Okay so you're going to defeat the Fire Lord.


You know what you must do?


Good. So what's your plan of attack?

Aang rolled out a list.

"Okay! Lalalala! First of all I go to him and do some cool bending Important Notice 1. Make sure Katara is watching. I give him another chance but he will say no obviously. Then I basically fight a bit again trying to convince him to join the good side. If he still is stubborn I start going to the plan to talk to him about his family and if he remembered how happy it was before and didn't he want that time again, Important Notice 2. Make sure I include how the relationship between me and Katara has grown so much. Finally he turns from his ways and we go drink onion and banana juice and eat tofu! Then I go outside to look around while Zuko is back with the dagger girl and Katara comes out smiles , hugs etcetera then we kiss and HAPPILLY EVER AFTER PEOPLES!!!

"Aaahh...Aang what happened to the killing part and why the heck does my sister end up with you?"

Aang looks up to the sky.

"You'll see...we had a deal..."

"But Aang the Fire Lord! What happens if he goes bad again and reeks havoc!" shouted Sokka.

"We put him in the naughty corner!"



Katara wandered around the rocky cliffs admiring the splendid view and trying to take it all in. The Air Temples were certainly beautiful. She was trying to take Zuko out of her mind from the night she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

She shook her head and carefully walked through a very narrow route to hear a certain rumbling.

Then she knew what it was. There was a little avalanche and rocks started to fall.

Where was Toph when you needed her?

She tried to run away from the rocks but the path was too narrow to run through.


She felt secure arms wrap around her waist and they fell to the ground. Once the rumbling had stopped the arms let go and pulled her up.



Katara's eyes immediately saw a long cut along his arm.

"You're hurt!"

"Oh it's nothing...just a really long gash on my arm which bleeding a lot"

Katara having no water with her tore off a piece of her dress and wrapped the cut with it.

"Thank you by the way. It was really silly of me to come without water on me"

"Well I love you. So what's a cut for a person you love?"

Katara didn't answer but brushed some hair over her ear and blushed crimson. Zuko saw her embarrassment, smiled and looked to the view. It was beautiful. The stones seemed like art even. The mountain like range and the vegetation that was there even and the sun setting swirling the sky with colours of red and blue.

At this moment Katara looked at Zuko and saw the calmness of his face and she smiled. Zuko then turned to see her.

Then unconscious of anything that happened around them the two youths leaned in towards each other.

Just this one kiss she thought one kiss. It won't hurt.

Their lips nearly met but the Zuko drew back. Katara looked a bit hurt.

"Sorry. I never really asked did I? Can I kiss you Katara?"

She nodded hastily and they leaned back in.

The touch of his lips was so soft. So intoxicating.

They parted and blushed at each other, then looked out at the setting sun and the coloured sky until it was dark.

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