts were coming less and less. More times he would think of Iason and curse him for having changed his life so drastically that he wasn't happy in Ceres any longer.


He patted his jacket pockets to see if he had any remaining smokes only to press his lips together when he remembered smoking the last one two days ago. Leaning his head back against the steel wall he allowed his thoughts to wander. Riki wasn't sure what he was going to do if he even managed to get released this time. He didn't have anywhere to go, he was hungry, and the protruding ribs under his jacket could attest to the fact that he hadn't been eating well since he'd arrived back in Ceres. Especially after Riki had run out of the credits Iason had allowed him to keep long ago.

Riki sighed and curled his lip because he could guarantee that the guards wouldn't feed him either.

Hands lifted up to rub at his tired eyes. He winced when a bright light flashed into his cell. Riki peeked through his fingers only to have his mouth drop. A glowing spectrum of a shimmering figure peered back towards him. He swallowed hard and pressed back against the hard wall, wondering what this was.

The voice that came from the spectrum was soft sounding, "You are Riki the Dark?"

Belligerent in tone he answered, "What or who the fuck wants to know?"

"You will answer me with proper respect, or else I will have you punished pet." Yes, the tone was even keel, but the underlying steel was quite evident.

Brown eyes narrowed, and Riki answered sharply, "I'm no fucking pet!"

A moment passed, and small sounds of computer chirps sounded, "You are correct. Your registration of Z107M has been cancelled. That is very unusual; however it only makes this conversation easier."

Suddenly Riki realized who this spectrum was and breathed in harshly. It was Jupiter itself, and oddly enough the computer figure looked female. Riki shook those needless thoughts away because he just knew he was about to be terminated like a dog. "What do you want?"

Riki knew that Jupiter had always been against Iason claiming a mongrel as a pet, so maybe the AI computer was making sure that Iason couldn't change his mind? After all it was sort of hard to make a dead mongrel into a pet again.

Jupiter looked over the young boy sitting there trying to act so dangerous and brave. If only he knew that the fear and panic were reflected clearly in his eyes and the trembling of his body could be detected from her circuits. After a moment's pause Jupiter finally answered, "I wish you to become my pet, Riki the Dark."

Riki's eyes grew huge in his small narrow face. The lack of food had sharply defined the boy's handsome features. Like an explosion the boy finally answered, "No fucking way in HELL!" 'Why? Why did everyone seem to think he was pet material? Did he have a fucking mark across his forehead that said, 'PET'?'

Jupiter cocked its head to the side as if the comment were being translated into something it could understand. "So your answer is negative?"

"Fuck yeah!"

The door panel slid open and two enforcement agents entered the room. They gave shocked gasps when their eyes fell upon Jupiter's form.

The black haired mongrel pushed back unconsciously against the wall fearfully, his heart pounding hard under his chest.

"Please leave us for now, and expect three droids. I wish them sent to me immediately when they arrive." Jupiter then turned back towards the ex-pet.

Riki would have laughed at the expressions given by the enforcers, but he only managed to give a weak chuckle. It really was too funny to see their shocked expressions. He guessed it wasn't everyday someone this low on the food chain even got to see the Leader of the planet, let alone have it come and pay a visit to one of their incarcerated guests.

Reality shook the humor away. His body shook unconsciously with fear when the computer informed them of arriving droids. 'So this was it. Riki the Dark was about to be put down forever.' He sighed and looked down, long lashes concealing his thoughts. Riki had deliberated long over the incident that had brought the large Blondie into his life. When Iason had interceding for him that night years ago he'd breathed in relief. However, maybe it hadn't been the blessing he'd originally believed. Maybe it would have been better to have been killed because he had to be honest, being a pampered pet hadn't been that great, and Iason's Mink's discipline to tame him into a perfect pet had nearly driven him insane.

Oh sure, the food, had been great and plentiful, and the Penthouse was as lavish with the wealth it was adorned with. And he had to admit he enjoyed sleeping in a warm bed. He would have enjoyed it more if Iason hadn't insisted in sleeping in that same bed. Plus he had felt safe from the outside elements.

Oh fuck, it wasn't even that he found having sex with the Blondie bad.

If anything, Iason Mink was a fantastic lover, and gave as good as he got. But the tedious boredom of having nothing to do, combine with the waiting of hour after hour in the large apartment for Iason to come home only reinforced his wild ways. The mongrel found himself being punished because he strained at the confinements. The result was only because Riki lashed out from being inactive for hours onto endless more hours that the pet nearly exploded with the need for an outlet. Iason had never understood that part of his pet's personality.

Riki didn't have it in his nature to just be quiet and read or watch the vids. After all you could only watch so many vids before they began to look pretty much like the previous ones. The total inactively was what nearly broke him.

No, the life of a pet was great when you were programmed and bred for it, but Riki had known freedom. His will was a well mixed personality of independence and intelligence. That self awareness of there being something more beyond just a pet had been the crucial killer of Iason's plan for converting Riki into a pet.

When Iason finally agreed to release him, Riki had felt anticipation, and yes, a lot of fear of leaving, but in the end he did leave. Now here he was about to be terminated and he only felt resigned to his fate. He was tired of being afraid, cold and hungry. The gangs in Ceres made living there very difficult, and honestly, he hated living in the horrible conditions he had for the past year. He had nowhere to go, and had no one who would care he was gone anymore, so maybe this was his release.

"Negotiate with me Riki the Dark."

Riki's head flew upwards and his mouth dropped. "What?"

"To negotiate, we will discuss and bargain to an acceptable and mutual agreement."

"B-but...aren't you going to terminate me?" Riki stuttered.

"I fail to understand how that will acquire you as my pet if I have you terminated."

Riki snarled, "Why bargain with me when you can force me into being your pet?" He blinked quickly to hide the gleam of tears. He would not cry or beg for his life, and he would not show the sudden fear of being forced back into being a pet.

"Iason Mink has already attempted that avenue I believe, so I wish to try another. Be my willing pet, Riki the Dark. Negotiate with me." Jupiter scanned the ex-pet and found that the mongrel was pleasing to the eye. Could that have been the attraction to Iason?

When Jupiter had located the messages from Iason Mink regarding this mongrel, the computer had been curious. Iason was privately attempting to locate this pet and return the dark haired mongrel back to Eos. However, Jupiter chose to do things differently. It was a benefit that the incarceration of the mongrel was filed into the sub-section parts of her synaptic systems. Those files were reviewed daily by her internal programming, and that is when she'd seen it. In reviewing the pet, she decided to try a new approach, and see if this would tame the mongrel. His needs were not excessive, and he was beautiful. Now if only she could see about cleaning up his mouth. The excessive use of vulgar language would not be tolerated in polite society. Perhaps she could not totally eliminate the pet's use of the coarse language, but she would try to limit its use.

"I would offer you an incentive. Iason Mink has people looking for you. It would be logical to believe that he regrets having set you free." She left the rest unsaid. They both knew that Iason Mink would force the mongrel's compliance once he was captured again.

Shock was reflected in the deep brown eyes. If what Jupiter said was true, and Riki didn't have cause to think it was lying because it was something Iason would do.

He had been about too furiously and flatly refused the offer, and in a tone that demonstrated he meant what he said, when a small voice in his head said, "would it really hurt anything to hear what Jupiter offered?' His mouth opened to shout out his words; but they suddenly softened and changed to, "What do you offer?" He mentally consoled himself that if Iason caught him, the Blondie would hardly have asked his opinion on the matter.

A series of bleeps and chirps sounded, and then the computer voice answered, "My offer will be stated clearly so you as the pet cannot complain later that you were cheated. If you fail to understand the offer and later find it unacceptable, the fault will lie with you. Should I fail to comply with what I offer you, then and only then may you be free to renegotiate our terms. Is that acceptable to you Riki the Dark?"

Riki nodded slowly. Taking a deep breath he listened carefully because now he was curious of what would be offered. If Iason had stated his rules and dictates it might not have been as horrible being a pet, but the Blondie had tricked him. Maybe this time Riki might come out of this luckier than the first time around. There was also the fact that he had nothing more to lose.

"This conversation will be recorded and kept on the files of my memory banks. They cannot be tampered with. Is this agreeable with you, Riki the Dark?"

Brown eyes widen, and Riki nodded quickly. His voice lost in amazement.

"As I do not have a residence, or a need for one, I will set you up in a smaller penthouse in the Eos tower. There will be one male furniture to care for your basic needs and help with the upkeep of the apartment. Your duties will include meeting me once a day, or attending me when I call you. You will comport yourself politely with all Blondies and Elites, and no rudeness will be acceptable. I will supply you with a large allowance of credits each month. You are to purchase your clothing, and furnishings for the apartment with it. It will also be used for any outside entertainment. The male furniture will be supplied with a list of shops to order food and other necessities for the household." Jupiter looked towards the ex-pet with a calm expression, "Is there anything you do not understand so far?"

"Pairing, will I have to perform and pair in public or in private?" Riki mentally winced. He didn't mind sex, in fact he relished the exquisite pleasures it offered, but performing before a group of strangers really crossed his comfort zone. Pairing in private was sort of acceptable, but he disliked not having his choice of partner.

"No, that is not a mandatory request, but I will not allow you to pair with anyone not of my choosing." Jupiter turned silent and her computer sensors bleeped and chirped before she added, "That is not to say I will not accompany you to a few showings in order to display your obedience and perfect manners, once you can comport yourself properly as my pet."

He licked his suddenly dry lips as his mind whirled with the thought of how that would come out, but he had to be sure regarding the other, "So I won't have to pair with anyone in public, but I will not be allowed to pick anyone at random to pair with in private?"

"You are correct; I will not demand that you have to pair at the showings. However, Riki the Dark, if and when you desire to pair, you will approach me and I will produce the acceptable person for you to pair with. Do you now understand the list of my rules so far?"

Greasy black hair fell forward as he nodded with a touch of tension. That was other thing he missed, bathing. He pushed it back angrily, his mind still on the answer about pairing. It bothered him about having no choice in regards to the pairing partner. "What if I don't like the one you pick?"

"If you indicate your dislike of the partner I decide on...I will allow you to refuse."

'Okay, that was better than having no choice at all.' So Riki nodded, but for the moment kept his mouth shut. Jupiter had stating her offer, and it wasn't as if he had to accept it, but still another thought came to mind and he had to ask. "What are your thoughts on masturbation?"

Jupiter considered the question and answered, "Mongrels need the outlet of sexual activity, so I will give you permission in that regard."

"Thank you." And the mongrel really meant it. While it was true he disliked pairing in public and forced into having sex with just anyone, he did enjoy the release that sex gave him, even if he had to use his own hand and imagination. "Please go on with your requirements?" He'd added the please in order to prove he could be polite when the situation warranted.

"You will also be required to accept the teachers I will supply you. I do not wish an ignorant mongrel to converse with. I will demand you learn to read proficiently. There will be lessons in manners, arts, philosophy, and current events. We will discuss them all, and I will insist on your opinions regarding these matters."

Riki gulped. This was way more than Iason had ever demanded from him, but still, something small like hope began to swell in him. He's always disliked how uneducated he was when compared to how brilliant Iason was, and he'd always felt a bit ashamed that he couldn't in any way or shape elevate himself even close to proving to the Blondie that he had a brain too.

So what that Riki was street smart, it wasn't like he could use it when he dwelled in Tanagura. "I can accept that." Yes, he would do his best to learn, and without Iason around to mock him for trying to better himself, it might really work.

"You will also try and limit your use of expressing yourself by means of vulgar and obscene language."

Here, Riki gulped. Now that would be something very hard for him to control. There were times he mentally lost control of his mouth and swear words would fall like rain. "I'll try, but I can't always stop myself."

"Then with trial and error we will attempt to convert your vocabulary into something both of us can find acceptable. Now-"

Jupiter was on the verge of listing further rules with the door panel opened and three floating droids entered. They were small, about three feet in length, each with an identifying colors and marks. There was a steel gray colored one with the mark of MPA9. Under the small hood-like head a series of lights flashed. The designs of all three were the same, only the coloring differed. The jet black one was marked MPP2, and the other was deep rust brown, with the mark of PP1.

Jupiter had stated he wasn't to be killed, but Riki's gut clenched as the three droids hovered inside the room and the door closed leaving Riki alone with Jupiter and the three machines.

"These three will serve a purpose towards you, Riki the Dark, as my pet."

The three droids turned slowly towards Riki with unseeing eyes, but with flashing lights they seemed to stare at him. "What will they do?" Riki asked warily.

"The MPA9, is your pet assistant. The MPA9, will be with you always. It will never leave your presences. It will attend you, for when you leave the apartment-"

With eyes growing wide, "I'll be able to leave the apartment?" Riki could barely grasp the concept. To be free to leave Eos, and walk around, and just go where he wanted to?

"Of course," the tone almost had a human element of, 'how foolish are you?' "All pets need fresh air and exercise. The MPA9 will be your guide and perhaps later someone to talk to. The droid is self-aware and able to process self intelligent conversations and has a great capacity to be self taught. It can reach logical conclusions, and offer you good advice and opinions, once it is accustomed to you."

"And what about the other two droids?"

"The MPP2, is your protective droid. It will monitor your safety in the apartment unseen, and will only travel with you when you leave the apartment. And the last, the PP1, is your punishment droid."

Riki paled and swallowed hard as he took in the rust colored droid.

"I cannot touch you physically, so they will perform that duty for me. Should you break a rule, you will be punished, and the PP1 will not be swayed by tears, screams or begging."

The ex-pet was now seriously thinking over the positives and negatives of becoming Jupiter's pet. He'd hated being punished by Iason, and he'd really hated being punished needlessly. Jupiter voice broke into his thoughts as it continued speaking.

"When you leave the apartment, you will be required to wear chains."

He was already shaking his head. He hated chains. No, it was more than hated, he loathed them. ", I can't."

"MPA9 droid, release the chains and show Riki the Dark what he will be required to wear." Jupiter ignored the words coming from the boy's mouth. These chains were not like the others. She had put a lot of thought into this, and Jupiter knew the ex-pet had fought against the chains placed upon him when he belonged to Iason, and fiercely.

A small panel opened and silver chains with cuffs spilled downward with a tinkle of sound.

"The cuffs and chains are attached to the MPA9, and you need only wear them when you leave the penthouse. As for the tracking devise, that will be a collar placed around your neck. There is a hidden camera, and beacon for in case anyone attempts to bring harm to you."

The dark haired ex-pet slid from the pallet to stand, and slowly neared the droid to lift one chain. It was light, but strong, and the cuffs were made like jewelry, or bracelets. The detail was clean and the design sort of pretty. Riki looked up at Jupiter with a question in his eyes.

"You may try it, and see if it's acceptable."

With a small snap, the cuff closed over his slim wrist, and he turned it one way then another. It was comfortable. It didn't squeeze too tightly, and it didn't hurt. "Will I have to wear it always?"

"As I stated before, no you will not, but when you leave the apartment they will be required. You will also never wear them as punishment." That was another consideration Jupiter had changed. The pet needed simple rules to begin with. She would take it step by step in having him taught the ways of a pet, but there would be changes because logically, the mongrel had not been genetically made to be a pet. Jupiter truly believed Riki would thrive under her ownership. "Now, state your needs or wants for becoming my pet, Riki the Dark."

Ignoring the question for a moment, "I've seen other pets walk around without chains, so why would I have to?" asking a real concern in his eyes.

"This will keep the peace in Tanagura and Eos if the Blondies and Elites see you chained at all times while outside. You will not find them as confining as other chains, and the MPA9 will keep pace with you."

"I'm not sure. After all I've never really been a proper pet before." Riki began. "Plus I don't like being punished for something that isn't my fault." Remembering how Raoul loved to get Riki in situations that he couldn't explain himself out of. Then the Blondie would turn the story around making Raoul look good, and Riki as the bad and naughty pet.

"That is understandable, and the need will be eliminated when you wear the collar. I will be able to see and hear everything, so no one can accuse you or frame you for unwarranted punishment. But beware that you will be punished if you disobey me."

"I'll do my best to obey the rules then." Thinking it wouldn't really be a bad idea. If Jupiter was watching him at all times, he could roam around the city with a freedom he'd never enjoyed before.

"See that you do."

Riki's hand lifted to this throat and remembered about that collar, he whispered, "Iason-"

"Lord Mink."

He blinked and suddenly understood. Jupiter had begun the lessons to teach him the politeness and courtesies the computer would demand and be required of him, should be accept being a pet. "Lord Mink had me wear a cock ring, and if I become your pet, my ring will be a collar?" Recalling the tight and uncomfortable collar his ex Master would have placed on him.

"The collar is much like the cuffs." Jupiter stated, and drew his attention back to his wrist.

"The cuff isn't that bad," Riki said while turning it one way then another. "Could I try on the collar?"

A computer chirp sounded and a small panel on the droid opened to show an elegant and lovely collar with what looked like a large, if shiny stone, fixed in the middle. It was lying at the bottom. Riki lifted it up and carefully settled it around his neck until it snapped in place. Again he was surprised by the light weight of the metal, and as it warmed to his skin Riki could barely feel it. He smiled to himself, and took up the other cuff and snapped that in place. Deciding to move and see how the chains would work with him attached to the droid, he was again amazed when the droid followed silently and smoothly with him. It was hardly even an effort to think about it. There was no tugging and pulling like Iason used to do with him.

"The droid will follow you wherever you go. It will only prevent you from entering establishments that do not allow pets unaccompanied by their Masters. If you should need to enter those types for any reason, you will need to inform me, so I might take you."

Now that was a shocker, " would take me?" eyes wide with disbelief.

Again Riki felt as if he'd asked a foolish question. "Of course, as my pet it is my duty and obligation to keep you happy and healthy. It is also your duty to please me, and obey all the rules specified, and my other rules of conduct."

"More rules? So, you haven't told me all the rules then." Riki's eyes turned narrowed with suspicion.

"Riki the Dark, of course there are more rules, but the most basic have been listed. The ones not stated are standard, and common sense, like I would require you to wear a jacket when it rains. Eat when you are hungry; inform me when you are ill. My duty is to keep you healthy, and I shouldn't have to state every rule regarding that."

He would never know how the words came from his mouth, but years later Riki knew he never regretted saying them, "Yes, I'll be your pet, Jupiter."

Without any indication of surprise at the mongrel's compliance, "Your pet number is now A107M, and you will address me as either Owner, or Master."

"Isn't that an A-Class pet number?" he asked in astonishment.

"I am Jupiter, and I will not have the lowest pet on the planet. So keep that in mind, pet, if you decide to disobey me."

"Fuck, that would be one for the Elites to gossip over, wouldn't it, Master."

Jupiter ignored the unacceptable word for the time being. After all it was not being said in public.

A tug of lips and Riki smiled, "Owner, may I call you Mistress Jupiter?" Regardless of the un-entity of Jupiter, Riki knew he would place Jupiter in a female status, if only in mind.

"Explain your reasoning?"

He shrugged, "Lord Mink used to allow me to call him Iason when we were in his penthouse, and you look female, so...Owner, would you mind?"

Jupiter thought it over a moment then answered, "It is acceptable." Then the voice turned stern, "But only while we are alone. Otherwise you will call me Owner, or Master. Now come, I require having you situated in the penthouse before I leave for some duties I must attend to."

The station released him with no fuss, but many eyes followed as a chained Riki followed the droids out the door and into a hover car. It would be the talk for many months to come.

Whispers sounded when Riki entered the large tower entrance. He hadn't been seen in over a year, and now he was following one droid that he was chained to, and another two followed him as if protecting the mongrel. They all had one thought in mind, 'What was Iason Mink doing now?'

Jupiter shimmered into existence when the elevator doors closed, and this time Riki didn't flinch back. He only waited for his owners orders.

"Your apartment is one floor under Lord Minks, and the new male furniture was installed a few hours ago.

"You knew I'd agree, Mistress Jupiter?" Riki asked, even as he felt manipulated.

"The odds were in my favor, pet. Do not upset yourself because you followed logic." Indeed, she was grateful to know her new pet was intelligent enough to have seen the greater gain then being stubborn.

When the pet didn't protest, Jupiter continued, "There was not enough time to purchase you a bed-room set, but a bed was located, and freshly cleaned sheets and blankets. The furniture has prepared your bath, bed, and made your dinner. I wish you to bathe, eat and go straight to bed. You have a long day tomorrow to purchase clothing, furnishings, and stock up your kitchen."

"Yes Owner Jupiter." He said while mentally deciding that he'd better get used to addressing his new owner in the proper way, plus Riki did feel tired, and a bath, food and sleep sounded just wonderful to him.

Looking over her pet she made a decision, "Sleep in pet because I have a change of plans. The furniture will stock the kitchen, and you will expect a healer to show up and give you a thorough examination."

"But Owner-" Riki protested.

"This is not debatable, pet! You will accept the examination. You have been on the streets too long and I will find out if you're healthy, or in need of medications." Jupiter's tone had grown sharp and firm. There would be no refusing her order.

A long sigh sounded, "Yes Owner, I'll obey." If there was one thing that boggled Riki's mind, it was that it was easy to obey his new owner. Jupiter would never have her feelings hurt, she would never hold a grudge or become jealous and possessive, and in return, Jupiter only demanded his compliance. Something he could do easily when his emotions weren't involved. Plus the computer was rather reasonable and easy to get along with.

Just as Riki was about to ask a question, his Master vanished and the doors opened. He followed the droid down the hall until they reached a set of double doors. The droid spoke, "Pet, put your hand on the panel to accept your print and open the door."

Entering the apartment, Riki couldn't help his mouth from dropping. Far across the room was a large balcony, and the mongrel could see the lights from the city glowing. Sure, the apartment didn't come close to being as large as Iason's, but it was large enough, and it was all his. The other droids entered and the door closed behind them. The MPA9, released Riki's cuffs and they slowly retracted back into their compartment. The voice from the right had all of them turning to see a male furniture wearing a tunic of his status.

The male furniture was of medium height, and the pale blue coloring of his hair was shoulder length, and he had light blue eyes. Slim without looking scrawny, and his voice was soft and calming. If what Riki saw continued, he didn't think it would be a hardship to share the penthouse with the male. Of course if the furniture got on his nerves, he'd beg his owner to get rid of him.

"Sir Riki? I'm Emiis, and I've been ordered to care for you." Emiis explained.

"'s nice to meet you. My owner told me that you have my bath ready?" Riki didn't know what else to say, and he really wanted to get cleaned. The thought of sinking his body into hot water nearly made him shiver. His body had been constantly cold for so long that he wasn't sure if he knew what it felt to be warm anymore.

Emiis smiled and directed him towards the large master suit bedroom. The boy had managed to purchase some sleep-ware, and he hoped his charge liked them. "This way, Sir Riki, and you will also find something on the bed to sleep in tonight." Opening the door, "You can explore later, but this penthouse has a Master bedroom, and five large guest rooms with adjoining bathrooms."

Riki blinked sleepily, "Fuck, that's really nice sounding."

Soft laughter sounded, "I will tell you more about the apartment later Sir Riki. Your bath is waiting just through that door." Emiis pointed in the correct direction.

A curt if short nod followed by a large yawn was seen as Riki entered the bedroom. The MPA9 droid followed right behind him. It was a long time before Riki exited the bathroom drying himself off. He usually didn't wear anything to bed, but he could hardly walk around naked, and he didn't want to get back into his filthy clothing before getting to bed. Looking around he noticed his clothing had vanished, so Emiis was probably seeing that they were getting cleaned. Riki was grateful. He slipped on the silk bottoms of the sleep ware and left off the nightshirt.

The MPA9 droid followed his charge silently. Riki never even noticed the droid when he walked towards the door, his bare feet sinking into the soft thick carpet.

Exiting his bedroom into an empty penthouse Riki wandered towards where he believed the kitchen might be and found the dining room. It was a large room, but no furniture as of yet. A door was to his left and so he entered it to find the most wonderful aroma of food catching his senses. He ignored the large and spacious kitchen due to the attention of his growling stomach.

"I hope that's dinner because I'm starving." Riki moaned.

"I apologize for not having a proper table to sit at, Sir Riki, but this was the best I could do on such short notice." Emiis said with a grin.

The small table was set for one, but had two chairs. Riki noticed the two plates sitting on the counter, each filled with adequate portions of noodles, mushrooms and cut beef. It was topped with a drop of sour cream, and looked utterly delicious.

After taking his seat and being served, Riki hungrily began to eat, and looked up with a full mouth still chewing to see the boy Furniture eating while standing up. Taking up a glass filled with something orange, Riki sniffed it then took a sip. It was cool and fresh tasting. "This is great, what is it?"

"Just juice, Sir Riki. I thought you might like it." Emiis said with a warm smile. "If you make a list of your favorite foods, I'll make sure to keep it stocked up."

"Thanks, and I will." With a wave of his fork, Riki swallowed, "You know you can sit, that is if you like."

"Oh no, Sir Riki, that wouldn't be proper, and it's only for tonight. When your furniture arrives tomorrow, your apartment will become much more comfortable for you."

He ate more slowly now that his ravenous hunger had been appeased. Brown eyes burned with the need to sleep. Drinking down the last of his juice he polished off the remains of his dinner and settled his fork down. "I better get some sleep. I'm really tired now."

"Yes, our owner indicated that you were going to sleep early tonight. I was also informed that you would be sleeping in tomorrow and to prepare your breakfast then, and you are to eat it while in bed."

Riki looked sort of shocked, if not delighted, "In bed?"

Emiis laughed, "It will be no hardship, Sir Riki, and our owner ordered it."

Half asleep, "Well, if it was ordered, who am I to disagree. Night, Emiis, and dinner was really great." Riki rose and stumbled to his room and his bed. Slipping in between the clean, sweet smelling sheets, Riki sighed in pleasure. The clean scent of sheets and the warmth and comfort of the bed had him falling into sleep quickly.

Jupiter shimmered into the room and soft muted computer chat sounded between her and the MPA9 droid. "Has he been obedient?"

"Yes, Jupiter, he has obeyed each order without complaint."

"Acceptable. I believe the pet has always been obedient, but Iason Mink never knew how to control the mongrel pet." She vanished without another word. The MPA9 droid hovered to the top corner of the room and settled into sleep mode. It left a motion detection signal in place should the pet wake up and leave the room or if anyone entered the bedroom. The other two droids had positioned themselves into another part of the apartment, the MPP2 moved silently from room to room for surveillance, and the PP1 waited until it was needed for use.


The next morning, Riki yawned and stretched under the warm sheets and blankets. With blinking eyes he inhaled deeply and looked around in confusion. It was only as last night's events returned to his memory that he smiled. Sure he was a pet again, but the deal really seemed sweet this time around.

Rising from the bed he took care of his immediate needs before returning to bed. He remembered that punishment droid and had decided early on that he wouldn't put himself into a position that might get him punished.

Moments later Emiis entered the room with a tray for breakfast. "It's good to see you up, Sir Riki." Emiis smiled and settled the tray over the pet's lap, "The Healer will arrive in about 2 hours, so that will give you plenty of time to shower and dress. I took the liberty of having your clothes last night cleaned. You will find them in the closet."

Munching on a piece of bacon, Riki sighed in pleasure. "Thanks, and thanks for the food. This is delicious." The pet forked up some eggs and began to really enjoy his breakfast. He couldn't eat much because he still felt full from last night's dinner, but what he did manage was enjoyable.

Once he'd completed his meal, Emiis took the tray away and gave Riki his privacy to get ready for his appointment with the healer. The MPA9 droid watched from above, and when the pet entered the bathroom it silently fixed itself to a top corner to wait.

Riki nervously touched his collar with trembling fingers. It wasn't that he was scared of the Blondie healer, but he didn't trust them. He could only pray that Jupiter was watching and listening. He looked up and slightly relaxed when he saw the MPA9 in the room watching the Healer silently. To the left Riki noticed the MPP2 seemed to be on alert as well.

"Pet, undress and sit here and I'll begin the series of tests." Healer Kodoze had first been surprised when the request for an examination came from Jupiter. When he found that it was a pet he was to care for, and a Mongrel pet at that, he'd at first been insulted.

Kodoze could see the black haired mongrel was nervous. The boy undressed, handing his clothes to the male furniture, and walked to the chair naked to sit down stiffly. Kodoze silently handed the pet a thin cover-up. It would not hinder the tests, but give the pet a means of some modesty.

Not that he really believed that an animal had any modesty left, but there was something about the red tinged cheeks that forced Kodoze to recall Jupiter's last message, 'Be sure to not make your patient uncomfortable.' Therefore in his best interests, he offered the pet a means of covering up. Which from watching the pet hurriedly covering himself presented a clear indication that the pet was embarrassed to be bare before him. Fascinating.

What further intrigued him was that Kodoze was aware that this pet used to belong to Iason Mink, and from the rumors he'd heard, the pet was uncontrollable, excitable and just plain vulgar and rude. But this pet was quiet, even if he'd yet to say one word. However, Kodoze hadn't asked the pet any questions, so it would be against the rules for a pet to initiate the conversation.

With quiet efficiently, the pet was scanned. Blood drawn, skin samples taken, and a structural, and organ analysis overview processed. The results would be determined in the medical lab, but the samples had been retrieved.

"You may dress now, pet." Kodoze turned to the waiting Emiis, "Please inform your Master that the results will be given to Jupiter, and she will forward them on."

"Yes Sir. I will give our Master the message," Emiis having watched from another part of the room. Now however, he was handing Riki his clothing.

Kodoze packed the samples and equipment away only to mumble under his breath, "I fail to see why the owner couldn't have been on hand. Most unusual." He then turned towards the still dressing pet, "What are you called, pet?"

"Riki,...Sir." Nearly stumbling over that last part, but managing to push it past his lips. This was the first question given to him in the three hours of testing.

"Yes, I thought you were the same pet." The rhetorical comment was muttered softly. With a blink, the Healer seemed to remember where he was, "Have your furniture fix you normal portion meals three times per day. Until your intake of food is back to normal as someone of your height should be, you should hold back from eating food with a lot of fats and starches, as it will make you ill. Also, I'll leave a prescription for your Master to get you. You are under weight and will need the nutrients the medicines will offer you." He eyed the now scowling pet and met it with a stern look of his own, "Obey me in this pet. If I find that you have not relayed the message, I will advise your owner to punish you."

Emiis spoke up quickly, "Oh Sir, do not worry. I will make certain that our Owner is made aware of your orders."

Riki flushed, and whispered, "Yes, Sir. I will inform my owner of your requirements."

"See that you do. I'll also being sending your Master a list of injuries that have shown up on the scans. There are no broken bones, but small fractures were revealed that might need further looking into. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir." Riki answered with a nod.

"Good. Now I must leave. I have another appointment to attend."

Emiis hurried ahead of the tall Blondie to escort him from the apartment as was protocol. The MPP2 followed silently, but high above them. It resumed to its normal position once the visitor left the apartment.

The remaining day was exhilarating for Riki, especially when his Owner had a messenger report to the Penthouse with the credit folio. The Messenger had also carried Riki's medicine.

In shopping abandonment, Riki bought all sorts of clothes for all occasions. When his arms were weighed down the packages, he and the droids returned to the apartment to leave them in Emiis' care. Riki ate the lunch prepared for him and even took the prescribed doze of medication before taking off again to shop for furniture. He left Emiis his list of favorite foods, and happily stocking up with everything needed in the kitchen.

There were many stares and looks directed his way, but that was to be expected as it wasn't often that a Mongrel pet was kept in chains and attached to a droid, and another floating and hovering after them. Riki ignored them all. He was now the pet of the strongest Master on the whole planet, and as long as he behaved himself, he could do whatever he wanted.

The MPP2 droid had informed Jupiter, through their connection, of their earlier trials of shopping and how they had had to return to the apartment because of the amount the merchandise the pet had purchased. Not even an hour later, Jupiter had a hover car and driver waiting at Riki's convenience, and the pet took full advantage of it as he shopped to his heart's content.

His next stop was a small shop where the new pet purchased a carton of his favorite cigarettes. Exiting the shop he was seen puffing on one with a bright smile.

Store employees' and owners had only to glance at his portfolio before showing the pet anything he desired to see. Riki was left to his own devices when selecting on his choice of living room furnishings. He was debating on a large sofa unit when his MPA9 droid spoke, "Jupiter wishes to inform the pet that this sofa selection would be highly recommended for the living area. Your Master has also issued a statement that your previous choices for the kitchen and dining room are in excellent taste."

A rare smile flashed on the pet's face. "Please tell my owner that I will accept the recommendation and will purchase this unit." An impish smile played on Riki's lips, "Please tell our owner, thank you, for the compliment."

Riki having purchased everything he would need for the day felt a bit tired. The store had promised a quick delivery, and hopefully it would already be in place when he returned home. Riki exited the hover car and informed the driver that he was done for the day. With the two droids on either side of him, Riki checked past the DNA scan area and casually walked towards the elevators that would take him to his apartment. Having ignored the Elite and Blondies nearly all day, it came as a big surprise when his arm was suddenly gripped painfully, and finding himself jerked around to discover a tall Blondie gripping at his arm.

It was on the tip of his tongue to start attacking vocally when Riki noticed who it was, "Lord Raoul Am. It's a pleasure to see you again." He said through gritted teeth. Polite, that was all Riki had to be, but he sure wished the ass would release his arm, the Blondie was squeezing it so hard it was beginning to hurt, and Riki knew it would leave a bruise.

A sneer grew on Raoul's mouth, and just as he was about to offer up some scathing words, the MPP2 droid's voice came from behind him.

"Lord Am, please release the pet and remove yourself from the pet's personal space." Lights flashed brightly and quickly, as if in warning.

"What-" Raoul's eyes grew wide, but his grip never faltered. Riki's MPA9 droid hovered closer, and it too began to flash in warning signals.

Quick whispers began to grow louder all around them.

What wasn't known was the instant communication between Jupiter and her droids. While it wasn't common knowledge that the computer now owned a pet, it wasn't going to be kept a total secret. Jupiter needed time in order to train and teach her pet the qualities she wanted instilled into the mongrel.

Jupiter gave permission for the droids to protect her pet at all costs without offering Riki's ownership. That would be a surprise for later.

"You have been warned, Lord Am, if you do not release the pet, I will forcible remove your hand for you." The MPP2 voice continued to remain calm and emotionless.

"You'd better let me go, Lord Am. I believe my protector droid speaks the truth." Riki advised even as he hoped the Blondie wouldn't let go because he really wanted to see the droid in action. What was a bruise compared to seeing the shit beat out of this Blondie. And there wasn't a better person in all Tanagura that he wanted to see get hurt.

"This is preposterous!" Raoul jerked at Riki's arm causing the pet to wince in pain. No sooner than the words passed the Blondies lips, the droid went into action. Duel streams of lights exited from under the helmet and began to attack the tall man without remorse. Raoul screamed under the electric shocks of the stunning rays as it hit his arm and body. Lord Am released the pet with a quick jump back, anger fueling his face. Now both droids hovered in front of the Riki in order to protect him.

Riki was now in the position of having to keep up with his MPA9 droid due to still being attached to it. Not that it was that difficult, the MPA9 droid had released more chain in order to give the pet more movement.

"Who is your Master, pet?" Raoul growled out.

The MPP2 droid answered, "That information is classified and of no immediate need to know, Lord Am."

Amber eyes flashed towards the droid, "I wasn't speaking to you, droid. I asked the pet." He then turned his eyes back to Riki. "Now I demand you answer me pet, or be held for punishment for disobeying my order."

Riki the Dark might have not been given a formal education, but he wasn't a fool, and if his droids refused to give the Blondie the information, he wasn't about to either. "I believe my droid answered all that was necessary, Lord Am."

Fury cut deep creases into the handsome Blondie face, so much so that even Riki felt a ripple of trepidation. After all the Blondie was much bigger and stronger then Riki. The droids were quick, but could they really protect him from an enraged Blondie?

It was when the large Blondie stepped forward as if to test Riki's very thought when a flash of bright light burst into life around the Eos' shopping quarters. Jupiter had arrived.

"Raoul, May I inquire why you are hindering this pet?" Jupiter had assessed that Raoul would not be easy to placate without her intervention.

Lord Am stood astounded for a space of seconds before bowing his head before his maker and leader. "I do apologize, Jupiter. I was only seeking information from this pet of his ownership, and was denied." He glared towards Riki before turning to look up at Jupiter, his beautiful eyes intelligent and calculating. "This mongrel is the property of Lord Mink, and I feel the pet has escaped or been stolen. I do not recall Iason informing me that he'd rid himself of this pet." Oh sure he'd hoped and begged for the day Iason would terminate the pesky mongrel, or at least rid himself of the little beast.

The other Elites backed away, but not far enough to not hear the conversation. Low whispers and speculations spread quick and furiously from person to person.

Jupiter turned towards her pet, "Pet, return to your home. I will deal with this matter."

Riki bit on a lower lip and whispered, "Yes-" He broke off not sure what to say, but was saved from saying more when the MPA9 droid began moving towards the elevators, pulling him along. Not like Riki was really fighting, he wanted to return to his apartment.

The MPP2 droid replied in Riki's stead, "We appreciate your help in this situation, Maker. We will return the pet to his Master's home." Then turned and followed after the retreating pet and MPA9 droid.

On the walk towards the Penthouse, "Do you think Master will have any problems, MPA9?" Riki crossed his eyes having to remember the droids handle name, and totally lost interest in what was going on below him. After all, as he claimed before, Jupiter was his master, and she was the leader of Amoi. What could a dumb blonde do to him?

"I do not believe so, pet."

They entered the room and Riki continued his train of thought, "You know guys, this MPA9 and MPP2 and whatever that other droid is labeled is very confusing. They entered the now furnished living area and Riki gave a soft whistle of delight. "Now this is what I call nice. Our Master sure gave good advice."

The MPP2 droid floated away since his charge was safely in the Penthouse.

Absently rubbing at his wrists when the chains were released, Riki walked to the new sofa, and with a large smile he fell back into the large and plush couch with a small bounce. "So guys, can I ask all of you to come here for a small meeting, or do I have to ask our Owner?" Riki hadn't noticed one droid leaving. He settled his arms along the back of the sofa and grinned.

The MPA9 droid spoke up, "We are here for you, pet, and any reasonable requests are to be followed." A few beeps and flashes of light indicated another kind of communication going on before the other droids entered the room.

Riki sat up and looked over to what he now considered his personal staff. "Now I don't want to be a pill, but you three need some names, at least something so you'll know I'm talking to you. What do you think?"

That private conversation between droids flashed back and forth and the MPP2 answered, "Specify the names."

"Huh?" A confused pet responded.

"I believe the MPP2 wishes to know what type of names you would refer to us." The MPA9 droid said.

Scratching his head for a moment, Riki suddenly smiled. "I know. Well, like you for instances, your name is MPA9, you're a Pet Keeper, and the PP1 droid is a punishment droid, and you," pointing towards the deep black droid, "you're the protection. So how about we name you for your function?"

"Indicate the names as you would call us, pet." The MPA9 pet asked.

"Well, you'd be called, Nine, because of your number and because you look out for me. Then how about, Guardian, for the MPP2 because he guards me. As for the PP1, we could call him Punisher." Riki smiled at his ideas.

"Why would my name differ from the other droids?" The MPA9 almost sounded confused.

Laughing softly, "I'd like a more personal name because you're always with me." He turned to the other droids, "So is that all right with you?"

All three answered quickly in response, "It is agreeable to us."

Guardian and Punisher left without further words to return to their duties. Jupiter had enlisted the newly named droid, Punisher, to help guard the apartment when the Guardian left with his charge. She'd felt it was a useless task to be kept inactive when the PP1 droid could do duel duties.

Soft laughter sounded from the entrance of the living area. Nine turned to view if there was a threat to his Maker's pet or not. Emiis was standing there with crossed arms in amusement.

"Greetings to you Sir Riki. I do hope you didn't mind me overhearing the conversation."

The mongrel leaned back again with both arms outspread along the edge of the sofa and smiled, "Fuck, no. You'd need to know their names anyway."

"I wanted to inform you that dinner will be ready in a few hours. Plus a computer message was left on your personal computer database-"

"What computer?" Riki sat up with an eager look on his face.

"While you were out and the furniture was being delivered, a special delivery from our Master arrived. The technicians installed a new computer system in the kitchen, and Master bedroom."

"Fucking yes!" Riki leaped to his feet and ran to his room. Emiis and Nine followed at a slower pace. Emiis more amused to see how happy his charge was over a computer system.

Nine floated to his normal corner high above and watched.

Emiis found Riki sitting down in front of the computer keying in for information regarding his new system. "I also wanted you to know that all the furnishings arrived and have been put into their appropriate rooms, but if you desire any changes, please let me know and I'll make sure to have them moved."

"Yeah, sure, right," Riki answered absently, and trusting Emiis to know how to decorate a room in a tasteful manner, and it wasn't as if the boy hadn't been taught those kind of things.

"I'll leave you to play on your computer, Sir Riki." Emiis turned to return to his own room when Riki twisted in his seat.

"I almost forgot, did they bring in the bed and stuff for your room?" He'd nearly forgotten all about the boy during his shopping, but Jupiter had made a comment of how Emiis slept on the floor the previous evening. He'd mentally shrugged; it wasn't like Riki hadn't had to sleep in less than wonderful conditions over the years.

Riki had returned to a few shops, and with his personal droid's advice, they had purchased Emiis a semi-full selection of clothing for his own personal use.

Emiis smiled brightly, "Yes, and I thank you for the clothing as well, Sir Riki."

The dark haired boy smiled uneasily because he had forgotten about the kid. "I'm glad you liked them." Twisting around towards the glowing screen to find a few sites he was interested in.

Emiis turned to leave with warmth lingering inside him. He had been surprised to find a nice selection of items for himself, and the clothing had been a double shock. The look in the Pet's eyes indicated that his charge might not have been the one to remember Emiis would need a bed and clothing, but it didn't matter. If his owner had had to remind Riki, at least their Master was caring for the both of them.

Just as he was about to exit the bedroom, Emiis remembered, "Sir Riki, please check the messages from our owner. Master informed me it was your schedule for next week when your teachers arrive."

Riki pushed back his hair and nodded, "That's right, I forgot about that. Thanks Emiis."

Emiis padded away as he had to check on dinner and then place the newly washed sheets and blankets on his bed. Then there was also putting his new clothes away. And with a light skip in his walk he returned to his duties.


"Iason, I'm telling you that it was that mongrel Riki." Raoul snarled and further added under his breath, "Not like I could mistake that mongrel beast."

Iason calmly smiled, "Raoul that cannot be correct. While it's true that I initially set the pet free, I've had a change of mind and I'm in the process of attempting to locate Riki and have him returned to me." Slender fingertips touched in pyramid style, "Riki having been given his freedom would not return here, and becoming another's pet," Here Iason laughed softly, "The mongrel would never agree to it."

"But WHY?" Raoul exclaimed in anger having only heard the part where Iason wanted the mongrel back. "Leave the menace in Ceres where the low life belongs."

"Raoul, you just informed me that you recently had an altercation with Riki, but to prove to you that he's not here but in Ceres already, I'll do an inquiry through the computer." Iason was rising to his feet and walking towards his computer console. He could hardly believe it himself, but he had to be sure.

Raoul nearly ground his teeth in frustration. "Maybe I was wrong, but it looked like the nasty bastard."

"Then I will prove it to you." Tapping sounds were heard. Raoul moved to look over Iason's shoulder as the screen provided the information Iason requested. "See? His pet number of Z107M is still showing as unregistered. You said the pet said its name was Riki?" Raoul nodded to the question and watched the gloved fingertips tap in another set of key commands.

Negative Match

"Maybe the pet lied?" Raoul offered.

"No, I don't believe any pet would outright lie," Iason said softly with a thoughtful look. "The computer only matches precise information for any set command. So let me try for a random match." Another sequence of keys was tapped and suddenly a list of names popped up.

The other names were an indiscriminate use of the name of 'Riki' included into the pet's name, but what had Iason narrowing his eyes was the last entry.

Spot Match Listed Below

Name: Riki the Dark

Pet Number: A107M

Pet Type: Mongrel

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Pet Age: Twenty

Owner: Unlisted

Owner Residence: Unlisted

Pet Residence: Eos Tower Penthouse

Raoul wanted to curse out loud, but softly said, "So it's true. The mongrel is now owned by another."

"Jupiter is not going to be pleased." Iason informed his friend. "The new owner not only took a mongrel for a pet, but they had a new registered classification placed on the pet, and not any classification, but an Academy pet Classification." Iason's lips pressed tightly together.

"How the-" Raoul gasped.

"I do not know, but rest assured that I will find out how this was accomplished and the person behind it will be punished." Iason was enraged. It wasn't enough that his pet was owned by someone else, but to go against the rules and give the mongrel an A-Class status was against all of Jupiter's rules. Once Jupiter found out, the Elite who instigated this fraud would be lucky to escape a memory wipe.

"Iason, find out who the owner is!"

"I'm already looking, Raoul." Iason's fingers flew across the keyboard. Every avenue continued to come back Negative Match

"Damn! I didn't think that was possible, Iason. How can the Master's name not be listed?"

"I don't know." Iason sounded perplexed and frustrated. Then with a sudden thought his fingers tapped in another set of keys. Iason straighten up, "I found out where the pet lives."

Amber eyes flashed, "Where?" Having wondered why the little shit had been in Eos anyway.

The irony wasn't lost on Iason Mink. "In Eos, and very close by." Iason arched an eyebrow towards his friend before saying dryly, "The penthouse below my own," he answered. Cold blue eyes turned to look towards his friend. "I believe a visit tomorrow evening will be appropriate."

Raoul's eyes grew cruel, "Yes, and I can't wait to meet the Elite who undermined our societies rules."

A gloved hand waved up, "I believe a solitary visit from Iason Mink should be enough, Raoul."

"Iason!" Raoul began to protest.

"No, I don't wish to aggravate this incident further." Keeping in mind that he wanted Riki back, and with Raoul along, Iason knew the Blondie would do everything to hinder that coming to pass. "I don't wish Jupiter to become aware of this situation."

"How will you conceal it? Jupiter knows already. Do you recall my words earlier today? About Jupiter arriving to protect the pet?"

Yes, he had forgotten. "Still, I wish to deal with this alone."

"Fine!" Turning to grab his dress jacket and storm to the front of the penthouse. Raoul turned towards Iason, "At least tell me what happens?"

Blue eyes soften, "Yes, I can do that. Goodnight my friend."

A sharp nod and Raoul left.

Below, one level from Iason Mink's, Riki had just completed arranging the vid and sound system for his entertainment in the living-room.

"Yes!" Riki picked up the remote and commenced to do the programming. Once that was completed he sat back and began to change the channels to see what programs were showing. Murmuring to himself, "This is so fucking great." He nearly laughed out loud. Sitting back into the sofa he ran one hand over the soft fabric and allowed his eyes to look around the room. Emiis had fit the furnishings in a tasteful manner. The room was warm and comfortable. The boy had even lit the fireplace, and looking towards the balcony Riki could see it was raining again. Amoi seemed to always be raining.

Emiss walked quietly into the room and set down a bowl of popcorn and a glass of juice on the table in front of his charge. "I thought you'd want a snack, and this is listed as acceptable on the list." Emiss smiled and departed after hearing Riki thank him.

Pulling the bowl close, Riki began to pop a handful of popped kernels into his mouth. Curling his legs up onto the sofa he leaned back and watched the news. He watched half aware, the other part of his thoughts thinking on how safe he felt. He reached for the glass and drank a bit before setting it back down with the bowl. He smiled. Riki was warm, and not hungry, and it was all due to his current Master. Yep, life had gotten just a bit sweeter. Still, next week the teachers would arrive and his time would become a bit busier.

Jupiter had sent a message to inform him that his required daily meetings with her would also start next week. This week was for him to become acclimated in his new home and have everything in place.

Riki was also wondering what his Owner had said to convince Lord Am in order to leave him alone. Jupiter hadn't said, but still when next he saw her, he would ask. There was also a worried thought of what he would do if he ran across Iason. That too he would ask Jupiter's opinion on.


Iason was frustrated beyond belief. The floor where Riki resided with his Master was inaccessible to him yet again this time.

As promised, Iason had attempted to visit the Penthouse one floor beneath his own. The tall Blondie had ridden the elevator to the floor level where his ex-pet now lived, only to find that the panel lit as 'Access Denied'. The doors would not open; Iason even tried his override code. The response repeated 'Access denied.'

His first thought was to inform Jupiter and allow the powerful computer to aid him, but worrying thoughts of bringing any harm to his pet paused such actions.

As the weeks went by, Iason tried a few alternative attempts only to fail each time. He saw by the logs that others were able to enter the floor, and Riki was able to leave without any problems.

The first time he managed to catch up with the mongrel pet, Riki would not meet his eyes. "Pet, I need to speak with your master, so I would require his name."

A nameless droid responded, "That information is classified, Lord Mink." The two droids kept the Blondie well away from the handsome pet. Iason couldn't help but allow his eyes to roam over the small pet. The silver chains with jewelry like cuffs made for an enticing picture, and the accompanying silver collar around that slender throat nearly made Iason moan. He'd never thought a collar of that type could be so arousing.

Ignoring the droid, Iason whispered, "Riki, please talk to me." When Riki continued to turn his eyes away, Iason asked, "How are you pet? Are you well?" The softly worded question shielded the vulnerability that the tall man felt.

With a jerk of Riki's head, brown eyes quickly met Iason's face, "I appreciate the thought behind your inquiry, Lord Mink. I am well, thank you for asking." Riki gave the polite response because the question didn't ask for personal information, and Jupiter demanded that her pet always be polite to the Elites'. Plus it didn't hurt to practice the nearly scripted words taught by his teachers.

At first the answer excited the tall man because the pet had responded, but it would be later that the simple reply would show how much his little pet had changed. "Riki, you need to tell me your master's name. The classification of your pet ID is against Jupiter's laws, and this could cause him no small amount of problems." Iason informed his ex-pet, but he had plans to regain ownership.

Riki bit a lower lip and gazed around with a helpless look before another politely scripted reply came to mind. He turned his attention back to the lovely Blondie, "Lord Mink, due to the high level of your station, I will not be rude. Should I in anyway offend you, please accept my apologies because they are not intentional, but I will not offer you my Master's name without expressed permission. That permission has not been given to me, so I must ask you to discontinue this line of questioning."

Silence reigned, and only Iason Mink was shocked, no, stunned. Riki had politely, and flatly refused to release his Master's name, and all said in a perfectly elegant manner. If he continued this line of questioning, it would be going against Riki's master's orders, and Iason would come out looking badly.

A/N: Okay, this is my 1st time writing in the 'Ai no Kusabi' world, and I was just doing it to have a little fun. If you dislike it, that's fine because it's just some writing fun for me, but I hope you enjoyed it.