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Chapter 4

The feeling that flowed through was one that he'd felt when he was newly abandoned. Fear. His mom had just vanished one day when he was six. Months later a dirty Riki had been digging through the trash looking for something to eat when he heard tempers flare. Having discovered that hiding was better than begin caught found him crouching behind a few large trashcans overflowing with garbage. Peeking around he could see two teenagers yelling over thrown away, half eaten food one of them had found, but the other boy felt he deserved it more. He'd hid and watched, and brown eyes had widened in shock at the first blow. Hit after hit they went at it like two animals. Riki had been so scared, but so amazed. Thinking that one day he would be as strong as those boys. He just knew once he could fight like that no one would ever push him around again.

It wasn't until he'd come across the bigger than life Iason, who had taken him for his pet, that he'd learned there was always going to be someone bigger and stronger than him.

Now Riki stood frozen as he watched Iason and Jupiter confront the truth. A small measure of disquiet crossed his mind because of the foul word that had escaped his mouth due to his shock. 'Oh fuck! Me and my big mouth! Now I'm in for it.' As if Jupiter knew his thoughts, she turned to him with a brief look before she waved slightly with her projected fingers towards him to relax, and to indicate that she would forgive his transgression, at least this time.

Riki relaxed with a soft sigh. He then focused back to the current situation between his master and his ex-master. A nudge had Riki recalling that Nine lingered behind him, and with a spark of mischief in his eyes he whispered to this companion, "Nine, do you think it would be appropriate if I settled into my regular spot to watch this?"

A green light softly blinked in response to the pet's question. Riki grinned and with a slow stride made his way to Jupiter's platform in order to kneel on the black cushion along its side. He could feel blue eyes watching him carefully, but kept his gaze lowered.

Iason burned with rage and focused back to his long time caregiver and believed mentor and friend. "Why is my pet here?"

A transparent computer screen appeared and Jupiter responded, "The records indicate my current pet was freed over a year ago."

Swallowing back his anger with a strong will, "I never intended for my pet to be freed permanently."

Riki flicked up wide eyes that narrowed in anger when he heard that. How dare that ass just decide to play with his life! Who the hell did he think he was?

"The records do not indicate this reasoning in the files either. You have no grounds for the return of this pet, he belongs to me now."

Iason had never felt such an urge to hit something. His face froze in anger. "I will purchase him from you." He forced the words out after having watched his pet saunter over in a casual manner before kneeling along the side of Jupiter's platform. It wasn't that he was displeased of the action in itself. The pet was graceful and alluring in his beauty. No, what had him practically grinding his teeth was due to the pet's un-ordered respectful obedience. What he did for the leader of the planet was something Riki had never done for him. Ever! Every command or request had been a battle that resulted in punishment in order to force the pet to finally obey. Nothing was ever easy with Riki; he never gave anything willingly unless Iason was able to overwhelm the pet from either the sheer pain of punishment, or the pleasure of his body. However, when it was over, Riki would pout for submitting, and become angry for having surrendered even to his passions.

"He is not for sale." Jupiter's calm voice responded. She quietly took in the quick pace of Iason's heartbeat and pulse. Each twitch, clench of fingers or press of lips was notated for future examination.

A soft growl sounded before Iason turned around with a swish of long blond hair.

When Iason growled, Riki had quickly lowered his head to hide his amused face. That was rapidly followed by a raised hand to hide a smirking mouth and muffled snickers. While he was able to avoid punishment for the 'Oh shit!' comment he wasn't so naive as to believe that his Mistress would accept him for enjoying Iason's pain. So he hid the impish expression that looked a lot like a kitten lapping up cream.

Iason's mind was processing strategies, logically tossing many away as the conclusion wouldn't mentally reach his goal. He fought to calm his racing emotions, and yet admitted the only reason his emotions had ever reached the surface to become exposed was due to his naughty pet, Riki. "What do you want, Jupiter?" Iason finally asked in a calm tone while turning around. He hated being in such a vulnerable position, but for now there was no help for it.

The tension grew at Iason's question, and Riki glanced up to see Jupiter's response. He really didn't want to leave the sweet deal he had with his Mistress. In fact, he'd never been happier than being her pet. She wasn't as demanding as Iason, and while the punishments were creative and hurt, he knew they were justified. And wasn't that an eye opener for Riki.

With Iason the punishments were hit and miss, and the Blonde confused the hell out of him. It was like he changed the rules at a whim, as if the ass enjoyed inflicting pain on him. Nope, he liked it just fine where he was. The rules were simple and he was able to conform and obey them easily. So when Jupiter didn't immediately answer, Riki began to tremble with a touch of anxiousness.

Jupiter ran her computer sensors over her son's face, "The pet belongs to me, however…"

Iason quickly questioned Jupiter at her pause, "However?" Blue eyes focused intently at his parent/mother. Jupiter had been one of the main caregivers to him when he was growing up. While Jupiter was a computer, it cared for him, protected and taught him.

"If the pet should state he wishes to return to you, then you may have him." Jupiter's voice replied.

Dark blue eyes flashed to Riki's with intent. "Pet, inform your Master that you wish to return to me."

Riki flushed with anger, and a quick look towards his Mistress indicated that she wouldn't be interfering. She watched silently, and waited. Riki wanted to snarl and use every filthy word in his arsenal to inform Iason what he really felt about his order. Iason hadn't even asked, but simply ordered Riki what to say, but he finally managed to answer, "I wish to stay with my Mistress, Lord Mink." So maybe it had come out as a soft growl, but hell, he'd been polite about it.

"Inform your Master that you are returning to me, Pet! That is not a request." Iason bit out the words in a cold hard tone.

With a confused and lost searching look towards his Mistress, Riki became more bewildered, and couldn't understand why she wasn't saying anything, but when he turned to look back to his ex-master the corner of his eye caught the end of the chain located along his side. He'd never really looked at it before, but Jupiter had the chain installed soon after he'd begun visiting her. The links were delicate and small, but very strong. The color matched his outside chains and the collar around his neck. She had told him there would be times she would need some form of punishment in her chambers in case he got out of hand, but he'd been behaving, so he'd never been forced to use it. Privately he thought it stretched the agreement between them of no chains used for punishment, but again, it wasn't as if they had ever been used.

With a determined look in his eyes, he grabbed up the chain and linked the attachment to his collar. "Thank you, but my answer is no, Lord Mink. I wish to stay with my Mistress." Without thinking, Riki wrapped the chain around his fingers and curled them into a tight fist. Riki met Iason's eyes with defiance, even if a touch of fear flickered within the brown orbs, which he desperately tried to conceal. With a clenched jaw his features dared Iason to remove him from Jupiter's side without a fight.

With a half step that looked like nearly a lunge towards the disobedient mongrel, Iason snarled, "Jupiter is your Master, pet. Jupiter has no gender, so disregard what you think because Jupiter is not a female for you to manipulate. I demand that you say you belong to me!" Iason snapped at Riki.

Riki bit back his response and tired to think of anything to make his point more direct, and when it came to him, he nearly shook at his thoughts. It also helped that it added more fuel to the growing fire of anger in Iason's face, and Riki suddenly let go of the chain. Because in the end he would rather die than be returned to Iason as his pet.

Iason drew in a deep breath when Riki relinquished the links from around his hand, believing the pet was finally going to obey. However, his eyes narrowed and lips pressed tightly together when he realized the mongrel was defying him yet again when the small pet began to shift and move his body.

Riki stared directly into Iason's eyes and slowly began to move and positioned himself into the perfect form of an A-Class pet seated along his Mistress. One of his teachers had instructed him of the basic position in case it was needed in the right conditions, and right now in Riki's mind, it was needed.

He pulled his back and shoulders straight and tight which unconsciously showed off the beauty and lines of his body. The soft tinkling of the chains had a harmonious sound in the quiet room. Riki could feel the cool links shifting to brush down the front of his silk shirt, and it pulled to expose tanned flesh while his hands moved behind his back to indicate he acknowledged her power over him. Knees parted to expose the strength in his thighs and groin while the already tight leather molded to every curve. And finally, as if in insult to Iason, Riki lowered his head to show submission to his Mistress. Mentally Riki was stating, 'Eat your fucking heart out Iason, you could never get me to do this for you.' "I stay with my Mistress," firmly and deliberately using the form of address for a female owner.

Filled with white hot anger Iason took another step towards the pet in order to force him to acknowledge his authority, but Jupiter halted his next action. "The pet has chosen, so he shall stay with me." Having seen that she and her pet had pushed her son dangerously close to losing all control, "Iason, sit down and we will discuss the situation." She turned towards her pet, "Pet, unlock the chain and return to your rooms."

Riki wanted to stay, and almost said as much, but the droid must have noticed because he was flashing the red light closest to Riki. The mongrel wasn't stupid, he knew Nine was silently telling him to keep his mouth shut, and so with a soft sigh, "Yes Mistress." Quickly obeying he unlocked the chain and stood, and before leaving he offered a very small bow of his head to the Blond man, "Pleasure to see you again, Lord Mink," and he left the room with Nine floating close behind Riki's silent steps. Riki mentally prayed that Jupiter hadn't noticed the sarcastic undertone he'd added when bidding the Blondie goodbye.

"He truly is a most remarkable pet, my son. Wouldn't you state as much?"

Iason cast his eyes down to hide his anger as well as other emotions he couldn't understand. How did Jupiter manage to make that pet obey? When after three years of training the mongrel, Riki had not shown half the obedience that he'd displayed today. Finally unable to keep silent, Iason asked in a calmer manner, "How did you get him to obey?" Believing the computer had mind-wiped the pet and re-trained him, but Riki didn't have that blank look most mind-wiped subjects had when put through the process.

"Initially I must give you credit for having done the most training of the pet, Iason." Jupiter began.

Shocked eyes looked up, "Riki would never have put himself into the A-class sitting position when I owned him. He would have fought me until I had no choice but of punishing him."

"You misunderstand; you showed him a new way of living. The pet grew to like city living, and being returned to the slums no longer suited him." She explained.

Racing thoughts had him say, "You forced him to become your pet and you assumed his obedience was because of his past living conditions?"

"You presume I had to force the mongrel to become my pet?" Jupiter eyed the blond male curiously.

Blond hair swayed gently under the motions when Iason shook his head and sharply replied, "Riki would have never accepted becoming a pet again. Even when I freed him and later thought to have him returned…I knew I would have to compel him. That it would not have been a willing acceptance to return to me and take his place as my pet."

"You were always my brightest student, Iason. However, you disappoint me that you are so blind in this area, but essentially your statement is correct." Jupiter could see the thoughts running past those stunning eyes. Her son was truly a brilliant example of genetic engineering, and she couldn't have been more content to acknowledge it, but the AI computer wasn't pleased to note that Iason was blinded by certain characteristics of the pet. Now her circuits were locating what else her son was lacking in, or more so in what was so special with this mongrel. "The pet grew used to having plentiful amounts of food, a warm place to live and sleep. Regardless of how you treated him, the pet liked those aspects of city living."

A thoughtful expression crossed the blond man's face, "I could still offer him that, so why did he refuse to return to me?"

"Iason, while you fed the pet's need for creature comforts, you extracted a harsh payment in return." Jupiter began.

"What payment?" Iason asked in confused tone.

"All of the punishments, and lack of freedom."

"Those were not payments! Those were deserved because the pet wouldn't obey." Iason snapped. Under his breath, "This is ridiculous."

"What rules were broken that the pet deserved punishment?" she asked. Jupiter left off for the moment the 'freedom' aspect. They would return to that.

Suddenly Iason's lips grew tight and silent. How could he inform Jupiter that the pet wouldn't pair with him willingly? Especially when it was against Jupiter's laws? "He had to be chained and punished often because he was rebellious and stubborn."

Ignoring his statement for the moment, Jupiter softly said. "Do you realize that Riki hates chains?" Jupiter stated the pet's name to prove a point. He was her pet. "He nearly refused my request because he couldn't see himself wearing chains again."

Shaking his head, "I've heard reports that the pet always wears chains when he's moving around the city."

"Have you inspected or looked at the chains he wears?"

"Yes, they seem rather insubstantial in strength, so perhaps the pet doesn't worry that he couldn't escape if he really felt the need." He leaned back into his seat to center his attention on his mentor.

If a computer could feel smug it would have at this moment, and Jupiter finally responded. "The metal is from the section sixth zone cluster of planets, and I believe you know what precise planet I am speaking about."

Iason swallowed. "The metal composition is the strongest on that planet, and very expensive. It's the reason why we use it to construct our science research facilities as well as…drones" Iason's voice faded when he thought of the magnitude of wealth the pet wore on his person, and the drones that protected him.

"Very expensive, but it pleases the pet because it's so light and delicate in form." Jupiter explained. "I have not informed the pet of how much wealth he wears while traveling around the city because it's not needed, but I wanted you to be aware that the pet can't escape so easily." Nor did Jupiter truly believe Riki would attempt it, even if she ever had reason to remove the collar and chain rule.


Riki entered his apartment to Emiss calling out, "Sir Riki?" The slim blue haired young man came around the corner with a curious look. "I thought you would be longer."

"I thought so myself, but…" Riki brushed lightly past Emiis to enter the living area while informing the helpful young man. "Lord Mink was already there." Riki grabbed up the remote before falling back onto the couch, his favorite piece of furniture, he continued. "I don't think he knew I was going to be there."

Having followed his current charge Emiis hissed softly in shock. "So what happened?"

"I'm not really sure." Riki was confused about the whole visit, but felt a great relief that his ownership hadn't been returned to Iason. He could just imagine the punishment Iason would inflict once the Blondie had him inside his penthouse. Riki shuddered at the thought. Especially after having refused him, so he could imagine it would have included a lot of pain.

A soft sigh sounded from Emiis, "So I guess Lord Mink is aware that you're owned by Jupiter now?"

Riki shifted on the couch and shrugged. "Not a lot he can do about it, but yeah, he knows."

Thoughtfully Emiis hesitated for a moment before commenting, "Well, I guess it couldn't have been that important since you have returned home." Riki remained silent, and Emiis suddenly glanced towards the kitchen with a smile. "Anyway, I have a surprise for you, Sir Riki."

Pulled from his thoughts, Riki looked up, "What?"

"In the kitchen," Emiis grinned and began to walk towards the kitchen door, "I thought we could expand your taste buds." Glancing behind Emiis nodded towards the door. "Come in and see."

Leaving the remote on the couch, Riki stood and followed Emiis with suspicion. "What have you got in there?"

The kitchen table was littered with bowls and plates. Jars, cans and bottles were also lined up neatly along the counter.

"What's going on Emiis?"

"Take a seat, Sir Riki." Turning to pick up a container and a fork, Emiis carefully pulled out a small vegetable and placed it on the large plate in front of Riki. "Try it, and see if you like it."

Eyeing the young man with a measuring look, Riki picked up his own utensil to stab the slippery blob. It shined with some type of oil and skittered across the plate. "Are you sure I can eat this?" Even as Riki attempted to stab it again and finally did. Lifting it to eye level, he sniffed it, "It smells odd."

Emiis chuckled, "Just take a bite. Try it." The furniture began spooning out other items from the line of containers that were open onto the empty spaces of Riki's plate sitting on the table. Just a few at a time for Riki to taste and sample, and hopefully to enjoy.

Riki shrugged and popped the leafy item into his mouth and slowly chewed. The texture was soft, and yet the taste was mild with a strong, if sharp hint of sourness. With a strange look he looked towards his servant, "What is it? It tastes okay, and it leaves an odd after taste."

"It's an artichoke, and it's grown on Terra, our home planet. It's been marinated in oil, and many find it delicious." Emiis explained, he added another portion, "Do you like it? Try another piece."

Riki picked up another piece and popped it into his mouth. Chewing thoughtfully, he said. "This isn't bad. I could get used to this."

Emiis slowly removed items from each container to smaller dishes as he explained, "Many of these items can be used in many recipes, and that's the reason I wanted you to taste them because it will expand the menu you now enjoy. Plus it gives you many more options to pick from, and you never know if you'll tire of eating something." He next placed plate after plate on the table for Riki to begin sampling.


A gray metallic droid silently moved across the room to investigate the disturbance at the front door. It automatically sent a message through its circuits to the other two droids that someone was as the door chiming for admittance.

Activating the viewer to access the front door Guardian instantly accepted the incoming transmission from the maker. The information given was acknowledged, and the reasons behind Lord Mink visit. "Lord Mink," a computer voice from its droid housing indicating to the tall Blond male that it recognized his presences through the speaker.

"Jupiter has allowed me this, droid." Lord Mink stated.

"Acknowledged, Lord Mink," Guardian stated as Jupiter's approval and access information completed the transfer. "You may enter, and the rules will be enforced during your visit." The door unlocked and opened for the Blonde to enter the apartment.

"Where is the pet?" Iason asked even as his eyes glanced around the tasteful entryway. It still had that newest of not having been lived in long. The bare walls testified to the fact. He handed his long coat over to the droid that extended out a clawed hand.

"The pet is in the kitchen, Lord Mink." The droid replied before floating away to put away the coat. Without acknowledging the metal machine, Iason strode towards the closed door only to pause at the soft voices coming from behind it.

"Damn, this is delicious Emiis, what the hell is it?" Riki exclaimed in pleasure.

A soft giggle sounded, "I knew you'd enjoy that Sir Riki. It's called marshmallow cream. It can be added to fruit, sweeten crackers, desserts…"

Riki licked his spoon clean, "Make sure you add this to my dessert, I want to try it that way."

"Of course, Sir Riki, and perhaps I could cut up some fruit tonight so you can try it that way first. I'll make something using that for dessert tomorrow night." Emiis smiled and snatched the jar from the counter in case Riki decided to eat it all in one sitting. He quickly pushed another sample forward. "Try this next."

A soft whine sounded, "But I wanted to try more of that marshmallow…"

"No, no. If you eat it now what will you have for dessert tomorrow night?" Emiis softly laughed.

A moment of silence greeted Iason, and as he was about to enter a gagging sound reached his ears.

"Oh fuck! What the hell is this?" Iason's lips twitched in amusement. It sounded as if his precious pet didn't enjoy that last taste.

Peppers were the response followed by a laugh. "I do apologize Sir Riki, I should have warned you about those. They are usually added to a dish to add favor, but due to its spiciness, it's not usual to be eaten alone."

The sound of water running and the sound of gasping had Iason reaching the logical conclusion that the pet was gulping down water to fan the heated flames in his mouth.

"No, that won't work…"

"Dammit! What will work Emiis, because my mouth and tongue are on fucking fire!" Demanded an aggravated and in pain mongrel.

Opening the door slowly, Iason could see the male furniture pushing a glass of white liquid into the pet's hand. As he gulped the last drop down, Riki put the glass down on the counter and began to breathe deeply while rubbing his watering eyes.

Riki blinked the salty tears from his eyes only to see Iason standing in his kitchen. He rubbed his eyes again as if the apparition would vanish as quickly as it arrived.

"Pet." Iason's softly firm voice sounded in the now quiet room. He continued when Riki seemed to stare at him in shock, and who could really blame him? "Jupiter and I have come to an agreement."

Riki felt his knees quiver as if they wouldn't hold him up any longer.

Emiis lowered his eyes and quickly began to remove the dishes from the table, and replace the lids to the jars and cans still on the counter. When he passed Riki to put away the items in the cooling unit, Emiis whispered quickly, "Sir Riki, he's a guest, and a Blondie…offer him refreshment."

He blinked as if coming from deep within his mind, but Riki managed to choke out, "Offer him what!" One hand extended to the back of his chair in the hopes that it would ground him and not let him fall. Riki would have never in a million years thought of this happening when he'd gone to visit Jupiter. Then his mind snapped back to Iason's words, 'agreement…what agreement?'

Seeing as his charge still in shock, Emiis quickly spoke up, "Lord Mink, may I offer you some wine?"

Nine focused intently on the pet and the male Blondie. While the instructions had been implicit, the droid was aware of its true priority. Jupiter had ordered all the droids to protect the pet at all costs.