Finally getting this out of my system here's the next installment of The Demon, The Fox, and The Ice Maiden hope you all enjoy.


In a pure burst of speed Naruto charged forward bringing his now wind covered fists to bare as the shield was raised to block his vision yet again. The smirk on his face though sent shivers through his shield wielding opponent as his fist slammed dead on into the shield as blades of wind rushed out from the impact slicing through everything in the area and raining down blood on our hero.

"Pathetic one trick ninjas, hope Haku had more of a challenge than I did or I wont be able to move tomorrow" he thought as a shiver went through his body at the thought of an overly energetic Haku.


Haku was already walking to meet up with Naruto and then to check on Zabuza, her opponent just simply couldn't keep up with her improved speed in the mirrors and was quickly finished off with a senbon between the eyes.

"So you have fun Naruto-kun?" she asked as she turned around and hugged Naruto as he walked up behind her.

"Nah he was huge let down with his shield only I didn't even get to use my friends, man when will Zabuza stop hogging the good fights. And I'm fine alright?" he stated a little annoyed at the end as she quickly checked him for injuries as they walked back towards the tower to see how the other fight was going.

(At the tower)

When they reached the top of the tower all that remained of the office was rubble, but they could see a figure standing amongst the rubble that was wearing the Hokage robes as they cautiously approached the figure.

"So Mizukage-Sama how does it feel?" Naruto asked with a smirk on his face that was matched by Haku and the mizukage as he turned around to reveal Zabuza's grinning face.

"It feels great hah ha ha ha ha" he laughed as they started to head back down.

(Hokage office 3 months later)

Sarutobi puffed on his pipe annoyed with the ever growing pile of paper when one of his A.N.B.U. shushined into the room.

"Hokage-Sama there's a messenger from mist at the front gate what are your orders?"

"Bring him here with one more guard as support"

"Yes Hokage-Sama"

A few minutes later three figures walked through his door, the first two were his ANBU but the last one is what caught his attention. The figure was 6ft tall wearing dark blue pants that were wrapped in bandages at the top of his black boots; he had a tan shirt on with a fox made of what looked like ice crouching ready to pounce. His face was covered by a white mask that had six whiskers and a fox-like grin on it. The figure quickly bowed and then held out a scroll for the Hokage who quickly took it and after reading it looked up with a grave face.

"Is this completely true, mist has a new leader?"

"Yes Hokage-Sama" the figure replied getting a twitch from the Hokage for the voice sounded familiar.

"If it is not a problem could you remove your mask?" he stated as a question but obviously was an order unless the figure was a TIDE member then he wasn't allowed. Those thoughts quickly left his mind as the figure reached up and slowly revealed his face. Spiky blond hair followed by closed eyes with the bottom halve of the face covered in bandages. The eyes opened revealing baby blue eyes that were so familiar to the old man as the figures face crinkled up in a familiar grin.

"Hi old man, long time no see" Naruto stated as he quickly disappeared in a swirl of water, ice, and red charka leaving a shocked Hokage to his thoughts.


Well there we go for this chap, not fully sure where to go after this I was thinking of the chunnin exams but not sure if I should so tell me what ya think ja nee.