Title: Close
Author: Simply Kelp
Rating: pg
Pairing: One-sided-ish Lester/Jeff, and vague, theoretical Chuck/Casey
Summary: Lester theorises to Jeff about sudden closeness between Chuck, and Casey, while he inadvertently discusses his own thoughts. Jeff/Lester kind of, and implied, theoretical Chuck/Casey. Just in case you missed it, that means slash.
Warning: slash
Note: I've been lurking around here, and livejournal, and have been absolutely desperate for Chuck!slash. I figured I might as well contribute... I sat down to write a Chuck/Casey, and this came out... Not exactly what I was expecting, but I kind of like it. Couldn't think of a title for the life of me!


It was a normal, lazy afternoon at the Buy More. Jeff, and Lester were sitting behind the Nerd Herd counter watching the people wandering the store.

Lester watched as the new guy (they called him that even though it'd been several months since he started) walked up to Chuck, whispered in his ear, then dragged him to the store room. Now this was by no means a new occurrence, but it piqued his curiosity nonetheless.

"What do you thinks going on with Chuck and the new guy?" Lester asked. He was still watching the spot in which a very nervous-looking fellow colleague had been hauled from.

Jeff, who had been watching Anna bend down in her obscenely short skirt to get her pen, turned to look at Lester. "I dunno," he said simply.

"You don't think they…" Lester allowed himself to trail off ominously hoping that Jeff understood his meaning. Jeff just gave him a blank look. "That they're… you know…?" he made an awkward facial gesture hoping to convey the accurate message.

Something seemed to click in Jeff's head, because his eyebrows soared to the top of his head, and he asked, "Really?" Lester shrugged. "Who'd have thought," Jeff continued, "Chuck would choose the new guy over the wiener girl."

"Yeah, that's what I was thinking," Lester continued. "But I guess its cool." Jeff frowned at him in a questioning manner. Looking anywhere but at Jeff, he added, "Leaves more women for us." At this, Lester shot a conspiring grin at Jeff. After a moments chuckle, Lester sobered. He glanced at Jeff, and bit his lip. "Dude, have you ever…?" he began to ask, but wouldn't -couldn't?- finish.

Jeff again raised his eyebrows. "What?"

Staring determinedly at the computer screen a foot from Jeff's head, Lester replied. "Never mind."

"You're not…" Jeff questioned.

Lester forced his face to be both resolute, and blank. "No, of course not," he said, trying to sound indignant. It must have worked, because Jeff went back to watching the people. Lester went back to watching Jeff.