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Black Rangers United

Chapter 5

It's Morphin Time

The Rangers assumed fighting stance as Thrax leaped over the railing and landed in front of them and launched a bolt of lightning at the team. The guys got down while Tommy, Adam and Jason tumbled forward to take him on. Each of them entered the fray with a forward kick only to be blocked by him and being slashed across the chest by his staff. Orion jumped over them and took him on next; Thrax grabbed his cybernetic arm and threw him into some crates. Finally Cruger and Mike took him only to be cut off just as easily as he tossed Mike aside and slashed Cruger across the chest and sent him spiraling to the ground. As the rest of the guys got closer, Thrax's arms transformed into cannons and opened fire and sent the lot of them flying 20 feet into some feed bags while others crashed into wooden crates. Tommy growled as he got up off the feedbags and dusted himself off.

"All right, I've had enough of this. You guys ready?" he said to the team.

"Thought you'd never ask." Will said as the others got to their feet.

"Ready Rangers?" Adam asked taking out his morpher.

"Ready!" they yelled.

"It's Morphin Time!" Adam yelled pressing the buttons on his morpher.

The morpher split open as his power coin glowed purple. The Black Ranger crossed his arms as streaks of lightning hit the ground blowing away chunks of earth revealing his costume. His helmet came towards him and fused with his uniform completing the look as the Mighty Morphin banner appeared behind him and the eyes on his helmet glowed.

"Mighty Morphin Black Ranger!" Adam yelled.

"It's Morphin Time!" Corcus yelled with his fist over his left shoulder. As the MM thunderbolt came crashing down.

"Black Aquatarian Ranger Power!" he said appearing in a blue energy tube, arms crossed and transformed him into the Black Ranger.

"Black Alien Ranger!" said Corcus.

"It's Morphin Time!" Jason yelled crossing his arms.

The Golden Power Staff spilt open as beams of light raced inside.

"Gold Ranger Power!" he yelled as he unfurled his arms and morphed into the Gold Ranger.

"Gold Zeo Ranger!" yelled Jason.

"Shift Into Turbo!" Orion said holding out his morpher.

The ruby glowed spilling out rays of light as it activated. Orion crossed his arms as black beams of light appeared with a connecting energy line as the basis of his Black Ranger uniform appeared. From out of nowhere parts of his armor materialized out of purple digits and fused to his body piece by piece with the legs, chest, arms and finally helmet as his visor flipped down with streams of light flashing over it and the red bar in the center of his brow lit up.

"Phantom Turbo Ranger!" Orion said striking a pose.

"Let's Rocket!" yelled Carlos and flipped open his morpher.

"3-3-5." The morpher said and pressed the EJ button as the lights on the side of the morpher danced. Carlos opened his eyes as beams of light raced behind his head. In the next instant he was in Ranger form and spun around with a bar that read 'Morphing complete' in front of him.

"Black Space Ranger!" said Carlos.

Mike drew his sword from his side and tossed it in the air, and pulled out a plastic ring on his wrist morpher.

"Defender power!" he said placing it over the small plastic dome on his adjacent morpher and lit up.

The sword dropped back into Mike's hand as a bolt of lightning coursed into the blade turning him into the Magna Defender.

"Magna Defender, Lost Galaxy!" he yelled.

Danny took out his Growl Phone and pressed a button.

"Wild Access!" he said holding it up to his ear.

The cell phone closed and took on the form of his Wildzord before changing into its humanoid form before revealing Danny in his Ranger form. The Bisonzord's head went on to form his helmet as the visor closed.

"Iron Bison Ranger, Wild Force!" cried Danny.

Tommy held up his wrist as his gem turned into a morpher.

"DinoThunder Power Up! Ha!" he yelled.

Turning the key the eye on his Dino Morpher lit up as the DT symbol appeared on his chest. Tommy yelled as he flipped through the air and the color pattern came together and landed on his knee with the suit completed. And looked forward as the helmet covered his face. Tommy flexed and posed with his Zord in the background.

"Brachio!" he yelled as a massive explosion took place behind them.

"DinoThunder Black Ranger!" he yelled.

Cruger was the next one to take out his morpher and gave the call.

"SPD Emergency!" he said.

The badge flipped open to revealing a glowing blue police badge. The Commander stripped off his jacket with the SPD lettering in the background and went through a trap door. Cruger yelled as he flipped and landed on the ground with his Ranger uniform completed, the helmet covered his face completing the transformation.

"SPD Shadow!" he yelled standing on a police badge.

"Shadow Ranger, Space Patrol Delta!" he said.

Finally Will was the last one to pull out his morpher as it flipped open.

"Overdrive Accelerate!" he yelled running the disk across his arm.

Sparks flew as it trailed down his arm and stretched his right arm clear out, the disk continued spinning as a black light projector showed an image of Will's Ranger form and all his gear. Spinning around on the platform his suit came together with the Overdrive symbol spinning on his chest. His helmet and shoulder pads came together completing the look.

"Black Overdrive Ranger!" Will yelled.

The ten Black Rangers each struck their own pose as massive explosions went off behind them, Thrax looked over his shoulder and smirked seeing that it was his monsters that fired at the group. And turned back to the team.

"An impressive show of force, but now allow me to introduce you to my team." He said as three generals stepped forward.

The Rangers lowered their arms and Adam stepped forward to survey the new monsters. The first monster on the far left resembled a humanoid tank with green camouflaged armor. His main weapons appeared to be a pair of cannons stacked on top each other on the right shoulder and a spiraling rocket launcher cannon for the left shoulder. With smaller rockets mounted on each arm. The second one was a preying mantis monster with a leather jacket and two giant sickles attached to his back, with the mantis head looking skyward and had a vaguely humanoid face with a red visor scanner for eyes. It didn't take long for Mike to realize who it was.

"What? Motor Mantis?" he said. The others voiced their confusion.

"You know this guy?" asked Tommy.

"I guess you could say that." he replied.

"My name is Master Mantis now!" he growled.

"He is indeed similar to the Mantis you knew, I cloned him from the genetic remnants of the original Motor Mantis. You have my last general to thank for that." Thrax said as the Blue Ranger stepped forward.

"No way." Jason said.

"He's still under Thrax's control." Tommy added.

"It was my pleasure." The professor said coolly.

"Your going to pay for that Thrax, I'll make sure of it." Adam said squeezing his fist.

"You take Thrax, we'll handle these other guys." Said Jason.

"All right be careful. Let's go guys!" Adam yelled. The others got into fighting stance and raced into battle.

"Attack!" Thrax yelled raising his staff as they went into battle.

Tommy, Jason, Corcus, and Danny took on the tank monster called Megiddo while Cruger, Will, Orion and Mike took on Master Mantis leaving Adam to square off against Thrax. The Black Morphin Ranger yelled as he called upon his weapon.

"Power Axe!"

Thrax and Adam locked weapons in the middle of the battlefield and quickly pulled them apart as Adam swung his axe at Thrax. But the cyborg ducked back, he couldn't help but notice the vigor in Adam's attacks as the classic Black Ranger dropkicked him in the chest, and was back on his feet a second later. The Black Ranger spun and swung his axe blade nailing him across the chest and caught up with him a second later throwing kicks and punches at his chest and face.

"No one messes with my friends!" he yelled punching him in the face once again.

The monarch retreated back a couple steps Adam came at him with a flying kick and knocked him on his back. Adam was on the warpath as he picked Thrax up with his bare hands and lifted him above his head before throwing him into some crates before smashing into the metal staircase sparks flew as he hit.

"Ugh, He's even stronger than before!" Thrax said in horror.

"Last time you weren't trying to brainwash one of my friends this time its personal." He said making a fist.

Thrax's right arm transformed into a laser cannon and opened fire on the Black Ranger. Adam leaped and tumbled forward avoiding the blast as it went off behind him. With a running charge he did a high flying forward kick missing Thrax by inches as the monster swung his arm and knocked Adam down. The tyrant aimed his cannon at the Black Ranger as he knocked his leg out from under him bringing him to his knee and causing him to misfire and sent Adam flying into the air. He fired again hitting him in the back in midair. Sparks flew as he fell behind some crates.

"Oh man that packs a punch." He groaned clutching his back.

Thrax staggered to his feet as he went to hunt down Adam. Megiddo swiped his arm at Jason as sparks flew from his chest. The monster fired the rockets on his forearm at Tommy and exploded behind and beside him throwing several Rangers into the air. He then turned his gaze to Jason and fired a machine gun at Jason hitting the Gold Ranger in the chest as bullets streamed past him. Jason hit the ground with a thud as Danny and Corcus tried to restrain him. But the tank monster was too much for them and threw them both back and fired another rocket at the two. Danny had enough and charged him calling on his Bison Strength and rammed him into some crates. The Bison Ranger gave it all that he had and tore through the crate as he pushed the monster further and further back towards the back of the building. The Black Wild Force Ranger drew his Crystal Saber and slashed his chest repeatedly with the blade. The monster groaned and threw him back with one punch and fired his cannons at Danny. Mike jumped in front of him and guarded him as best he could and went to take him on alone.

"Danny go check on the others!" he yelled as he ran to face the monster.

"Right!" he said.

"Defender Saber full power!" Mike yelled as he did his famous strike.

The monster looked up and saw him flip through the air three times before bringing his energized sword down on the monster. The energy blade cut down the middle generating a small explosion but did little to stop him.

"Oh great!" he said as he lumbered forward.

Mike powered up his sword again this time with the Torozord appearing behind him, holding it crossways he unleashed another energy attack on the monster that didn't seem to do him much good.

"What is this guy made of?" he said as Megiddo opened fire and sent him flying into the air. And hit the ground as Megiddo grabbed him and picked him up.

"Hey let go of me!" he said punching him.

Tommy got him with a flying kick to the chest knocking him back while Jason struck him with his Power Staff. The two veteran Rangers drove the monster away from Mike. The Black Dino Ranger did a series of high-energy kicks to his face and chest knocking him back before knocking Tommy's leg out from under him. Jason had his Power Staff around the monster's throat as he tried to keep him off of Tommy. Instead he reached back and sent Jason flying overhead and landed beside him. Phantom Ranger replaced them and shot his laser at the monster's chest hitting him only for Megiddo to return fire on him. Orion flew towards Megiddo and tumbled across the floor shooting him point blank and threw him into some crates as the other Rangers regrouped.

"All right, let's finish this!" Jason said charging up his staff.

As the monster got up, the Gold Ranger pointed his staff straight up, aimed and fired at Megiddo it was a direct hit. But it wasn't enough to beat him as they quickly found out.

"What? No way!" he said.

"Let's try it together." Tommy said grabbing his friend's shoulder.

"Good idea!" he said as the five Rangers aimed their weapons at him.

"Full power!" Tommy yelled as he wielded his Energy Orb. Mike used his Defender Rifle while Danny powered up his Bison Axe and Orion used his Phantom Laser.

The guys fired their attacks while Tommy hurled his energy sphere at the monster absorbing the attacks and then trapping the monster. The attack blew the monster back but it still wasn't enough to defeat him at least not at first. As the monster tried to get up his body short-circuited and collapsed to the ground once more and exploded.

"All right let's go take care of the other one!" Tommy said as the others rushed off to help their comrades.

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