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Cameron had gone straight home after the "incident". That's what she was already calling it in her head- the "incident". It was simply too painful for her to think of it in any other way. To crush it down into one word helped her to avoid visuals; House's smirk of slight surprise, Cuddy's look of...well, horror...

Cameron was busy screaming loud and hard into her pillow, rolling around on her bed in a violent manner. So many things were whirling through her brain that she was fairly sure it'd explode if she kept it all in; so she screamed and screamed.

The vein in her neck felt like it was about to burst after this little bout, but her head felt a little better. Well, maybe not ALOT, but at least she could think in a logical fashion. Which wasn't saying a whole lot, but it was better than nothing.

"Now what," she said aloud, feeling almost as lost as she sounded. But it wasn't really a question, she knew what came next. Call in to work sick, avoid Cuddy for the next few WEEKS at the very least, talk to House as little as possible, and try her hardest to try and forget the whole thing had ever happened.

It was a stupid plan, but the best one she could come up with under this sort of pressure.

Rubbing her temples slowly, even though it didn't help anything, she rolled over onto her back, feeling flustered to say the least. And then the strangest thing happened.

Cuddy entered her head; the older woman flipped her hair enticingingly, smiled over at Cameron like she hadn't a care in the world, and slowly approached.

"Have I mentioned," she breathed into Cameron's ear when she got close enough, "how much you turn me on?" The smile turned sultry in that spilt second, her full lips shining in the most tempting of ways.

Cameron could feel her eyes widening; this was bold, even for some crazy daydream. Actually, that made it even bolder, because it meant this was entirely of her own creation. This realization should have made her stop right then and there, but she hadn't the heart. If she couldn't have Cuddy in real life, what was the harm in having a little fun with fantasies?

Pathetic, Cameron herself thought, but this was what Cameron indulged herself with for the next hour, at least. The vibrator was pulled out, and moans so passionate they could be heard from next door in the very least wailed from her throat for a long time. The whole time, visions of a horny Cuddy seduced Cameron in a way that would have been called sinful if they'd been real.

By the time she was finished with herself, added to the sex she'd had with House only a couple hours before, Cameron was so exhausted she could hardly believe it. She knew she should have been thoroughly ashamed of herself, not to mention shocked; but she wasn't.

She really didn't regret what she'd just done. If given the chance, she'd do the same thing to the real Cuddy, but that wasn't an option. Not after what had happened with House, and especially not if Cuddy was straight, which Cameron was pretty damn sure the Dean was.

Pushing the thoughts from her head, Cameron picked up the phone, reported that she was taking a sick day in a curt and rushed voice, and then proceeded to catch up on the sleep she'd missed during all her sexual activities.

Mixed Emotions

Cuddy was agitated to say the least. She grew more agitated when it was clear that House wasn't going to drop his newfound interest, or rather, obsession, with her feelings about Cameron.

He'd already proceeded to stick his head into her office to say, "Cameron's taking a sick day today." She very nearly threw something at him- hell, her pager was already broken.

Civility managed to keep its hold on her, however, and she resisted the large red target that had formed upon House's forehead in her mind, instead nodding at him as if it were none of her concern.

He'd left after seeing that she wasn't going to lash out at him verbally as she usually did.

She clutched her head in her hands for some time after that, and she got little work done that entire day, much to her own displeasure. She was an honest to goodness mess.

Cuddy grew even worse when Cameron was absent from work for three days; it was already Friday and still no sign of Cameron at all. What was the matter with the girl? Such a reaction wasn't warranted; sure, getting seen by your boss having sex with a co-worker was pretty terrible, and VERY embarrassing, but it's not like Cameron was the one going through attraction problems like Cuddy was.

In fact, the dread she'd been feeling from her new found attraction to Cameron was falling way to a stronger emotion of extreme irritation. If the stupid woman never came back to work, Cuddy wouldn't be able to cope at all.

If the woman wasn't around her, she'd never be able to figure out her feelings completely, she'd be tortured emotionally. She'd float in the gray area, neither black nor white. Cuddy hated the gray area more than anything else.

So finally, on the morning of that Friday, she stomped into House's office, her demeanour stormy and commanding.

"House!" she bellowed. It was a good thing he was alone in the office; the rest of his team seemed to be absent, which was all the better for her.

House glanced up at her, and he didn't look all that surprised that she was in his office. "Yes, Mistress? What are your commands?"

Not taking the bait he had swung in her face none too subtely, she snapped, "You will personally go over to Dr. Cameron's house and tell her to return to work on Monday or else."

House raised an eyebrow, smiling lazily in a fashion that infuriated her further. "Or else what?"

"Or else I'll cut off your balls, House."

"Yeah right."

House looked pretty certain of himself, until she clacked right up to his desk, pulled him up by his collar and spat in his face, "I am dead serious, Greg." His first name flew off her tongue like a curse, and it was all he could do not to flinch.

Never before had Cuddy physically done anything to him. She'd always drawn the line at words; she meant business if she was shoving him around like this.

"I'm pretty sure it's illegal to assault a cripple," was what came out of House's mouth next, making her face twitch in something that closely resembled a spasm.

"I wouldn't want to put that on my record, now would I? Do what I said House, I'm your damn boss." Her words were said low and thick with fury, and she distantly recognized that she was over reacting to this whole Cameron thing.

At the same time, House was realizing just how strongly Cuddy felt for Cameron, and it startled him. For only just coming to terms with this "crush", Cuddy was reacting strongly, very strongly indeed.

Cuddy glared down at him hotly, before turning around and stalking towards the door.

"Why me?" House called after her, regaining a little of his composure.

"Because you're the reason she's not at WORK!" Cuddy retorted, all but screaming the last word. With that, she left the room, fists clenched white against her sides.

House chuckled lowly. "Oh, but Cuddy," he murmured when she was well out of sight at the end of the hallway, "You're the reason she's not here."