Not long after the events of Once A Ranger the essence of Thrax had managed to survive. With his body destroyed Thrax went to seek out a vessel that will support his essence. The spirit of Thrax found its way to Angel Grove University where resident genius Professor Billy Cranston taught. The malevolent spirit overshadowed him while he was teaching a class after leaving a cryptic threat of his return, he raced past his students and crashed through the second story window landing on his knee to everyone's shock and headed off into the forest his students could only watch not knowing what had just happened. Meanwhile across town Alpha 6 had picked up on the massive surge of evil energy.

"Aye yi, yi, yi, yi, yi! Adam come quick!" he cried.

The former Black Ranger raced into the room to see what was happening.

"What's wrong Alpha?" he asked.

"A massive surge of evil energy has just appeared here in Angel Grove!" the robot cried.

"But that's impossible, there hasn't been any evil monsters in the area in almost 10 years. You don't think its Thrax do you?" Asked Adam.

The robot turned to him.

"I don't know, and for all our sakes I hope not." Alpha said.

"I just hope your wrong Alpha." Adam replied.

In an abandoned research lab on the far side of the town Professor Cranston chuckled to himself malevolently.

"Yes, soon the master will rise." He said, a close up showed Thrax's reflection in his glasses.

"I'm going out to see if I can find the source of the disturbance." Adam said as he left the dojo.

"Aye, yi, yi. Please be careful Adam." Alpha pleaded.

"Don't worry I got my morpher with me. If things get ugly I'll call for backup. I have to make sure everything's all right." He told the robot.

Alpha 6 stood their eyes flashing back and forth in silence.

"I just hope your wrong about this." he told Alpha.

"Be careful." Alpha told him.

"I will, I promise. Watch the students for me." He told him.

"You got it." Said Alpha.

Walking out of the dojo he climbed onto his black Harley Davidson motorcycle and attached a tracking device to his gas tank and took off. After searching the city for about an hour, the scanner led him to an abandoned research facility outside of town shutting off his bike he detached the tracking device and stuck his morpher in his coat pocket and went inside. Walking down a dark hallway with his scanner and flashlight in hand he crept down the hall undetected and turned down the volume on his tracking device it didn't take long for Adam to find the source of the disturbance as the beeping accelerated as he made his way around the next corner. Coming out into the opening he walked onto a metal catwalk and saw his former teammate Billy Cranston on the ground floor.

"Billy?" he said to himself.

The professor turned and saw the Black Ranger standing above him.

"Hello Adam." He said in a low sinister tone.

"What are you doing here? Did you pick up on the disturbance also?" he asked.

"Disturbance?" asked Billy.

"Yeah Alpha 6 detected a massive surge of evil energy. He was thinking that Thrax might be back." Adam told him.

"Who's Thrax?" asked Billy.

"He's the son of Lord Zedd and Rita. Me and a group of other Rangers defeated him a couple days ago." He explained.

"No I didn't know that. How did you find this place?" the professor asked.

"I was using this scanner and…" when Adam pulled out the device it began beeping erratically and was pointing right at Billy.

"No." he said.

"Looks like you found me." Billy said.

The Blue Ranger launched himself into the air and tackled Adam on the second story catwalk knocking him floor behind the catwalk. The scanner slid beyond his reach as he was forced to fight his former ally. Billy grabbed Adam by his shirt and threw him across the ground the Black Ranger landed with a thud as Billy came after him.

"Your not Billy." He said.

"Actually I am." Billy and Thrax replied.

"What have you done to him?" he demanded.

"I merely overshadowed your friend, he is completely under my control." He replied.

"I don't want to fight you Billy." Adam said.

"You don't have a choice." Thrax said as Billy took a fighting stance.

"Billy can you hear me? Snap out of it!" Adam pleaded.

"Sorry but he only listens to one voice." Thrax replied.

"Don't make me do this." Adam replied.

"Its too late for that." said Thrax.

"Hi-yah!" Billy yelled and attacked his former friend.

He came after Adam with a forward kick and threw in a couple punches to which the Black Ranger dodged and blocked them with relative ease. Billy grabbed Adam's shoulder and twisted his arm behind his back forcing him to one knee Adam cried out as the Blue Ranger smiled wickedly and threw him over the railing Adam grabbed a chain in mid-flight and fell to the ground. Professor Cranston got up on the railing and jumped off his white lab coat flowing as he landed safely on the ground. Adam picked himself up off the ground Prof. Cranston smirked and ran towards him. The former Blue Ranger jumped high in the air with a spinning kick which Adam avoided and tumbled across the floor the Blue Ranger came after him again with a fist flying he missed and bent a pipe behind him. Adam kicked him in the chest and knocked him back.

"Sorry buddy, but it looks like I don't have a choice." Adam told him.

"Now you're getting it." Thrax said as they went after him again.

Billy came at him with another frontward kick, Adam blocked it with both hands and held him but Billy threw up his other leg and dropkicked Adam in the side knocking him to the ground. Billy spun around and did a heel drop the Black Ranger rolled out of the way as his foot cracked the pavement. Adam was back on his feet in defensive stance.

"This is getting me nowhere." He said.

"Then what do you say we up the ante?" Thrax said holding out his morpher. Adam's eyes widened in shock.

"It's Morphin Time!" Thrax yelled.

The Power Morpher cracked open as the Triceratops power coin glowed bright blue. Bolts of lightning struck the ground around Billy as he morphed into the Blue Ranger once again. The helmet appeared to him in a dark blue mist and fused with his suit completing the transformation. The eyes of his helmet glowed with the Mighty Morphin band appearing behind him in the background.

Adam stood up amazed.

"Didn't see that one coming." He said.

"Fight or perish Black Ranger!" said Billy/Thrax.

"I was hoping it didn't have to come to this." said Adam.

He took out his morpher and held it out to his side at arm's length and twisted his wrist just as before and pulled the morpher close to his chest.

"Its Morphin Time!" he cried.

Adam opened his morpher as his Mastodon power coin glowed purple; forks of lightning struck the ground as the earth exploded revealing his Ranger costume. His mastodon helmet appeared to him in a cloud of smoke and merged with his suit completing the transformation eyes glowing with the Mighty Morphin band behind his head.