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Loreli Alisha Karissa Elmers Nell (Laken, Lori, Nellie)

She's a writer, poems mainly. Has hair the color of copper and chocolate, has an enchanted singing voice (lures people to a deep sleep). Her parents are dead, kill mysteriously. Lives in the village of Novalkauf was promised to the witch of the forest (her parents died to keep her safe until she was 18).


Loreli walked along the river, humming softly to herself. She often spent days alone within the deep thickets of the forest. Her eighteenth birthday was approaching and she was fretting over the thought of spending it on her own. Eight years ago on the seventh day of the eleventh month her parents were mysteriously murdered within the forest walls, never to have their bodies found. Loreli had been having strange vision lately, unsettling images of a crone woman hiding in a hidden cabin at the edge of the woods.

The townspeople of Novalkauf were kind to Loreli Nell, but they also worried about her curse eventually affecting them. Everyone knew the legend of Loreli's parents and the Witch of Kaufs Woods. Eighteen years ago Loreli's mother Karissa made a deal with a mysterious woman who said she was from the neighbouring town. If the woman gave Karissa a potion that was made to enhance the fertility of women, she was to name the child in the crones' honour. A few weeks later Karissa discovered, to her delight, that she was with child, the promise she had made to the old woman in hast was unfortunately forgotten. On the eighth month of birth the crone visited the Nell family wishing to give the parents the name they were to give the child. When Karissa and Geoff dismissed the hag as a crazy woman, she became angry and vowed to steal the child, revealing herself to the Nell's as an evil witch.

The crone reminded the Nell's everyday leading up to Karissa's delivery, that the child would be hers after the birth. The day Loreli was born; the Nell's had the townsfolk chase the crone out of the village. Where she went no one knew. It wasn't until 10 years later when Little Loreli was playing near the edge of the woods that the crone's reappeared. She lured the young child half way through the forest before yells were heard.

Come nightfall the town watcher found Little Loreli stumbling out of the forest crying and babbling incoherently about a curse placed upon the childs eighteenth year. Her parents were never seen again, and neither was the crone.


--A small town, 28 miles away--

"Jakob, have you heard the legend of Kaufs Wood?" Wilhelm Grimm asked his brother, looking up from the letter he had been reading

"The one with The Witch and the Enchanted Child?" Jakob replied

"That's the one. It seems, dear brother, the towns people of Novalkauf are in need of the Grimm Brothers services..." Wilhelm said, smiling slyly and handing Jakob the letter.


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