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As she walked calmly through the forest to the meadow where the herbs for Zabuzas' injuries were, her thoughts were on one of the Konoha shinobi that he had fought the other day. What was so interesting about this ninja to Haku, well it would be his eyes when she had looked into them she saw the same pain that she had felt before Zabuza had saved her, but he was with his team and still had them that made no sense to her. Her thoughts came to a halt when she arrived at the meadow and found the object of her thoughts passed out in the middle still wearing that glaring orange outfit. She wondered why he wore that color if he was trying to be a ninja but passed it off as something she would never find out because they would never talk to each other enough to become friends, she laughed at that word "Friends ha!, I don't even have any friends but I will always serve Zabuza-Sama" she thought as she kneeled besides the boy a shook him to wake him up, she then found herself staring into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen and became absorbed in the pain and loneliness they showed.

"You shouldn't be out her like this you might catch a cold" Haku said as she started into her civilian girl act.

"I'm too tough to let that happen, and besides the dam fox would cure it anyway" He mumbled the last bit under his breath but she still heard it but had no idea what he was talking about.

"So you're a ninja?" she asked innocently.

"Yep one of the best" he said with a cocky smile that hurt for her to look at because she could tell it was fake so she decided to drop the act a sate her curiosity.

"Stop that" The tone she used instantly put Naruto on edge but he covered it with his standard foxy grin, that even though she could tell it was fake still made her blush.

"Stop what?"

"Stop with the fake smile act I can see through it" Now Naruto knew she wasn't what she seemed and took a quick sniff using his kyuubi-enhanced senses and quickly recognized her a the masked hunter-nin.

"So what do you want the, come to kill me on the order of Zabuza?" he shot back catching her off guard and she instantly got tense, mentally berating herself for not bringing any senbon needles with her. She was just preparing to move when he spoke again.

"Don't worry I wont fight someone who has experienced my pain if I don't have to" he said shocking her but she believed him by the sincerity in his voice.

"Well I'll tell you my story if you tell me yours" he agreed.

A little bit later both of them were teary-eyed as they hugged each other giving the other comfort and taking some at the same time. Haku pulled back to wipe her eyes and found herself once again absorbed into his stunning blue eyes. They stared at each other for a bit before they found themselves kissing each other passionately, they quickly came to their senses as they heard someone coming. Haku got up to go but before she left the area she left one last warning for him.

"Please don't be at the bridge two days from now Naruto-kun I don't want to hurt you" and with that she was gone leaving a dazed Naruto to be found minutes later by a very annoyed Sasuke.

(At the bridge, two days later)

Naruto had just arrived at the bridge after saving Inari and Tsunami from a pair of samurai sent by Gato to kidnap the bridge builders' daughter. He found Kakashi wasting his time toying with Zabuza, and not caring about the dobe of the team but showing visible concern with the Uchiha being turned into a pin-cushion by the hunter-nin that Naruto knew was Haku. He was about to just sit there and enjoy watching Sasuke get his ass handed to him when he noticed that Kakashi and Zabuza had noticed him sitting there so he knew he had to help the Uchiha otherwise he would have to deal with his bastard of a sensei listing him as a traitor and he had enough problems with being called a demon. So he quickly leapt into action nailing Haku in the mask as she came out of a mirror sending her skidding back a few feet before she noticed him, he quickly mouthed a sorry as he charged into the mirror dome to face her head on. Meanwhile Zabuza like any good ninja took advantage of Kakashi distraction by quickly charging him and planting a foot a foot into his stomach making him bend over and before he could catch his breath he was unconscious from a broadside blow of Zabuza sword.

Meanwhile Haku had finished making an Uchiha pincushion knocking him out with a blow to his neck and was now staring down a reluctant Naruto who was trying to figure someway out of fighting this girl he could understand and thought he was beginning to develop feelings for. Just as he was steeling himself to fight her he heard a shout that sounded like his pink-haired banshee of a teammate, he quickly looked over to see Zabuza standing over her and he knew he had to act so he charged over there in time to see her get knocked out and Zabuza advance on a now severely shaking Tazuna, he quickly got in front of Zabuza prepared to fight for his life when they heard some clapping and a short man they all knew to be Gato. He quickly admitted that he was never going to pay Zabuza and Haku at all as the mercenary army appeared behind him. Once Zabuza heard this he charged at the army with Haku and Naruto throwing kunai and senbon needles long range as support and the army was quickly neutralized. Zabuza then walked over to Haku and Naruto who were sitting back to back leaning against each other to which he raised a visible eye in question to which Haku gave a small nod as acknowledgement of his unasked question.

"So you're the brat Haku has a crush on huh gaki?" he asked quickly resulting in a badly blushing Haku and slightly blushing and confused Naruto who looked at Haku with slight puzzlement in his eyes.

"Yeah I like you ok?" she said a bit defensively to which he responded with a comforting hug that gave Zabuza a curious idea.

"So kid what you going to do now with your team knocked out and all" he asked which got a raised eye from Haku and a dark look from Naruto.

"They aren't my team their just some people I'm forced to work with, I hate them as much as they hate me" he replied.

"So they hate you because you're a jinchuriki right?" getting a shocked Naruto who quickly looked to Haku who looked sorry "Well if you hate them so much come with me and help me get revenge on the mizukage"

"Then I would be a missing-nin" Naruto quickly replied getting a raised eyebrow from Zabuza who started laughing.

"Who said you had a choice?" and then all Naruto saw was black shadows and dark red fur.


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