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Cameron watched intently from her seat as Cuddy and House argued, Cuddy flushed and angry, House relaxed and ever so slightly snarky. What startled her was that she wasn't really focussing on House, she was focussing on the woman.

Cuddy seemed to be at her best when she was angry and authoritative. Hell, she was sexy even. Cameron gave a start when she thought this, almost knocking over her coffee. Everybody in the room turned to look at her, including Cuddy.

"Are you aware that you just eeped" Chase asked in his accented voice, looking like he would burst out laughing at any moment.

"Eep? I did not just eep," Cameron shot back defensively, her voice abnormally high pitched.

Everybody's eyes went a little wide at her almost hysterical tone of voice. "You totally eeped," Foreman pitched in, and Cameron glared at him. She could practically feel House's eyes on the back of her neck.

"Whatever," she grumbled. It seemed like everybody was against her. She turned to look over at the elder pair, and found House's eyes flashing with intense curiousity, and Cuddy's filled with slight and distant concern.

"I need- to go to the bathroom," she said, quickly making an excuse up. She walked out as she could. When she got to the bathroom, she turned the faucet on full blast and soaked her face with the freezing water.

It was so loud that she didn't hear House come in and stand right behind her. "What's up?!" he hollered right when she turned off the water, her eyes still squeezed shut.

She jumped out of her skin, leaping back with a small shriek. "GAAAH!" When she saw it was House, she added in, "Godammit House!!"

"What's up? What was with that stuff back there?" He cocked his head, and Cameron instantly became wary. This wasn't exactly his style, to just come out and say stuff like that.

"Nothing, nothing. I'm fine."

"You sound like you're reassuring yourself more than me."

"And you're in the ladies washroom."

"Stop avoiding my question."

"Like you care House," Cameron retorted before stalking out of the bathroom.


A couple weeks passed by, and most surprising of all, House left Cameron be. No snide comments, no poking around in her business. He was almost being civil.

This was fortunate, given the way Cameron's heart seemed to flipping inside of her, tormenting her. What had started as a simple thought had transformed into an obsession. She simply couldn't take her eyes off Cuddy.

She saw every flip of the hair, caught every whiff of perfume she could as she "accidentally" passed the Dean in the hallways, studied every little way her body moved when she walked.

At the same time, she tried to act oblivious, but the fact became clearer and clearer in her mind; she was falling, and falling hard, for her boss. Just not the obnoxious one she'd fallen for before. Funny as it was, he was so much easier in comparison to Cuddy. Cuddy was light years away in concern with Cameron. She'd never have anything but unrequited love in the matter.

So why couldn't she peel her eyes off the older woman?

She became more and more frustrated, irritable, prone to mood swings. It was nightmarish, and not just for her. The whole team was put in defensive mode, and still, House wasn't saying anything.

At night, she could feel her hands running up and down Cuddy's bare body, could see her clasping her breasts, smooth and creamy and oh so soft.

Her heart throbbed, her pulse raced, she was on edge every moment of the day.

One night, when it was only House and herself left at the hospital, she was in a particularily bad mood. She wanted it all and she couldn't have it, it wasn't fair!

"Going to finish that anytime soon?" House asked, looking over at her and breaking the silence. He was referring to her paper work, a rather innocent statement for him to make.

Cameron slammed her hands down on the table hard, got up, and advanced on the man. "Shut up," she growled, pulling him in for a rather deep French kiss. If she couldn't get anything from the person she truly desired, she'd have to resort to this.

He looked a little surprised, but pulled her in after a moment. It was late, and soon they had both dropped on the floor, Cameron naked, House's pants unzipped and pulled down a fair ways, both grunting and sweating.

"Came- I'm not wearing any pro-"

"Shut up!!" she cried breathily, shoving harder, releasing her frustration on the man. God she hated it all!

They reached the climax, and when it was over, she slumped down to lie on top of him, not bothering to pull out at just that moment. His ice blue eyes were shut, but her own were open and full of annoyance at herself, at him, at Cuddy.

"Am I disturbing something?" Came the voice of the exact woman in question from the door to the office.

Cameron yanked herself out as fast as she could, leaping to her feet in outright horror. Omigodomigodomigodran through her head.

Cuddy's face looked a little shocked, probably because of the fact that she hadn't believed they would have sex right there in the open.

"It's not what it looks like-!" Cameron began, but was cut off by Cuddy shaking her head.

"Don't let me intrude..." Her eyes were still a little wide, and Cameron realized she'd been standing up to the Dean of Medicine with absolutely no clothes on to speak of. She blushed ferociously as Cuddy slowly turned and left.

Cameron stood shell shocked for quite a long time, til she heard House get up and limp over. He caught her look, and grinned, and in one second, the old House was back. "I knew it!" he cried triumphantly.

"Knew what?" Cameron snapped half heartedly.

"You've got a crush on Cuddy." He spoke the words Cameron had been running through her head foe the past week with such ease, she almost envied him. When she didn't reply, House's grin spread wider, looking almost crazy.

He cackled a little. "I want pictures Cameron!" he called after her as she hurriedly got dressed and fled the place, feeling like an idiot.

In front of the one person she wanted more than anything.